The only car you really need: Skoda Octavia 2021 review

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This is the new Skoda Octavia! Now we know that the Czech manufacturer may not be held in such high regard as its German rivals, and they’re not exactly known for being the most exciting cars. But when you consider just how much car you get for a relatively low price, along with a huge choice of engines and trims to choose from so you can spec the car just to your liking, is it time the Octavia hatchback and estate are considered alongside the class leaders? Stick with Mat and find out in his latest in-depth review!
00:00 Intro
00:24 Price
00:49 Exterior Style
02:27 Engines
03:28 0-60mph
04:05 Interior Style
05:30 Back Seats
06:22 Boot
08:17 Practicality
09:35 Annoying Features
10:58 Good Features
11:56 Town Driving
13:25 Motorway Driving
14:26 Twisty Road Driving
15:10 Trims
17:17 Verdict
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Runtime: 17:53


carwow - 4 måneder siden
Would you pick the Octavia over the Golf? LIKE this comment if you would, COMMENT if you'd go for the Golf!
Aniv - 15 timer siden
@Bad@Deciding then u dont have anything to talk about as you clearly don't have car knowledge
Kay’shots - Dag siden
Combi yes, Sedan no.
nicalev - 2 dager siden
Dan - 17 dager siden
we want to drag race all new octavia variants. disel petrol hybrid
Dim antilathro
Dim antilathro - 18 dager siden
octavia for the clever golf for the fool
Neon - 46 minutter siden
Hello from Czech Republic 😀
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma - Dag siden
Love these wagons/estates. And fortwos. Love the European market
brian Gallagher
brian Gallagher - Dag siden
At 10 minutes odds, noticed a blue thing on neck. have you got a trapped nerve or something Pal....take care...
Neagu Andrei
Neagu Andrei - 2 dager siden
And i bought an Insignia for 21k euros =)
Lukáš Bambuch
Lukáš Bambuch - 2 dager siden
The thing with the key for keyless entry is that when your cars battery goes to zero so you cant unlock it with buttons you can sort of pop the thing that you touch for unlocking (if you have keyless entry) the car and there should be classic physical lock you can use the key for. I haven´t really seen it live but I´ve heard about it a lot
KingDeCalibre - 3 dager siden
damn, with you done the vrs
Stefano D
Stefano D - 3 dager siden
how 's the 1.0 hybrid on this car?
Victoria Manley
Victoria Manley - 8 dager siden
Great. Thks.
Steve Blanchard
Steve Blanchard - 10 dager siden
What was the engine management light on for?
MideclipseX - 10 dager siden
Me and my mum are from warsaw
Артём Неделя
Артём Неделя - 11 dager siden
Although you said it looked a little bit boring, I think it look just very good for a simple car for casual driving without any kind of cheap show-offю
Thomas Nox
Thomas Nox - 13 dager siden
Man, you sound like you hate Skoda cars or something....
Jay Boone
Jay Boone - 14 dager siden
As reviewed by Alan Partridge.. "Not my words, the words of Top Gear Magazine!"
Immortal - 14 dager siden
I have this car , skoda octavia III 105 HP fabrication year 2013, i got it in 2017 from a firm with 8400e , it is still going strong with no problems, the only thing i changed(besides the oil/filter and all that ) was the batterry from the original one to a 65 one. Very good and reliable car.
Fxxt IT
Fxxt IT - 17 dager siden
Sye zaimudddin minat sngt dgr
Abbas Rizvi
Abbas Rizvi - 18 dager siden
Well thought thru car. As I age more I can do with sleeper cars more and more. With work and the general dynamics of work life no one wants a car that breaks your back when it goes over a pothole. I genuinely like this car!
Corrado - 18 dager siden
Maybr bmw tails are inspired from Kodiaq...since that one is made from 2016.. nwm..
bluecardholder - 18 dager siden
The warning when you open the door and the engine is on, also helps when its in stop mode and the engine is technically still on but not actually running.
Jean Gonzalez Hidalgo
Jean Gonzalez Hidalgo - 18 dager siden
My first car was a Skoda back on 2010 when i was 18 years old, from which i can say that mechanically they are ok cars (basically they were a VW Jetta underneath). However is on the details where the car falls apart... (the car wipers stopped working, the door covers fell down,the seats ripped open,etc) I really hope that they improved their materials quality since then because they are ok "new driver and still learning" cars.
Андрій Ярославович
Nowadays Škoda looks like an Audi on a budget))
And yes, I know why)))
Mythiceu - 20 dager siden
9:12 my dad has a skoda superb and it has the same thing in the back i tried using it as mobile phone holder it worked but i couldnt see half of the screen.
Petr Kašpárek
Petr Kašpárek - 21 dag siden
Thumbs up mate. Very funny review. Much love from the Czech republic
Boyd Boyett
Boyd Boyett - 22 dager siden
The presenter is attractive
James Keeley
James Keeley - 22 dager siden
This bloke always reminds me of Lee Evans
XSebi - 24 dager siden
"i hope you got all that, cause im not repeating it"
*presses J 4 times and video skips back 40 sec.*
Me:"you'll do as i say"
Jonas Klaue
Jonas Klaue - 25 dager siden
do you like the car?
Jonathan Harrison
Jonathan Harrison - 25 dager siden
“It’s for the pragmatic motoring enthusiast that wants good value motoring .. not to hoon about”. If only all motoring journos recognised just not everyone who loves cars wants a sub-10 min Ring lap.
Daniel THOMAS - 25 dager siden
Nice review!
Travis - 26 dager siden
I'll stick with Audi.
dieAlemusik - 27 dager siden
Komm vorbei mit dein Skoda!
Hallo youtuber
Hallo youtuber - 27 dager siden
ездиют на праворульных тачках, а всё делают правой рукой, открывают бардочки, подлакотники лазиют в навигаторе и ваще всё, зачем руль в право переставили?😀
jh5kl - 27 dager siden
dear youtuber influencers and pretense petrolheads, hard plastic does not mean cheap. heavy machinery industry and military industry scoff at that false modern internet 'knowledge'
raymond walsh
raymond walsh - 27 dager siden
Where's the banana girl ?
Aditya Rana
Aditya Rana - 28 dager siden
Daddy 🤤🤤🤤
Aditya Rana
Aditya Rana - 28 dager siden
Daddy 🤤🤤🤤
DEVINE - 28 dager siden
Skoda next best to VW for family car excluding Audi which is a more luxurious alternative
DEVINE - 28 dager siden
Scoda next best to Volkswagen for family car
Nagy Levy
Nagy Levy - 28 dager siden
Clever, spacious, cheap but no longer reliable. When you get stranded on the side of the road in an Octavia with 25k miles on it, you got plenty of time to think about going Japanese for your next clever purchase.
William Hodgson
William Hodgson - 28 dager siden
Do people actually use a ski hatch, particularly in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter?
Ayad Dosky
Ayad Dosky - 28 dager siden
Carwow=the honey of cars
Dom Gittings
Dom Gittings - Måned siden
I had a 2019 Octavia SE L and now I have a Golf R-line and the Octavia was miles better when comparing
Talat Shahzad
Talat Shahzad - Måned siden
20 reg and already engine management light on
Jason Teen
Jason Teen - Måned siden
Have they fixed the leaky sunroof issues in this new design?
Rajvosa97 - Måned siden
Love how you still review everyday cars
Ambar Singh
Ambar Singh - Måned siden
He should have done review for the sedan one
Sandeep Sureshbabu
Sandeep Sureshbabu - Måned siden
I keep wondering when will the pop out banner pop out!!
Johannes B
Johannes B - Måned siden
Octavias little brother, Scala, is just as good as his bigger brother
H. Clausen AS +47 64923730
I have 2019 L&K with everything, and the RS Diesel engine (187BHP). My last car was a BMW X1 last generation. I would pick my Skoda over and over again :-)
Oleg - Måned siden
kinda looks basic, not sure would I want to update my current version
Mike5 - Måned siden
Expect the 245bhp version in a nice discreet dark colour in your rear view mirror very soon with a sunvisor ECILOP sign maybe?
Bushmills Presbyterian Church
Your tests are good but please drop the numerous attempts to be funny
Filip Velimirovic
Filip Velimirovic - Måned siden
On this occasion, I want to say that the channel is very interested in its variety of cars that are on the tests, but I honestly do not like this version of the tests by the tester. There are too many ironic jokes and for no reason the car is condemned just because it is not something special. I get the impression that Mat is somehow used to their powerful special cars and has got a fashion line. Well, in relation to that, not everything that Škoda has is appreciated.
Tim Jefferson
Tim Jefferson - Måned siden
Dimensions of the boot-space (iV) would be useful. Thanks.
Umbakarna SK
Umbakarna SK - Måned siden
According to what I was able to find out, it should be 600 litres for liftback version and 640 litres for combi. That are some mammoth sized dimensions in my opinion and rivals the previous generation Škoda Superb.
CommentsCar - Måned siden
Got an Aygo, paid £995. Never needed another car :)
David Thompson
David Thompson - Måned siden
11:57 with the filler cap... LOL
Catalin Amariutei
Catalin Amariutei - Måned siden
The beeping while the door is open is for Hybrid version probably.
Howard Messias
Howard Messias - Måned siden
What you hear is some kind of unlocking actuator for either gearshift or steering.
Marek209SK - Måned siden
Oh wow, another FWD Škoda. Can't wait to see at least 3 of them crashed every day. The people who drive these cars are the worst. They for some reason always want to race, in this freaking 1.0 liter. Bruh, a 30 ton truck accelerates faster on a hill than this shit. And they want to race my e91 320D... Yeah... I don't understand, it's almost like they are irritated that I have a BMW and they want prove something? Like wtf... This comes from a Slovak guy too, Škodas are more common than rat shit here.
Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan - Måned siden
Too many irritating adverts makes this almost unwatchable.
mark totton
mark totton - Måned siden
How can you say this when it is an ICE car?
Ondra Jaroš
Ondra Jaroš - Måned siden
Řekni Škoda, žádný Skouda :D :D
S-B - Måned siden
Yo Carwow, you have the deadist merch ever
Oscar David Rodriguez Ruiz
It's a 2021 golf wagon/variant? .....
jetaimemina - Måned siden
I just can't get myself to like how the climate controls buttons are getting moved to the touchscreen in every new car...
Lucian Grig
Lucian Grig - Måned siden
i've heard the same thing some time ago ( ) about the old New VW Golf 7 :) , i've had it, was a nice car, but with big reliability issues that wasted my time in service.
Sendit Sunday
Sendit Sunday - Måned siden
I think all reviewers should stop reviewing Skoda's. They are a cheap vw and more boring. We get it.
Mekuso8 - Måned siden
Is it really that cheap though? Gasoline is expensive. I did the math based on my driving habits and the Enyaq ends up being cheaper in the long run.
CercatO J
CercatO J - Måned siden
getting a bit too much of idiotism. Not funny after 5 minutes....
Prateek Ojha
Prateek Ojha - Måned siden
We in India get the 1.8L TSI/ 2L TSI-VRS saloon versions, I really wish they bring the Estate.
Wings 99
Wings 99 - Måned siden
A built-in SheWee for your washer bottle. Handy!
Tvrle Z
Tvrle Z - Måned siden
ok, you hate skoda and love wv, we got that
Mr11ESSE111 - Måned siden
problem of this channel are that he tests only cars for which he is paying !! but that is generally problem of all bigger channels
Laurentiu Vasile
Laurentiu Vasile - Måned siden
Steve_Gazza_Gascoigne - Måned siden
Gear selector lock.. seen often in eastern europe.
Henry Discipline
Henry Discipline - Måned siden
Will it do 200,000 trouble free miles like the Passat?
Karolis - Måned siden
Hi my name's Matt click on my pop up banner!!! If you want to watch Matt measuring his pp please click on the banner again ffs
Ernest Fletcher
Ernest Fletcher - Måned siden
He is a prize prat
Rob Klaassen
Rob Klaassen - Måned siden
What is the name of this color?
What version of the Skoda Octavia Combi are we looking at?
Darryl of Sussex
Darryl of Sussex - Måned siden
How does it handle with a full load?
yooser naime
yooser naime - Måned siden
This presenter is a perfect match for a vehicle considered to be bland.
Mário Podolan
Mário Podolan - Måned siden
This guy is just so wrong. The octavia is the car you learn how to drift on here in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Alexander Anaya Zambrano
Alexander Anaya Zambrano - Måned siden
Carwow though
It shows you that you are not by taste an admirer of the Skoda brand, criticizing nonsense, for me and for many the Skoda and in this case the Octavia is a very good saloon or combi to take into account when purchasing a car of a great quality, which offers you high security, and a very special permomance for a reasonable price.
Spare wheel in all cars is essential 👌
Akseli W
Akseli W - Måned siden
Please do video from the rs version
Daniel _
Daniel _ - 2 måneder siden
So many ads 🙄
MValentin Florian
MValentin Florian - 2 måneder siden
Hi Matt. When are you going to do a material on Skoda Enyaq?
Sahil Narula
Sahil Narula - 2 måneder siden
Octavia or bmw 2series coupe? What do you recommend
Daniel I.
Daniel I. - 2 måneder siden
Is the best car if you are at border medium class, after that line, on the market is more cars who are not so ANOST !
Edward Valivonis
Edward Valivonis - 2 måneder siden
Lovely car
Tomáš Kroupa KK Foto
Tomáš Kroupa KK Foto - 2 måneder siden
It’s boring and ugly as hell
olddn kinobi
olddn kinobi - 2 måneder siden
Alan Partridge & Alan Titchmarsh's love child 😜
Terence Jay
Terence Jay - 2 måneder siden
I've never driven anywhere with both hands at the bottom of the steering wheel.
Julia JV
Julia JV - 2 måneder siden
great video! But awful sound(((
A - 2 måneder siden
You lost me at skoda
Kristián Kopáčik
Kristián Kopáčik - 2 måneder siden
easy peasy you could park a BUS in that gap man
Alexis - 2 måneder siden
A bit tired of Matt being so cliche all the time. So we learned that an Octavia is boring once again...
C As
C As - 2 måneder siden
You can have all of that plus some excitement with the Octavia RS series :D
Sander - 2 måneder siden
11:47 damn, in the 2016 model, the washer fluid has a small hole with a cap that doesn't want to stay open, and the stand to keep the engine lid up is right next to it. Filling the washer fluid is pretty annoying, but fixing only one of those problems would make it possible with just two hands. Apparently they've fixed all those problems.
donna welsh
donna welsh - 2 måneder siden
Neck?????? Blue