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Let’s face it, most of the time when you buy a car, its value is likely to depreciate over the years. That means that if you look to sell it on, chances are you’ll make much less than what you originally paid for it.
However, there are a number of cars out there where their value has gone in the other direction, and they’re worth much more than they were when they went on sale! But trust us, this isn’t just exclusively for supercars - some everyday family cars have increased, too!
Want to find out which have increased the most? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
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carwow - 21 dag siden
What car do you wish you'd never sold?
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 8 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
abdullah ansari
abdullah ansari - 17 dager siden
Peugeot 205 gti
MUHAMMAD HAMZA TOOR - 17 dager siden
@gaming boi 3 tere jese khusre galian de skte hen samne a to pata chle
Shihab Rahman
Shihab Rahman - 18 dager siden
Honda Civic Mk4
ghalibabubaker88 Abubaker
ghalibabubaker88 Abubaker - 19 dager siden
@Sean Fallon Gosh me too but sold that to buy a 1955 vw panel bus
Trevor Sarupinda
Trevor Sarupinda - 7 timer siden
Mat,I like the Mercedes Benz e ckass
Random BOii
Random BOii - 19 timer siden
Where is Supra ?
Shashank Salian
Shashank Salian - 2 dager siden
Upside down Bathtub :p
Cars and drag
Cars and drag - 3 dager siden
I have a mini
Cars and drag
Cars and drag - 3 dager siden
An old one
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel - 6 dager siden
Where is the supra😭
George Skidmore
George Skidmore - 8 dager siden
You forgot one - Renault Clio Williams
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 8 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
Janne Väätäinen
Janne Väätäinen - 10 dager siden
The Porsche 356 convertible looks absolutely elegant and beautiful. Such a clean design. Almost looks like it's floating.
Paxton Anderson
Paxton Anderson - 13 dager siden
My neighbor sold his nsx bc he didn’t think it was worth anything he sold it for 35k
saad bin harun
saad bin harun - 14 dager siden
make a vlog with VW T1/T2 Campervan
Damir DEBEVC - 16 dager siden
You missed Honda S2000 ,VW Karmann Ghia,, BMW E9 CS 3,0, BMW 635 CSL....
Denny - 17 dager siden
There is much more iconic and legendary cars to be on that list and you put 205 on it , for example M1, SL 1950's, E30 M3, E9, 190 EVO, audi quattro and the others ... 🤷‍♂️
TheBigBLT09 - 17 dager siden
What about the r34 gtr? 😨
Aieman Toha F1162
Aieman Toha F1162 - 17 dager siden
Modern Classic Collectables
Modern Classic Collectables - 17 dager siden
MK1 TT is the best modern Clasic, it's next up to appreciate from the bottomed out depreciation curve..
Teun Paredis
Teun Paredis - 18 dager siden
In Belgium we call a 2cv a geit
licno ja
licno ja - 18 dager siden
FIAT 500?
DLE - 18 dager siden
I think a maserati gran turismo would be a good investment⁉️
Horst Pluntke
Horst Pluntke - 18 dager siden
I'm driving my super beetle convertible since 1977. Why selling?
It's no treasure, it's happiness on wheels❤️
Lesetja Molefe
Lesetja Molefe - 18 dager siden
I'm not a BMW fanboy, but none of the current BMWs will be better than the E46 M3 CSL ever
laistab 1
laistab 1 - 18 dager siden
The original mini was so much better than the bmw one ..
Tim de Winter
Tim de Winter - 19 dager siden
Misleading thumbnail 🙁🤨
ghalibabubaker88 Abubaker
ghalibabubaker88 Abubaker - 19 dager siden
Phewww thank god i now know am sitting on gold😘 i have a 1955 vw panel bus😉
James Dawson
James Dawson - 19 dager siden
SELL-ick-uh. Not Suh-LEEK-uh.
Frickin Brits. :p
kosso nl
kosso nl - 19 dager siden
And the impala 66 ss v8 mine uncle haves him in the netherland
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland - 19 dager siden
If I reject anything that has been said about truth, if I am anchored I may go very far but I’m anchored there, that’s not freedom, there must be freedom to come upon this. Why is that humans all over the world are depressed, you are emphasizing it and sustaining it unless there is attention to it?
ArcadE AmateuR
ArcadE AmateuR - 19 dager siden
you guys should really buy a track
the drag races are amazing but I would love track tests
Like so they can see
Hemn Muhammad
Hemn Muhammad - 19 dager siden
Nissan patrol Vs land cruiser please
Gordon Ross
Gordon Ross - 19 dager siden
Had two VW California’s over the last 8 years and not deprecated. A usable day car and great holiday vehicle if you like campervaning. The cost of poor MPG though means it still costs overall.
S D - 19 dager siden
Change of title :D
Le Gang sous la terre
Le Gang sous la terre - 19 dager siden
I am french and my parents have a 2CV and I call tell you it doesn't cost 20 000£. It can go up to around 15 000£. Maybe he was talking about the price in the UK
Harith Danial
Harith Danial - 19 dager siden
Every jdm car is going up now hmmmmmmmmmm
Cedric Pieterse
Cedric Pieterse - 19 dager siden
The iconic MK1 Golf GTi is also getting pretty expensive nowadays.
Current cars to hold on to is the MK5 GTi, the Golf R32 as well as the MK6 Golf R.
The MK7 Golf R is boring. The MK6 R is holding it's value very well. Some of the early MK7 R's are actually almost the same price as the MK6 R.
Go figure...
중3등산쟁이 - 19 dager siden
대한민국아 영어쓰는 곳이라고 소심해하지말고 당당하게 나와서 알려 ㅋㅋㅋ
Annas Sheeraz
Annas Sheeraz - 19 dager siden
Next drag race:
M8 comp vs r8 v10 vs gt63s vs urus vs panamera turbo s
Wat a fuckin race this wud be
Like if u think matt should do this race next!!!
Likitesh Challa
Likitesh Challa - 19 dager siden
Please review some mini cars
Roland Ong
Roland Ong - 19 dager siden
Mr. Bean own a mini cooper.
Robin Leno259
Robin Leno259 - 19 dager siden
But people owning iconic Cars that long really ain't willing to sell their car
Radhitya pradana Mukti
Radhitya pradana Mukti - 19 dager siden
I remember my family had hyundai atoz
Radhitya pradana Mukti
Radhitya pradana Mukti - 19 dager siden
Please review Lexus lx570
drifty Boiii_458
drifty Boiii_458 - 19 dager siden
So should I get a bmw M3 E92
Abraham Samuel
Abraham Samuel - 19 dager siden
So Mr Bean was wise to invest his money on a mini.
Theophilus Mak-illest
Theophilus Mak-illest - 19 dager siden
How about M8 COMPETITION grand coupe vs Mercedes Benz AMG gt63s 4door
Like this comment if you agree with me
enigmaPL - 19 dager siden
Manufacturers: Look! People are willing to pay more for older cars without the stupid gadgets rather than buy the new stuff...
Also manufacturers: ...Hmm, let's continue mass producing soulless appliances.
Me: *facepalm*
lukepwc 1
lukepwc 1 - 19 dager siden
A few notable mentions- Renault Clio V6, MK 1/2 ford escorts (mostly 2 doors), Mitsubishi Evo tommi makinen edition, Bmw 2002, VW MK1 golf gti, VW Golf R32 (MK 4), VW corrado just to name a few in recent years
Wil Tries
Wil Tries - 19 dager siden
do a reverse racing series
Dmitry eleven
Dmitry eleven - 19 dager siden
try a Belarusian tractor VS AMG
Add - J
Add - J - 19 dager siden
The car you regret selling the most is your first car
Dmitry eleven
Dmitry eleven - 19 dager siden
why don't you translate into Belarusian? you have to look in Russian
David Foxen
David Foxen - 20 dager siden
My Pops sold a Ford Capri MkIII 2.8 for £400 in 1999. I'm trying to get one and can't find a decent one for sub £10k!
OKO LANGTON - 20 dager siden
wy won't you review the Toyota Hilux
Astro Quixotic
Astro Quixotic - 20 dager siden
Rimac concept one I was to see u race it
meep 1478
meep 1478 - 20 dager siden
The dude that sold his Ferrari 250 GTO for 80K adjusted for inflation tho.....
Liam Tully
Liam Tully - 20 dager siden
Such a cool video 👌🏻
Philipp Bauerdick
Philipp Bauerdick - 20 dager siden
The BMW M1 is missing
It’s C1assy
It’s C1assy - 20 dager siden
My dad owns a 1971 3 door vw bus
luke Barker
luke Barker - 20 dager siden
The 90'sjap motors. Skyline and supra and nsx ect all going silly money now.
Diyar Jamal
Diyar Jamal - 20 dager siden
You should do a race with the Tesla model s, x, 3, and y
Munguze Mutirua
Munguze Mutirua - 20 dager siden
I please want the latest pickup drag race?#teamAmarok
Groovestein - 20 dager siden
You forgot your legendary fiat 126 maluch in your list 😁👍
Hassan Haidar
Hassan Haidar - 20 dager siden
do the Lexus LFA vs Porsche 911 turbo s
Bruno Begic
Bruno Begic - 20 dager siden
Pretty much every car Cosworth worked on is now worth quite a lot
Joel Brown
Joel Brown - 20 dager siden
I remember that BMW M3 E46 CSL and there is reason that they are rare, because you had to be mad to buy one! You could only drive in the warm weather. It has no air con and no radio, so you didn't know if it was going to rain! The M3 CSL is impractical as a normal car. I have always wanted to drive a Ford Sierra Cosworth, because that is an amazing car.
Henry Ovalles
Henry Ovalles - 20 dager siden
Sum up video
Buy a old car sound investment: make money come out even when u sell
Buy new car lose 50% in four years the end
Emanuel Sim
Emanuel Sim - 20 dager siden
BMW E30 should be on your list too!
joshua merlon
joshua merlon - 20 dager siden
Japan will be like,, hey kids get lost
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos - 20 dager siden
i want a review of the new cupra formentor, please. Who's with me?
abdullah asim
abdullah asim - 20 dager siden
did they change the title of the video?
and I am also that bmw fanboy
woutekie - 20 dager siden
Pls make a carwow site for the netherlands
Metodi Jovancev
Metodi Jovancev - 20 dager siden
I have Opel Corsa A 1985 4door sedan 1.4i where I am from in Macedonia it is uniqe and mine is the only one in drivable condition.
F 0000
F 0000 - 20 dager siden
I was expecting to see ridiculously expensive Supra MK4 in this video
asif quayum
asif quayum - 20 dager siden
I've got a smart Brabus exclusive do you think it could end up as a classic and start to appreciate in value. If you haven't reviewed it I'm happy for you to review it against the twingo GT and VW up GTi?
Ilija Jesam
Ilija Jesam - 20 dager siden
Audi ur quattro coupe
Kofi Vegas
Kofi Vegas - 20 dager siden
Everytime you say "click on the pop up banner to watch this review or watch a drag race" is really annoying, please just stop it.
martin olesen
martin olesen - 20 dager siden
toyota ae86 is missing on that list:)
Jonas Bauch
Jonas Bauch - 20 dager siden
In 1962 a Ferrari 250 GTO cost 18000 $, about 155.000 $ in todays money, and is now worth millions :o
Faisal Gul Junejo
Faisal Gul Junejo - 20 dager siden
My father had Suzuki Mehran 1988 model and nowadays my brother owns Suzuki Mehran 2018
MaSg - 20 dager siden
He forgot the Supra from Fast & Furious. Thats a big deal
Natasha Mutesa
Natasha Mutesa - 20 dager siden
Nkosikayenzelwa M Sibanda
Nkosikayenzelwa M Sibanda - 20 dager siden
Hi Mat. Can you please get a TrackHawk and race it against a Urus, X6 and GLE Coup
Paren Reddy
Paren Reddy - 20 dager siden
Please review the new golf 8 GTI
John - 20 dager siden
My dad sold his Volvo 240 polar years ago and now prices are going up for pristine models. :(
Blazz13 - 20 dager siden
0:49 Okay so £350 in 1950 to buy one of these is equivalent to £12083 today- about the same price as a new Citroen C1. It's a little something called *inflation* . Sorry Matt but your maths is off
Magnus Woo Kjesrud
Magnus Woo Kjesrud - 20 dager siden
Thanks car wow for much fun and informabel stuff you do on your channel. I want a Video 7ther you compare the 7 seater mpv vs 7 seater suv. The MPV I think are mor pratical but maybe I'm wrong. :) hopy you can make this video. say the 5 best most practical mpv vs the 5 best most practal suv. :)
galihxtreme - 20 dager siden
Don't worry about the Sierra. Fortunately there are still plenty of Sapphires available to steal - I mean, buy...
Ben Tran
Ben Tran - 20 dager siden
Btw u should add the mk4 supra n the r34 skyline because they cost a HECK now
G B - 20 dager siden
I recon the first gen 535d e60 in 10 years will be worth a few quid.
2.3M views - 20 dager siden
40-50k for a VW t1/t2 Campervan? That's cheap, here in Norway I saw one for sale for 134k...
SUMITA SARKAR - 20 dager siden
little star
superstar ✴✴✴✴✴
morris macharia
morris macharia - 20 dager siden
Mahu rakeshmishra Rakesh mishra
Please buy Tesla cyber truck
Christopher Roughton
Christopher Roughton - 20 dager siden
Classic VW beetles are also shooting up in value these days. Mint ones pre 1968 are getting much harder to come by.
Abeed Miah
Abeed Miah - 20 dager siden
The e46 m3 is slowly going up
darus ahnaf
darus ahnaf - 20 dager siden
Pls drag tesla roadster vs buggati chiron
Toxxic 05
Toxxic 05 - 20 dager siden
Mat, you should try to review the 2021 cadillac escalade
BALMON FOREVER - 20 dager siden
Please koenigseeg car
Hi - 20 dager siden
ATI Equipment
ATI Equipment - 20 dager siden
bmw e30 325i
G B - 20 dager siden
and what happened to the Skyline GTR, a mint one is worth a lot of money today but didn't make it onto your list...