These 10 cars give you the cheapest HORSEPOWER!

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On the lookout for your next car? Head to to find the right car from the right dealer, at the right price.
Looking to get the most powerful new car while spending as little as possible? Don't worry, we've got you covered...
We've compiled a list of the ten best cars to give you the most bang for your buck if you're looking to get all-out power for a low price. Using the carwow website, we've worked out which new car will give you the cheapest cost per horsepower... Once you've applied the carwow saving, of course!
There are certainly a few surprises in the list, but can you guess which will come out on top? Let us know in the comments, and then keep watching to see which is crowned #1!
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carwow - Måned siden
If you could only choose ONE car from this list, which would it be?
Levi Trevisan
Levi Trevisan - 4 dager siden
The Mini Cooper s classic for sure
Potato Cat
Potato Cat - 5 dager siden
EM EM - 20 dager siden
Nissan is the best deal. Mustang, Fiesta, Kia also very nice choice
IDontFuckingKnow - Måned siden
so good
so good - Måned siden
Previous generation Honda Brio price - 45pounds/hp.
Omar Qasir
Omar Qasir - 4 timer siden
Fabian King
Fabian King - 9 dager siden
Somebody’s talking about the rain nana NANA
AK's Random Contents
AK's Random Contents - 10 dager siden
So then use the name 'Tivoli' on a grand tourer or a supercar instead. A Ferrari Tivoli, anyone?
Paul A
Paul A - 12 dager siden
they should have called it the "Amish" model 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Just wait for the Stepway 2021...
Cassian Țuțuianu
Cassian Țuțuianu - 15 dager siden
Dacia la putereee! 💪 🇷🇴
AMG 190E
AMG 190E - 18 dager siden
Nissan SKYLINE 400R.
Jerome Rudder
Jerome Rudder - 18 dager siden
‘It’s not that expensive really it’s only £34,000’ like who really has £30k+ to spend on a car?!
Davwekamel32 - 22 dager siden
Thank you!
Yahya Yahya
Yahya Yahya - 23 dager siden
How to activate the pop up banner in ytb app because it is not appears for me , who knows please tell me.
Bryce Stevens
Bryce Stevens - 25 dager siden
You can get a used Focus ST for 8-16k lbs.
Jim - 27 dager siden
Totally pointless calculation though. Would be better done in the monthly pcp cost as I can get a 2020 M135i cheaper than a focus ST because the residuals are so bad on the Ford. The M135i list price is actually more than the Ford!
KeSean Woods
KeSean Woods - 27 dager siden
Forgot the Acura tl
KlasCh YıldızCh
KlasCh YıldızCh - 28 dager siden
Adam şaşı olmuş aw
Ashley Leonard
Ashley Leonard - Måned siden
I like the video, but it would be better if you done one in catergories, e.g: Superminis, Super Saloons, SUV’s and so on
Ysmael Barrent Dirk Dandan
There ain’t no Camaro Matt get a mustang and race agains camaro
Nj Ames
Nj Ames - Måned siden
Can you make a similar list showing the top 10 SUVs with the cheapest horsepower
qrogueuk - Måned siden
If a car cost more than 40K (new), then don't forget to add additional £320 on top of normal road for the first five years
marco marko
marco marko - Måned siden
Make a video with BARBUS 900.
Ariv Mistry
Ariv Mistry - Måned siden
This was painful. Sorry Matt - I’m cutting you from my subscription list
Erica M
Erica M - Måned siden
put the ftype svr in a few drag races!
Marlboro M2C
Marlboro M2C - Måned siden
Yes, wht else did you expect?
Mr. Mojo
Mr. Mojo - Måned siden
I’m liking the fact that he says it’s cheap a car with a cost of 40 k, in Italy you have to not eat live breath almost 4 years to buy that thing. Haha cheap here means 10 k
romanian countryball
romanian countryball - Måned siden
Am i The only one that i never heard of MG
Pradyumn Verma
Pradyumn Verma - Måned siden
The cheapest hp top price ratio car is TATA NANO i.e.£ 49 /hp #fact
TheAz09197 - Måned siden
Finally, an English-speaking person that knows how o pronounce Dacia
woo sung jung
woo sung jung - Måned siden
캬~ 국뽕에 취한다!
stephan sat
stephan sat - Måned siden
He forgot the charger hellcat
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior - Måned siden
Cheapest maybe in America but in Europe...
Shorty2109 - Måned siden
Without checking myself, but shouldn't the corvette be on here, too? Or was it new new cars only? The 370z isn't new though right?
Steven Greenberg
Steven Greenberg - Måned siden
As long as its the V8
Ezekiel Villangca
Ezekiel Villangca - Måned siden
Come on Mat you should have said "Good Neeewz" first before introducing the Dacia Sandero :(
THAT VOLVO GUY - Måned siden
My car gets 40$ per hp 😏
The Tesla Sheep
The Tesla Sheep - Måned siden
what happened to the TESLA MODEL 3 P???
McDonald's - Måned siden
Anyone here from LCR?
Matt Wood
Matt Wood - Måned siden
utter shite sorry but true
Mustafa Assudani
Mustafa Assudani - Måned siden
where is the hellcat ? it will be around 99£ per HP
Dutch Randstad Dashcam compilations
Step 1: Find a car that sells multiple specs using the same engine/turbo etc (i.e. 1.4l 125hp, 150hp, 180hp)
Step 2: Buy the lowest end (125hp), let it be unlocked it to max (180hp) version
Step 3: Stage 1 manual tune, +15-50hp for ~500-600 USD/EUR/POUND
JK1 - Måned siden
should do the same video but with proper performance cars
Herthik Sanjay
Herthik Sanjay - Måned siden
My VW polo does 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, guess that’s the better car 😂
Financial Wise
Financial Wise - Måned siden
A Chinese car in the review? That’s interesting...
Sam - Måned siden
2nd hand?
iRx Destiny
iRx Destiny - Måned siden
What about camaro lt1? 58 pound per hp
iRx Destiny
iRx Destiny - Måned siden
Donut made a better video about this
Adam Musa
Adam Musa - Måned siden
Cupra leon is cheaper than the Ford and faster!!!
Carwow should make Matt their face of the company.
Alexander Sinco
Alexander Sinco - Måned siden
Here in Mexico the 370Z is crazy cheap too, for the power and the standard equipment. I'm worried that the new 400Z (or whatever the Z Proto ends up being called) being as expensive as the new Supra. The 2015 to 2018 Mustang GT was also pretty cheap, but Ford increased the prices substantially.
Mr S
Mr S - Måned siden
Why would I need a shitty website to only get $200 off when you can easily negotiate more then $200 off the list price ... 🤣🤣🤣
fer130 - Måned siden
I30n is cheap and have plenty of power
ajw1979 - Måned siden
My second hand car (8000 miles) was £64 per HP and outperforms all of these. But nice advert. What website was it?? :)
Blaze Dubz
Blaze Dubz - Måned siden
Why it looks like you have crossed eyes
Farran - Måned siden
And... what about the SEAT leon cupra?? It is about 300hp and less of 30K euro!!
Nal Gorkic
Nal Gorkic - Måned siden
Mini is on 3d place not 4th Mat😁
Chris - Måned siden
I normally love carwow videos but this was just annoying... all this shameless plugging of the carwow website... savings blah blah... 👎👎👎
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I30n as its basically same hp as the focus st, and in one drag race you said he got one for £21,000 so it will be quite high
Car Reviews by M A 7
Car Reviews by M A 7 - Måned siden
Raouf Murda
Raouf Murda - Måned siden
Stop talking shit
And talk about tuatara the world record that beat the chiron and zeg
U the only one who deosnt talk about it
Shane Brian Honorio
Shane Brian Honorio - Måned siden
Elixs Mxshxbelx
Elixs Mxshxbelx - Måned siden
I hate when ads pop up when I'm watching carwow videos
Herb - Måned siden
Matt please drag race everyday versions of cars such as the w205 Mercedes Benz C250 and an Audi with equivalent horsepower
Poonam Devi
Poonam Devi - Måned siden
Review indian cars please
al3xuk - Måned siden
You wanna know what's blowing up in the super car world got to shocking
Ranj J
Ranj J - Måned siden
Used cars price per bhp is better.
Ranj J
Ranj J - Måned siden
Thanks, but which cars if you take reliability into account.
senpai toast
senpai toast - Måned siden
Or I could get an EP3 type r for less than an MG and have more horsepower for cheaper
Melker Dahlbom
Melker Dahlbom - Måned siden
I have a good video idé. Can you drag race a koenigsegg gemera vs the new tesla roadster it would be a banger video!!!!
Kerem Yerlioglu
Kerem Yerlioglu - Måned siden
Adamlarin ucuzu bizde luks a1
K. 1
K. 1 - Måned siden
Stop putting these Chinese cars in it. They are all going to break down no matter how much horsepower. Why do you think there cheap??
Dylan Payment
Dylan Payment - Måned siden
wow u can get a bran new car for really cheap in the uk
Pham Duc Hieu Nhan
Pham Duc Hieu Nhan - Måned siden
Fun facts : The Kia Stinger is also famous because back in 1 year ago, this is a promotional car of a K pop group call BlackPink.
Aditya Pal
Aditya Pal - Måned siden
PORCHE 911 TURBO S VS HONDA ACURA NSX. That would be interesting @carwow
Nick Paxton
Nick Paxton - Måned siden
Drag race the top 2, the Ford Mustang versus the Nissan 370z
tylerthenormal - Måned siden
I wish the United States got the focus st. That thing looks sick af
Tony Li
Tony Li - Måned siden
Excuse me? The Z isn’t coming to the UK?? 😠😑😑😑😑😑
Joshua Zamora
Joshua Zamora - Måned siden
Just drag race them top speed until the motors bust.
Joshua Zamora
Joshua Zamora - Måned siden
That focus looks like a kia forte
ASVIN KUMAAR - Måned siden
tiguan r and tuareg r darag race and review pls
Black Life Matter
Black Life Matter - Måned siden
Mustang have 449? I thought 460hp
Skooter623 - Måned siden
I had no idea MGs were still around
mohammed saleh abdullah AL-dharhani
The hellcat is around 101 why it's not there
tompie09 - Måned siden
Can't beat buying an 2000s Volvo V70/XC70 with 200bhp and 270Nm for ±2000€
Agustin Escobar
Agustin Escobar - Måned siden
Sandero dacia?? Here in Latam it’s made by Renault tho 🤔
Harvey - Måned siden
This video is so bad, a vauxhall astra is £1.5 and has 114hp so
Frantisek Lupinek
Frantisek Lupinek - Måned siden
No Skoda there, or VW... :]
Andrei - Måned siden
As a romanian i can say that u really say "Dacia" very good
Philip Matic
Philip Matic - Måned siden
u know a horse actually produces around 15 horsepower?!
CommodoreSinclair - Måned siden
Sure did talk about the Dacia for a long time!
Harry Knoener
Harry Knoener - Måned siden
Foooorrrrrmmmmeeeennnntoooooorrrr, please
Stroessoe - Måned siden
Why not the same list with a minimum of 300bhp? A sandero? Really??
Random - Måned siden
How about a review on the new 3008, the French seem to be able to get them...
SR.A - Måned siden
Carwow? What’s that?
al hitch
al hitch - Måned siden
Addwow!! Sweet jaysus make them stop!!please..... love carwow but the amount of adverts have become just crazy,,,,
Taha Bhukhiya
Taha Bhukhiya - Måned siden
Hi. Please review all new jeep wagooner 2021
Pitesti Nation
Pitesti Nation - Måned siden
3 of the cars on this list were Ford models. That says quite a lot
Riyaaz Shamsoodien
Riyaaz Shamsoodien - Måned siden
Was this a long car wow advert ?
Besttt i love you channel and always i watched your vedio and like it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
FYMB66 - Måned siden
NGL i didn’t like this vid a bit matt come on dude
Bogdan Lipoan
Bogdan Lipoan - Måned siden
Ooooorrr, you can buy for 5000£ an mercedes slk55 amg with 460hp.
Gentinis Bytyqi
Gentinis Bytyqi - Måned siden
Hey Mat, an idea for your next video
Best sounding car for each Engine configuration
Straight, V ,flat, W