Volkswagen Tiguan review - the best car you can buy for less than £25k?

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When it comes to family cars, they don’t come much more recognisable than the Volkswagen Tiguan.
Now, you might not believe it when you first lay eyes on it, but the Tiguan’s been updated! Sure, it looks pretty damn similar to the old model, but we can assure you there are differences both inside and out.
As for under the engine, well there’s a choice of petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrids, including a range-topping 2-litre turbo petrol that’ll deliver 320hp… Although you’re going to have to upgrade to the Tiguan R for that! If you're not willing to step up to the R, you could always go for the R Line (like we have in this video), which has a 1.5-litre petrol that can produce 150hp.
So what do you think - is the Tiguan still the must-have family SUV? Or are the XC40 or Skoda Kodiaq still ahead of the game? Stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:50 Exterior Design
01:53 Interior & Infotainment
04:22 Practicality
04:52 Back Seats
07:08 Boot
08:34 Five Annoying Features
09:50 Five Cool Features
10:52 Engines
12:04 Town Driving
13:41 Motorway Driving
15:03 Twisty Road Driving
16:29 Verdict
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carwow - 15 dager siden
Come on then! Can you name a better SUV for less than £25k?
We'll wait...
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu - 6 dager siden
@andrei olaru only the real Lexus' or BMW's etc... Have nicer interiors but a Mercedes A Class has a worst interior than a Mazda 3 or a Peugeot 208.
andrei olaru
andrei olaru - 6 dager siden
@Dragos Pahontu i noticed the trend in car industry... i tested new lexus and i was disapointed by imthe interior quality🤷🏻‍♂️
Shivesh Shrestha
Shivesh Shrestha - 8 dager siden
not under 25k but 2021 Kia Sorento is on point!
Rob Sillygoose
Rob Sillygoose - 9 dager siden
2021 Tucson will make this look like the wheezy old man car it is. Better quality, better refinement, better drive, better value.
Mesanda Lakvindu
Mesanda Lakvindu - 9 dager siden
MegaBrorsan - 10 timer siden
The cuts between comparison pics are way too short mate. Give us a few seconds to look and time to pause the vid.
Bhuiyan Khalid
Bhuiyan Khalid - 23 timer siden
12:54 I saw the old VW Tiguan
Davor Vrki
Davor Vrki - 3 dager siden
VW 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson - 3 dager siden
Great review as usual!
Is this updated Tiguan bigger than the previous model or is it exactly the same car, just updated panels etc? Thanks
UgoNice - 4 dager siden
12:29 really nice suzuki swift sport
TJAUDILIFE - 4 dager siden
At 14:45 it has a siluet of golf 7. Poor
Mister B
Mister B - 4 dager siden
Full rear red reflector strip ,just like Skoda vRS models.Easy to see at night by following vehicles!
Justin Tackett
Justin Tackett - 4 dager siden
Me love the new Tiggy
Manniac - 5 dager siden
eww 1.5 lol
Sir Dunster
Sir Dunster - 6 dager siden
The parcel shelf does fit under the adjustable floor, you just have to read the instructions.
Dizzey - 6 dager siden
Attila Went
Attila Went - 6 dager siden
Good review! But have you filmed the driving scene with the built in rear-view camera? OMG, what kind of 2001 quality is that?
Younes Ten
Younes Ten - 6 dager siden
Driving this legendary car in the desert is the most beautiful thing in the world💛😍👍👍
sujajajjaakakajjs - 6 dager siden
touch screen buttons on steeting wheel and climat control? no way I am buying a car like that
Samantha Fraser
Samantha Fraser - 7 dager siden
Ababa xc40
Samantha Fraser
Samantha Fraser - 7 dager siden
1:48 Ya basic lol
Samantha Fraser
Samantha Fraser - 7 dager siden
1:38 let the wires come out
R.Stasica Stašica
R.Stasica Stašica - 7 dager siden
Anyone know what colour this is ?
A.k. - 7 dager siden
SEAT Ateca is a better car than the SKODA Kodiaq
unknown 123
unknown 123 - 8 dager siden
Since when VW has become a reliable car?
UteZ - 8 dager siden
The grill and headlights looks much better than the previous model. I chose a Kodiaq over the previous Tiguan for this reason among other things.
pablo rages
pablo rages - 8 dager siden
it doesn't have the automatic reverse parking?
Scooper MG
Scooper MG - 8 dager siden
VW rent boy
Abz - 8 dager siden
Review the new GTD please
yeet y?
yeet y? - 8 dager siden
The tail lights look like the forza logo
Nimrod Szakacs
Nimrod Szakacs - 9 dager siden
Recognized highstreet Egham instantly! Just down the road from the Mranello garage! I miss Royal Holloway...
Ben Jammin
Ben Jammin - 9 dager siden
looked at one today, feels and looks really cheaply made, seats look awful and the front fogs are missing...gonna keep my much better looking mk2 r line for a while
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito - 9 dager siden
Best car?? It’s another boring crossover...
Reece Pijoos
Reece Pijoos - 9 dager siden
Hey Matt. Can you possibly do a demonstration on the interior controls functionality for people with sweaty hands?
ĶŐғ ЌĪЙĢX!ǾЯĨ - 9 dager siden
سيارات فولكسفاغن مملة جدا ومتشابها للغاية شركة تبيع شعارها فقط لانها المانية لا استطيع مقرنتها حتى معا الصينية
Asa Myers
Asa Myers - 9 dager siden
14:45 Is that a Golf in the instrument cluster? How hard can it be to make it a Tiguan?
Bhuiyan Khalid
Bhuiyan Khalid - 10 dager siden
Soon, there will be ‘R’ versions of every Volkswagen...
Mikołaj - 9 dager siden
And thats bad because...?
Tom Quimby
Tom Quimby - 10 dager siden
So what happened to the in car audio on this video, did you sack your sound man due to covid staff layoffs?
IsDitGerben - 10 dager siden
Suggestion for a new Top Gear top trio: Mat Watson from Carwow, Alex Kersten from Car Throttle and Rory Reid from Autotrader. *mic drop*
StatheJel Cars
StatheJel Cars - 10 dager siden
Bmw 6-series review?
PanZ3r69 - 11 dager siden
if i had 25k for a car id get a 2018 Discovery Sport HSE with 10k on it, pan roof and ivory leather :)
PanZ3r69 - 11 dager siden
why does the sound and video quality go shit soon as driving the car?
nervsouly - 11 dager siden
Getting a Volkswagen for less than X amount of money is an illusion. Almost everything you'd want in it is part of the extras list.
Rid1_ridz YT
Rid1_ridz YT - 11 dager siden
Do the new Volkswagen share. Pls it’s my 20000th time of asking
Tom Stilwell
Tom Stilwell - 11 dager siden
People, if you want a either a Tiguan or a golf, Look at the Current 2019/20 version of this Tiquan or the MK 7.5. That interior is really bad with the touch controls and you are not gonna like using it at all when you're in the car.
I currently own the current version of the Tiguan base model & a gold Mk 7 and it does everything you could possibly want, even with proper clicky Buttons!!
Sergiu Alexandru Ungureanu
Sergiu Alexandru Ungureanu - 11 dager siden
The old Tiguan looks better.
Berke Yasar
Berke Yasar - 11 dager siden
@carwow 2021 xc90 t6 inscription review please 🙏
RADIN SYAH - 11 dager siden
It’s silly enough to have touch controls in cars but how silly is it to have it..... on the steering???
Dontmesswiththis770 - 11 dager siden
What about the Audi Q5 (sq5) ???
Παναγιώτης παπας
Crazy feature for back sit!
Brand on Demand
Brand on Demand - 11 dager siden
Sergiu M.
Sergiu M. - 11 dager siden
why compare it with XC40 (smaller) and Skoda Kodiak (bigger) in Intro ?
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic - 11 dager siden
Come on then! Can you name a better SUV for less than £25k?
We'll wait...
Dennis Metz
Dennis Metz - 11 dager siden
At 1:37 Matt is pointing the grill below and behind the camera sticking on the grill you see the red electric wires! Sorry Volkswagen, that is real messy work...
Cedric Pieterse
Cedric Pieterse - 11 dager siden
Not only is youtube content degraded to an irritating experience by all the fucking ads destroying the experience and robbing me of my precious free time, but now you waste time by plugging your business as well.
I am getting tired of bieng force fed bullshit ads that I have no choice in getting rid of apart from paying randsom money to Youtube.
A1_activ9 - 11 dager siden
11:17 i don’t think so matt in a few months or maybe years they’ll take out diesel & petrol cars to save the world so its a loss of money if you buy it now i Don’t think anyone will buy one after the government takes out diesel & petrol cars
VOXX DJ - 11 dager siden
it’s the same car
Alex Joynes
Alex Joynes - 11 dager siden
Mat, I love the videos but please do something about those trainers..
can kurt
can kurt - 11 dager siden
Dont get me wrong but that video is dumb comparein with old standard entry option tiguan, 90%percent same with old one and old R line looks MUCH MUCH BETTER
Curiosidades J P
Curiosidades J P - 12 dager siden
Her is 150 mil 🇧🇷
mrgreatauk - 12 dager siden
I think the 17" wheels looked fine tbh... And a much more practical option.
JakeyBabes - 12 dager siden
Thats the standard nav unit lads, the 9" upgraded navigation pro screen doesn't have any buttons :)
Benjamin Pedersen
Benjamin Pedersen - 12 dager siden
Its crazy to see such cheap cars when u live in Denmark you Can double the Price for the lowest model
SlonopotamIII - 10 dager siden
Socialist overlords know better what's good for you.
TDor - 12 dager siden
*lets go onto faster roads*
Srinivasan Ramamoorthy
Srinivasan Ramamoorthy - 12 dager siden
Tiguan can have a tagline of "the most boring SUV money can buy". VW designers please learn a thing or two from Nissan designers who made the Magnite. What a sexy and amazing looking mini SUV
Pulasthi Marawanagoda
Pulasthi Marawanagoda - 12 dager siden
Do you think my 2019 can fit this grill and head lights 🥺
Evil_Jew - 11 dager siden
Fenders and hood have to be also replaced. And a front bumper.
أ ب عربيات ABCarZ
أ ب عربيات ABCarZ - 12 dager siden
Why did they remove the front seat tables? They were a Tiguan trademark!
Sergey Starkov
Sergey Starkov - 12 dager siden
когда будет на русском
Mihhail Popov
Mihhail Popov - 12 dager siden
m5 e60 vs s8 d3 - v10 saloon battle
Ben Harris
Ben Harris - 12 dager siden
Soham Dhamnaskar
Soham Dhamnaskar - 12 dager siden
6:08 what's that weird blurred line going from right to left on the entire video frame??? !!!
Dave NEScot
Dave NEScot - 12 dager siden
My 2019 model is the most dangerous car I’ve ever owned, it’s known issues with stalling as put me in a few nerve racking situations, I bought it new from hawco in Elgin, moray last year and it’s now stalled 6 times when pulling out from a junction leaving me stranded in the lane with traffic heading for me, I wish I’d never sold my Kia Sportage 🤨
Xim DL
Xim DL - 12 dager siden
I like fake exhausts because they keep the rear bumper clean from soot. I know Matt hates them, so I'm just gonna rub it in by saying I l-l-love them. 😁
Stephen Doherty
Stephen Doherty - 12 dager siden
So matt is saying £25k gets you the drab small wheeled version.
Jordon Aaron
Jordon Aaron - 12 dager siden
Who shot this, when you're driving the sound and visual quality is so bad, I had to stop it.
Robbert Lambrechts
Robbert Lambrechts - 12 dager siden
I like the fact that you are adding pictures of the basic versions. Usually car reviewers get the biggest trim level and when you are in the garage, you're usually not gonna spend a few grands on all the bits and plastic. Do the new Q5 next!
Craig Gordon
Craig Gordon - 12 dager siden
Parcel shelf fits underneath if flipped upside down.
David Kay
David Kay - 12 dager siden
Did Matt forget his lav mic or something? In car audio sounds TERRIBLE
Siniša Jakus
Siniša Jakus - 12 dager siden
Zaboravija si spomenut da imaš curu
Swannie - 12 dager siden
Why did they put a Golf picture in the travel assist screen!? 14:45. Come on VW are you too lazy to update.
Eslam Hafez
Eslam Hafez - 12 dager siden
Why is the road test camera rubbish ?
Ty Mac
Ty Mac - 12 dager siden
Ok "puerile",..never heard the term, so I learned something new today,...childish
Ty Mac
Ty Mac - 12 dager siden
Um drivin in me mums caaa...Wow Wow...git oout me caa
Shannon Jeet Singh
Shannon Jeet Singh - 12 dager siden
Bee Cars - INTERIOR - 12 dager siden
Really wanting to get this new model over here in the states. This new facelift model has got my heart set on it, no doubt!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 4 dager siden
We are receiving it
Sanu Miah
Sanu Miah - 12 dager siden
Were all waiting for the Tigaun R review Matt!!
Sherif Ghoneim
Sherif Ghoneim - 12 dager siden
I like this new review style in which you show old vs new models and also different trim levels....
Thank you
And this is actually a very very good car...
3mariusx - 12 dager siden
wtf no paint on the bakc of the hood- R line - omg how much cost reduction was put in this car =))
3mariusx - 12 dager siden
the fake exausts are nice
costafilh0 - 12 dager siden
I like the old model better! Specially with Stage 2 Tuning! That 2.0L Turbo with that nice dual clutch gear box and 4wd make it goes nicely with 300hp easily!
Sween Bean
Sween Bean - 12 dager siden
Audio is pretty terrible for the driving review
sd fd
sd fd - 13 dager siden
I miss the days when 3 people would sit in the back to show the space 😭😭😭😭
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 - 13 dager siden
Have they improved the interior at all or is it the usual nasty plastics?
Mounteder Abdulrazag
Mounteder Abdulrazag - 13 dager siden
An XC40 is def not cooler
Nume Nuworld
Nume Nuworld - 13 dager siden
To many ads to long ads jeeze I’m gonna click don’t recommend channel .
Eric Hommeric
Eric Hommeric - 13 dager siden
Looks good
Ivan Kymdell
Ivan Kymdell - 13 dager siden
May you do a BMW X5 X-Drive 40d vs Volvo xc-90
Valentin Chichelus
Valentin Chichelus - 13 dager siden
Yeees! Excellent car.. Continue to buy the badge of what volkswagen used to be 10-20 years ago and settle for a rubbish car assembled in a hurry. Check the beautiful sensor wires at 1:37. Even my mother in law could have fitted those better. And that is in plain sight. Imagine the quality of hidden works and parts... So disappointing...
A K - 13 dager siden
What's it with mat and
water bottles??
crazycrazysnakeman - 13 dager siden
The branch of truth 😆
yunghazy - 13 dager siden
I wish it was that cheap in my country
richierich - 13 dager siden
Sahdan Mamat
Sahdan Mamat - 13 dager siden
Volkswagen the best car
JackOfAllSales - 13 dager siden
8:19..they would just go down with the weight of the things your putting in