Why I'm getting a new BMW M4 or M3 - engine redline rev test + 'review'

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On the lookout for your next car? Head to www.carwow.co.uk to find the right car from the right dealer, at the right price.
It’s the one you bimmer boys & girls have been waiting for… ALL-NEW BMW M3 & M4!
First things first, we need to address the elephant in the room - the absolutely huge vertical grille! Yes, we know it’s not to everyone's taste, but you can’t deny that the rest of the updates to both the exterior and interior make up for it, right?!
Still not convinced? Well even if the looks aren’t to your liking, we know one thing that will be… the specs! Both cars are powered by a 3-litre straight-six, and with the competition pack included they’ll produce 510hp, 650Nm (100Nm MORE than the previous generation) and will hit 60mph in less than 4 seconds!
So what do you think - can you still be mad at BMW with performance stats like that, right?! All we know is, you’ll have to stick with Mat and find out!
00:00 Intro
01:01 Exterior Design
04:47 Interior
06:00 Seats
06:18 Engine
06:48 Sound Test
08:33 Drivetrain
09:42 Brakes
10:28 Price
10:46 Weight
11:18 Power
11:46 Verdict
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carwow - 2 måneder siden
If you think BMW should give Mat an M3 please LIKE this comment. If you'd prefer they gave him an M4 just comment M4!
We will pass the results on to BMW. With enough engagement we'll hopefully secure one of them for this channel! People power FTW!
ali ali
ali ali - 2 timer siden
@Joe Costner M4
Joe Costner
Joe Costner - 2 timer siden
ali ali
ali ali - 10 timer siden
Mondli Mashiane
Mondli Mashiane - 13 dager siden
Hell yeah Get mat m3 competition
Arul Kaarthi
Arul Kaarthi - 23 dager siden
M3 , I Would Go For It
BLP let`s plays
BLP let`s plays - 8 timer siden
Get Mat an M3!!!
Erni Otto
Erni Otto - 9 timer siden
Give Mat an M3!!!
Sergesedd22 - 23 timer siden
I want both
First time in 4 years and changing every 10 months going through all Competition versions and all in coupe apart from recent X4MC for my wife and ending on M8C finally I’m going for 4 doors...New M3C in Sao Paolo Yellow and Blue Interior in full spec and so on...CAN’T WAIT!!!
Lfc 11
Lfc 11 - Dag siden
That loud mode 😳🥴🤤🤤🤤
Chanel.Whores - Dag siden
bmw ruined them :/
Hamed al-julaibi
Hamed al-julaibi - Dag siden
No one:
Mat: You can fist the side mirrors....
No one:
Mat: You can fist the exhaust..
No one:
Mat: You get the overly fat GIRTHY steering wheel rim.
Shingirayi Chipere
Shingirayi Chipere - Dag siden
Owen Wu
Owen Wu - Dag siden
its a shame how the 0-60 is still 3.9. You have Tesla going model s plaid mode with sub 2 second 0-60. This car is going to look like its crawling.
T-Mass - Dag siden
still MUCH uglier than previous M cars.
pepsicola - Dag siden
Mat is in stealth mode😂😊
R D - 2 dager siden
I have had an M3 e92 and then the M4 these new cars are hideous so just got the RS 5 which is excellent Audi interiors are light years ahead
Notorious Spartan
Notorious Spartan - 2 dager siden
If you had £35,000, what car would you lot buy?
Earlando Johnson
Earlando Johnson - 2 dager siden
BMW cold starts are nice! But if you wait 6 mins or drive 6 miles, the pops kick in! #F90-Owner 😉😎
Jakov Tešović
Jakov Tešović - 2 dager siden
Get an m3 touring and buy spacers that make the car more pretty for the front lungs
Wild Gamer
Wild Gamer - 3 dager siden
Get mat m3
Lukas Jedamczik
Lukas Jedamczik - 3 dager siden
I like the new M4 very much , but the M3 is also nice
Commendatore - 3 dager siden
Beaver Made Wrong
AOKirk *
AOKirk * - 3 dager siden
Lets see, I have a choice between a 4 door, land yate, grocery getter, grandpa big sedan or the 2 door sports car. No brainer. By the way, shouldn't the 4 door be called the M4?
b f
b f - 3 dager siden
8:23 that's just disgusting
Pétur Stefánsson
Pétur Stefánsson - 4 dager siden
Get Mat an M3 Competition 👍🏻
charity hoffman
charity hoffman - 6 dager siden
Get the m4 please and can we have a proper carwow review of the m4...i had already ordered one and I'm curious
Polydoros Christodoulou
Polydoros Christodoulou - 6 dager siden
GET MATT AN M3!!!!!!!
V R - 7 dager siden
when a meme becomes a car
Danny - 7 dager siden
The grills got to go
Austin Burks
Austin Burks - 7 dager siden
GET MAT AN M3 !!! He deserves it , and I'll take one to while you are at it , in that beautiful green color
Nicolai Baydokah Jensen
Nicolai Baydokah Jensen - 8 dager siden
M4 100%
Jerry James
Jerry James - 8 dager siden
I honestly love the new grilles!
Allenwrench - 9 dager siden
GT cars now, designed by and for 12 year olds.
Khanh Tran
Khanh Tran - 9 dager siden
Get the m4
Alexandru Mihai
Alexandru Mihai - 9 dager siden
get matt an M3
Oliver Aaron
Oliver Aaron - 9 dager siden
Only new BMW design thats good is the M8, doesnt suit these smaller models
Eizlan Iskandar
Eizlan Iskandar - 9 dager siden
Alfa Romeo Giulia but its big lung grilles with pig design nose on the front

Seriously, i prefer old M3 or M4 rather than this
I love the rear but the front....i dont want to talk about it anymore because you already know
If i own one of these, i would go to any aftermarket shop and change the front
MK Uis
MK Uis - 9 dager siden
"There is no fakery here"... well, there shouldn't be any in the first place! shame on BMW
Ceaser A
Ceaser A - 9 dager siden
I feel like Bmw is giving out these car to social media influencers to sell more. Snew J, Shmee, Carwow all announced they are getting one..
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz - 9 dager siden
Give em credit for adding those grills knowing all the criticism they would get
craZYbob317 - 10 dager siden
3.0 will never sound good.
Thoshan: The Musical
Thoshan: The Musical - 10 dager siden
Noooo not a fan sadly - prefer the model previous to this
Graham Wilson
Graham Wilson - 11 dager siden
The guy from BMW is there to make sure Matt says only good things...
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen - 11 dager siden
Bmw sure messed up with those giant grills.
Joel Fernando
Joel Fernando - 12 dager siden
Those bimmers are for weirdos!
Joel Fernando
Joel Fernando - 12 dager siden
Looks horrible if you give me one I won’t take it! I’m waiting for the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA to arrive in US!
Arghya Shrivastav
Arghya Shrivastav - 12 dager siden
get him an M3
paul kitchen
paul kitchen - 12 dager siden
You will get this car but your M3 Comp will not be in any drag race on CarWow. LOL I have the S58 in my X3M Comp and you will love it. I can only imagine even lower center of gravity and over 500 lbs less! I thought I would like the M4 better but on your in detail video I prefer the M3. Cheers.
Mohammad Mg
Mohammad Mg - 13 dager siden
he didnt like it ! but hes paid to like it :) so we get that look
CarFans - 13 dager siden
The BMW guy behind: If you dare to say this car is ugly, I will not rent any bmws to you anymore
Mondli Mashiane
Mondli Mashiane - 13 dager siden
Get mat m3 competition
stephen longfield
stephen longfield - 13 dager siden
Looks horrendous :(
Get Matt some glasses 🤓
Bogdan Alexandru
Bogdan Alexandru - 13 dager siden
No Chris, don't give Mat an M3 Comp, give me one as he'll get one anyway...
Walter Lee
Walter Lee - 13 dager siden
Clearly he’s a fister
AO Automotive Reviews
AO Automotive Reviews - 14 dager siden
Get Matt am M3
8weapons - 15 dager siden
Blown away by how aggressive the new cars are!! Amazing BMw
Job Rooijakkers
Job Rooijakkers - 15 dager siden
You really like fisting things right? :')
McMoto250 - 15 dager siden
BMW designs are daring? I agree that their design language changes more often than other German automakers...but that's only cause they copy most of their designs from other automakers - they copy Lexus lights, Alfa Romeo front side panels, Porsche brake callipers and wheel designs etc. Etc.
Ketchupboyz - 15 dager siden
So ugly thank goshhh
shootinblanks007 - 15 dager siden
As usual, stupid license plate ruins design
Sein boumelhim
Sein boumelhim - 15 dager siden
Hideous looking cars 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 no matter how much you try to make it sound nice .. especially when you compare with previous models
DatZed - 15 dager siden
"Why I'm getting a new BMW M3 or M4" Because BMW will give them out for free to anyone that pretends they like the front end.
Don't Matter
Don't Matter - 16 dager siden
Can you please stop FISTING everything you see? 🤣
Random BOii
Random BOii - 16 dager siden
A Stalbo
A Stalbo - 17 dager siden
Get Mat the M3. He really wants one.
rolly doucet
rolly doucet - 17 dager siden
It's time once again that I buy a new car (BMW) but I won't be buying one with that ugly grill. It doesn't even look like a BMW.
ciaran copas
ciaran copas - 17 dager siden
ciaran copas
ciaran copas - 17 dager siden
New M4 is the best looking coupe ever imho inside and exterior. Simply perfect.
Definitely with the carbon pack and bucket seats.
Cool cars are here again.
Well done all at BMW.
Lewis Atkinson
Lewis Atkinson - 17 dager siden
Could there be any more ads in this video??
abyssal_whale - 18 dager siden
4 is way better in this color and overall better than 3, as it always was.
Katai Chanda
Katai Chanda - 18 dager siden
Get Matt the m3 competition.
chil pepper
chil pepper - 18 dager siden
New bmw=beaver teeth 🤢
KoRnrulesM6 - 18 dager siden
a farty sounding inline-6 with an ugly grill and price tag
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia - 18 dager siden
Today's too many liars and they know how to lie to make you blind
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia - 18 dager siden
Bad quality when you gonna realize you gonna cry doesn't matter how much money you pay you going to lose. it everything cheap plastic inside.
Nkosinathi Ngubeni
Nkosinathi Ngubeni - 18 dager siden
get that M3 boy!!
Prashamsh Takkalapally
Prashamsh Takkalapally - 19 dager siden
Get Matt M3
Bonish Singh Brar
Bonish Singh Brar - 19 dager siden
Actually M3 looks cooler than M4
Desi Gurlys
Desi Gurlys - 19 dager siden
Get a M3 comtition
Abdullah Jadallah
Abdullah Jadallah - 19 dager siden
BMW should really consider firing their engineers
Gabriel Mancera
Gabriel Mancera - 19 dager siden
I hope the new M5 doesn't have that grille!!!!
psyjager - 18 dager siden
Of course the M5 does have that grill and everybody in germany loves it already.
Tarik errafii
Tarik errafii - 20 dager siden
Adham Hany
Adham Hany - 20 dager siden
Get Mat an M3 Competition
TheYoutuber - 20 dager siden
I have never been a bmw, but I like the new design 🤭
Cloudy - 20 dager siden
nadzim ramone
nadzim ramone - 20 dager siden
get a m3
Hassan Djabrala
Hassan Djabrala - 20 dager siden
I think Mercedes is better than BMW but that’s about to change
ShravDoesStuff - 20 dager siden
Paul Frost
Paul Frost - 20 dager siden
I remember when brand new M3s cost 45k back then and now they cost 75k with ugly grill wtf is going on here????
Eizlan Iskandar
Eizlan Iskandar - 9 dager siden
Its BMW my boi, every year, cars getting expensive and expensive until it cost like buying a new Lamborghini Huracan, if BMW ever make something like that, i better buy a import RHD Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat which is cheaper than BMW M3 BMW are slowly becoming luxury cars, like they want to be Bentley or Rolls Royce, thats their goal
jeajea - 21 dag siden
This is more palatable than the M440i actually
Matthew Nicholas
Matthew Nicholas - 22 dager siden
Does that adjustable rev limiter still go on the coolant temperature rather than the more obvious oil temperature? ///M cars might still work 15-20 years from now if you actually limited it until it was actually safe to drive BMW.
Instead rod bearings will fail cranks will bend etc. And it'll be remembered as unreliable.
Richard Bhurosah
Richard Bhurosah - 22 dager siden
I personally think the grille looks brilliant on the m4 and m3. Though I would always opt for a coupe. And for the record, I have a degree in Automotive design :)
Silviu Stefan
Silviu Stefan - 22 dager siden
Albert Nyabera
Albert Nyabera - 22 dager siden
1 month later you want to buy a toyota yaris come on man
Mikkel lehm
Mikkel lehm - 23 dager siden
get matt an m3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vigor Gaming
Vigor Gaming - 23 dager siden
its ugly AF 😂🤣
Ethan T Guadalquiver
Ethan T Guadalquiver - 23 dager siden
Give mat an m3!!!
jnf1270 - 23 dager siden
get Matt a Quadrifoglio! that's what he really wants!
Colin Hunt
Colin Hunt - 24 dager siden
Get Matt a m3!
Derek Lowe
Derek Lowe - 24 dager siden
Please get Mat Watson BOTH an M3 AND an M4
manal nehme
manal nehme - 24 dager siden
get the bmw M4 MAT
ihsaan husain
ihsaan husain - 24 dager siden
This particular grills are making nausea🤮
Lungs are not better than kidneys
naiyaz ahmed
naiyaz ahmed - 24 dager siden
Bmw should take public feedback and make the front grill proper again in the next iterations of the m3 and m4