The QUICKEST 0-60mph cars of every YEAR since the 1970s

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When it comes to measuring a car’s performance, there’s always one stat which will help give you a good indication of how powerful it is: the 0 - 60mph time!
So that got us thinking… What are the quickest cars EVER to hit 60mph in ridiculously short times? Well, we’ve been researching, and we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 fastest accelerating cars to hold this title! And just to clarify, we’re not only talking about new cars, or wild one-offs which you couldn’t even drive on the road. We’re focusing solely on mass-produced cars!
But which do you think takes the top spot? Or have we missed something off the list you think needs to be here? Let us know in the comments!
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carwow - 2 måneder siden
Mat hasn't forgotten about the Porsche 918 Spyder! Yes, that car has done 0-60 in 2.1 seconds, but that time was measured with a one-foot rollout (where the car was rolling for 30cm before it launched). It doesn't sound like much, but it really helps it put its power down and makes a big difference to the 0-60mph time! The times on Mat's list are all from ZERO to 60mph.
Prince King
Prince King - 22 dager siden
well lets just say the title of your video should say "production cars" as we all know 1.9 is a WRC standard for 0-60 just saying.
wiltord mark
wiltord mark - 23 dager siden
@Martino1e but not faster than Agera R
wiltord mark
wiltord mark - 23 dager siden
yes porsche spyder 918 vs Koeninseg AGera R race is below As for chiron vs Tesla performance . tesla is 10 times cheaper and still wins 0-60 mph , insane as for tycan vs tesla tesla still wins thx to better range and builds, upgrades, auto-pilots, charge stations and customer service
Martino1e - 27 dager siden
The Porsche 918 is faster then the Bugatti Chiron
Jim D
Jim D - Måned siden
@Nathan Gressick Dude, I have NT05R's on my Vette. Stay in your lane.
M W - 10 timer siden
You forget the Challenge srt demon
Luka Smolčić
Luka Smolčić - Dag siden
Rimac: Am i a joke to you?
Vladkata_sam_le_leshnik _
Vladkata_sam_le_leshnik _ - 3 dager siden
The roadster makes 1.9 seconds
Mariano Canzani
Mariano Canzani - 3 dager siden
porche 918? And Dodge Challenger Demon?
rosie lund
rosie lund - 4 dager siden
What about the tesla roadster?
Broderick Carter
Broderick Carter - 4 dager siden
"showing petrol cars who's boss" - Matt
the worlds fastest accelerating car the dodge demon - me and pretty one everyone
Yung AK
Yung AK - 6 dager siden
Dis fool forgot the demon
Masen Donovan
Masen Donovan - 7 dager siden
This is not right number 1 is the tesla roster 2.0 that has a 0-60 in 1.9 sec
Kenny Robert
Kenny Robert - 7 dager siden
Remember that tesla is lauching the plaid for model s and it will reach 60 miles/hour in under 2 sec
A Page
A Page - 8 dager siden
During the Ferrari Enzo piece you’ve slotted in a LaFerrari 05:32
Road Rollin'
Road Rollin' - 9 dager siden
Tuhin Mia
Tuhin Mia - 10 dager siden
Sorry about the lack of M1 coverage. I’ve been a little busy. 😉
Don’t worry. I’ve got some crazy hardware videos planned as usual. Nobody has even thought to do what I have planned yet!
Gaming Gladiator44
Gaming Gladiator44 - 11 dager siden
Tesla means sexy
Ali Zaiter
Ali Zaiter - 11 dager siden
where is the demon????!!!!!!
Bonnie Bishop
Bonnie Bishop - 11 dager siden
Where’s the demon?
Martin Andrews
Martin Andrews - 12 dager siden
More ads please.
Manuel Palma
Manuel Palma - 13 dager siden
Bruh! Cars went crazy, crazier , insane, Elon Musk.
محمد السنكري
محمد السنكري - 14 dager siden
Nise video bro🌷
We need the same idea but top speed this time.
binod binod
binod binod - 14 dager siden
Bro tesla roadster can make 0-60 in just 1.9 second
Nakata - 14 dager siden
No proof + it is still a prototype not a production car
Lowrenc ✔️
Lowrenc ✔️ - 15 dager siden
What is with Concept two!?
Top speed: 412 km/h
Acc 0 - 60 mph: 1.85 sec
Power: 1914 hp
Isn’t this one of the fastest in the world?
Nakata - 14 dager siden
No test yet
Alex H
Alex H - 15 dager siden
You forgot the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder. 0-60MPH in 2.3
HARI - 17 dager siden
No matter what..
LAMBO is my favourite.
Kleon Causapin
Kleon Causapin - 17 dager siden
You know michel schumacher,🤩🤩😉 I know it too
Jenam Vataliya
Jenam Vataliya - 17 dager siden
I like your channel because you don’t clickbait
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales - 19 dager siden
Tesla is the quickest and the cheapest of the list. I call that the triumph of democracy.
skyline D
skyline D - 19 dager siden
don't care for electric cars and they aren't as eco friendly as everyone seems to think, that's just the media talking and what "THEY" want you to thin plus electric motors will always be faster than a combustion engine building it's rpm up not really fun comparing the two.
nismo guy r 35
nismo guy r 35 - 19 dager siden
Where is dodge demon
Julio Ramirez
Julio Ramirez - 20 dager siden
I want to see in a next video about "The max top speed in production cars every year since 1970"
Sneaky DogFart
Sneaky DogFart - 20 dager siden
Remember when 1000 bhp was just a daydream and a lot of people thought it just wasn't possible or the tyres couldn't handle 250+mph? HA!
Blake Swan
Blake Swan - 21 dag siden
Tire technology is everything. Put modern tires on a 1970s car and a lot changes., but hey, let's incorrectly compare it to a 330D....😒
Karlo Ivančić
Karlo Ivančić - 21 dag siden
Whos here before 1mil views?
Marko WBF
Marko WBF - 22 dager siden
What about the new Rimac c two? It accelerates from 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds..
DexxonGamerYT - 22 dager siden
Your taking what the manufacter says for gospel. In reality a turbo s is better then the tesla and so is the chiron.
zaccaria verrocchio
zaccaria verrocchio - 23 dager siden
waiting for the Tesla Roadster
Ayan Ashar
Ayan Ashar - 23 dager siden
Where's the dodge demon???
Rallyman A
Rallyman A - 23 dager siden
He forgot the Caterham Jpe thing (3.46 0-60 mph in 1992) and maybe the Ariel Atom 500
Retro 80's
Retro 80's - 24 dager siden
Worked on and driven a eb110
Bimb Ache
Bimb Ache - 24 dager siden
Tesla needs in fact 602.3 seconds. Forgot to count the 10 min. needed to warm up the batteries.
M.Mustafa Ummair
M.Mustafa Ummair - 24 dager siden
Bugatti Bolide?
Ultinarok47 - 25 dager siden
The Ultimate Aero made 1,183 horsepower according to them. I think Top Gear found the horsepower to be 798 but it was determined that a rock had gotten lodged in a turbo system and had caused it to lose a lot of boost pressure.
Of course, in light of recent events, there is room for some skepticism in that narrative...
silvio joskic
silvio joskic - 26 dager siden
mohammed raif
mohammed raif - 26 dager siden
what about dodge demon
Hudson Donnell
Hudson Donnell - 26 dager siden
Porsche Porsche über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!
Connor Burke
Connor Burke - 27 dager siden
So we're just going to forget about the 918 Spyder? 0-60 in 2.2 seconds? ok cool
Roland Ong
Roland Ong - 27 dager siden
Rimac C-Two can 0-60 in 1.85 sec. Pininfirina battista can 0-60 in 1.9 sec. Koenigsegg gemera can 0-60 in 1.9 sec or less.
YankeeThomas13 - 27 dager siden
So he’s just not gunna mention GMC?
Lukas Ferenbach
Lukas Ferenbach - 28 dager siden
Nikhil Nadasan
Nikhil Nadasan - 29 dager siden
Title should be "click on the pop up banner"
AliF TheSoToKaKu
AliF TheSoToKaKu - 29 dager siden
Tesla roadster is the king 👑
Christen Hansen
Christen Hansen - 29 dager siden
The tesla roadster 2020 did 60mph in 1,9 s
Demos Lagoudakis
Demos Lagoudakis - Måned siden
I prefer a w16 engine in the back of my car than a quit electrical engine
Marek Krakovský
Marek Krakovský - Måned siden
I´ll be happy to see the 0,33 second car sometime.
Brian koz
Brian koz - Måned siden
what about the dodge demon i thought it did 2.3sec from 0-60
Brian koz
Brian koz - Måned siden
Please do the "Most luxurious cars since 1970's" video!! That would be EPIC to see how the interiors have been transformed over the years!!
Pickle - Måned siden
Fastest acc car now is Aspark Owl, not a slow Tesla.
It does 0-60 in 1.6sec
H Beats
H Beats - Måned siden
Dodge Demon - 2.3 sec 1/4 mile
gameloft dj
gameloft dj - Måned siden
Peel p50 cant get 2 60 or 30
Keon Howard
Keon Howard - Måned siden
Dodge demon???
Darkrai Go
Darkrai Go - Måned siden
Agera rs
John Dod
John Dod - Måned siden
This video should be called CHECK OUT EVERY OTHER VIDEOS I MADE
Jackazz Plays
Jackazz Plays - Måned siden
What about dodge demon and Porsche 918 spider?
Dustin Stewart
Dustin Stewart - Måned siden
You’ve forgotten the Dodge Demon....???
s p
s p - Måned siden
Lol this guy.....its only two cars before the 90s. Short video. 1960's Ford Shelby 0 to 60 in 4.5 secs (faster than production cars in 2020) Porsche 959 0 to 60 3.5 sec ( faster than production cars in 2020) McLaren f1 0 to 60 under 2 secs , and that's all before 2 pac dropped his first album. ..drops the 🎤
s p
s p - Måned siden
Let me know if you need any more help you bloke 😆
How Much DAMAGE!!
How Much DAMAGE!! - Måned siden
Who is watching this after the SSC tuatara?
JustHelp - Måned siden
Where is the McLaren P1
A H - Måned siden
The Tesla Roadster do be like smashing it in 1.6 seconds
Sahil Iqbal
Sahil Iqbal - Måned siden
Where is dodge demon?
Namzi - Måned siden
The fastset car is rimac c_two 0-60 in 1.95 sec
YotaXD - Måned siden
Boghos Ghshranian
Boghos Ghshranian - Måned siden
Why didn’t you named the koenigsegg gemera ?
Krabbe - Måned siden
Wasnt the taycan faster? Teslas numbers are lied
Donavan Paul
Donavan Paul - Måned siden
You must do a old BMW and the new one
Efren Mendieta
Efren Mendieta - Måned siden
Matt you deserve an Oscar
Stan Vanillo
Stan Vanillo - Måned siden
Dodge Demons are for dudes with tiny shmeets.
Mayed Ali
Mayed Ali - Måned siden
The Britons have a problem with Koenigsegg. Wonder why? Earlier, the Top Gear zombies used to sell the British canisters with absolute impunity. Now, this guy, who seemed a bit sane, is again missed out the Swedish manufacturer quite conveniently. BRAVO.
Jay D
Jay D - Måned siden
He for sure skipped a lot at the end, including that 918 spyder is a few tenths of second faster. The 918 spyder, tesla and demon are almost tied, but are separated by a few tenths of a second. 918 being 1st and tesla 2nd.
Anthony Sach
Anthony Sach - Måned siden
I might be being picky, but you did say the fastest road car top speed.
The Sledgehammer Callaway Corvette held the record from 1988.
The Callaway's 898-horsepower 772 pound-feet of torque C4 went 254.76 mph, 0-60 3.9 seconds, 1/4 mile 10.6 seconds. They had special tyres made as rear wheel drive was a problem with all that power, better traction would lower the 0-60.
It was a one off but you could order one from Callaway and it was fully street legal.

Now there is the Devel Sixteen with models of 2000hp to 5000hp. The car has been made and used on the road.
Top Speed 560 km/h or 348 mph
0-60 mph 1.8 seconds
0-100 mph 2.2 seconds
0-310 mph Under 50 seconds
RageCannon5311 - Måned siden
*Tesla Model S with 0-60 time of 2.3 seconds:* Haha instant torque go brr
*Porsche 918 Spyder with 0-60 time of 2.2 seconds:* Am I a joke to you?
RageCannon5311 - Måned siden
But now SSC just blew everyone out of the water with their 331mph Tuatara. There are no words to describe how happy I am.
Anoush Ankleshwaria
Anoush Ankleshwaria - Måned siden
Ive seen a bugatti Eb110 on my holiday to america at the peterson automotive museum in L.A along with the mclaren p1 and ferrari 250 gto
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee - Måned siden
Sponsored by Porsche
Curveball - Måned siden
How long is this British myth that American cars cannot handle turns going to persist? It's been disproved over and over and over, yet there is always some British guy saying it again. Up until a few years ago, there wasn't a real British car in the top 25 of production Nurburgring lap times, but there are 4-5 American cars there. I guess that is why British guys always had to claim all of Europe when talking about cars for so long? lol
Shreyas Desai
Shreyas Desai - Måned siden
E K - Måned siden
The Rimac C Two can do 0-60 in 1.7secs.
St4tik Turb0
St4tik Turb0 - Måned siden
So we not gonna talk about the 918’s 2.2 second 0-60
Mohamed Wael
Mohamed Wael - Måned siden
Where is the porsche 918 spyder dude... it supposed to be 0-60 in 2.2 seconds
Super One
Super One - Måned siden
These are the REAL fastest 0-60Mph cars that have been tested of each decade, In order to be a production car a total of 25 have to be made, Certain years have changed though, Only the 962LeMans isnt a production car since they made 21.
2010s: 2.1s Porsche 918 Spyder
2000s: 2.5s Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron
1990s: 2.7s Porsche Dauer 962LeMans
1980s: 3.6s Porsche 959
1970s: 3.9s Chevrolet Corvette C3 ZL1
1960s: 4.0s Shelby Cobra 427 SC/Shelby Daytona Coupe
alizierny - Måned siden
Ok, so tesla model S "cheetah" is the fastest... right. And then Taycan Turbo S happened, followed by 911 turbo S :)))
Ben Provost
Ben Provost - Måned siden
Click the banner click the banner click the banner click the banner. Damn bro, ease up.
Jeremy Brunan
Jeremy Brunan - Måned siden
Self promoting arrogant lad that only talks about his other drives....boring!
Kyle Soler
Kyle Soler - Måned siden
We live in an era where a 4 door saloon is faster than a lot of hyper cars from the past. We live in an amazing era for cars really.
Tobias Berger
Tobias Berger - Måned siden
Please start showing some love for the "e" in Porsche. It's NOT silent!
_Artuurs MC
_Artuurs MC - Måned siden
and in the 0,5th place - Tesla Roadster with 0-60mph in 1,9s
Chairhotdogchair - Måned siden
thats not a production car
Gabe Tabor
Gabe Tabor - Måned siden
Lingenfelter Vette did it in 1.9 seconds.
Thomas Kanalu
Thomas Kanalu - Måned siden
Did not know the EB110 had a quad turbo stock, I enjoy playing with it on forza horizon but I will need to remove the twin turbo and go back to the stock turbo now that I have this information!
Albert BlackPearl
Albert BlackPearl - Måned siden
It is the Americans that hold the record then? With an affordable car is it then? Yeeeeeha then
Hrishikesh Gowda
Hrishikesh Gowda - Måned siden
Guess Matt will have to update the video to add SSC Tuatara!!
Game Life
Game Life - Måned siden
Where is rimac it's faster than Chiron