Polestar 2 EV review - see where it beats the Tesla Model 3

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This is the all-new Polestar 2! It’s an alternative to the oh-so-popular Tesla Model 3, and based on looks alone, we think it has the potential to beat it and be the must-have EV of 2020! But with a price tag just shy of £50,000, we need to take a proper look to see if it can sway us away from the class-leading Model 3! It may be packing a 78kWh battery and dual electric motors, helping it achieve over 400hp and 660Nm of torque, but is it enough? You'll have to join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
00:00 Intro
01:22 Design
03:23 Interior
04:20 Infotainment
07:25 Practicality
08:42 Back Seats
10:24 Boot
12:09 Annoying Features
13:55 Good Features
15:14 Price
16:24 0-60mph
17:15 Regenerative Brakes
19:37 Parking
20:04 Motorway Driving
21:53 Twisty Road Driving
22:36 Range
23:35 Verdict
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carwow - 4 måneder siden
TESLA FANBOYS, we want to hear from you! What features of the Polestar 2 do you think are better than the Model 3?! Let us know in the comments!
Fliss - 6 dager siden
@Krish T haha tesla is building their cars in china too.
Class 444 SWR
Class 444 SWR - 11 dager siden
To be honest, I think the Tesla looks better and is a bit more interesting, the Polestar is just a Volvo to me, quite boring and not really as good as it claims
Santa Fe
Santa Fe - 14 dager siden
@Noah Tabraham , @SkinnyOne, @Denis Daly, @ZA AZ, @Paul, @Xanthopteryx, @Gunnar Bolmsjö,@supaahflyy,@Darek Synowiec,@HQsound,@Roger Starkey,@ram64man, @Johnny Strabler Thank you all for mentioning. Just to make sure that y'all not relate with Chinese I post this sentence(It will be good thing if you can't read it) 小心被当局逮住 / 工作一结束手机就销毁 For one thing guys, I DID NOT say I own Tesla nor did I said I support Tesla. I just can't believe how dumb people have gotten. Why are you bringing phone to the matter? I was saying that car is something that can harm, possibly kill YOU and the others if not worked properly. A Chinese made mobile(Samsung,Apple, etc.) does not kill multiple people at once, even if it works like a bomb. Have you ever heard of a news that mobile killing multiple people? I just said the car is being made by Chinese in the Chinese factory which in common sense is not so much reliable. If the Tesla is being made in China, Fine, so be it. Not buying one. Any of you have a nice memory of products made in China? Certainly, not for me. Kindly prove me wrong. PLEASE. So please, if you want a reasonable reply please think twice before you put bullshit and mention me (P.S Thanks to the people who were kind enough to provide insights that I did not realize about products. And please it's been 4 months guys, if you want me to shut up please tell Mat to block me)
Johnny Strabler
Johnny Strabler - 14 dager siden
@Santa Fe Tesla's are manufactured in China as well!
Relansis _1
Relansis _1 - 14 dager siden
@Jakub www.google.com/amp/s/www.teslarati.com/tesla-china-model-3-build-quality-shanghai-manufacturing/amp/
Jacob G
Jacob G - Dag siden
Lmao Teslas are so much better. This is like Apple vs Samsung. (Tesla is Apple)
Peter Ros
Peter Ros - Dag siden
Fibally a long range electric car that looks great. Inaide and out. Tesla looks like a fish IMO.
The Vibe
The Vibe - 2 dager siden
googe: "hotwire driving seat on"
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer - 2 dager siden
Ah sold out to the Chinese
Douglas Forte
Douglas Forte - 2 dager siden
OMG!! My google home is beside my TV! You make it go crazy by saying hey google all the time!!!
Adam Hume
Adam Hume - 2 dager siden
This looks like a much cooler and better car than the G-d awful Tesla.
smyleynine - 2 dager siden
Holy shit, I had to cancel my google nest 4 times watching this video. Imagining my neighbor hearing four escalating levels of “no. No. No! NO! nO!!”
The meaning of life is responsibility
I like how Matt is always a Samsung guy.
Christopher Maloney
Christopher Maloney - 4 dager siden
Siri is rubbish Google assistant is better
Christopher Maloney
Christopher Maloney - 4 dager siden
Volvo and polstar is the best car brand in the world other car brand is rubbish not Citroen is good.
Christopher Maloney
Christopher Maloney - 4 dager siden
I have a Volvo s40 2008 I will never sell it I am keeping for ever
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro - 4 dager siden
20:12 if you look closely you can actualy see Tesla's Logo on the PoleStar's front lights 🤫😄😜👌
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro - 4 dager siden
21:13 Yeesss I agree: that is a proper beautiful and clever electric car😁🙌🙌👏👏👌👌
Quattro RS
Quattro RS - 5 dager siden
Subscribe 😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥

Florian Schmidt
Florian Schmidt - 7 dager siden
I like the look of the model 3, this car isn't that elegant in my opinion.
Leonardo Ala
Leonardo Ala - 8 dager siden
heavier metal, stronger body; you didn't make the actual test; the crash test :)
Ricki T
Ricki T - 9 dager siden
Cheers for making my Google Home's go crazy Matt!!!
Alan Partridge
Alan Partridge - 10 dager siden
Why is he so obsessed with “apple fanboys” just fucking get on with it.
anri12 - 10 dager siden
Is it a Chinese brand?
Ken Wong
Ken Wong - 11 dager siden
Funny Brit. Bet he eats hard boiled eggs with uncut cucumbers for breakfast.
Azlan Sharom
Azlan Sharom - 12 dager siden
So can we conclude that Google Assistant in that car is a #fail?
Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma - 13 dager siden
3 for me is better looking. the 3P is sick, 0-60 3.2 can’t beat that & handles like a dream... proud owner & would make the same bet again...
Niek Senders
Niek Senders - 13 dager siden
Ffs its bloody 2 in the morning and you made my google home blast some song called "london" on spotify
matiss hansens
matiss hansens - 13 dager siden
HA apple fan boys. Android phones r better
Johnny Strabler
Johnny Strabler - 14 dager siden
A view from afar, Polestar for; It's a hatchback, looks better than a tesla, (Matt, shave your eyebrows off, looks better with a grill and you look better with eyebrows, er, I think) ditto interior, 0 to 60, in real driving not relevant, 40 to 60/50 to 70, is where it's at. Tesla for, the best charging network in the world, most advanced updates and Tech available, so, you pays your money and takes your choice, mine would be, Polestar. As always, a great review Matt, this is why we keep watching.
Zayd Khan V-L-B
Zayd Khan V-L-B - 14 dager siden
is this the 2020 model?
Alfred Fonacier III
Alfred Fonacier III - 14 dager siden
Can’t wait until Polestar actually gets better. I was sweating bullets that Geely wasn’t really doing anything.
sheila vinte
sheila vinte - 15 dager siden
nao gostei
Anglosaxon Mike
Anglosaxon Mike - 16 dager siden
Is this the model that catches alight?
John Mason
John Mason - 16 dager siden
My P2 arrives Jan - Interested in those timings, I've yet to see another video review get anywhere near 4.1s - is your gear accurate?
Relaxing Music Garden
Relaxing Music Garden - 17 dager siden
Sleek and flawless design = Tesla
PALASH CHOUDHURY - 17 dager siden
Tesla Model 2 is around the corner
Nathan Day
Nathan Day - 18 dager siden
Did you do any filming at Millbrook proving ground, notice the town testing was In flitwick lol
Andrew Azizi
Andrew Azizi - 19 dager siden
Polestar cant hold teslas jock strap mate
SomeRandom - 19 dager siden
its owned by the CPP .. FAAARRRKKK that!!!!
Tesla please
Saw Dust
Saw Dust - 20 dager siden
It's about time Tesla gets some competition and this one will most definitely give them a run for their money especially at that price point
Christopher Maloney
Christopher Maloney - 20 dager siden
The polstar 2 is the best electric car ever
Francis M.L. yung
Francis M.L. yung - 22 dager siden
But , is it made from China ?? now Volvo is own by Chinese !?
Syed Reyadh
Syed Reyadh - 24 dager siden
Please do one in-dept review on new Vauxhall Corsa E. The electric one.
Kmbisch11 - 25 dager siden
I am an apple user and fanboy and I still like google but... siri is better in my opinion
Oskar Paulander
Oskar Paulander - 25 dager siden
great in-depth review (for the format) but I honestly don't think it looks better than the Tesla model 3. The interior might have a slightly better build quality but disgn wise I think it's too bloated on the inside
Chris Saenz
Chris Saenz - 25 dager siden
Polestar isn't swedish, it's a Chinese company.
Luckysquirrel1256 - 26 dager siden
Gun to my head I would 100% not choose the Polestar 2 over the Model 3 right now

Decision is easy since the Polestar 2 isn't available in the US yet.
마드록크 - 26 dager siden
이차도 언능 한국에 들어왔으면 해요~~기대됍니다^^
yoitsgunattack - 27 dager siden
they are both a lab of glass get over it...
JD Der eine
JD Der eine - 27 dager siden
After this vid I think the Tesla is better
Jimease Measey
Jimease Measey - 28 dager siden
Is there an alternative if you are an Apple User?
Rocky P
Rocky P - 28 dager siden
Tesla is minimalist like a unfurnished flat 😂😂😭
Rocky P
Rocky P - 28 dager siden
You lost me at was bought by a Chinese company
Per Johannesson
Per Johannesson - 29 dager siden
Distorted Humanity
Distorted Humanity - 29 dager siden
Volvo has been in the car manufacturing way way longer than Tesla and still Tesla beat Volvo on the basics. Handling etc... Obviously many of Polestar's specs are Tesla inspired.
Edgars Niedra
Edgars Niedra - 29 dager siden
I love your videos, but the passive aggressiveness in this particular video pisses me off.
I mean I hate Apple and yet you managed to infuriate me with your "Apple fanboys"
Road Rollin'
Road Rollin' - Måned siden
I’d just bloody to and buy the darn thing if I had the money for it!
周J - Måned siden
Why head lamps flashing ?
Kliman Khmeron
Kliman Khmeron - Måned siden
Tesla has a boring design
Polestar hold my battery
J A HOUSER - Måned siden
It comes too close to the car in front too quickly, could create road rage situation. Can the owner adjust that feature to their style of driving?
P HH - Måned siden
Great review. You may have just made a sale for polestar!
Funk Groover
Funk Groover - Måned siden
But Matt, what about the luggage test..... how do I know if I can get my GSD in the boot?
Pedro Veiria
Pedro Veiria - Måned siden
This car in watchdogs legion
Robert Manly
Robert Manly - Måned siden
Obviously the "moron" in the blue audi in front is your camera car, which I guess Audi had loaned you for the day so no harm done if you actually crashed into it then.
And after complaining a bit about the harsh ride you might appreciate the manually adjustable dampers a bit more. I guess you can have them set up to suit your taste or the local roads or whatever because as you say nobody is going to be doing that very often, if ever.
As usual no hint in your reviews as to what to do if you get a flat but at least in this review we could see there is no spare of any sort, so maybe there is a can of gunk which is probably useless and is going to require you to buy a new tyre anyway because the old one is full of gunk that the repairer will not remove (why would he if he can sell you a new one?). Plus you have to buy another repair kit which costs almost as much as a tyre even if it didn't work. So hundreds of dollars for a simple flat or zero if you had a spare wheel provided when you bought the car. I do wonder though what the guy you call to fix your flat tyre is going to do to help if the gunk does not work. Can someone tell me? Do you have to get a "tow"? or do they carry a range of skinny spare wheels these days? I thought I read about that happening in the UK but have not heard of it in Australia.
Agustin Lidén
Agustin Lidén - Måned siden
What a beauty that 🤍colored Polestar 2 are 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤
Banana Republic
Banana Republic - Måned siden
100% Chinese and better than TESLA. Also make sense android system as 90% phones are Android in the world
G. A
G. A - Måned siden
In the future can you not say (Hey Google) your setting off all my devices in my house lol
ਉਂਕਾਰ ਸਿੰਘ
glass roof yessssss
Harry Axe
Harry Axe - Måned siden
Be fair! This car has better (higher road clearance).
Jack Ryder
Jack Ryder - Måned siden
I hated model 3 and y suspension. Then This car is worst, in comparison.
I drive lexus, if its not same, then not even worth looking at it
ShizAudi - Måned siden
This is in no way better than a Tesla
ShizAudi - Måned siden
Such an ugly car, no curves at all...looks like it was designed with only a ruler 😂
satoru kendai
satoru kendai - Måned siden
says the person who love the cybertruck
Kripton Igniter
Kripton Igniter - Måned siden
I just got a pollster 2 ad from watching this
Ian & Amanda Charlesworth
Ian & Amanda Charlesworth - Måned siden
Guru Pawra
Guru Pawra - Måned siden
Was almost about to buy the new iPhone, but thank you to Matt for changing my mind, going buy Samsung now 😃
Steve Fletcher
Steve Fletcher - Måned siden
I'm beginning to think Mat Watson is the best car journalist on the internet, and there are loads.
Scott D
Scott D - Måned siden
this car lost me at google
Mike Andersson
Mike Andersson - Måned siden
Can you please do metric values as well? Good review.
Henrik Feldt
Henrik Feldt - Måned siden
Det en saab
Owrang - Måned siden
tesla 3 looks like a duck.
Gustav Stenvinkel
Gustav Stenvinkel - Måned siden
*Polestar release a Poelstar 2*
Me: O nice. I hope that they don’t get any problems with the car.
*3 weeks later:*
*Polestar calls back all new cars*
Erwin Roine
Erwin Roine - Måned siden
i like that norway is getting its own car brand
Rahmi Acar
Rahmi Acar - Måned siden
Being Android your life is practically OWNED BY YOUR CAR...
Gazz Rogers
Gazz Rogers - Måned siden
If your polestar 2 gets stolen (is that possible?) can the thief then get into your google account?
Gazz Rogers
Gazz Rogers - Måned siden
Or if you leave your mates in the car unsupervised? 🤣
Nikola Tomic
Nikola Tomic - Måned siden
The main reason why i watch this channel is because Matt is kicking apple fanboys in the butt 😉
Tesla-Trev dominic-tripper
i've seen a pole star , she looked better than this and cheaper....plus her rear end was sublime.....
Tesla-Trev dominic-tripper
yes there are pro and cons ..... tesla more efficient cheaper faster and a supercharger network polestar er.....
Mark Holbeche
Mark Holbeche - Måned siden
Great review and fab car. I was just about to place an order, but one simple problem - owned by a Chinese company. I’m boycotting everything Chinese after their handling/lies about Covid 19. Buy the Jag instead.
Frank Mynard
Frank Mynard - Måned siden
The guy you called a moron was more off than on
Ethan Diamond
Ethan Diamond - Måned siden
it also starts at 60k, the teslamodel 3 starts at 38k
Jens Lindblad
Jens Lindblad - Måned siden
I think it has a SAAB look to it. However, the c-pillar blindspot seems huge, and I wonder how many people will drive into the back of agressively regenerating one-pedal electric vehicles. Do the brake lights come on when you lift off the throttle? Also all the info on the screen seems to be more distracting than good for maintaining attention on the traffic.
YMOR Playz
YMOR Playz - Måned siden
Idk why but the Volvo cars just got you for some reason
unknown error
unknown error - Måned siden
Make polestar 2 vs tesla model 3 video
EASHOA -the Evidence
EASHOA -the Evidence - Måned siden
Many "MORONS" brake to look on both sides of the road.. in a sense.. we are ALL MORONS on the road when we drive sensibly !!
Hambo - Måned siden
I don't think even the Apple fanboys will say Siri is good
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - Måned siden
Polestar 2: Electric Boogaloo
Tharush Somashekar
Tharush Somashekar - Måned siden
Why isn't anyone talking about the crow.....
(listen to it properly... It sounds like yeah)
Anders Dextell
Anders Dextell - Måned siden
IOS Siri please
K Flight Dispatcher
K Flight Dispatcher - Måned siden
I think it supposes driver to use terminology to navigate or conduct the operation. It’s like aviation radio communication system, pilots and ATC only be allowed to use avi words under most cases.
Yi Zang
Yi Zang - Måned siden
When you have to use the right words to control the car as intended, it's a failure already.
Johnny Rosenberg
Johnny Rosenberg - Måned siden
I'm not sure why to mention that the seats are heated in 2020. I haven't seen a non heated (front) seat since the 1970's. Is this different in different countries, perhaps? My first car, a Volvo 244 DL 1976, had heated front seats and that was definitely not a luxury car.
Yummy Poggers
Yummy Poggers - Måned siden
I got a Polestar ad watching this
Tazio - Måned siden
Excellent review; very entertaining. Thank you.