Renault Clio 2021 review: is it better than a Peugeot 208?

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This is the new Renault Clio!
Looking at it you may not think the Clio has changed that much compared to the predecessor… And when it comes to exterior design, you’d be right! However, once you peer under the skin, you’ll find the Clio has actually undergone a number of changes since the last generation.
Once you're inside, you’ll find a fully revamped interior, with a big infotainment screen and soft-touch material throughout the cabin! Under the bonnet, there’s a number of engines to choose from, including a range-topping 1.6-litre hybrid that’ll achieve 140hp & 64mpg!
But what do you think, would you choose a Clio over alternatives such as the Fiesta, Polo, or a carwow favourite - the Peugeot 208?! You’d better keep watching to see if you should!
00:00 Intro
00:33 Exterior Design
01:45 Interior Design
03:26 Infotainment
04:10 Back Seats
05:42 Boot
06:39 Engines
07:37 Five Annoying Features
08:49 Five Good Features
09:39 Town Driving
10:46 Suspension
11:15 Motorway Driving
12:19 Twisty Road Driving
12:57 Trims
13:58 Verdict
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Runtime: 14:46


carwow - 26 dager siden
Would you choose the all-new Clio over market-leaders like the Ford Fiesta or VW Polo? Let us know in the comments!
Rabia Ali
Rabia Ali - 10 dager siden
@DAFUNKYGINGER hi what Yaris model did you get? I'm looking to purchase my 1st new car and I'm baffled.. your feedback would really help
Florjan Trepca
Florjan Trepca - 11 dager siden
I will choose the best little car Reno Clio
Ali - 14 dager siden
Yes, Clio 5 :)
Paco Boss
Paco Boss - 18 dager siden
@Ahmed Maher I don't understand.
Ahmed Maher
Ahmed Maher - 18 dager siden
Paco Boss Bro I don’t get u... what the hell r u talking about?
James Smith
James Smith - 2 dager siden
Vw will be more reliable
Veli Dazo
Veli Dazo - 6 dager siden
Renault cheap build quality for entry level car 👎
FILZ F - 9 dager siden
Andrew Cawood
Andrew Cawood - 10 dager siden
Does this guy work for Ford ? He seemed to criticise almost everything. Wide A pillars ? Come on they have to be like that for safety.
احمد محمد
احمد محمد - 10 dager siden
Boykottieren Sie französische Produkte und französische Autos, weil sie in Gottes Gesandten
Wer sagt, ich bezeuge, dass es keinen Gott außer Gott allein gibt, er hat keinen Partner, der König hat keinen Partner und er hat Lob und er ist zu allem fähig, und ich bezeuge, dass unser Meister Muhammad, sein Diener und sein Gesandter, in den Himmel gekommen ist
blakaeg - 11 dager siden
I think the Peugeot 208 is nicer and more radical looking. Though I love the massive screen in the middle.
Kevin De Smet
Kevin De Smet - 11 dager siden
My only gripe with the interior is that they have taken away almost all customisation options, with the MkIV Clio there were several colors to choose from
xolani kumalo
xolani kumalo - 12 dager siden
best car reviewer for me🤞🤞
Matt James
Matt James - 12 dager siden
This or the new Peugeot 208? 🤔
Nish - 13 dager siden
What’s up with the rushed editing? What I like the most about these CarWow reviews is the chill and funny vibe it usually has..
Teddy Zhai
Teddy Zhai - 13 dager siden
What i think carwow should improve is pls don't always review the highest spec version. These are unlikely the ones customers would consider to buy.
Chirode Vlad
Chirode Vlad - 14 dager siden
Almost 2021 and nothing impressive
一般男性 - 15 dager siden
YAHYA HAFİDH - 16 dager siden
Both are trash 😊
Awels Garage
Awels Garage - 17 dager siden
Airstrip Attack 2020 BMW lineup
Marcelo Henrique
Marcelo Henrique - 17 dager siden
The New 208 is a fiasco in South America 😅.
Bilal - 19 dager siden
when you realize that you can't even afford a well specced Clio anymore ://
Master - 19 dager siden
Renault fan here - didn't like this new Clio at all and it's just too small to sit in, bought discounted new Megane instead for the same price with biggest screen, it's way better in every aspect and the cost was 17k
Kabelo Teddy Morris
Kabelo Teddy Morris - 19 dager siden
Please review a Renault kwid
MrTitusu - 19 dager siden
seemed like an fast forward car review. i've gotten used somewhat with the newer style of reviews (slower). i hope it wasn't an uninteresting car review for you as this is probably the best car in it's class.
read the comments Matt.
Oliver Newell
Oliver Newell - 20 dager siden
Build quality isn’t dictated by how soft touch the plastic are. Should be panel gaps, the processing finish of the plastic mouldings and the solidity of everything.
Pedro Couto
Pedro Couto - 20 dager siden
If it's like the Captur and 2008 I've tested, then the Renault is a bit behind, seems an older car.
Boston Palmer
Boston Palmer - 20 dager siden
Which models don’t have air conditioning?!?!
Damoth Niobe
Damoth Niobe - 20 dager siden
Mats ideal car:
-Huge door bins
-no fake vents or exhausts
-shortcut buttons for infotainment
-somewhere to put parcel shelf
-rear windows go all the way down
-no scratchy plastics
Have I missed any?
Paco Boss
Paco Boss - 20 dager siden
No air conditionned in the basic version of the Clio, so I say no
Barış Oktay
Barış Oktay - 20 dager siden
4:47 A Seat what now?
Dragonball Heroes
Dragonball Heroes - 21 dag siden
The only YouTube channel i like before watching
Dragonball Heroes
Dragonball Heroes - 21 dag siden
Matt Watsonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Thompter S. Hunson
Thompter S. Hunson - 21 dag siden
25.000€ for a Clio?! The world is going bananas by the day.
Anubhav Roy
Anubhav Roy - 21 dag siden
Good news! The new Dacia Sandero can be bought with a na 1L engine and 5 speed manual gearbox
Obvious Martin
Obvious Martin - 21 dag siden
Indian fans what say!! 😂 When Mathew give reviews of the Legendary Maruti 800 😂😂🤭🤣💕
Π. Β
Π. Β - 21 dag siden
Can't wait for the captur review.PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN
strato strato
strato strato - 21 dag siden
208 looks better. It's a small premium car
TheFNProductionz - 21 dag siden
Mat, you didn't even compare the Clio to the 208 like the video title suggested.
ThiNo737 - 21 dag siden
That's a huge step forward in terms of interior quality. I had the old clio several times as a rental car and it was so cheaply build in the interior and had an unintuitive multimedia system, but the new one looks really good. And I think they made some progress on the reliability
Radek Willow
Radek Willow - 21 dag siden
I was looking to this time when you start doing the 2021 models. I started to watch carwow last October 👌🏼love this channel Mat 👏🏼
GreenTea - 22 dager siden
Classic Renault, they hate giving their RS manual transmissions.
Andy Bugeja
Andy Bugeja - 22 dager siden
my son just purchased the RS line, after visiting several car dealers. the internal tablet style screen and internal tapestry are fab. by the way the boot size is bigger then a golf its huge for a small car.
Paul Howard
Paul Howard - 22 dager siden
It's a shame we can't get Clio or Fiesta in Australia.
Paco Boss
Paco Boss - 20 dager siden
@Paul Howard ok
Paul Howard
Paul Howard - 20 dager siden
@Paco Boss because they seem like decent small cars.
Paco Boss
Paco Boss - 20 dager siden
Arash Kahedi
Arash Kahedi - 22 dager siden
It’s not that hard to make a design more interesting than a VW is it?
MohShiZiro - 22 dager siden
Scotty killmer told us to stay from fresnh cars specialy renault,volvo is better,when you hear turbo engine run as fast as you can go they suck deep!!!
Predrag Kardashian
Predrag Kardashian - 22 dager siden
Renault Clio (Monica Bellucci)...vs VW Polo (Susan Boyle)...
Emzy klinton
Emzy klinton - 22 dager siden
Really love your reviews 😎 wonder if I can get hired to review for y'all😂
lopez ben
lopez ben - 22 dager siden
. NOT, NOT, NOT ... Peuge-NOT.
Victor Hugo Lopes
Victor Hugo Lopes - 23 dager siden
Nice, but I still prefer the Fiesta
Nikunj Goel
Nikunj Goel - 23 dager siden
Waiting for your i20 elite review
Alvaro Fernandez
Alvaro Fernandez - 23 dager siden
Spanish viewer here. I've just bought this car last month, ended up going with the RS Line 1.3L in black.
To me the biggest upside of the car is its interior. About the back seats, it's a Clio so there's not much surprise about the space.
When wanting a more spirited driving I highly recommend putting it in sport mode, which makes the steering tighter, fixing the lack of connection that Matt talked about, and the gearbox shifts quicker.
One big thing that I haven't seen any review talk about (neither the spanish or english) it's that you can throw it into manual by holding the upshift paddle for about three seconds, doing this while on sport mode give a quite sporty driving experience (despite obviously still being in a Clio)
And a big fail to me is not having disk brakes on the rear axle in any specification apart from the 1.5L diesel version, the car brakes great without them but the look is really unflattering.
Thanks for the video guys!
nomoreheroes93 - 23 dager siden
Did Renault's PR demand you only show the standard one for a split second at 1:14 because it looks so horrible?
James Smith
James Smith - 23 dager siden
Mat just bought this RS Line! I love it I've had Golfs, Polos, 3 seat Ibiza Bochanegas/cupra and only criticism is wind noise at 70 mph
Hh Zz
Hh Zz - 23 dager siden
The Renault Clio has been a very good car since it’s introduction in 1990. The Clio V is a very good car: solid, comfortable, economic, quick and great looking!
James Smith
James Smith - 2 dager siden
I knew a Clio owner, who spend more time in the garage
Oliver Newell
Oliver Newell - 20 dager siden
Solid isn’t a word many Clio owners would use to describe their cars.
Thiago Moreira
Thiago Moreira - 23 dager siden
Why Europe has nice and fun cars?
Co2 - 23 dager siden
Ivan Jaen
Ivan Jaen - 23 dager siden
Love the Clio and the improvements with each one.
Raven Valkyrie
Raven Valkyrie - 23 dager siden
5:08 ahahahahahahha
M Yahtadi S
M Yahtadi S - 23 dager siden
Is that thing rwd??
James escurbar
James escurbar - 23 dager siden
Ugh the car is full of compromises
Simba Mambara
Simba Mambara - 24 dager siden
there is not much you can fit in there lol
Matt Jarrett
Matt Jarrett - 24 dager siden
23 grand? Which insane numbskull is spending that on a Clio?
Small Stories
Small Stories - 24 dager siden
I dont know wich is beter but 208 is the most Beautiful in its class ⚡
John-Murray Hofmeyr
John-Murray Hofmeyr - 24 dager siden
What is it with companies and these damn screens that STARE at u....its crap..looks bad and constantly draws ur eye to it.....STOP IT
Wittmann242 - 24 dager siden
How reliable is this car? ...a question I could write on all your videos
Filip Novak
Filip Novak - 24 dager siden
Polo with better suspension then Clio?! Never in the world...a VW?...the stiffest car in the world ?!
Omar - 24 dager siden
208 looks better imo
volkan Demirbaş
volkan Demirbaş - 24 dager siden
This car little bit expensive why ? Cuz clio staeting to 10.000 euro ? 🤔
Valter Alarcon
Valter Alarcon - 24 dager siden
It seems to be to expensive for what it is. I will not consider this one. Since I haven't said before, I really enjoy your videos.
SPEEDY EGG - 24 dager siden
Heh... Funny sex number on the numberplate... Yes I am a child...
XYDogAustria - 24 dager siden
Reifenschaum fehlte
Melih Çelik
Melih Çelik - 24 dager siden
I think the cons in this car outweighs pros. I don't want to sound boring but I think Polo is the better option. Or if you want a little bit personality Peugeot 208 is the better option
oscar salazar
oscar salazar - 24 dager siden
No one:
People with perfect pitch at 9:36 : ThATS aN A fLaT.
babouze yacine
babouze yacine - 24 dager siden
Already got it
Yamkela Macamba
Yamkela Macamba - 24 dager siden
Seems like they stole from Audi A3 2012 interior design
Vito - 24 dager siden
Any chance for a 2020 Suzuki Ignis Hybrid review? It apparently has a newer radio system that's not the terrible Pioneer one. Would love to hear your thoughts.
Michael Nicholson
Michael Nicholson - 24 dager siden
Why spoil a brand new car with a fricking log. Just because you can!. Not good enough. Cut that shit out.
Julian TOLLEMACHE - 24 dager siden
8:50 imagine trying trying to work on this engine bay, ridiculous
Isaiah 46:4
Isaiah 46:4 - 24 dager siden
Amit Negi
Amit Negi - 24 dager siden
Lovely, Things to do and eat in mussoorie mall road #Nativepahadi here is the link
tec738caf ;dik'fac
tec738caf ;dik'fac - 24 dager siden
The current Polo looks absolutely dreadful in comparison.
Ανδρέας Χούνδρης
1:14 Renualt Clio :P
Uthar Prathar
Uthar Prathar - 24 dager siden
Can you review GLC
Callum Cathrine
Callum Cathrine - 24 dager siden
It's a shame about the 1.3T having no manual. I'd love it otherwise
Anthony Pagano
Anthony Pagano - 24 dager siden
You should do a comparison test between Renault Clio and Vauxhall Corsa and seat Ibiza and Ford Fiesta and Honda Jazz and Volkswagen polo and Nissan micra and Toyota Yaris and Citroen C3 and Hyundai i20 and Mazda 2 and Skoda fabia and Kia Rio and Suzuki Swift and Peugeot 208
Jakey Boiii
Jakey Boiii - 24 dager siden
Can you do some first car videos for young drivers?
Aidan Burke
Aidan Burke - 25 dager siden
Save the manual
Rocking horse science Mechanics made easy.
Did you come out of the bear grills clone factory as a mismould?
Sechaba Shuping
Sechaba Shuping - 25 dager siden
Mat, you forgot to do the rear window test... 🤓
Henry Discipline
Henry Discipline - 25 dager siden
It's junk
Evokyr - 25 dager siden
I owned the previous gen and it sucked pretty much. But since i now own this car, i absolutely love it. It's a huge difference, and the exterior might look a bit like the old one (a.k.a VW style), but it's miles a head of the old ones and looks much better.
Philip J Fry - Brain Slug Party
@carwow so where is the drag race ? 🤨
mohcen Bdj
mohcen Bdj - 25 dager siden
why vw "peoleo" ,i think it's just polo
Arda Arsen ACER
Arda Arsen ACER - 25 dager siden
Yup thats exactly my little car, same specs and the color. Long waited for 208 but bought this one. No regrets 👍
MeTe0R_ - 25 dager siden
Bandito Runner
Bandito Runner - 25 dager siden
The Suzuki Swift is definately better. By means of offering greater value for money and being alot cheaper.
خليل خليل
خليل خليل - 25 dager siden
Max James
Max James - 25 dager siden
Do a comparison of this, seat Ibiza and Peugeot 208
Mariner Chris •
Mariner Chris • - 25 dager siden
Shmee150 needs to buy a this new Clio. Something like that... 👍
chomihai - 25 dager siden
Looks are deceiving, especilly for a renault car. Their cars are crap and expensive to fix!
justin small
justin small - 25 dager siden
This is where carwow really shines.great informative reviews on aspects that matter.A huge request Matt if you see this.
Mazda 6 estate GT sport + Vs V60 T5 Vs Superb r line estate (220bhp).this is 3 cars I've got my eye on.
Faizzat Rahman
Faizzat Rahman - 25 dager siden
Is it me being disturbed by Matt’s left sleeve flipped the entire video coz of my OCD or anyone else?
Matt: It’s a style. Look at my pants too 😝
jc xi
jc xi - 25 dager siden
5:05 don't worry king, keep it up 👑