The 8 most high-tech cars ever... That arrived too early!

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We know that more often than not, car manufacturers don’t want to take too many risks. Given the sky-high costs that go into designing a new car, through to testing and finally manufacturing, it’s no surprise they often stick to a tried & tested design.
But that’s not to say manufacturers have always played it safe, and we’re here to reveal the top cars that were well ahead of their time! From Lamborghini’s first SUV from the 1980s through to the first four-wheel-drive supercar, Mat’s here to reveal the top cars that manufacturers truly took some risks on when it came to trying to bring new technology to the automotive industry!
But what do you think - is this the definitive list of cars that were ahead of their time? Or have we missed any? Let us know in the comments!
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carwow - Måned siden
If you could drive one of these cars in 2020, which would it be?!
Kausthubh Nair
Kausthubh Nair - 22 dager siden
Jereign Jayaven Henry John
Aston Martin Lagonda ( if I can find it)
woodhall mtb
woodhall mtb - Måned siden
Drive the peel p50
Dor s
Dor s - Måned siden
Citroen DS.
Dave Dias
Dave Dias - Måned siden
Lamborghini LM002
D Carbs
D Carbs - 7 dager siden
Video idea: Most outdated cars that somehow stayed in production beyond more advanced cars. e.g. Capri after the Sierra came out, almost unchanged from 1974 to 1986.
Newt Dexistion
Newt Dexistion - 13 dager siden
2:52 *MAT LOOK OUT!!!*
sirkastic - 19 dager siden
Here's a comment I think you should read. I don't like you.
Jackie Mallon
Jackie Mallon - 25 dager siden
When the Audi a2 came out I was so disappointed in Audi because you expect them to be a German luxury auto manufacturer but then they came out with this car...WHY AUDI WHY
Ifa Girmae
Ifa Girmae - 28 dager siden
Seek Jesus Christ more!! Jesus Christ is alive and can hear you!
mrinal kishore
mrinal kishore - Måned siden
So if you're too ahead of time you fail!?
DemonAsh40 - Måned siden
Because of its V12 engine and massively heavy weight, the LM002 could only do around 9mpg and so Lamborghini gave it a 200 litre fuel tank!! Colonel Gadaffi had one.
O N - Måned siden
No Buick Riviera? With touch screens in 1986?? ok 😶
Michael Hollyman
Michael Hollyman - Måned siden
Great vids Matt, but the adverts are out of control...sort it out man
Dominic Teo
Dominic Teo - Måned siden
How many cars do you have?
Frantisek Lupinek
Frantisek Lupinek - Måned siden
The EV1 cars were about to break down, they had a lot of child sicknesses and faults, batteries were super expensive to replace. And because they were rented, factory had to destroy them. Money and dignity were the reasons
Rohini Vader
Rohini Vader - Måned siden
You should get an A2
איתן שפר
איתן שפר - Måned siden
Stop advertise you other videos, I don't care about them
Kay Mac
Kay Mac - Måned siden
Drop an RS3 engine into the A2
Saeed Hossain
Saeed Hossain - Måned siden
um... a4 allroad, honda Element? there were plenty of hatchs with utility oriented lower cladding.....
Saeed Hossain
Saeed Hossain - Måned siden
the ev ones were lease only. the project was to meet fleet compliance rules. after they were done scraping through the requirements, gm sold the battery rights to Exxon, who went onto sit on the technology...
asrsi - Måned siden
The 959 came out in my youth (17-18) and it was our dream! Already the design was absolutely perfect!
SM Abidi
SM Abidi - Måned siden
what about Porsche Carrera GT
David Calin
David Calin - Måned siden
A think the pontiac astec look good a dont now how to say it name
David Calin
David Calin - Måned siden
A would chose it between the new x6 and it
Sergeant Schlumpf
Sergeant Schlumpf - Måned siden
#The1941RamPowerWagon was too 🤣 😆 haha 😂
saddist1Gtown - Måned siden
Didn't have "Space Station" yet. It was Sky Lab...
Πέρα Βρέχει
Πέρα Βρέχει - Måned siden
Why on earth did you put a photo of shmeeewww's aston martin before the lagonda?
Ricky Holman
Ricky Holman - Måned siden
Buy a Rolls-Royce and some parts are from a citron 🤣😂 no thanks 😊 🙏
D Carbs
D Carbs - 7 dager siden
And some of the gearboxes are from GM
clifford hecht
clifford hecht - Måned siden
AMC Eagle
clifford hecht
clifford hecht - Måned siden
1984 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 with the first 4 wheel steering
Rahul Jagda
Rahul Jagda - Måned siden
Mat please do a video on American muscle cars !!
CommanderCronus - Måned siden
GM destroyed the Impacts because they had achieved sentience and tried to destroy the human race.
Eric Yung
Eric Yung - Måned siden
Missed a ticket on the Aston comparing it to Tesla when Buick was making two cars with touch screens in them during the same time, granted they were stateside so its understandable that its not too well known in Europe when the Reatta and Riviearas touch screens aren't even well known here.
Kais Kamouka
Kais Kamouka - Måned siden
No wonder no one watched this video , telling them every 2 seconds to click on the pop up ban to watch u mat Watson do whatever
Antonis 79
Antonis 79 - Måned siden
Audi A2 😍
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis - Måned siden
That's interesting : Rolls Royce using components from.............. Citroën in some of its vehicles?.
It certainly appears that all car companies globally have been connected in one way or another : the list is endless!.
Aaron Austrie
Aaron Austrie - Måned siden
Worst looking Audi ever period🗣🗣
Erik Granqvist
Erik Granqvist - Måned siden
I saw rhe 959 before it was released. Grew up in Swedish Lappland in the 80's, and just about every new car passed the community we lived in on their way to Arjeplog for winter testing. We kids, and every car enthusiast living there, allways kept a lookout for new cool things when the season was on. Almost every German car passed our eyes at least a year before the reviel on some big motor show.
Erik Granqvist
Erik Granqvist - Måned siden
The GM electric from the 90's was crushed due to arbitration. You see, the project comtrsct with North Korea - who actually designed the thing - stated that the car was going to sell at a minimum of 1 000 000 000 cars a year. And then they sneaked in a miniscule clause that if not achieved the car would be bought back and crushed. If only GM CEO had not signed a contract written ina language he did not speak! The whole thing went to arbitration for a couple of years before the crusher started to do its work.
mogyimartin01 - Måned siden
1989 Buick Riviera with CRT touchscreen and full digital dashboard "im a joke to you " ? :D
K Slv
K Slv - Måned siden
I had an Audi A2 1.4 for nearly 3 years, bought it for 700€, never put money in it only for gas and oil changes and sold in in January for 2700€ with about 20000km more. Was an amazing car. Buy one Mat!
Aarush Thakur
Aarush Thakur - Måned siden
U guys are becoming way to comfortable with frikin multiple adds , I watch these while eating and I am sure many other are and nobody wants to touch screen while eating ufffff
Safe eldeen Elsayed
Safe eldeen Elsayed - Måned siden
GM crashed their electric car in the 90s because of some petrol companies hate the idea of having an affordable electric car at that time which the public can buy one of it with a reasonable price, and also can be a threat for their business (i.e. petrol cars), so they threatened GM to shutdown this car production line and to crush the rest of non sold of this car. Finally, GM ended this case.
Jackson and Will Perelman
Jackson and Will Perelman - Måned siden
How about the Buick reatta?
That cool Gamer
That cool Gamer - Måned siden
I’m surprised the Range Rover p38 wasn’t on the list
Sick! - Måned siden
Carwow: Lamborghini LM002
Me a weeb: *_002_*
CarEnthusiast 91
CarEnthusiast 91 - Måned siden
You forgot the Renault Avantime
Serpentine Cars
Serpentine Cars - Måned siden
I love the A2. Fight Me
eric ong
eric ong - Måned siden
how could you not bother to say something about the center headlight of Tucker Torpedo??
rieskame - Måned siden
No GMC Typhoon the original fast SUV?
Stephen Mills
Stephen Mills - Måned siden
Is Matt under the thumb or something? He seems to mention his girlfriend in every video! OK, Matt, we get it, your in your late 40s and in love for the first time!
Hellcat Thailand
Hellcat Thailand - Måned siden
Cuz GM is bein stupid 😂.
Andrew - Måned siden
Get an Audi A2 and upgrade as much as you can!
Claus Zuhaus
Claus Zuhaus - Måned siden
Love this kind of videos. Especially about the weirder or lesser known cars (You might include other sorts of them, including transporters, minivehicles like three-wheeled cars, etc.)
MY F - Måned siden
When will we have 2020 BMW X1 video? Thx for the great videos.
So fine
So fine - Måned siden
🇱🇷 just got back my account thanks to @steve.watcher such an incredible hacker. Find him on Instagram 😀
FNAF TIME - Måned siden
Audi Rs6 C-7 vs Rs6 C-8 please 🥺
BattleBoy5377 - Måned siden
“It reminds me of a demented Pokémon” haha haha 😂 😆 🤣
humphreychiu - Måned siden
Good selection of cars and potential warm welcome to the A2 ownership. The suspension is a bit stiff but it is certainly ahead of its time. The diesel A2s are more front heavy and I prefer the petrol with less front weight to swing about. Diesels great for high miler, petrol(Euro4) better around town and not subject to ULEZ. You probably won’t benefit as much but the rear seats of the A2 have great leg room for a city compact and are super easy to get in/out.
Matt Hetherington
Matt Hetherington - Måned siden
I hate it when motor journalists say "you can trace this car back etc etc etc". They never say "you can trace this car back to when blah blah was started".
Siwe Mkize
Siwe Mkize - Måned siden
Matt let’s do the 4 cylinder Supra s the 6 cylinder Z4 M40i. If the gr Supra could beat the z4 then can the 4 cylinder
Stay Cool
Stay Cool - Måned siden
Hey make one offroad test with one old grand cheroche and one New, one old 4.2 or low and The same type of engine for The New one.
true__ peacock
true__ peacock - Måned siden
I love mat whatson
TheZebJohnson - Måned siden
Calling an Aztek "high tech" is a bit of a stretch
Soubhagya Ranjan Mohapatra
We want a proper BMW m440i review. You didn't even poke it with a stick in that video. So that video doesn't count.
Arijit Joshi
Arijit Joshi - Måned siden
Anyone notice Shmee 150's GT8 or is it just me?
DogJr2fast4u - Måned siden
carwow, the type of people to claim in their thumbnail that the old Aston Martin Lagonda had Tesla Screens.
Yes the Lagonda had screens that replaced traditional gauges... like my other 80's cars.
None of the screens are the Tesla Tablet, nor did Tesla invent in-car screens.
Antonis 79
Antonis 79 - Måned siden
Golf Synchro😃
10 years before 😉
Go on! Get an A2, best car I've ever owned. Make sure you get the tdi90 version and get it rolling road remapped at stealth racing (they know their a2s) and you'll have an eco pocket rocket! Another popular mod is to get the 5 speed box swapped for a 6 speed myp passat box for motorway cruising. I got 51mpg the other day whilst driving to Cornwall averaging a true 85mph. My personal best is 75mpg while driving super eco on a long motorway run. Long term plan is to buy a 1.6fsi a2 with a blown engine and convert it to electric with nissan leaf running gear
Andre Shamoun
Andre Shamoun - Måned siden
Try the Nissan nrvii it had auto wipers, auto lights, touch screen, digital cluster and even braked automatically with adaptive cruise control all in back 1983
rabit818 - Måned siden
You have to see the Lagonda in person to loathe or appreciate it. I like the Lagonda. Ah the Aztec, the coupe shape is now a adapted by BMW and Mercedes.. And it’s still looks ungainly regardless of badge
Tomas Agentavicius
Tomas Agentavicius - Måned siden
Mitsubishi 3000GT was quite advanced
Tomas Agentavicius
Tomas Agentavicius - Måned siden
Matt,why despite the title,there is 9 cars!?!
P.S. A2 is brilliant,get one
David Rojas
David Rojas - Måned siden
will you please stop asking for comments!
Eyad Halawa
Eyad Halawa - Måned siden
Plz get a 1000hp toyota supramk4 and destroy all the cars
Dave Block
Dave Block - Måned siden
I actually saw an EV1 just yesterday. It is at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, DC.
magic Spells corner
magic Spells corner - Måned siden
good info
AM - Måned siden
Do Citroën still use that suspension?
BrawnyFanta - Måned siden
Deffo get an A2 before getting a Jimny to trash.... Err "modify" 😅
Vinayak Bahl
Vinayak Bahl - Måned siden
In 2000’s there was “VW PHAETON” deserved a mention, I feel!
Joshua Preyser
Joshua Preyser - Måned siden
Greetings from South Africa. I think, in terms of daily cars, the Golf 4 was also ahead of it's time. It maybe a good 20+ years old but it still has a modern flavour to it.
SIXX6VI - Måned siden
The lagonda is so ugly it’s pretty
Soche - Måned siden
Can't wait to see your review of the new Hyundai Tucson 1.6T-GDI Hybrid that was launched on September 15th. It's strange that there are no driving reviews yet except for the exterior and interior of it.
D F - Måned siden
Drag race idea: Dodge Challenger Demon VS Porsche 911 Turbo S. Please make this happen!
j jjnout
j jjnout - Måned siden
Good God the A2 is just horrible.
Soham Dhamnaskar
Soham Dhamnaskar - Måned siden
Is it only me or 1986 was the coolest year in history.
Mac steven Kynjing
Mac steven Kynjing - Måned siden
Matt watsonnnnnnnn I'm your biggest fan❤️❤️
Raymond Jünger
Raymond Jünger - Måned siden
Matt reminds me of Johnny Knoxville
Sludgers - Måned siden
Ioana Dan
Ioana Dan - Måned siden
As a kid I used to really like Rover Streetwise and the Audi A2.
Get the Audi A2!!
Jack_Gamez 123
Jack_Gamez 123 - Måned siden
That Aston looks like a Delorean
Dan R
Dan R - Måned siden
Nooo DMC made a triangle.. it's the cyber truck
Edin Portillo
Edin Portillo - Måned siden
Please review the SSC Tuatara
Adhi Creations Δ
Adhi Creations Δ - Måned siden
Can you get rid of stupid ads
Erik Holmberg
Erik Holmberg - Måned siden
The ledgend says the he still hearts comments
thymios tsilimparis
thymios tsilimparis - Måned siden
At 3:45 the order of models on the screen does not match the sound. Probably because they all look pretty much the same!
JeremyFilmWeird - Måned siden
get it th a2 can you subscribe to me aswell
ROMAN REIGNS - Måned siden
Matt at the moment is just bragging about the cars he review..... if you wanna see me drag race.... 😂😂
Robin_Boutte - Måned siden
Maserati MC 20 test drive !!!!
Porsche kid Plays only Forza Horizon 4
I would drive the Porsche 959
Porsche kid Plays only Forza Horizon 4
I don't have enough money for any of those cars. Maybe for your next video you can drag race the previous Porsche 911 turbo s against the brand new 911 turbo s.
Clayton "FADE" Mulrey
Clayton "FADE" Mulrey - Måned siden
You missed the BMW Z1 on your list.
Elmar Porschevod
Elmar Porschevod - Måned siden
space cat
space cat - Måned siden
2:08 they may be afraid of their own intelligence