Porsche 911 GT3 vs Bentley Continental GT - DRAG RACE!

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It’s time for a GT drag race!
Mat’s in the Porsche 911 GT3, and he’s lining up against Yianni in the Bentley Continental GT! Now when you’re looking at this line-up, you might be wondering why we’ve bothered to put these cars against each other. But once you see the stats, it should all become a bit clearer!
The Continental GT is the clear winner when it comes to absolute power, with its 6-litre W12 twin-turbo producing 635hp & 900Nm of torque! So that may be well less than what the GT3 can produce, with its 4-litre flat-six producing 500hp & 460Nm, but there is one major advantage the Porsche has - the weight! Coming in at just 1,460kg, it weighs almost 800kg LESS than the Bentley!
Will that massive weight advantage be enough to snatch the win? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
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carwow - 25 dager siden
Two incredible cars, but if you could add ONE other car to this line-up, what would it be?!
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Myti Vlogs - 8 dager siden
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Tom,foolpluto - 12 dager siden
Ferrari 812
MrCrashBandicoot25 - 13 dager siden
ftype svr
suresh s
suresh s - 15 dager siden
Florian B
Florian B - 16 dager siden
Edward R LACROIX - Dag siden
My dad has the same gt3
John Silva
John Silva - Dag siden
Her screaming to 9000 rpm is eargasm. ;)
Ndzalama Mhlanga
Ndzalama Mhlanga - Dag siden
Let’s be honest Porsche is bad with rolling races
ytg yiuh
ytg yiuh - Dag siden
That porsche must be one of the best sounding 6 cylinder cars ever built
It's just mindblowing🤯
John Power
John Power - 2 dager siden
Stupid pointless comparison.
Johan Janse van Rensburg
Johan Janse van Rensburg - 3 dager siden
Yes lets do the cheat sound check without letting the viewers hear it. Jip good idea........
Jorge Chavez
Jorge Chavez - 3 dager siden
Porsche: So much drama. Engine screaming.
Bentley: Would you like a cup of tea my dear?
Fabian King
Fabian King - 4 dager siden
Matt vs yianni
sohaib asif
sohaib asif - 4 dager siden
I have a prediction!
Mat will be visiting a dentist very soon 😂
Αλέξης Μπουρνάς
Yanny will appreciate those "boring cars" as soon as he gets older
Jordonater1992 - 5 dager siden
People always under estimate how fast the top range Bentlys are
Omkar Acharya
Omkar Acharya - 6 dager siden
That sound of the howling Flat 6 at 4:20 is just AWESOME as heck.
Rico Firdiyansyah
Rico Firdiyansyah - 6 dager siden
I love when matt , drag race vs yanny .
GG Gaming
GG Gaming - 7 dager siden
I would add the mclaren gt
Beat master Life
Beat master Life - 8 dager siden
I think the gt3 is better
Farit Dodit
Farit Dodit - 8 dager siden
The engine note of that Porsche man.. damnnn!!!
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 8 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
Hardik Verma
Hardik Verma - 9 dager siden
That's the beauty of naturally aspiration!!❤️🔥
lazare dvali
lazare dvali - 9 dager siden
Porsches sound was like it was going with 230 mph!
Peter Andrews
Peter Andrews - 9 dager siden
The Conti GT is a very special car.
TECH COOPER - 9 dager siden
A luxury car performs as good as a sportscar wow really impressed bently
Raquel SZN
Raquel SZN - 9 dager siden
Porsche sound tho
jesus alberto arango monsalve
super exciting and close cars
Avi Verma
Avi Verma - 10 dager siden
tesla model 3
0wninguplz - 11 dager siden
he is not wrong if you have the money of course you'd get the gt3 instead of the continental lol
Mustapha Ahmad
Mustapha Ahmad - 11 dager siden
I never expect that it will be this close. I'm impressed
꧁༺ VĚ3ŇOM༻꧂
꧁༺ VĚ3ŇOM༻꧂ - 11 dager siden
Porche 911 turbo d
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor - 11 dager siden
The race starts at 4:13
Jaroslav Záruba
Jaroslav Záruba - 12 dager siden
The brake test needs to be more precise:
- keep the "when we cross the line" aspect for fun,
- bring in GPS/accelerometers...
There's no way in hell you start breaking at the line exactly. And in such high speed every tenth of a second turns into 1m maybe more.
Business Guide
Business Guide - 12 dager siden
Keep posting interesting contents like this!
العطاء بلاحدود
العطاء بلاحدود - 13 dager siden
we must raise the hat to the bentley👌
Elite Comet Mcpe
Elite Comet Mcpe - 14 dager siden
How did the bentley win the brake test against a FRICKING PORSCHE 1 TON LIGHTER???
So much for Porsches braking well
If you didn't know bentley's brake is one of the biggest brakes ever fitted to a production car😉
ben march
ben march - 14 dager siden
This channel reminds me of top gear
Julius Schreck
Julius Schreck - 14 dager siden
The Bentley is on ultra quiet all-season tires lol
Rithik Varma
Rithik Varma - 14 dager siden
Yanny is wrong for sure mat I'm with u I'm a Bentley gt fan
sgrowe56 - 14 dager siden
Someone please educate this Stupid Limey that, PORSCHE IS A TWO SYLLABLE WORD !!!!!
ციფრული ოთახი
Yeah bentley and rolls royce are boring.
Says the man who never been in those two cars smh
Christian M
Christian M - 15 dager siden
Looks like carbon ceramic brakes? Rubbish before they are warmed. A lot of steel brakes with grippy pads are better for one-time brake performance.
Carbon ceramics = race.
Christian M
Christian M - 15 dager siden
Yanni = Drama.
Bentley = No drama.
CharlieSkids - 15 dager siden
Repeat the race but strip off the doors, interior boot lid and bonnet from the Bentley - that should reduce a ton off it's weight!
Keve kulcsár
Keve kulcsár - 15 dager siden
none of the cars have a soft limiter if you put it in neutral not in damn park!
sammi sommers
sammi sommers - 15 dager siden
Bentley is amazing car.. should try speed or supersport .. gt3 has no chance.. amazing show.. 😊
Wouldn't say no chance tho, Im a huge bentley fan too
Mulholland’s Drive
Mulholland’s Drive - 15 dager siden
Bentleys live at 140+ my family friend just got one this past year a 2019 and he does drives from Pennsylvania to New York 2-3 times a week he wants to bring it to autobahn, he got some nice rims for it and a tune and lowered it a half inch. Looks nuts all blqckked out
Florian B
Florian B - 16 dager siden
I just can't believe that the Bentley wins the brake test
Adam V
Adam V - 16 dager siden
love videos with yianni
Arsany Dorgham
Arsany Dorgham - 16 dager siden
That would be the World mr
Arsany Dorgham
Arsany Dorgham - 16 dager siden
Arsany Dorgham
Arsany Dorgham - 16 dager siden
Arsany Dorgham
Arsany Dorgham - 16 dager siden
Can u please do 135i vs mustang5.0 p
Zaimi mahfod
Zaimi mahfod - 16 dager siden
I know Porsche is faster than Bentley, but I love Bentley because it's faster, better, luxury and everything. 🌹🙋😘💪👍
Ved Walvekar
Ved Walvekar - 16 dager siden
u r wrong
Danpiper 09
Danpiper 09 - 16 dager siden
Porsche best sounding car 😳
Bellwether Dental
Bellwether Dental - 16 dager siden
This video is awesome do you mind if we share this on Instagram?
Samuel López
Samuel López - 16 dager siden
I was surprised, I thought that the Bentley was going to be far behind but it is surprisingly fast although it is very heavy, the engineers have done an excellent job (Like the beautiful porsche)
Morten Berg
Morten Berg - 16 dager siden
GT3 sound 😳😜😜😜😜
powerofdreamx - 16 dager siden
That Porsche GT3 sound... /gah
Alex Maddox
Alex Maddox - 17 dager siden
The Continetal GT has become a truly fantastic car. Amazing GT car for long distance driving, but very capable. And that colour is stunning but it needs the white W12 motifs to finish it off.
ROBERTA HELENA - 17 dager siden
Ive for 6.0l w12 twin turbo 635hp and 900nm 1/4 mi time 11.5 seconds Love this bentley
the_katman - 17 dager siden
I know it's not the fastest Porsche, but I love it.
YUSKHAN - 17 dager siden
Both are VWs
Awels Garage
Awels Garage - 17 dager siden
Airstrip Attack 2020 BMW lineup
Carlos Lewis
Carlos Lewis - 17 dager siden
He put on brakes early Matt... lol Yanni is cheating I actually seen it this time. SHAME ON YOU YANNI!!!!!! Great job guys 👍
FirearmTutorials .com
FirearmTutorials .com - 17 dager siden
That Bentley was SILENT!
Krane - 17 dager siden
If you think the Bentley is boring then you miss the whole point of the car. That would be its unpretentious luxury. You might think of it as being the ultimate sleeper. BTW, lets have giant man sit in the rear seat of the Porsche: https://youtu.be/VPWCHplAHM4?t=361
Minh Vũ
Minh Vũ - 17 dager siden
ngao a ma lay2 con nay dua???
Ian Wilks
Ian Wilks - 17 dager siden
I could listen to that porsche all day 😍🤤
Alex - 17 dager siden
The GT3 has the best sounding engine i have heard in a long time!
Gourab Das
Gourab Das - 17 dager siden
Damn the sound of the Porsche
Arki2019 - 17 dager siden
That Porsche sounds nuts
Dina Carballo
Dina Carballo - 17 dager siden
Porsche win
Khanani Wiseman
Khanani Wiseman - 17 dager siden
bmw m8 comp vs 911 gt3
JponRacing TV
JponRacing TV - 17 dager siden
Drag race " ttrs vs a45s vs 718 gts vs m2cs vs tuned golf r " pretty pls pls pls 😁😁
zedrick zedwick
zedrick zedwick - 17 dager siden
the new gt3 does 10.9 , wtf is 11.5.... 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻
CHEF K.G - 17 dager siden
I like to see merc amg black drag race pls.
Cosas fascinante
Cosas fascinante - 17 dager siden
set rs
set rs - 18 dager siden
Lord Butler
Lord Butler - 18 dager siden
The Muslim returns 😃
Zidan Z
Zidan Z - 18 dager siden
Ferrari f8 tributo
Christian Urban
Christian Urban - 18 dager siden
That Porsche sounds incredible!!
Jeth Hughes
Jeth Hughes - 18 dager siden
I SWEAR, yanny became more civil in that luxury Bentley lmao
Hùng Lâm
Hùng Lâm - 18 dager siden
I love carwow
Sony Kafil
Sony Kafil - 18 dager siden
Mat do you play cricket?
treethetree - 18 dager siden
Would have launched it better if your tyres weren't at 30 psi....
I am_ Kamogelo
I am_ Kamogelo - 18 dager siden
Mat please Race a Mercedes-Benz GT63s and a Porsche Panamera S
imSoMiny Mini
imSoMiny Mini - 18 dager siden
wow you didn’t actually run it back on the first drag
Chris Hatch
Chris Hatch - 18 dager siden
The Bentley is the heaviest and has the heaviest driver.
Lovely Joy Heyres
Lovely Joy Heyres - 18 dager siden
Porsche all day everyday! hahahaha
FatherBootyHands - 18 dager siden
I'm having fast & furious infinite gears flashbacks help me 4:20
soundofeighthooves - 18 dager siden
compare them around a track :)
MK7 Spenny
MK7 Spenny - 18 dager siden
Best Bentley out of the entire lineup 👌🏻
Xiosiy Plays
Xiosiy Plays - 19 dager siden
When the first drag race started and the heavy Bentley flew off the line I was genuinely surprised. I cracked a smile.
Adrenaline Junkie
Adrenaline Junkie - 19 dager siden
Yanny is wrong the Bentley is the best luxury car ever
Inam Kanjoo
Inam Kanjoo - 19 dager siden
Man that Porsche sounds sweet!
ArcadE AmateuR
ArcadE AmateuR - 19 dager siden
you guys should really buy a track
the drag races are amazing but I would love track tests
Like so they can see
Alan Johnston
Alan Johnston - 19 dager siden
Porsche is wank
Alan Johnston
Alan Johnston - 19 dager siden
Would rather have the BMW M8 or Mercedes S63.
Burak Akcakanat
Burak Akcakanat - 19 dager siden
that Porsche is not real
Herman Johnson
Herman Johnson - 19 dager siden
The redline on that 911 GT3 will make almost any hothatch jealous.
Chris Lam
Chris Lam - 19 dager siden
That kickdown of GT3 was so brutal...😱
Also surprised GT3 lost the latter race😂
Supercars n More
Supercars n More - 19 dager siden
GT3 sounds amazing! Pure eargasm!