REVEALED: the cars Elon, Clarkson and other celebrities actually own!

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Let's face it, if you're a world-famous celebrity, chances are you're going to have a bit of cash to splash on a nice set of wheels, right? But have you ever wondered what the rich and famous like to use as their daily drivers?
Well wonder no more! We've pulled together a list of what some of the worlds most famous car loving celebrities love to drive! From Lady Gaga's pick-up truck to Beyonce's Rolls-Royce, join Mat for this run-down of some of the best (and weirdest!) celebrity garages!
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carwow - 2 måneder siden
Which of these awesome celebrity cars would you love to own? Let us know below!
Jayant Chaudhary
Jayant Chaudhary - 6 dager siden
SriJishnu .s pagadala
SriJishnu .s pagadala - 22 dager siden
The weekend
Isshaan Goel
Isshaan Goel - 25 dager siden
Elons submarine
that F12 TDF in yellow looks so good tho
Jayden Mak
Jayden Mak - Måned siden
i think the lambo tractor lol
II - 14 timer siden
Cardi b just own the cars to take pictures with it
Viduna Weerasinghe
Viduna Weerasinghe - 14 timer siden
You didn't mention Jeremy Clarkson's "The Excellent". Its a jacked up 1980 SL with a range rover chassis underneath. Pretty bizarre.
Akshay Jain
Akshay Jain - Dag siden
Pope and a lambo, more like british and braces.
FENDT FARMER - Dag siden
I like the tractor can you do YouTubers cars plz
Sediq Abbasi
Sediq Abbasi - 2 dager siden
CR7 bugatti
Hamza Ikram
Hamza Ikram - 3 dager siden
Saksham Sharma
Saksham Sharma - 4 dager siden
Richard Hammond - a 1960s Opel Kadett named Oliver
Leon Mbiyu
Leon Mbiyu - 4 dager siden
And justin bieber has a wide body kit Ferrari
Jakka Sai Suhaas
Jakka Sai Suhaas - 4 dager siden
You forgot Robert Downey Jr man❤️❤️
Shrish Pant
Shrish Pant - 6 dager siden
You have missed shahrukh khan he has a buggati veyron
Uni-Bike - 9 dager siden
Tell us about the car you drive, mate. You are not less than a celeb though.
Fred der Erik
Fred der Erik - 10 dager siden
What’s about Oliver
Muhammad Anas
Muhammad Anas - 10 dager siden
Bieber’s Urus looks like Walter White’s car
Keith Lionel Petersen
Keith Lionel Petersen - 10 dager siden
Matias - 15 dager siden
Mat is from Britain and wrote Ramsay as Ramsey...
Omar Al kayal
Omar Al kayal - 16 dager siden
You should do a what cars do world leaders drive version
Tobias Frølund Jakobsen
Tobias Frølund Jakobsen - 17 dager siden
What about James May and his Fiat Panda
Could also be Hammond and "Oliver"
Kron Gaming
Kron Gaming - 17 dager siden
The monza sp2 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aryan Banerjee
Aryan Banerjee - 18 dager siden
Uncle Matt u miss about Hamster Hammond and Captain slow
Rocco Holmes
Rocco Holmes - 19 dager siden
Cant believe Clint Eastwood has a Fiat 500 e
Jasmine Passmore
Jasmine Passmore - 20 dager siden
Lionel Messi
xrecorder memes
xrecorder memes - 20 dager siden
You forgot Cristiano Ronaldo also own Bugatti La Voiture Noire that cost $18.6million
kondiiie - 20 dager siden
Check travis scott cars
Brendon Szür
Brendon Szür - 20 dager siden
What about Zlatan Ibrahimovic?
Lars Simon
Lars Simon - 23 dager siden
Did he say Pope Francis not francscus
Darius KOKA
Darius KOKA - 23 dager siden
wait lady gaga dont have a ferarri f12 tdf
Shmeeman 150strad
Shmeeman 150strad - 23 dager siden
Thanks to youtube to recommend me this
Besart Ramadani
Besart Ramadani - 24 dager siden
We want to know what car you own matt?
THUND3RL0RD - 24 dager siden
Ramsay, not Ramsey
frosty frost
frosty frost - 24 dager siden
999k views idk i think that's cool
Gideon whuorie
Gideon whuorie - 26 dager siden
You lost me at "Pope's got a huracan"😂😂
Allen Jude
Allen Jude - 26 dager siden
Which of these awesome celebrity cars would you love to own? Let us know below!

you forget about your own car!
Ravi Mann
Ravi Mann - 27 dager siden
fall rider21
fall rider21 - 28 dager siden
The Weeknd
Hassan Haroon
Hassan Haroon - 28 dager siden
Ronaldo's cars:
Bugatti chiron
Range Rover
Rolce Royce phantom
Rolce Royce suv
Kartik Kamal Singh
Kartik Kamal Singh - 28 dager siden one likes driving a Koenigsegg or a Pagani?
Sylvia Gonzalez
Sylvia Gonzalez - 29 dager siden
0:33 Beyoncé
1:02 Chris Pratt
1:28 Cardi B ?
2:07 Clint Eastwood
2:35 Cristiano Ronaldo
3:16 No
3:54 The Pope
4:35 Elon Musk
5:08 Gordon Ramsay
5:42 Prince Charles
6:09 Jeremy Clarkson
6:45 Lady Gaga
7:30 Michael Fassbender
7:59 Drake
8:26 No
Brian koz
Brian koz - 29 dager siden
Don’t forget Jezza rides around his farm in The Excellent
Brian koz
Brian koz - 29 dager siden
You forgot to mention “The Excellent”. Clarkson also owns that too
Brian koz
Brian koz - 29 dager siden
When I found out card I b has loads of cars but doesn’t have a licence...
Brian koz
Brian koz - 29 dager siden
“Just as much as Ronaldo makes in a... week or smth” XD
Brian koz
Brian koz - 29 dager siden
Everyone else: odd cars
Elon musk: S U B M A R I N E
Apurba Sarkar
Apurba Sarkar - Måned siden
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan - Måned siden
Obey Vanzy
Obey Vanzy - Måned siden
I swear he said Arnold Schwarzenegger something else
Acharaz Varun
Acharaz Varun - Måned siden
It’s actually Gordon Ramsay and not Ramsey :)
Shahzaine Omg
Shahzaine Omg - Måned siden
Richard Hammond and James mah
muhammad tayyab jutt
muhammad tayyab jutt - Måned siden
I like Gordan Ramsey's car Ferrari Monza SP2 and Elon Musk's car Lotus Esprit Submarine.
Sahaj Malla
Sahaj Malla - Måned siden
Where's Messi?
Napoleon III
Napoleon III - Måned siden
Sad that no one drives a Duesenberg.
tranca ionut
tranca ionut - Måned siden
Kendall Jenner is a pleasing surprise 👌
Stefano Negrini
Stefano Negrini - Måned siden
You forgot prbly one of the celebrities of the moment: Bezos
Simming FTW
Simming FTW - Måned siden
Jeremys Lambo tractor in the tractor world isn't that great a john deere or claas is better
rspcto - Måned siden
Conor mcgregor
Fuat DoCtOR
Fuat DoCtOR - Måned siden
3:34 n word alert lol
Cars and drag
Cars and drag - Måned siden
Mat you kind of are so maybe you should be on the vid saying I’m a celebrity 😂😂
XXEYAD - AGARIO - Måned siden
I wanna go off-roading in a Mercedes G-Wagon!
m4 pony siblani
m4 pony siblani - Måned siden
I love the g63 Maybach
R33C3 - Måned siden
That Cadillac is as long as England.
Durp - Måned siden
You missed the rocks 2013 concept car
Yadhu krishna
Yadhu krishna - Måned siden
Abhipraya Dey
Abhipraya Dey - Måned siden
Rowan Atkinson ....(mr.bean )...I want to see his car collection
Ellis Horton
Ellis Horton - Måned siden
Kendall Jenner actually has a decent taste in cars
Isengrim - Måned siden
James May has an Alpine... thats uhhh, pretty cool
12988Jake - Måned siden
The amount of adverts in the this video is ridiculous guys.
Sunitha Sri
Sunitha Sri - Måned siden
Cristiano RONALDO is my favorite player
Tiddey696 - Måned siden
You missed post Malone and his chiron and rare senna (1 out of 3)
sadiq akbar
sadiq akbar - Måned siden
Richard Hammond
tankriley27 - Måned siden
Clint Eastwood also drove a GMC Typhoon, the first ever sports suv
dazzaburger - Måned siden
Clint Eastwood drives a Fiat 500e
Also forgot to mention he is 90 years old
The Word Plane Simchapter
The Word Plane Simchapter - Måned siden
Mat burning out Lady Gaga 😂😂😂 he surely wants that meat 🥩 cooked.
Den4ik 5694
Den4ik 5694 - Måned siden
Putin car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[] - Måned siden
Gordon Ramsay’s energy adds any car 1000+ horse power
Jeffy Achmad
Jeffy Achmad - Måned siden
Kylie be like:
Ram s
Ram s - Måned siden
Jay Leno lol
gavcooney - Måned siden
Best car is def the ‘56 Corvette
JULIAN playes
JULIAN playes - Måned siden
John McCain
Ali-Can Sarikaya
Ali-Can Sarikaya - Måned siden
The maybach
Ormiga - Måned siden
Matt Watson from supermega?
legomaster 1005
legomaster 1005 - Måned siden
fiat is the best lol
Abhijai Vikramsingh
Abhijai Vikramsingh - Måned siden
why are you so jealous of the United states
Wytsuhh - Måned siden
Kendal jenner is pretty but her cars tho😶🤩
NICOLO MENE - Måned siden
I freaking love the 68 Mustang
Ahmed Idris Jaber
Ahmed Idris Jaber - Måned siden
Jay Leno's Garage Matt.
Tandolethu qangiso
Tandolethu qangiso - Måned siden
serendipity - Måned siden
g560 landaulet hammer einfach
Brothers of lord jesus
Brothers of lord jesus - Måned siden
This was a cool video. Bless you Matt
Patrick Pires
Patrick Pires - Måned siden
Lewis Hamilton with his Pagani Zonda 760 LH or his Blue Mclaren P1
songs h
songs h - Måned siden
Cristiano Ronaldo's Bugatti
Dylan - Måned siden
theres a video of post malone driving a wrx
parakh nayal
parakh nayal - Måned siden
Drake's car of course
Larzo. - Måned siden
I really like Lil Uzi Vert's car collection
Adrenaline and madness
Adrenaline and madness - Måned siden
Jason Statham's cars
Ahmed El Moukhtari Koubaa
Ahmed El Moukhtari Koubaa - Måned siden
Eminem has a lot of great cars
Fowaz Ash
Fowaz Ash - Måned siden
Matt you are a top man ,love your stuff
Jasmun Singh
Jasmun Singh - Måned siden
Zenande Sishuba
Zenande Sishuba - Måned siden
Mat Watson
Gabriel Mitchell
Gabriel Mitchell - Måned siden
Jay Leno he owns heps of cars
Mariss - Måned siden
Where was uzi's r8