Toyota GR Yaris review - see why I plan to buy one!

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Introducing what might be the most exciting car Toyota has EVER produced - the new Toyota GR Yaris!
This super-sporty edition of Toyota’s popular small family car is effectively a rally car built for the road. Hidden under the bonnet you’ll find a 1.6-litre 3-cylinder turbo-petrol, which will produce 261hp & 360Nm of torque! But it’s no surprise it’ll put down so much, given it’s the most powerful 3-cylinder turbo available in 2020!
So, are you loving the sound of it?! Of course you are! The question is, would you be willing to spend over £30,000 on a Yaris?! It's going to be super rare, with only 25,000 set to be produced worldwide! But even with that in mind, would you be better off spending a bit less & picking up a Fiesta ST?
There’s only one way to find out what you should do - stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review!
00:00 Intro
01:19 Exterior Design
03:44 Interior Design
05:29 Engine
05:58 0 - 60mph
06:34 Drivetrain
08:28 Price
09:08 Five Annoying Features
10:57 Five Good Features
12:25 Twisty Road Driving
14:25 Motorway Driving
16:10 Verdict
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Alberto Bassi
Alberto Bassi - 2 minutter siden
I think it would be amazing if you Mat did a test of the Yaris GR vs some rally cars like the Evo X, the Impreza WRC, Audi A1, etc.... with a time lap in a mixed terrain “circuit” (half tarmac have gravel/grass/whatever).
What do you think?
banchan5567 - Time siden
Is the British Yaris less powerful than the Japanese Yaris?

Is the exhaust pipe different due to sound regulation?
TheFreakonhell - Time siden
They should drop their standard 4-door-yaris and build a new one, based on this one!
Then i would definitely think about buying one, but two doors only? Nope...
Sharrukh Ahmed
Sharrukh Ahmed - 2 timer siden
Truth of finger 😂
Sharrukh Ahmed
Sharrukh Ahmed - 2 timer siden
Toyota could have designed the GR Yaris a bit more attractive
Frédérick Martineau-Denis
Frédérick Martineau-Denis - 3 timer siden
The Yaris looks dope! You should ditch the Porsche!
Paul Callahan
Paul Callahan - 3 timer siden
I'm insanely jealous. The US isn't getting these. Crash regs, maybe? It meets Euro-6 so it should pass EPA regs.
apache tyson
apache tyson - 4 timer siden
I wanted one since they hit the market in Japan
Sahil Prasad
Sahil Prasad - 4 timer siden
Benjamin Wong
Benjamin Wong - 4 timer siden
12:01 you forgot to factor in the weight of all the flies thats sticking on the car
joaoaoj100 - 5 timer siden
Get it
nervsouly - 5 timer siden
Let's hope Mat's bank is being more cooperative when he buys a Yaris compared with when he went for that Jimny.
Paul West
Paul West - 6 timer siden
Buy it, but keep the Porsche. It would be great if it was coming to Canada.
Coty Basa
Coty Basa - 6 timer siden
Cant wait til North America gets the GR Corolla. About time they turbo the corolla
TheExotich1 - 7 timer siden
What's up with all those flies on the yaris?
DirtyMaster - 7 timer siden
Me who lives in America and can’t get this car: Pain 😎
Eduardo Cruz
Eduardo Cruz - 7 timer siden
Reynaldi Widjaja
Reynaldi Widjaja - 9 timer siden
4:55 I don't get why people don't like analogue dials these days, I love it tbh.
Gershom Edora
Gershom Edora - 9 timer siden
another toyota car that going to get smoked by hyundai motorsport. gj toyota
Isaac skilling
Isaac skilling - 9 timer siden
Look at that Odometer
J DL - 9 timer siden
Wonder when will honda make a hot version of the jazz, cause the rs trim is just a body kit.
David Ortega López
David Ortega López - 10 timer siden
Buy it!
Pete .C
Pete .C - 11 timer siden
Depends of the Porsches causing you any mechanical problems at the moment
Quattro RS
Quattro RS - 12 timer siden
Luis Felipe Ghislandi
Luis Felipe Ghislandi - 12 timer siden
Man this looks like a instant classic...
TheFransVan - 12 timer siden
Wow no love for mx5? :(
Ace625 A
Ace625 A - 13 timer siden
Rev hang?
Ace625 A
Ace625 A - 13 timer siden
The engine looks like shit haha.. steering wheel.. ugly.
Ace625 A
Ace625 A - 13 timer siden
Although it’s a Yaris yuck... honestly did what Veloster should of done... but fuckin hell rename it... not a Yaris 🤮
kyle Graham
kyle Graham - 13 timer siden
I work as a car salesman for Toyota in the north west and the amount of interest we have had over this car is unbelievable!!!!
1320613 - 13 timer siden
Collectors item
Bishop Christodoulos
Bishop Christodoulos - 13 timer siden
Far to expensive in Australia, 58k... Same price as a Golf R that is better in every respect.
Dusk13 - 15 timer siden
didn't c u wash, sanitise ur hands Matt !! Oh, bring back Jo !!!!!!
WotWombats - 16 timer siden
Buy one. You’ve enjoyed the 996 for a while and you can always go back to a Porsche 911 (997 maybe next time?) These are cracking cars and are bound to hold value really well.
The Dube
The Dube - 16 timer siden
the type R is a fastback, not a hatch, despite honda's best marketing efforts
Robb Eason
Robb Eason - 16 timer siden
Yes! Sell the Porsche!
Eli B.
Eli B. - 17 timer siden
Please do sell the porch and get the GR 🎉
galleon figurine
galleon figurine - 17 timer siden
looks abit like megane
Srboljub Krunic
Srboljub Krunic - 19 timer siden
Buy a GR
vrstovsek - 19 timer siden
Amazing 'little' car!
Saket Pandey
Saket Pandey - 20 timer siden
Actuall in India Toyota Yaris is a sedan.
Hawx Gamer
Hawx Gamer - 20 timer siden
buy it
John Alison raj
John Alison raj - 20 timer siden
For real this car seems fun, but selling a Porsche for a preis
Demar Thompson
Demar Thompson - 21 time siden
Toyota makes some claims but let's not believe them because you said so. 😂
A.H Gaming
A.H Gaming - 21 time siden
I would consider to buy it as it will rise in value later not here in the UK but in Japan it will become a fortune in my opinion.
Viktor Balko
Viktor Balko - 22 timer siden
Is for me?
Erection Malfunction
Erection Malfunction - 22 timer siden
I can already tell someone is going to make the "my boyfriend has the same car" tiktok already with the 5 door yaris
CKPHH - 23 timer siden
Now im thinking they’re dropping this Motor in the new Frs. Bam.
TKMJ - 23 timer siden
Considering selling a porsche to buy a Yaris , never in my life thought someone would say that.
Luke B
Luke B - 23 timer siden
I want one forget having friends in the back its got alot of toys
Corsa15DT - 23 timer siden
I have the pedal sidewall since the Golf MK4
DN YT - 23 timer siden
Selling a Porsche , that shows how good the car is
Corsa15DT - 23 timer siden
That horn is horrendous.
Corsa15DT - 23 timer siden
Is it worth more than the Civic Type R?
Corsa15DT - 23 timer siden
KOeingsegg had some 3 cylinder turbo producing 600hp
Corsa15DT - 23 timer siden
5:39 that engine design looks like a nightmare
Ben Haworth
Ben Haworth - Dag siden
Don’t think it was wise for Toyota to produce a 3 cylinder engine for it. Gonna burn up a lot quicker with the high revs.
Hiten Patel
Hiten Patel - Dag siden
This car is gonna motivate me to find a better paying job
d.g.e. - Dag siden
Kinda wanted too see that gr is still a hybrid (not CVT... Cvt transmission is trash)
Fernando Ocaranza
Fernando Ocaranza - Dag siden
Yes you should sell Your Porsche.
Marco Ortiz
Marco Ortiz - Dag siden
Sell your porsche immediately and buy that GR Beauty...!!!
Frank U.
Frank U. - Dag siden
Great now I gotta wait another 25 years for this 🤦🏽‍♂️
Fa 'Le
Fa 'Le - Dag siden
It'll do to 60 in less than 5 secs
Little Beast. Well done Toyota. At last, Toyota is back!!!
TECHSPEC - Dag siden
You won’t be buying one of these cars they stop production over a week ago, pre orders are being canceled.
CalgarGTX - Dag siden
I'm currently on a 2018 yaris lease due to be replaced next year and really don't like what they did with the front end on the 2020 model... wish you could get a 2021 model with the GR front end lol
Henry Discipline
Henry Discipline - Dag siden
Awesome, shame it's limited.
Steve Gascoigne
Steve Gascoigne - Dag siden
€53k in Ireland.. emsssion tax. But you only live once. 😉
Andreas Skourtis
Andreas Skourtis - Dag siden
helll yea what you gone do with that crap porche
FutureGameLight - Dag siden
this car shows all the things i care for in cars... a full concept centered around performance, weight reduction and pure fun. i dont care for digital dashboards or dumb apps. i want to have fun while driving to work or at days on the weekend when i do shits and giggles. brands like VW totally fail to recognise this part of customers which is just sad. i hope that brands like totyota and hyundai (i30n and its special variants) totall stomp the boring brands and show how much people till think like this.
Paul James
Paul James - Dag siden
Michelin pilot sport 4S on 18 inch rims? Are they specific to this car?
Sia Jelwie
Sia Jelwie - Dag siden
Yes, forget Porsche, get the Yaris
Lee Phm
Lee Phm - Dag siden
See your porsche and buy it!
Adam Adams
Adam Adams - Dag siden
Send me one in the State’s!!!! You guys get all the good stuff I wish Rally was more popular in the US. I don’t understand what’s wrong with my countryman!? We can’t even get the Ford RS or ST cars anymore bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jarkko Nirho
Jarkko Nirho - Dag siden
Is it crap...? 😁 1 billion flys can't be wrong...
Jeff Hughes
Jeff Hughes - Dag siden
Think i would sell the jeep over the Porsche
Deadpool - Dag siden
I really hope this becomes a thing.
Small Legal Rally Cars.
*Fiesta RS - Polo R - Suzuki Swift WRC - Hyundai i20N WRC - Citroen DS3 WRC*
The Oricon Comet
The Oricon Comet - Dag siden
In 1/4 mile, Gr yaris is faster than ford focus rs, hyundai i30n, honda civic type r, volkswagen golf r and renault megane rs. I can't wait to see a drag race involving gr yaris
Magic_Kamikaze - Dag siden
to answer: the last question: sold my 997 to buy a gr yaris
Fresh Cam
Fresh Cam - Dag siden
I think you should sell the Porsche and buy this car
Yusuf Othman
Yusuf Othman - 2 dager siden
Peter Kirgan
Peter Kirgan - 2 dager siden
Don't like yaris ! To small !! And gutless!!! No thanks!!!! Then again the poms would like it because they made atrocious cars in the past morris BMC Leyland etc!!!!
Marlboro M2C
Marlboro M2C - 2 dager siden
Too small. I wouldn't fit comfortably I suspect. Looks good though.
Broderick Carter
Broderick Carter - 2 dager siden
Damn Toyota really making some cool cars these days. Praying the Celica makes some sort of come back
Danny Cruz
Danny Cruz - 2 dager siden
American car regulations suck we don’t even get some some of our own American made cars
majorpain 16595
majorpain 16595 - 2 dager siden
So in Australia with the extra pack. This car will be $65k . Just saying you get get a golf r or even a fucking jeep wrangler brand new. And a audi s3 why do toyota make a car that is a reborn money box... toyota are so expensive.
mohammed umed
mohammed umed - 2 dager siden
Do you wear anything apart from Burberry? 😅👍🏻
John Maksym
John Maksym - 2 dager siden
Honda Fit type R
Tz 6
Tz 6 - 2 dager siden
Overpriced trolley. Daft twin exhausts on a 3 pot. Keyless entry burglars dream. Horrible black wheels. Gaping front, fake vents typical styling.
The Funny
The Funny - 2 dager siden
0:18 well that was awkward 😂
ku - 2 dager siden
Stage1 300hp
Haroon G.C
Haroon G.C - 2 dager siden
Sell the Porsche and get the Yaris 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Daniel - 2 dager siden
Imagine how good that car is if he really consider selling a Porsche for that...
BikingChap - 8 timer siden
Imagine how much support he’ll get from Toyota for saying it. 🙄
93455Driver - 2 dager siden
Add this to the list of great cars not coming to the US.
Anton M
Anton M - 2 dager siden
I think you should listen to your heart when buying not a single car for your family.
schlafanzyk - 2 dager siden
this thing looks awesome, like a widebody racing modded version that should only exist in Gran Turismo and would never make it to production
Jerry JACOBM - 2 dager siden
Super review
Muhamed Abdiu
Muhamed Abdiu - 2 dager siden
The car of the decade
M Make
M Make - 2 dager siden
Sell the Porsche man
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar - 2 dager siden
A real driver always speak to his car, feel his car and keeps his car as a friend.. So i won't say you are crazy.. Bcoz i always do that.. If you loved it that much then buy it.... (^_-)
Feđa Fajić
Feđa Fajić - 2 dager siden
Yes you should. This Yaris could be worth more in the future than what it cost now.