Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 review - see why this car is worth £370,000

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The all-new Rolls-Royce Ghost is here!
It may be the ‘entry-level’ Rolls, but we can assure you it’s anything but cheap - starting from £250,000! And trust us, that can VERY easily sky-rocket once you've added a few options - the car we have here costs £370,000! So the question is, what does that huge price tag get you? Well sat under the bonnet you’ll find a 6.75-litre W12 that’ll put down 571hp & 850Nm, so it's certainly not going to underperform once you're out on the road.
But of course, no one buys a Rolls for performance, do they? We know it’s all about the interior! And trust us, it is just as luxurious and opulent as you’d expect!
But can it live up to the reputation set by the likes of the Phantom? You’ll need to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
01:03 Exterior Design
03:10 Interior Design
06:24 Practicality
07:00 Back Seats
11:01 Boot
11:50 Annoying Features
13:24 Cool Features
18:33 Engine
19:28 Town Driving
24:24 Twisty Road Driving
26:44 Verdict
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carwow - 23 dager siden
This Rolls costs the same as a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ!
The question is, if you could afford them, which would you choose?! 🤔
Shreetej Parkar
Shreetej Parkar - 12 timer siden
If I could afford any of those ..I could afford both of them
Andrei Andrei
Andrei Andrei - 12 timer siden
Cickar Crew
Cickar Crew - 23 timer siden
john m
john m - Dag siden
Rolls-Royce of course
Michael Waddell
Michael Waddell - 3 dager siden
Rolls for the weekdays, lambos for the weekend
KAMBIZ BEYK - 5 timer siden
Definitely, old look with the new interior I go for.
Trushant Jhaveri
Trushant Jhaveri - 5 timer siden
The car looks great, but I hate that chrome around the tail lights.
Bamo Shamal
Bamo Shamal - 7 timer siden
People should pay just for watching it
francis zamora
francis zamora - 8 timer siden
buy a yacht instead
francis zamora
francis zamora - 8 timer siden
art work? bullshit
francis zamora
francis zamora - 8 timer siden
it is still just a car.
francis zamora
francis zamora - 8 timer siden
whatever, it is still just a car. you are afool to buy it.
Marin Berndt
Marin Berndt - 15 timer siden
I love u mark
Donovan Reimer
Donovan Reimer - 19 timer siden
Why do so many blue collar people review such aristocratic things?
Guru Ghantal
Guru Ghantal - 17 timer siden
Anyone can review anything as long as it is not illegal.
James Latimer
James Latimer - 22 timer siden
The car is worth 40 grand only 250k lol 😋
Jerry Callender
Jerry Callender - Dag siden
I prefer the new Ghost grille - looks a proper Rolls Royce grille.
When I first became 'aware' of what a Rolls Royce is, it cost $17,500.
Juma Jalloh
Juma Jalloh - Dag siden
One of my dream car 👍
graham bishop
graham bishop - Dag siden
£370k for a ghost which is basically a bmw and your driving around telling everyone you couldn’t afford the phantom .. tragic when a second hand phantom is still 100% better and cheaper then a new ghost
Suneesh Arumugham pillai
AykSid Vlogs
AykSid Vlogs - Dag siden
the new GHOST looks better. and i would get the SVJ any day
Suroor Abdul Rahman
Suroor Abdul Rahman - Dag siden
Someone tell me what is this 5:38
Mario H
Mario H - Dag siden
CFO cannot afford it, lol
Tomas - 2 dager siden
16:30 Why do some cars have a purple tint on the windscreen? Looks cool but does it have a function?
Sneha B
Sneha B - 2 dager siden
New is high tech
Sneha B
Sneha B - 2 dager siden
Welcome world
Welcome world - 2 dager siden self driving car
Welcome world
Welcome world - 2 dager siden
Very nice rolls royce
streanhy millennial
streanhy millennial - 2 dager siden
This car costs 250,000 because rolls Royce is making 200,000 £ profit.
WAE WAE - 2 dager siden
Wow calm down mat we know that rich carpet is THICC. 🌝 5:08
omarr Phillips
omarr Phillips - 2 dager siden
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Fiqri Haekal
Fiqri Haekal - 2 dager siden
Ian K
Ian K - 2 dager siden
Luckily, the mud on its door sill makes it slightly more affordable...
Chinonso Ifeanyi
Chinonso Ifeanyi - 3 dager siden
To promote your channel you could do a thing where you fly in a fan and do an Interview with the rolls royce phantom again
@ ULTIMATE ASTROLOGER - 3 dager siden
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The Rusted Pixel
The Rusted Pixel - 3 dager siden
This is a perfect example of why I personally don't trust Matts opinion when it comes to taste. To get into this tacky mess and call it "impeccable"? Really? Come on. It's so gaudy looking. Also those floor mats are gross. They are like some cat roadkill. Dude, this car is a mess.
Guru Ghantal
Guru Ghantal - 17 timer siden
Who cares as long as as we can't afford it!!
Heniek Gaw
Heniek Gaw - 3 dager siden
it looks like a Skoda
Shahi Memes
Shahi Memes - 3 dager siden
Stroking a what....?!
Shahi Memes
Shahi Memes - 3 dager siden
Put that stick down, please
McFrisko - 3 dager siden
Video: 22:22
*Tesla Fanboys* : 😏😏😏
romario mowatt
romario mowatt - 3 dager siden
Oh....Great BMW finally put on there cheap grill on the ghost I dont like this one I prefer the older one design am not buying this one this year let me see what they do for the redesign version
Muhammad Anas
Muhammad Anas - 3 dager siden
Mince the pedestrians 😂😂😂
Podge - 4 dager siden
Blown silently 😝🤣🤣🤣🤣
Podge - 4 dager siden
Ya could have got it washed Matt 😝
Spud Chuffington jones
Spud Chuffington jones - 4 dager siden
Manu Manu
Manu Manu - 4 dager siden
Worth =/= Cost
Voltaire Diaz
Voltaire Diaz - 4 dager siden
23:01 Only barely fitted? You can land a jumbo jet in there
Runic Au
Runic Au - 4 dager siden
now I'm buying a supra mk4 and rolls Royce ghost 2021 when I get older hopefully I get succesfull
TVfridge - 4 dager siden
Funny how most of the people who can afford this car have chauffeurs and rarely do the driving themselves.
Ultimate Gaming
Ultimate Gaming - 4 dager siden
i really want to see a rolls royce electric car
Zephaniah B
Zephaniah B - 4 dager siden
Why didnt they clean the car before reviewing it?
Daijuan - 4 dager siden
it just looks a bit shit though. without the iconic badge I would've thought it was a Chrysler from first glance
Tsotang Daniel
Tsotang Daniel - 4 dager siden
Review the Rivian pickup truck pls!!!
Robert Nicholls
Robert Nicholls - 4 dager siden
new grille better.
Mosie Romano
Mosie Romano - 4 dager siden
"im so rich that id prefer to be blown silent" - mat watson 2020
Avengers 24
Avengers 24 - 4 dager siden
Rolls Royce can't be that good. They don't have a Royal Warranty. Weetabix do. Bit odd that.
The Travelling Magpie
The Travelling Magpie - 5 dager siden
Guys I need ur help I am going to buy either a mulsanne,a ghost, a flying Spur (which I already have ) or a phantom please help me
Ali Evans
Ali Evans - 5 dager siden
My favorite car reviewer.
Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce - 5 dager siden
Hello Mat, This was such a well done review, you covered absolutely everything. Most importantly the multiple camera angle were amazing. I'm glad Rolls-Royce is catering to a younger crowd now. Carwow Fan!
The Bellamy Bananza
The Bellamy Bananza - 6 dager siden
When I have one of these hehehe, I will get some nice slippers, have a Gold Rolls Royce Logo embroidered in and only let people in if they wear the slippers...
The Bellamy Bananza
The Bellamy Bananza - 6 dager siden
The Bellamy Bananza
The Bellamy Bananza - 6 dager siden
Please everybody bare in mind that this costs more than most people’s houses...
The Bellamy Bananza
The Bellamy Bananza - 6 dager siden
21st Century’s Hardest and Most Stressful job: Stitching a Rolls Royce Interior
Darrin Bradley
Darrin Bradley - 6 dager siden
"I'm so rich that I'd rather be blown silently" nailed it on that one mate.
my gosh, the new rolls Royce phantom headlights are disgusting. I know a terrible design that I will never get used to when I see one, and this is certainly it.
Đánh cá
Đánh cá - 6 dager siden
Acer Aspire 5 Slim Ryzen 3: it great laptop for officer.
vipul mandal
vipul mandal - 6 dager siden
I want to just ask which is the best luxurious car for long distance travelling.
And also having more features.
A Z - 6 dager siden
carwow stick of truth
vee2 chikamhi
vee2 chikamhi - 6 dager siden
That particular royce is simply nice because it is a royce but it's not good enough for a royce especially on the looks and imperfections
Acesiz Official
Acesiz Official - 6 dager siden
Heat On Da Beat
Heat On Da Beat - 6 dager siden
the way he points that magic wand makes me think he went to hogwarts.. fw the whip tho
Kraken Forever
Kraken Forever - 6 dager siden
Head lights are borrowed from Audi A8 for shore.
Nicolas Bocchino
Nicolas Bocchino - 7 dager siden
The reason the prices aren’t listed for the options is because if you have to ask you can’t afford it
UVM - 7 dager siden
You took the 12V socket cover didn't you?
Joel Henderson
Joel Henderson - 7 dager siden
The clatter of the fridge door wasn’t so expensive sounding eh? Not sure I’d want that feature anyway.
Ajaxamsterry ajax
Ajaxamsterry ajax - 7 dager siden
Nice curtains,ni body see uve penetrades
Ajaxamsterry ajax
Ajaxamsterry ajax - 7 dager siden
I luv rolls balls men
Ajaxamsterry ajax
Ajaxamsterry ajax - 7 dager siden
This brits men is so good, long ,big,power pays of when been penetrations behinds rolls seats,wow i luv british
Maryam khan
Maryam khan - 7 dager siden
My vw sharan has the electric doors aha
Mr Marvis
Mr Marvis - 7 dager siden
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manjula thushara
manjula thushara - 7 dager siden
wow i love this video
Dutch S*
Dutch S* - 7 dager siden
It really is beautiful.
Mihai Voicila
Mihai Voicila - 7 dager siden
You can park 2 compact cars on that spot :)) @22:30
Vineet Rai
Vineet Rai - 7 dager siden
Vagazzle got me lmao
MOVIE INFO - 7 dager siden
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Hanks Valera
Hanks Valera - 7 dager siden
Did anyone else die a little when he dragged the stick across the grille. Omg
Goran Korovljevic
Goran Korovljevic - 7 dager siden
Mercedes-Maybach new S class way better choise and way better price ☝️
Brian Kozlowski
Brian Kozlowski - 7 dager siden
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MrB8boy - 8 dager siden
The new more aggressive grille is better looking.
Maha Lor
Maha Lor - 8 dager siden
Ooh My heart Good!
Elijah Heyes
Elijah Heyes - 8 dager siden
Sir Ian Davis having kittens watching Matt poke one of his baby's with a stick 😳
Athor - 8 dager siden
The old one looks now like it's having a stroke and the new one looks like a kodiak
peter giannak
peter giannak - 8 dager siden
avinash jiwnani
avinash jiwnani - 8 dager siden
he has the guts to apply force to spirit of ecstacy
A A C - 8 dager siden
😂 Awesome review for an awesome car mate! 👍 Loved it! 😀
RMG Bataung pele
RMG Bataung pele - 8 dager siden
Mat prefers to be blown silently 🤫🤔
Car Update
Car Update - 8 dager siden
Mzima Springs
Mzima Springs - 8 dager siden
It still does not have the wings to fly
Abbey Cole
Abbey Cole - 8 dager siden
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declan done
declan done - 4 dager siden
@Lauren Norman yes I can confirm after a long chat with Mrs walker I have instantly turned my £5 pocket money into 50 trillion. She made me very wealthy so if u reading this I will buy u this car in video. Thnx
Crypto Fx Signal
Crypto Fx Signal - 8 dager siden
I'm placing trades with Expert walker ASAP ...
Lauren Norman
Lauren Norman - 8 dager siden
I'm not here to converse fir Mrs Charlotte walker but to testify for what I've witnessed and I'm sure of she's trustworthy and best option ever seen.
Fred Philips
Fred Philips - 8 dager siden
I was ignorant doing that but it left me chasing shadows.
Ryan Mendis
Ryan Mendis - 8 dager siden
Most times watching videos on NOburn and wasting time in strategies doesn't help much.
tec738caf ;dik'fac
tec738caf ;dik'fac - 8 dager siden
12:20 “I’m so rich that I prefer to be blown silently” - Mat Watson
Cam Bleakley
Cam Bleakley - 9 dager siden
great review
Marc Collins
Marc Collins - 9 dager siden
The stick is absurd, disrespectful some might say! .....and the fact that they are presenting a £370,000 car that looks like it drove across a field to park there.... did nobody consider giving it a quick clean before they started filming? RR must be over the moon with that 'first look'! ....I know these reviews are rattled off, really just to market CARWOW - but a little more attention to detail would be good, if you want to be able to persuade other high end mfrs & dealers to lend you their cars and to show viewers that CARWOW know about how to sell cars... did I mention CARWOW? CARWOW CARWOW CARWOW :-)
Rafeeq Sayed
Rafeeq Sayed - 9 dager siden
Very very nice
Rafeeq Sayed
Rafeeq Sayed - 9 dager siden
eWorkx - 9 dager siden
2:50 "you can literary mint any pedestrian you hit" hahhaha
eWorkx - 7 dager siden
@Alastair Moore oh that makes it even funnier
Alastair Moore
Alastair Moore - 7 dager siden