Renault Zoe review - the best value for money EV in 2020!

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This is the new Renault Zoe!
Renault’s updated the Zoe to give it some new tech, tweak the design, and more importantly, they’ve fitted a new battery and motor to give it better range!
Of course, we’re not short on choice when it comes to the small EV market, with competition like the Peugeot e208 and MINI Electric already standing out from the crowd. So does the new Zoe have what it takes to go one better and become the must-have small EV of 2020?
Check out Mat’s latest review to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:35 Price
01:10 Exterior Design
03:02 Battery & Motor
03:55 0 - 60mph
04:35 Interior Design
06:16 Back Seats
07:29 Boot
08:38 Practicality
10:02 Five Annoying Things
11:51 Five Good Things
13:09 Town Driving
16:00 Motorway Driving
16:58 Twisty Road Driving
17:42 Trims
18:33 Infotainment
19:49 Verdict
Renault Zoe Specifications - GT Line Trim:
Battery - 52kWh
Range - 245 miles
Top Speed - 87mph
Acceleration - 9.5 seconds
Power - 135hp
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Runtime: 20:26


carwow - 2 måneder siden
So would you choose the new Zoe over the Peugeot e208 or MINI Electric?!
Dave Hodgson
Dave Hodgson - Dag siden
Peugeot by a country mile
Alex K.
Alex K. - 8 dager siden
I would pick the Peugeot.
william armstrong
william armstrong - 16 dager siden
Neither of them. Just ordered the MG5 cheaper faster same range, more comfortable and an estate! It also has space for a full sized spare wheel!
Paulie Blog
Paulie Blog - 27 dager siden
Toyota Yaris my choice
Hh Zz
Hh Zz - 2 måneder siden
Yes, the Zoe is an absolute brilliant car, solid, comfy, complete, nav is good, perfect voice control, long range, silent, reliable, enough space (much more than Mini and 208), good charging. I like it a lot!
Person - 3 dager siden
245 miles range? nope. whatch bjorn on youtube and you will see. zoe is thirsty for such small car.
Niels Ohlsen
Niels Ohlsen - 6 dager siden
52 kWh, not 52 kW.
Piotr K
Piotr K - 7 dager siden
What is the point to talk about boot space in Zoe or complaint about lack of it. It is city car not a van 🤦
Asep_ Official
Asep_ Official - 8 dager siden
Jahed Abdul
Jahed Abdul - 9 dager siden
i cant believe this goes for nearly 30K smh
gas gazman
gas gazman - 12 dager siden
shortlist it... -surprise
media CC
media CC - 13 dager siden
I am confused he talks hp for electric car
Watts are more relevant
Muri Adan
Muri Adan - 13 dager siden
Dan cycles
Dan cycles - 13 dager siden
When are you going to drag race and brake test all the electric cars? 😏🙃
Burldisco - 13 dager siden
So not a fan of the Zoe!
bt6joso - 14 dager siden
I wonder who thought it's a great idea not to add adaptive cruise control
agus Jom
agus Jom - 14 dager siden
Alvin Rahadian
Alvin Rahadian - 15 dager siden
william armstrong
william armstrong - 16 dager siden
Please do a review of the MG5 estate. That is more comfortable, cheaper, faster, larger (its an estate). 80 KWh charging and has space for a full sized spare wheel.
Mohammad Rizal Pujiono
Mohammad Rizal Pujiono - 17 dager siden
Waa amazing
Salim Gus
Salim Gus - 17 dager siden
Muri Adan
Muri Adan - 18 dager siden
agus Jom
agus Jom - 18 dager siden
Tentang Dunia
Tentang Dunia - 19 dager siden
Adit Oxygent
Adit Oxygent - 19 dager siden
Muh. Sahrul
Muh. Sahrul - 20 dager siden
cool. i like it.
O G - 21 dag siden
Miranda Jentiani
Miranda Jentiani - 22 dager siden
Dave Alan
Dave Alan - 23 dager siden
What we want to know: in cold British weather range in every day urban environment? Are the pre- 2020 Zoe's good value? How long did the presenter have the car for? Has he lived day in/day out with the car over a period of time; say a month or two? Stop the silly b******s with electrical scooter and general silliness. Facts and real world ownership please.
Rocky P
Rocky P - 23 dager siden
I don't understand if car manufacturers make their rear seats smaller and uncomfortable on purpose? Seriously how hard is it to make the car slightly wider and taller to fit 5 people.
Rocky P
Rocky P - 23 dager siden
$50k in Australia, I would rather buy a hybrid RAV4
Fatur M
Fatur M - 23 dager siden
Sebastian Saint Leger
Sebastian Saint Leger - Måned siden
Renault has the worst aftersales service for battery problems, should be avoided.!!!
jalsa - Måned siden
omg....i would take my chances in public transportation!
Richard Blais
Richard Blais - Måned siden
I'm glad Zoe is selling well and has a strong market, but I could never buy such a small car ...
Sky Walker
Sky Walker - Måned siden
"a 1-speed automatic gearbox"? Interesting. What does it "automatically: do??
Mr00Chief00 - Måned siden
Bland? The Zoe has nice clean styling without all sorts of rubbish plastic elements. I like it.
kahi_kahi - Måned siden
Renault is the by far the European leader even ahead of Tesla in 2020 in sales numbers . normal because they have launched the zoe in 2012 , they are more experienced in EV thaN PEug and Mini
Mason Wyatt
Mason Wyatt - Måned siden
2020 Clio next !!!!!!
Abdou Adjimi
Abdou Adjimi - Måned siden
The last car i want to buy is a Renault 😂
Matthew Pitt
Matthew Pitt - Måned siden
Nobody ever charges from 0-100%. More realistic rapid charge timing would be how long it takes from 20-80% which is what you'd do on a roadtrip. It's probably about 40mins so a lunch stop at a service station.
Andrew Gardner
Andrew Gardner - Måned siden
I can loads of small component sharing with other Renault brands like Dacia etc
Ankur Mehrotra
Ankur Mehrotra - Måned siden
This was my favorite rental car until a few months ago when it decided to simply stop on a highway, with errors which made no sense. Maybe the new model is nicer but it feels like a cheaper car inside for that price. Usually I am not a fan of Matt's cribbing about plasticiky bits, but here he is spot on!
The good part, when it runs its very easy to handle, very quiet (duh!) and its probably a good city car. On motorway, I felt it struggles. It is an entry level car and at that its very good.
ThePuffin77 - Måned siden
Those 15" alloy wheels look suspiciously like steel wheels with hub caps.
Con Chalmers
Con Chalmers - Måned siden
Best value for money? Are you aware of MG?
Dan Chatka
Dan Chatka - Måned siden
Seems like a good car for the money, and for narrow streets.
Frazing - Måned siden
Matt у тебя крутой канал. Нам не хватает твоего британского акцента.
Osquar - Måned siden
So if you live in a flat you're screwed.
fadzlen kadir
fadzlen kadir - Måned siden
Matt and Yianni drag race in these cars...
beast cfuhroenvruhofcnrvhurfevneouff
thats not the cheapest electric car
Mark Dickson
Mark Dickson - Måned siden
I thought I really liked this vehicle and may be good for my mother. Hell no, those seats and no armrests, the boot, in fact the entire car looks like too many corners cut to reach its price which may have been ok a few years ago but much better quality on offer for similar money now.
Bjorn Yesterday
Bjorn Yesterday - Måned siden
Oh Mr. Mat. You so funny.
The Rusted Pixel
The Rusted Pixel - Måned siden
Ok, car reviewers, stop complaining about fake exhausts already! Here's a car without any and it looks like it's wearing a huge nappy. Give me fake exhausts any day. Even on an electric! Just don't give my car a nappy.
Graham, King of the Britons!
It needs 150 kW DC charging, no EV should take over 30mins to rapid charge to 80%. Plus it looks really girly.
William Correia
William Correia - Måned siden
I would only buy this car if I had a specific purpose for it such as living in central London where I could benefit every bloody day from its £30k cost. For everyone else in this country it just looks like a Renault kinder egg style cheap finishing car with Mercedes price
Florian J
Florian J - Måned siden
This interior is one of the cheapest I've ever seen and this car costs in Germany at least 31.000€! That's rubbish
Shane Blackburn
Shane Blackburn - Måned siden
26 fucking grand
Simon Swan
Simon Swan - Måned siden
Lots of comments say it expensive for a cheap car and it is in a way. But you can't compare it to other 30k petrol cars. Its not 30k really. Grant and CARWOW make 22k and of that about 8k is the battery (approx price per Kw is £160 x 50kw battery) So the rest of the car is £14k ish. Now you can buy a BRAND NEW renault petrol engine (Megane) for less than £1500, although not retail from your Renault dealer. So is any Megane available for £15k? Nope. Batteries are VERY expensive so until that is sorted electric cars will cost alot more than the equivalent ICE car, its just the way it is. I think the Zoe is a nice if slighlty bland and unadventurous looking car. It could just be a petrol hatchback. But electric hatches with a 200 mile range kind of cost this much. The sum is simple Smaller battery = cheaper but less range.
Kevan Crossin
Kevan Crossin - Måned siden
Add 10k and get entry level cyber truck not an electric wheel barrow.
Parvez Ahmed Jalil
Parvez Ahmed Jalil - Måned siden
Shows how the ICE manufacturers are unable to compete on price when it comes to battery tech and costs.. Hence they have to cut corners on quality elsewhere to lower costs.. E. g crap interior and seats 😂
tugan bolatlı
tugan bolatlı - 2 måneder siden
I'm Just thinking have you ever give a verdict about avoiding a car, you Just allways give a verdict of shortlisting...
jayna reynolds
jayna reynolds - 2 måneder siden
Musk just announced his newest electric car will cost only $25,000.00!
Rajat Patel
Rajat Patel - 2 måneder siden
U didn't removed the plastic cover from screen cleaner cloth so that explains why it didn't work😅
Mono Vision
Mono Vision - 2 måneder siden
In snowy conditions charging point in front is sheit. Some manufactures underestimate how dangerous it is driving through the winter reversing to away ice clogging chargepoint.
Sulia - 2 måneder siden
Wtf.. a sticker in the door?? 🤣😂🤣
Bogdan - 2 måneder siden
I'm more interested into your electric scooter, 😁where can i buy one from and how it called so i can have a look online?
JIN Khan
JIN Khan - 2 måneder siden
now MATT understand tht why automobile makers add fake vents in their cars...!!!
Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers - 2 måneder siden
It's a Renault. No thanks.
Steven Yoo
Steven Yoo - 2 måneder siden
the problem with renault's center screens is that it's way too far from any elbow rest and you end up trying to use it with your arms fully extended without any support. slightest shakes make aiming your finger an immensely annoying task.
OLgoods - 2 måneder siden
30k? For this? Huh?
Simon Swan
Simon Swan - Måned siden
Well it not 30k really. Grant and CARWOW make 22k and of that about 8k is the battery (approx price per Kw is £160 x 50kw battery) So the rest of the car is £14k ish. Now you can buy a BRAND NEW renault petrol engine (Megane) for less than £1500, although not retail from your Renault dealer. So is any Megane available for £15k? Nope. Batteries are VERY expensive so until that is sorted electric cars will cost alot more than the equivalent ICE car, its just the way it is.
Nigel Weir
Nigel Weir - 2 måneder siden
This review is total crap , must have been sponsored by vw , Audi , seat , oh yes vw group
Nigel Weir
Nigel Weir - 2 måneder siden
Another crap review , more interested in making stupid comments
Aiden Bagshaw
Aiden Bagshaw - 2 måneder siden
Not only am I not in the market to buy a new car, I don’t even live in a part of the world where this car is for sale. So why did I watch this?
E K - 2 måneder siden
Uncomfortable seating, large impractical boot, weird door handles, unsafe seat belt latching, and unresponsive steering for over £580 per kWh.
Silberschutz - 2 måneder siden
i really love renault, i drive a clio gt gt 5 years old. But man those seats are a big turnoff.
Mark Plott
Mark Plott - 2 måneder siden
carwow - the Renult ZOE is just a ICEV car body on a BEV Drivetrain.
its NOT that Efficient and its NOT as SAFE as a Tesla model 3 is.
Renult ZOE is NOT made with 1st Principles in ENGERNERRING .
bradley lappin
bradley lappin - 2 måneder siden
When You do the infotainment system can you do a sound test pls as none are on the internet for the Bose system
Gowtham V
Gowtham V - 2 måneder siden
ID3 review when ?
S Bassett
S Bassett - 2 måneder siden
So what if you costs £5 to charge it up as I reckon depreciation will be at about £1000 a month!
Daniel Skiv
Daniel Skiv - 2 måneder siden
Can you make a video on how much it cost a minute at the fuel stations to charge EVs cars at the different charge rates i.e super chargers vs standard chargers.
Paul Prosser
Paul Prosser - 2 måneder siden
Spec it with 17" wheels and then try it on a twisty road. The difference is amazing.
Edwin Smith
Edwin Smith - 2 måneder siden
Really do the 17” really make a big difference over the 16”?
Wolfies Wheels
Wolfies Wheels - 2 måneder siden
Wow, I thought I’d been harsh on my channel when I reviewed our own Zoe but this is in a whole new league! But I don’t disagree with anything that Matt says. The Leaf ride must be horrendous if it’s worse than the Zoe. But TBH as a first electric car, it’s pretty good overall. It’s not really a £30,000 car though, more a £15,000 car with a £15,000 battery pack.
F F - 2 måneder siden
£30k for a tiny car where no one can sit comfortably and where you have to wait for an hour and a half at a service station to re-charge on the way home from a long journey.You can get a half decent ICE car twice the size for that sort of money. I just don't see the attraction of electric cars. What if you don't have a drive way or garage ? You can't charge it overnight.It's an expensive and flawed technology and definitely not a replacement for the ICE.
Matteo Tortello
Matteo Tortello - 2 måneder siden
Cyrus - 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or there were absolutely no Positives about this car?😂j
gautam bhonjo
gautam bhonjo - 2 måneder siden
Most bizarre looking car ..🤢 yuk
Keith Dunderdale
Keith Dunderdale - 2 måneder siden
No height adjustment on the drivers seat on a 30k £ car what where Renault thinking?? Tried one and could not get a comfortable position so walked away from it at the dealership
Petar Maksimovic
Petar Maksimovic - 2 måneder siden
Come again, how much for that tiny funny car? It can be powered by magic itself that's insane.
Anton - 2 måneder siden
This is one incredibly overpriced vehicle
Tom Dz
Tom Dz - 2 måneder siden
Nearly 30K for such a crappy tiny car...Where is motor industry going...
Tom Dz
Tom Dz - 12 dager siden
@media CC Exactly! When you consider that, its mindblowing! This car is worth around £15k so in the lifetime of this car you will have to go through another £15k worth of fuel. it will take about 20 years for the average user to start paying off this extra £15k 😱😭🤯
media CC
media CC - 13 dager siden
must consirering gaz saving
Tarik Ajvazi
Tarik Ajvazi - 2 måneder siden
Yeah, I mean you could buy a new vw t roc r line, or used audi q5(new model)
tavi921 - 2 måneder siden
That's the problem right now with electric cars. Entry level ones aren't that great and they're really expensive.
fireoil - 2 måneder siden
2:28 to summarize
fireoil - 2 måneder siden
I like how they took the design from the Hot racing prototype version
ZakkuEmanyueru - 2 måneder siden
old cars had no fake vents, but they had great body shapes...
it is not about the fake vents, it is about the shape of the bumpers...
it is like overweight women can be beautiful as long as they have a nice shape...not just a blob...
cenelux - 2 måneder siden
the finger print is a design gimmick... It's the finger print of the Zoe designer.
Martin Kurtev
Martin Kurtev - 2 måneder siden
Mat: This car is complete crap. But you should shortlist it. Sure.
zonki - 2 måneder siden
So basicly this is city car for girl vegans
Nathan Alder
Nathan Alder - 2 måneder siden
Just looks so ugly
Benrie Fourie
Benrie Fourie - 2 måneder siden
@carwow 5:14 Sterio controls.
Haven driven 100k+ km in my Ford's with sterio controls on the steering and now having a Renault Duster for 30k km , the sterio controls behind the steering is so stupid, until you get used to it and you realise its actually better that on the steering , much better.
Dmitry L
Dmitry L - 2 måneder siden
e208 vs eCorsa vs Zoe vs eMini drag race?
gstrhoem gs
gstrhoem gs - 2 måneder siden
I love this car ❤❤
Unicornul Sarvy
Unicornul Sarvy - 2 måneder siden
Why the f does it has an automatic gear box?
They really spent timeakimg it unreliable
Edwin Smith
Edwin Smith - 2 måneder siden
All electric cars have a single cvt gearbox. 😂 They are pretty much bulletproof and far more reliable than traditional gearboxes.
Unicornul Sarvy
Unicornul Sarvy - 2 måneder siden
Is still to expensive
Tz 6
Tz 6 - 2 måneder siden
Looks a bit daft but better than the first shape horror. Why can't they make cool electric cars in style? They always make them goofy.
I dance for pennies
I dance for pennies - 2 måneder siden
It's an expensive pile of junk. PSA needs to go bankrupt now now now.