Tesla Model S Cheetah Stance vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S: DRAG RACE!

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This one’s for you, electric car fanboys… Porsche Taycan Turbo S v Tesla Model S Performance!
The Tesla’s received the new Cheetah Stance update, so it’s faster and more powerful than it’s ever been before! As a result, its dual electric motors will put down 825hp and an absolutely huge 1,300Nm of torque!!
As for the Taycan Turbo S, well the stats are actually down on the Model S, with it able to produce 761hp and 1,050Nm. What’s more, it even weighs slightly more than the Tesla! With that in mind, surely it’s the Tesla’s to lose, right?! There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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carwow - 3 måneder siden
HERE IT IS - two of the fastest electric cars available today! But if you could only have one, which would it be? Let us know BELOW!
rajath k
rajath k - Dag siden
Tesla...There wouldnt v been a Taycan without the Model S....
Johannes Schäfer
Johannes Schäfer - 15 dager siden
Porsche all day long. Who actually dreams of owning a Tesla one day?
La Silveira
La Silveira - 17 dager siden
Taycan 😍🔥💯
Rocco 2k2
Rocco 2k2 - 18 dager siden
Model S... Who goes those speed on roads? anything over 120 is unnecessary. You used 19 inch wheels on the Model S, not the sport wheels. Family sport sedan vs sports car.
ABDONS zero 98
ABDONS zero 98 - 20 dager siden
If I don't matter to screen and size i got porsche
Evren Sokmener
Evren Sokmener - Time siden
Porsche takes the Tesla and uses it as a benchmark when its testing. That's why the Porsche won.
ionutcelgroaznic - Time siden
both cars are useless on real road.So who cares who has bigger balls on a stupid track
skodbolle - Time siden
Yaaaay Porsche! for finally beating the Tesla S! It only took 8 years of development and and a car that costs double the Tesla.... to win with a few inches XD XD XD XD
Lost_Robin - 3 timer siden
Poesche is winning
Philip Fischer
Philip Fischer - 4 timer siden
the Porsche has a lower drag bodywork aerodynamically.. mind you I have a problem with Porsche calling an electric car a turbo.. on principle alone.. it's German it should do exactly what it says on the tin
vidright - 4 timer siden
Don’t mess with german engineering.
junxxk - 5 timer siden
What about tesla 
21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels 
would they count? Would there be a difference?
Thayllan Pereira Vieira
Thayllan Pereira Vieira - 5 timer siden
i prefer the tesla model x
Jamie Beverley
Jamie Beverley - 8 timer siden
Shitbox Tesla, Porsche wins !!!
rocky Jayswal
rocky Jayswal - 9 timer siden
Suppose to be tesla roadster and tycan
What you r driving bloody tesla passenger car
I think tesla is way ahead in electric car technolgy compare to Porsche or whatever company in the world
Amid Nihurval
Amid Nihurval - 10 timer siden
tesla will win if change wheels on it.. on tesla wheels more heavier then porsche’s. It’s important thing on drag
The Bizness
The Bizness - 11 timer siden
Just goes to show power is not everything. Aerodynamics and proper engineering is key.
Karel Segaert
Karel Segaert - 14 timer siden
Bentley Mtafu
Bentley Mtafu - 15 timer siden
Taycan's NOT slow
Alberto Hernandez
Alberto Hernandez - 17 timer siden
But Tesla roadster vs Taycan ?
Sam21 - 21 time siden
anyone mildly infuriated by how he calls it a poorshh instead of a Porsche
Tisan Alex
Tisan Alex - 21 time siden
the Porsche is Next Level
andris stonins
andris stonins - Dag siden
When German enter the electric car 😂 seems like they have been there long time
J Parker
J Parker - Dag siden
Skip to 2:30 to see it. You are welcome.
GielderstGaming - Dag siden
They compromised the Tesla somehow for sure.
rajath k
rajath k - Dag siden
As a Tesla fan, its good to see Porche making a better car for a better price.. But, lets all agree, Taycan was made to beat the Model S, there wouldnt have been a Taycan without a Model S..
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia - Dag siden
El porsche simplemente es impresionanre!!! Tesla no lo hace mal, pero si pudiera escoger... obvio porsche, simplemente por diseño...
Elvis Masendu
Elvis Masendu - Dag siden
So apparently sporty looks adds performance
mr m
mr m - Dag siden
Tesla...YUK YUK YUK YUK YUK.......and the porsch......YUK YUK YUK YUK YUK
Alexander Hagenfeldt
Alexander Hagenfeldt - Dag siden
C2 Soul
C2 Soul - Dag siden
Everyone cool until 918 arrived
playful child
playful child - Dag siden
How much money u take for this KK ?
playful child
playful child - Dag siden
FAKE 100%
meteora8888 - Dag siden
Not surprised really. Porsche has pedigree unlike Tesla. Tesla is impressive and the disruptor the car industry needed.
Hero007ization - Dag siden
Porsche is worth every penny.
swansmeister - 2 dager siden
When Germans do it they just do it better, simple as that.
Abdullah Imad
Abdullah Imad - 2 dager siden
Tesla model s
Piotr Jureczka
Piotr Jureczka - 2 dager siden
And how long you have to wait in tesla before doing launch control to heat up the batteries and then wait again after the drag race to cool the batteries.... Porsche has 800 volts system meaning you can just go and go and go without batteries overheating
Siyabonga Dube
Siyabonga Dube - 2 dager siden
Porsche Teycan for me
nhguapo - 2 dager siden
Next time try a turn or two and the Porsche will really stand alone.
Prince Alexander
Prince Alexander - 2 dager siden
This is what I don’t understand, the cheetah model S goes as fast as 2.4 seconds in 0-60. But for some reason here it’s only going 2.8 s or slower. I think this is driver error. Taycan is a good car, but a Raven S with ludicrous plus should be smoking that car. Reference in video https://youtu.be/Grlj7_itDX8
Honti Veros
Honti Veros - 2 dager siden
tesla is just good in acceleration lol
Jim H
Jim H - 2 dager siden
Just looked at the Taycan S pricing. Starting at 186k. Model s performance is at 91k. Plaid comes in at 140k. Tesla still looks to be a bargin, but the Taycan is a beautiful car.
Jalal Dahmane
Jalal Dahmane - 2 dager siden
I got one word for the Porsche : PLAID
Mihai Topan
Mihai Topan - 3 dager siden
HayzaanJKR55 t
HayzaanJKR55 t - 3 dager siden
could you race the model s plaid vs the tycan turbos s
Matthew Paniz
Matthew Paniz - 3 dager siden
Tesla sucks
Hedi Benmbarek
Hedi Benmbarek - 3 dager siden
The Tesla looks ugly !!! It looks like a cheap Low level Ford model ... they need to get their shit together In terms of design......
Kenzie - 3 dager siden
Wait for the Tesla Plaid way faster than the Porche
Ivandro L
Ivandro L - Dag siden
They just match It’s not faster
tom_ormsby_ - 3 dager siden
my car ayyy
J M - 3 dager siden
2:31 ✈️
Tim - 3 dager siden
JHvids - 3 dager siden
maybe put the tesla in ludicrous mode next time?
Jordan Butler
Jordan Butler - 2 dager siden
It was lol
Jim H
Jim H - 3 dager siden
Tesla was at 75% after the first run. Anyone see what the Porsche charge was?
brin kee
brin kee - 4 dager siden
Couldn't we just have a 911 Turbo S in this race also. I love that car
You can tell when the Porsche shifts gear, it just pulls on the Tesla after that. A second or two after 3:46
Aspire705 - 4 dager siden
I see lots of people in these comments praising the Porsche's "magical horsepower & launching" capabilities.
But did anyone ever think that maybe the reason why the Taycan keeps winning these races
is because of the gearing advantage offered by its 2-speed transmission vs the Tesla's 1-speed?
Just a thought. 😏
C'mon people, I thought we were more knowledgeable "car guys" than this. j/j Sorta.
Regardless, awesome video as usual Carwow! Keep up the good work! 👍🏿
Sandor K.
Sandor K. - 4 dager siden
No question Germany cars the best 😎
Kamin Radio
Kamin Radio - 4 dager siden
Porsche best EV Car
muhammad jamhar
muhammad jamhar - 4 dager siden
Electric heart vs petrol heart
MOMO MOMO - 4 dager siden
it shows the real mark of quality
Jackson Andrew
Jackson Andrew - 4 dager siden
Go porsche 👍👍
1999 Prince
1999 Prince - 4 dager siden
Next time brush your teeth before coming out from your house.
police man
police man - 4 dager siden
I’m going to be that guy Tesla limits their cars so if their was no limit the Tesla would win
Splezo - 5 dager siden
But is the Porsche Taycan Turbo S faster than the new Triple engine Model S?
Elijah Dickhaus
Elijah Dickhaus - 5 dager siden
Yeah try this with a roadster and then let's see what happens to all these 'who's the real carmaker' commenters lol
Akshay - 5 dager siden
Don't think anyone would have picked the Tesla lol
ali as
ali as - 5 dager siden
Drag race starts at 2:30
Greg Foles
Greg Foles - 5 dager siden
"The King is dead! Long live the King!"
nazar7174 - 5 dager siden
urus vs taycan
millzi matt
millzi matt - 5 dager siden
The taycan is a $180,000+ car competing with a model S
Imagine paying less for a car that can even compete with the Porsche Taycan a $180,000 car...
Ville Andersson
Ville Andersson - 3 dager siden
I would say it’s the brand image you buy the Porsche taycan it’s much cooler to have a Porsche than a Tesla
P O T A T O - 5 dager siden
Elon is to busy about adding all of these motors to his cars, but don’t realize how heavy his cars are. 🤦🏾😂
Akshay - 5 dager siden
It's lighter than the Porsche lol, still bad
J C 4Life Research
J C 4Life Research - 5 dager siden
Porsche “there’s no substitute “
Mambo - 5 dager siden
0.1sec for 50% more money
94XJ - 6 dager siden
No thanks...battery packs aren't going to be the way forward. Costly production, limited capacity, slow charge times and limited lifespan and limited ability to recycle the battery packs are all problematic. Then we have the labor used to mine raw Lithium, the greenhouse gas emission from processing those materials (they try to shuffle those numbers around but the processing of raw materials is always a huge polluter). Some of the best methods we have of "recycling" the battery packs is trying to use them in additional applications of decreasing demand as they wear out. I have no doubt electrification is the future but batter packs? Definitely not.
These reports (among many, many others) are worth a read if you have the time. There are some others I found based out of Germany where 30% of their electrical grid power is still from coal (down from 46% a decade ago, though!) - between production emissions (which are still high for standard cars, just without the extra from the battery pack) and the grid, a vehicle classified as a gas guzzler (less than 8km/l) would have a lower carbon footprint than a Nissan Leaf for over 100,000km of driving. A Tesla Model S would be over double that.
Bottom line is we need something better than lithium ion batteries.
roham Seyedain
roham Seyedain - 6 dager siden
Lavinia Huszti
Lavinia Huszti - 6 dager siden
Tesla 100%
KWZ 05
KWZ 05 - 6 dager siden
porche taycan vs gtr
Taurtz 〽
Taurtz 〽 - 6 dager siden
I have tryd both Tesla and Taycan Turbo, taycan is next class 👍 Amazing..
Lazat Lazarov
Lazat Lazarov - 6 dager siden
Hi Matt , make a video with Tesla Roadster 2020 , I'm sure this will break your records ! Good luck 🍀
•CREEPY •SARAH• ÙwÚ - 6 dager siden
ha ha mat you loos
Olive Papyrus
Olive Papyrus - 6 dager siden
Finally, proper competition.
Caden Surchik
Caden Surchik - 6 dager siden
Porsche def wins the looks too 🥵🥵🥵
iforgotmyusername0 - 7 dager siden
Maybe Telsa is lying with their performance numbers to appease more buyers or the guys at Porsche know how to defy the laws of physics or maybe a little of both :D
27th music
27th music - 7 dager siden
The porsche is so much sexier damn
34 Realist.
34 Realist. - 7 dager siden
TESLA - Fan Boys ??? maybe Fan Girls only
Blueshoxx - 7 dager siden
Damn that tesla looks bad next to the porsche
Dainius Banionis
Dainius Banionis - 7 dager siden
Porche battery voltage 800V, tesla about 400V higher voltage engine working more efficient
Panthers Rhule
Panthers Rhule - 7 dager siden
The Porsche baby
Dino Man
Dino Man - 7 dager siden
Tesla ?? 😢😢 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
Darren Millington
Darren Millington - 7 dager siden
taycan turbo s wins wow!
Gorditaz - 7 dager siden
I think I want a Taycan now.😂
Nemouchi Rabah
Nemouchi Rabah - 7 dager siden
Carwow I bet you no car could beat the porshe 918 not even a mclaren or a tesla model any !!!
Mikaeel Tarik
Mikaeel Tarik - 7 dager siden
The tesla is a sedan and the porsche is a sports sedan with wayy better aerodynamics thats why it was pulling away 🥵🥵
Nakata - 7 dager siden
Tesla is also a sport sedan. It has almost 100 more horsepower. Porsche is better at designing cars.
Telefono Uno Xiaomi
Telefono Uno Xiaomi - 8 dager siden
Porsche taycan turbo i love when you say tesla is trash lol poor tesla fanboys XD
pc - 8 dager siden
uncanny how today a tesla-porsche match doesn't sound ludicrous... tesla didn't suppose be still here in the first place, according to all industrie executives and motorheads...
Jose Avila
Jose Avila - 8 dager siden
Was that even the model s p100D?
Ulrich Schnier
Ulrich Schnier - 8 dager siden
Despite the numbers:
My money is on the Porsche.
fkwcfkwc - 8 dager siden
Tesla is a fast electric car but built quality sucks
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy - 8 dager siden
Tesla je sračka
Rhishab Dahal
Rhishab Dahal - 9 dager siden
Who’s looking for angry Tesla fanboys commenting on this video
Dinesh Mourya
Dinesh Mourya - 9 dager siden
Race reassessed referee
Kinton K
Kinton K - 9 dager siden
What's the price difference
Prince G
Prince G - 9 dager siden
Porsche gonna win (Prediction before I watched video)
Joseph Böhme
Joseph Böhme - 9 dager siden
I would not pay $30K POUNDS for a part of a second. The passenger is what is important not the nerd at the wheel. Who can you get to sit there?
Mudhaffar Adhwa
Mudhaffar Adhwa - 9 dager siden
Yeah but a 1 second win is not the only thing you get for 30k