The £5K 'Audi R8' and other budget supercars available on

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Looking to buy your next car on the cheap? Then chances are you'll be shopping around online to find the best deal on your next set of wheels. But rather than going for a beaten-up second-hand model, did you know you could go shopping on sites like Alibaba and find some incredible 'supercars' for only a few thousands pounds?!
...Ok, well they're not exactly 'supercars', more Chinese rip-offs that have clearly borrowed more than a few ideas from the mega-expensive European originals! So if you're in the market for a £5k 'Bugatti' or 'Audi R8', there's probably no better place to go shopping!
What do you think though - are these the best rip-off 'supercars' out there, or have we missed any off our list? Let us know in the COMMENTS!
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carwow - Måned siden
07:03 - Woops, looks like a small mistake from our editors there! That's the Galaxy Note20 Ultra in the background there, not the S20 Ultra!
manal nehme
manal nehme - 11 dager siden
u always make me happy again when I wach carwow and Mat Waston Cars
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Peter Olowu
Peter Olowu - Måned siden
Drag race between a trackhawk vs urus vs bentaga
Omar Fannoun
Omar Fannoun - Måned siden
@heh same
Siddheshwar CJ Gaikwad
Siddheshwar CJ Gaikwad - Måned siden
Please review new s class asap🙏 I have seen many reviews already on new s class, but I want the magic of mat Watson ❤️ please 😂
Jezraiah - 2 dager siden
Every car is good except AUDI
Raj kalita
Raj kalita - 8 dager siden
Who wants this type of fucking vedios 🤣🤣
Vinimol P V
Vinimol P V - 9 dager siden
Do u think anyone will buy this?!?!?!
AK's Random Contents
AK's Random Contents - 10 dager siden
We should probably stop hating China and help them if we don't want to see those make-believe supercars again.
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith - 11 dager siden
Ah China, not an original thought in the whole country😂
Hot Rodney
Hot Rodney - 11 dager siden
It's note 20 ultra matt
Elias Alghamdi
Elias Alghamdi - 12 dager siden
I’d rather buy a bicycle 🚲 or walk than buying these stupid cars! 😂😂
KEN BEE - 12 dager siden
Matt's production crew clearly doesn't know the difference between an S20 Ultra and a Note 20 Ultra

They use Apple car Play
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin - 19 dager siden
Tfw this guy pronounced Porsche and Dacia wrong
Verbum Gabriel Credo
Verbum Gabriel Credo - 20 dager siden
Mat: That is about the same as my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Me: But the commercial is a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra...
And yes I know Mat said in the comments the commercial is a Note 20 Ultra.
Hasan Aldi
Hasan Aldi - 21 dag siden
Make a drag race between bugati chiron and g-a-i-a-g please
Awels Garage
Awels Garage - 23 dager siden
Airstrip Attack 2020 BMW lineup
Sarvesh Kumar
Sarvesh Kumar - 24 dager siden
Hayyyyy plz review dc avanti plzzzzzzzzz
Stefan Milovac
Stefan Milovac - 24 dager siden
My broke ass can’t afford any of them 🤦🏻‍♂️
Alexey Shupta
Alexey Shupta - 25 dager siden
My mom’s Ford explore has more horsepower then the DC Avanit
Memesplosion - 25 dager siden
Buying a new car? Head to Alibaba. Your one stop lego car making site
Mars Li
Mars Li - 26 dager siden
As a chinese , i have never seen this cars in china ..and mat , can you stop keeping saying chinese copy cars ? There are so many nice cars this few years ..can you review them instead of saying this misunderstanding stuff
Co2 - 27 dager siden
Can you buy a 🚛
Ola Brøste
Ola Brøste - 27 dager siden
This is just a link for older videos :D
Adorable Bunny Rabie
Adorable Bunny Rabie - 27 dager siden
Dc avanti is made in india
A - 28 dager siden
How do guys make money on these cars if none can be bought with warranty??
Storm Tornado
Storm Tornado - 28 dager siden
The truth is in China, these vehicles are categoried as electronic bicycles. In english, bicycle only has 2 wheels, BI-, but in Chinese, there is no such elements in that name. So they are limited to very low horse power, and the top speed is strictly limited as well. To most of Chinese, they are simply just parodies and jokes, and some are used by park administrations within the park. Also, you can only find them in very rural area, because they are not allowed to run in towns. Even through, generally only extremely poor people is buying them, and they really do use them as bicycles.
If you just want to laugh at Chinese, you can amuse yourself anyway, with any excuse.
Taranshu Pattnaik TP
Taranshu Pattnaik TP - 28 dager siden
It's good to see an indian made Sports car -DC Avanti, that costs INR 24 lakhs
Ramzi Malayil
Ramzi Malayil - Måned siden
haha so funny cars the buggati audi and rolce looks so funny
akbar abay
akbar abay - Måned siden
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Daniel Olah
Daniel Olah - Måned siden
That's a really nice phone!
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos - Måned siden
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos - Måned siden
I like how the replicas are older cars, I’ve always liked older cars remade
Sparkz 25
Sparkz 25 - Dag siden
I saw you on mark hates kitten's video lol
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos - Måned siden
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos - Måned siden
Сергей Иванов
Сергей Иванов - Måned siden
Hey Mat, that's interesting, but I think you needs to search, found and review Russian cars, like Lada Vesta and others, you'll be surprised
Arran Baker
Arran Baker - Måned siden
please get the 6x6 bus and test it against the Mercedes 6x6
Ken Norcott
Ken Norcott - Måned siden
The king woo Porsche fake actually looks pretty good. Give it a bigger motor, bigger battery’s, and it’ll rip
Just Mingled
Just Mingled - Måned siden
The DC Avanti looks sik!
Just Mingled
Just Mingled - Måned siden
Why are they Rich Kids sized??? Cars.
And not full?? Sized cars.
Just Mingled
Just Mingled - Måned siden
But... how much can I save??? With Carwow?? Alibaba?? 🙆🏻‍♂️🤔
G.B slang
G.B slang - Måned siden
You wanna take dc Avanti to 0 -60 only if you you wanna die ....
RG - Måned siden
Lots and lots of trash. Several years ago i worked as an technician in a company that bought some new equipment from china, (even i warned the managers about it). Totally useless, with lots of strange features that needed to be rebuilt before it could be used. Poor welding, missing iso standard on several of the spare parts (like the electric motors) and some of the electric installations were right out dangerous. It ended up by being torn down and shipped back to the importing company. It’s a reason why things are cheap.
Poonam Devi
Poonam Devi - Måned siden
Review scorpio the indian car
A D - Måned siden
What the hell is wrong with these people!!!! smh
Daniel Northcott
Daniel Northcott - Måned siden
I’m pretty sure rockstar makes these cars in GTA 😂
Deon Du Toit
Deon Du Toit - Måned siden
Think you should buy four of these and drag race them
Yulei Huang
Yulei Huang - Måned siden
too bad the DC Avanti has too much problems
Yulei Huang
Yulei Huang - Måned siden
ill take it
Meli Hampton
Meli Hampton - Måned siden
Who else looked up the DC avanti after watching this video
The Balding Sparrow
The Balding Sparrow - Måned siden
So these are basically big versions of those electric cars for kids... take my money!
Tareqouf ‘S
Tareqouf ‘S - Måned siden
Totally hate china
FizzCar Reviews
FizzCar Reviews - Måned siden
Okay, wtf is this!?
prathmesh 34
prathmesh 34 - Måned siden
I live in india and I have seen on a dc Avanti it looks decent
Ruturaj Vaidya
Ruturaj Vaidya - Måned siden
Who spotted DC Avanti at very beginning of the video?
SSS SSS - Måned siden
Just ordered my 6x6!
SSS SSS - Måned siden
Really hope its road legal in Amsterdam
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed - Måned siden
Ah this ones going to be interesting
Andrei Gruian
Andrei Gruian - Måned siden
can we see some after ""when the lease is over"' recommended cars? like after that 5 year lease what would be your recommandation for a average buget car ,
price quality wise...
ALBER PAJARES - Måned siden
Well, if you trust the cash-less society?
Zee786GP - Måned siden
please make a drag race with all these knockoff cars.
Shaun Cheah
Shaun Cheah - Måned siden
I'm fine with these chinese copycats so as long as its hideous, electric and slow 🐌
Mubashir Hussain
Mubashir Hussain - Måned siden
Love from india
Bar To
Bar To - Måned siden
With That Money I Can Buy Second Hand Audi A7 2013😂😂
Ifa Girmae
Ifa Girmae - Måned siden
Sek Jesus Christ more. And Start reading the bible!
Alekssu B
Alekssu B - Måned siden
Do more vids like this it was soo funny tho🤣
Ifa Girmae
Ifa Girmae - Måned siden
Pornography = Adultery. The bible says adulterers will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Donovan Shea
Donovan Shea - Måned siden
“For people who spend their weekends invading other countries” - A British person
Zanzibar2Far - Måned siden
Is it a running joke, that you boast about your phone in every video?
Wali M2002
Wali M2002 - Måned siden
Why would u pay 5k for fake cars?????
Who in the right mind would do that
Wei Liu
Wei Liu - Måned siden
aliexpress is way overpriced since it is targeted to western buyers, go to instead which is domestic, and way more choices!
Epic Retro GamingX
Epic Retro GamingX - Måned siden
4:48 isn't it 3 times more?
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh - Måned siden
Please do a drag race with these fake cars
Suhail Jamil
Suhail Jamil - Måned siden
Matt and Yanni should drag race these.... And watch the cars undress themselves after 20mph 😂
Ivan Moreira
Ivan Moreira - Måned siden
We we we we 🤣🤣🤣
bb tubi
bb tubi - Måned siden
India will soon take over China and become the worlds manufactoring hub. Please support Jaguar and Land Rover as they are now owned by Indian Tata group
Senna Tazi
Senna Tazi - Måned siden
"buying a new car, then head to, cars at a fair price'
MANPREET Singh - Måned siden
Matt when you're buying suezeuki chimney from aliyoyo?
Danijel Dokuš
Danijel Dokuš - Måned siden
Is there going to be a tesla model y review?
VIXCIOUS - Måned siden🤔
Lidl Bg
Lidl Bg - Måned siden
Buying a new car?🤣
GORRILA GAMING - Måned siden
If you want to see me drag race a 5 horsepower pagani against a real pagani click the pop up banner up here
QAIS QAIS - Måned siden
Click on the pop up banner up there to see
Jase :D
Jase :D - Måned siden
Please drive that great big off-road bus hahaha
marco marko
marco marko - Måned siden
Make a video with BARBUS 900.
Awais Khan
Awais Khan - Måned siden
Can you race Alpina vs Brabus
Karan Lokhande
Karan Lokhande - Måned siden
Hey Matt how about reviewing the new kid on the block "Genesis GV80"
Jirix - Måned siden
With this video I find my new hypercar 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Felix_Es_Edwin_49_Yt •
Felix_Es_Edwin_49_Yt • - Måned siden
Latin America Channel 😢 please.
Simon Willgress
Simon Willgress - Måned siden
If anyone believes the stats of these cars they are dreaming.
Kira Yamato
Kira Yamato - Måned siden
老年快乐盒,old man happy box
Yichong Zhai
Yichong Zhai - Måned siden
Harry Woodhouse
Harry Woodhouse - Måned siden
Ok car wow we all wanna see a drag race with these cars. Make it happen
Abdul-Salem Beibitkhan
Abdul-Salem Beibitkhan - Måned siden
7:07, mat showed the note 20 ultra while talking about the s20 ultra.
M S - Måned siden
Problem with China is they steal everything from everyone. Fact. Don't buy anything from China otherwise you're supporting the Wuhan virus.
Joke Assasin
Joke Assasin - Måned siden
The model T ripoff could be an interesting golf cart flex.
Photographer_1902 - Måned siden
A video on Kia K5 GT
mlnd18 - Måned siden
Blatant copying is in the PRC DNA. Disgusting
Juju Mooz
Juju Mooz - Måned siden
@9:11, and on, you can take thrice, 3 times as many friends as the Bugatti.
JJ Violated VIK
JJ Violated VIK - Måned siden
What would I tell the insurance company when they ask for the model of the car 😂
Salman - Måned siden
As a Saudi, we call alibaba to thieves lol
Darth Vaper
Darth Vaper - Måned siden
Could see this guy fitting in with Clarkson, Hammond and May nicely.
RTST1AB - Måned siden
Matt... are you promoting Alibaba??? Is this the future of carwow? :))))
I_Love_Top_Gear 334
I_Love_Top_Gear 334 - Måned siden
Im sorry, but whoever buy this crap is a complete and utter moron...