See what my girlfriend and I think of my new daily driver... The AMG A45 S!

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It’s a sad day here at carwow HQ, as Mat’s had to say goodbye to his AMG G63...
But you won’t hear us complaining too much, as he’s replaced it with an all-new AMG A45 S! It's the most powerful hatchback EVER created, with an incredible 2-litre 4 cylinder engine under the bonnet that can produce a spectacular 421hp!
Sure it’s not got the same palatial interior as you’ll find in the G63, but with a whole load of ultra-modern tech crammed inside, we’re sure Mat won’t mind there being a little less space.
However, one thing he may not be so fond of is the price - with this little pocket rocket coming in at £57,000! So will he think it’s worth it? You’d better sit back for this all-new review to find out!
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Runtime: 18:00


carwow - Måned siden
Come on then, what do you want to see Mat drag race against in his A45 S? Let us know!
Cars and drag
Cars and drag - 11 dager siden
@Charlie Woollard loan has ended
Michel Fathallah
Michel Fathallah - 11 dager siden
We want to see this A45s against an Audi RS5 and a BMW M4 to see how it performs against higher level competitors
Siniša Jakus
Siniša Jakus - 15 dager siden
Naslov je,,,ja ovako ružan i iskrivljen imam curu
Karmveer - 19 dager siden
@シnima bruh lol🤣🤣
faisal mohamed ali
faisal mohamed ali - 21 dag siden
Drag race with yanni😍😘
Sadev Soysa
Sadev Soysa - 3 dager siden
Can you do a review In exterior and interior pls
Mohammad Mg
Mohammad Mg - 4 dager siden
50 y old and still have gf :| wtf
millionaire idealist
millionaire idealist - 4 dager siden
i like the exterior of the previous model but the interior of this model!
Emir Bekjiragikj
Emir Bekjiragikj - 4 dager siden
Mat is so awsome!!!
Ismail Hussain
Ismail Hussain - 5 dager siden
0:20 there was a little flame
Importeck - 6 dager siden
Doesn’t Matt girlfriend look like Heather Locklear 🤔
NUNO LP - 7 dager siden
One of the most beautiful and powerfull cars ever (and I am an electric driver).
BUmder Bum
BUmder Bum - 8 dager siden
I bought a 2020 Mini Countryman cooper s sport and the only thing the new petrol filter did was prevent the car from popping and banging. But it still sounds mental so I’m happy with it. Nothing better than starting it early morning when it is 1 degrees in the uk, sounds amazing and annoys the neighbours.
Super Fareo
Super Fareo - 8 dager siden
My daily driver 🚶‍♂️👣
Andrew F
Andrew F - 8 dager siden
Could you drag it against an M340 X drive please.
Eric Negraru
Eric Negraru - 10 dager siden
Could you buy me one Matt, thanks
mister kk
mister kk - 10 dager siden
All Carless People Watching Regular Videos
TrlSrf - 11 dager siden
"It's small and it's fast!" - well, I'm not agirl, but have the same attitude about cars.
J BEAST - 11 dager siden
Your girlfriend is older than my grandma
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor - 14 dager siden
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra! 15:57
Agustin Lidén
Agustin Lidén - 14 dager siden
I can not understand why you are exchanging your Ruby Red Beast for a Yellow Banana.
Martin Boulden
Martin Boulden - 15 dager siden
They must hate you to give you a yellow one !
Love Richardson
Love Richardson - 15 dager siden
3:07 wait why did he press it down to D again or did he think it was the wiper stalk?
Simon Webb
Simon Webb - 15 dager siden
M140i, rs focus, and a golf a real race though on a track with corners and a decent amount of laps with decent drivers..straight line runs involve not much skills with automatics..gets boring fast
Christian orange
Christian orange - 15 dager siden
Too bad they don’t have these in the states...
Rimantas Laukineitis
Rimantas Laukineitis - 17 dager siden
burn it :D
Lucio Moreira
Lucio Moreira - 18 dager siden
Suraj Viswanathan
Suraj Viswanathan - 20 dager siden
That wasp bit at the end cracked me up and I actually fell of the sofa!🤣🤣 As always, lovely content.🔥🔥
msul78 - 21 dag siden
Oof! is that climate control unit glued on?? 10:26
Andrew Fossatti
Andrew Fossatti - 22 dager siden
I want it! Bring it to America!
Thiago Moreira
Thiago Moreira - 22 dager siden
"Here in UK when have bad roads"
- Proceeds to see a straight perfectly pavemented road.
Ayush Rao
Ayush Rao - 24 dager siden
You can change the design of the super sport display🤦‍♂️
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron - 25 dager siden
The fake exhaust is a big turn off for me.
john sun
john sun - 25 dager siden
the car sucks
Karl Lelliott
Karl Lelliott - 25 dager siden
Excellent review of your new 'toy' very entertaining as always. However '3AM ... in the morning?' Tch Tch . Also I talk to myself a lot when driving. I also talk to a lot of other drivers around me but they don't seem to listen!
Yama Man
Yama Man - 26 dager siden
Rich Kids Toy 😎
AversaS - 26 dager siden
Is it an AMG - or an "AMG"?
Cedric Truchon
Cedric Truchon - 27 dager siden
iam obsessed with this car
Cody Buchanan
Cody Buchanan - 27 dager siden
I’m jealous as an American. I hate SUVS, but love hatchbacks.
chris mcerlain
chris mcerlain - 28 dager siden
He`s definitely punching above with that girlfriend :-)
DigitalYojimbo - 29 dager siden
I knew she wasn't korean.
khizar129 - 29 dager siden
no one will ever compete with older giants like mercedes, bmw, ferrari with exterrior and interior designs. :)
Karma Akabane
Karma Akabane - 29 dager siden
I'd still get an A45 S than a CLA 45 S
RomanticPopPunk - Måned siden
1:50 because it’s small and it’s fast
timtimzi - Cycling and Gaming
0:17 what kind of gopro mount is that? I thought the hero 7 black had a bulky cage
Mark One
Mark One - Måned siden
Good review, I like this car, better looking than the previous model. I agree with your criticisms, refreshing for a reviewer to be honest about what he doesn't like, rather than have someone telling you it's the greatest car ever made.
C W - Måned siden
Good job she like small and fast.... ziiiing
Brayon Moore
Brayon Moore - Måned siden
It’s not necessarily FAKE EXHAUST NOISE, a microphone picks up the actual exhaust sound from the out side of the vehicle and pumps it into the interior . They do this because of Europe’s regulation to make cars quieter in the inside from 74 decibels to 68 decibels by 2026
Danish932 Mahmood
Danish932 Mahmood - Måned siden
Girlfriend or mum?
Eli Empire
Eli Empire - Måned siden
she looks old
Jason Mcleod
Jason Mcleod - Måned siden
Test drove this car, but its way overpriced for what you are getting. Cheap interior(Car paint showing inside, cheap plastics), and the exhaust note is just underwhelming. Approaching GLC63,C63 price levels.
ILOVEALGARVE - Måned siden
Why don't you include more of your girlfriend in your videos? She brings it to a point, she has such a gorgeous smile and brings something extra, what other YouTube car reviews don't have.
A female version of the comments will always be different and stress points that we men do need.
When I bought my latest motorbike (more CV than kg) I also asked the opinion of two women. I was so right to listen to them ....
Hi - Måned siden
I can see that disappointment in mat’s face with his g wagon gone :(
Viper TheLegend
Viper TheLegend - Måned siden
You need to remove one horsepower
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez - Måned siden
Jheeezz they were in madrid
David-Michael Young
David-Michael Young - Måned siden
I'm considering purchasing this vehicle in Australia. It's much more than what you in the UK pay for it. Here it is over $85,000.00. Some of the features that you mentioned are standard here in Australia and, the wireless phone charge here is ... wireless. Thanks for the review, it helps me to make my final decision. Here is a MERCEDES BENZ advert in Australia for you ... showing the different features. But mines will be an AMG, like yours!
ses 100
ses 100 - Måned siden
Matt you're the best car journalist on this earth
Paul Cadman
Paul Cadman - Måned siden
25 mpg is a globe killer rest of car is nice
ahmet hassan
ahmet hassan - Måned siden
My dream car 🔥
Brian said it so it Must be true
416 BHP from a 2.0 Litre engine ... Somehow I have a feeling this car will not last very long.
Then again ... i am living in the past ..ALL new cars are just designed to last the warranty ...
Mark Adcock
Mark Adcock - Måned siden
I made the same mistake I bought the A class premium thinking it had the driver assistance package. I had already test drove one , got this in middle of this bloody virus so didn’t really get chance to do a good test drive . Mercedes seem to have more options you don’t know what the hell your getting !! My fault i know 🙁
Mike Sookun
Mike Sookun - Måned siden
The infotainment system is so responsive.. I'm not a great fan of Mercedes but I really love that car. I saw one A45 in red with sports package and it was absolutely gorgeous..
Adderbaby - Måned siden
Is Matt's girlfriend reviewing the new daily driver or Matt when she says "small and fast"?? XD
bryan - Måned siden
Maybe not the Merc but..
Can we see you get a puncture and have to use a can of foam to continue on your way??
Never used the system myself yet (our company cars always have a spare) but I think it might make for a funny and informative video
ew10j4turbo - Måned siden
I think A45 lacks in the real world vs a RS3! But is ok 👍
mohammad rahmani
mohammad rahmani - Måned siden
I used to like this car but thanks to you I hate it lol
Sourrr - Måned siden
We have the same phone case 🌚
Baconisafruit - Måned siden
1:51 - "That's what she said!" ...literally
Oh Brother
Oh Brother - Måned siden
Bring it to the US
inspire Styling
inspire Styling - Måned siden
ShaolinDreams - Måned siden
i like your German taxi Matt :)
soundseeker63 - Måned siden
Wow half the "driving experience" of these modern cars really is just pressing buttons and scrolling through settings!..... Anyone remember when you used to turn the key in the ignition and that was it? I may be behind the times but I think all that computer gimmickry would irritate me after a while.....especially once it starts to go wrong!
Lord Butler
Lord Butler - Måned siden
Matt glasses suit you
Dale Martin
Dale Martin - Måned siden
Yellow doors? Lemon entry my dear Watson. Ok, I'll get my coat...
Isaac Jayathilaka
Isaac Jayathilaka - Måned siden
Please need to English subtitles (deaf)
alan cooke
alan cooke - Måned siden
OHooooo that MPG a no no for second hand value resale,
The Big Rider
The Big Rider - Måned siden
Canard😱 🤔 very good with steam potatoes and Wine 👌🏽 what's for dessert?
David Obinwa
David Obinwa - Måned siden
Very informative video.
As for the car, so £57k for no radar guided cruise control and fake exhaust tips? No thanks ill keep the golf R
Rob Hill
Rob Hill - Måned siden
Had my A45S (Plus spec in Denim Blue) for 4 months & 4,000 miles. Absolutely love it ! It’s an absolute beast, that is still fun to drive ‘sensibly’ ! Have to admit that the Audi RS3 sounds much better though ! Excellent review Mat
Jakob Madsen
Jakob Madsen - Måned siden
what a downgrade
Riccardo P
Riccardo P - Måned siden
No many useful insights from this girlfriend, next time you should invite your boyfriend to join...
Snuspe - Måned siden
Bad handling, understeering as hell, fake drift mode. This car is a joke of a sportscar
TheGolfHead - Måned siden
Here some five milion ideas: song, get mats girlfriend to do a few reviews
Marc E
Marc E - Måned siden
Great video. Concerning the exhaust noise you're probably dealing with a speaker under the car's bonnet. Saying this because I saw it in a Golf R. They're amplifying the noises because they know it sounds not how you'd want it. Other option is that the stereo speakers make a broom broom sound when you press the pedal.
Paul Lockwood
Paul Lockwood - Måned siden
Incredible car, but I'd buy the A35 instead. Still more than enough fun, and affordable running costs as a daily.
DaveClass47 - Måned siden
While this is a belter of a hot hatch I’m Not a fan of the Merc A class. The interior feels cheap compared to a BMW and the drive isn’t as involving as in the BMW. This merc is nicer than the new Audi A3 though.
My money would go on the M2!
vst - Måned siden
I will swap my matiz for one of this.
Julius S
Julius S - Måned siden
3:25 “Canards” remind you of the french word for duck because that’s what they are named after xD
Χαρης Θεοδουλου
Would like to see a drift challenge vs BMW M2!!
Paul Girling
Paul Girling - Måned siden
What a stunning car !!
Very expensive though and it seems i will be left with my golf r mk 7
Abubakar Javed
Abubakar Javed - Måned siden
G63 amg is still better
whoisnishan - Måned siden
Hey, just got the A45s, but I actually prefer the old a45. Something about actual analogue Speedo rather than digital. Plus I find that whilst the new A45s has significantly improved the acceleration lag I found in comfort mode which the old A45 had (where I’d put my foot down and it took the car a few seconds to kick in)... I don’t want to drive it in comfort mode, I want to drive in sport +, and in manual... and in manual, I find the A45s a bit laggy in shift changes. And I can’t tell you how sad I was about the sound down grade with the exhaust system. With the improved comfort mode, and quiet sound engine, and terrible fuel economy of the new A45s, I almost wish I had bought a Tesla! All the fun bits of the A45 were in the old model... AND I don’t rate the burmeister sound system, I think the Harmon kardon system in the old A45 a LOT more punchier, with great surround and a nice deep base. This just doesn’t compare. What do you think?
Ps, I like your show, but I notice you don’t review the sound systems in them... why is that? I think audio is important, and good speakers are essential in any car.
Jernej zefran
Jernej zefran - Måned siden
Riddle me this, you English people... You have the capacity of the fuel tank in liters and than you have your consumption in Miles Per Gallon? How does that work?
Magnus Tan
Magnus Tan - Måned siden
An A35 would be good enough for me, doesn’t look as boy-racer and it’s less expensive.
Joshua Keen
Joshua Keen - Måned siden
Bought the 2020 CLA45s AMG, sold it in 2 months . Quality control is the worst I have ever seen in a car. Especially for the price. Tech and power great , everything else effing terrible.
Farrukh Haroon
Farrukh Haroon - Måned siden
It’s an awesome car, I’ve had one for a few months, the power is useable and it damn well holds the road, it’s an all rounder. I’ve honestly had more fun in this than super cars such as Ferrari’s etc and super saloons and tourings such as M5, RS6 and M3’s.
Jul79 - Måned siden
In Germany it even has automatic lane changing
Fou Tiger
Fou Tiger - Måned siden
Good choice Mat the Power of the ingenious 4 cylindre
Jul79 - Måned siden
"Plus-Model"; that you in the UK get so generalized packages. Visit the German configurator once and view all the options. Anyways, I love the yellow and other option you took. Great choice!
babaroga73 - Måned siden
Can't stand a car being yellow apart of it being a taxi. The most annoying color ever.
Matt Kochanowski
Matt Kochanowski - Måned siden
small and fast - does she refers to your PP?
Letchmee Naicker
Letchmee Naicker - Måned siden
Letchmee Naicker
Letchmee Naicker - Måned siden
Do a drag race between a Mercedes AMG a45 s and Mercedes AMG GLC 63s
Doldur Cosmin
Doldur Cosmin - Måned siden
Mat, how about getting a stage 2 and 500hp for the car ? :) It will do 0-60 in 3.1s !