New vs Old Land Rover Defender: Up-Hill DRAG RACE & Off-Road Battle!

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Are you in the market for an all-British off-roader? Then let’s face it, you’re going to choose a Land Rover Defender, aren’t you?
It’s fair to say the all-new Defender has come in for a bit of criticism since it was unveiled. So we want to know whether all the negative comments are justified, or if the all-new edition is a worthy replacement to its predecessor. And what better way to find out then with a series of off-road challenges!
When it comes to power, the new Defender has a clear advantage, with its 2-litre turbocharged Diesel engine pumping out 240hp. That's far more than the old generation can muster from its 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel, which only produces 122hp. Not only that but as we saw earlier in the year, the new Defender is packed full of all-new tech and electronics to help find the perfect settings for these off-road obstacles.
So what do you think - can the old Defender hang in there throughout this off-road battle?! There’s only one way to find out… Stick with Mat to see what happens!
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Thanks to Protrax for hosting the use of their off-road course -
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Le Lupus
Le Lupus - 2 timer siden
have you seen how many wrinkles you have on your forehead????? DAMN!!! ....... get some moisturizing cream at least..... (who's paying you...?)
Le Lupus
Le Lupus - 2 timer siden
you should have a "kick me " sign on your forehead...oh and btw.. want the BEST off-road suv...get a TOYOTA/LEXUS!!!
ken fitzpatrick
ken fitzpatrick - 5 timer siden
Cross axled?how bout u carry more speed through like u did with new defender and not purposely get it stick with a made to fail test... No were to put radio.. hits elbow.... Creeking sounds from old denfeder yeh yeh we know u got paid to make this
mac ducati
mac ducati - 6 timer siden
They're both unreliable, but the new one is going to cost a lot more to repair.
william smith
william smith - 8 timer siden
how much is servicing with all those electronics going wrong 10 year life span
Mr Diavel
Mr Diavel - 10 timer siden
Obviously bias review. The old is still the better work horse , better cost of running , more versatile , more rugged , easy to repair and still the cooler car and to add zero depreciation . The old will still be going in 20 years the new will be scrap as will be horrendously expensive to repair .
xtceeee1 - 10 timer siden
I don’t get why did the old lose in the second challenge?
the chris foundation
the chris foundation - 12 timer siden
the new defender looks too much like a range rover
nahshon white
nahshon white - 20 timer siden
You don't want computers in the bush only brains and clutch
nahshon white
nahshon white - 20 timer siden
Old defender is the best and only real one
tjrpaternoster - 22 timer siden
The old 110 is clearly much longer than the new defender. Use a 90 and learn how to drive a manual car - no competition, old 90 wins
brad d
brad d - Dag siden
I'd rather have the old one. I'd rather be in control of the truck instead of it deciding what it wants to do when it wants to do it. More electronics means more stuff to fail. Older one is more simple.
Nurmuhaimin Norhisham
Nurmuhaimin Norhisham - Dag siden
All right......test it at the malaysian tropical forest tracks.........then we talk again
Austine Pius
Austine Pius - 2 dager siden
Talk less and show the car more than yourself it’s not making it interesting
Guy Lambrechts
Guy Lambrechts - 2 dager siden
Reminds me of the 'new' mini coming out 20 years ago. Just move on and cherish the past. Besides, new Defenders will only be used to get the kids to school with moms 'adventurous' image.
Ivan Elvis
Ivan Elvis - 2 dager siden
This is a good comparison ✅
Peter Rose
Peter Rose - 3 dager siden
The less electronic the better.
I can't imagine a big electronic failure in the middle of the Sahara....
Anuar Abdrahman
Anuar Abdrahman - 3 dager siden
My dream car..when it come true..
Pro Mc
Pro Mc - 3 dager siden
New ones made out of cheap plastic. Even the checker plate is plastic.
Harvey Kent
Harvey Kent - 4 dager siden
What a smug tosser!
Reuben Rushton-Taylor
Reuben Rushton-Taylor - 4 dager siden
And despite all this, i'd rather have the old one.
Jopolski - 4 dager siden
This type of video is great! Entertainment and information 10/10 👌
Screaming LC
Screaming LC - 4 dager siden
Oil dilation, sensor faults and poor dealerships - the difference between a real Land Rover (Old) and the new.
danish khan
danish khan - 4 dager siden
English cars are pcs of shit. I am happy with my GMC terrain and Ford raptor both are jus amazing..
Dumitru Tocila
Dumitru Tocila - 4 dager siden
Is not Fair play
manfredstrpac - 5 dager siden
What a freckled wooss...
Mohammed Shafrin
Mohammed Shafrin - 5 dager siden
Still we love old one from srilanka
Alex Azn
Alex Azn - 5 dager siden
Buyers of this new super luxurious and super expensive Defender will never bring it to hard off road adventure. Who wants to scratch and damage such an expensive car?
Also, who would want to take that new Defender in real adventure, driving thousands of miles through Africa, south America or through Australia? All that shitty electronics are much more prone to failure and good luck to repair anything in the middle of nowhere or in a third world country. And such a pity, does not even have 3 diff locks like the Mercedes Class G.
Old Defender much simplier so much tougher, that's the one I would pick to go on hardcore adventure.
Nicholas Haigh
Nicholas Haigh - 5 dager siden
If the new ‘Defender’ had been badged up as the new Discovery everything would have made sense. In no way is it a Defender. Just isn’t.
Drone guy 2020
Drone guy 2020 - 6 dager siden
He could have simply changed up in the 14 plate and easily won that on the first test! Pretty horrendous off road driving compared to what I’ve done all my life. Paid promotion by the looks of it desperately trying to make the new model justify its outrageous price tag. They won’t sell anything like as well as the old model
FinTomTom - 6 dager siden
Un sub
Matt Morris
Matt Morris - 6 dager siden
Such an annoying presenter.
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz - 6 dager siden
just ordered an old defender excited to add it to my collection.
Jamal Alfakhroo
Jamal Alfakhroo - 6 dager siden
Old defender is a very tough car. I race them in the cross country championship in Qatar 🇶🇦 a lot of sand dunes it’s very hard but for the defender no worries
You will always get the respect when you drive the old defender. - 7 dager siden
Annoying ads.... Very annoying ......
Ibrahim Alkharusi
Ibrahim Alkharusi - 7 dager siden
Am I the only one who thinks test driver was ..clearly... taking the side of the New Defender. Was he trying.. making old Defender look less capable in all Tests. Come on...did you really hit your elbow ..twice .. on the side frame of the window because of lack of space? As if you are claiming .. the interior design and space in old Defender wasn't sufficient. You are not even the giant type. Again Choosing unnecessary diff-lock mode on a normal Terrain. And on Hill Test.. most probably ... the Traction button that controls wheels on slippery positions wasn't even off causing block of certain side of the wheel. I know Engineers worked pretty good on designing the new one .. but come on... who ever owns an old Defender knows driver wasn't doing well in this particular test drive. Unfair
jayanth dev Sailesh
jayanth dev Sailesh - 7 dager siden
20 / 20 for the old defender for being the coolest 4X4
claas6667 - 7 dager siden
Ok, old defender: tyre pressure like ."5" bars or more?, no 100% diff locks on front and rear? So what we are comparing here.
It has no traction control, so you can't stole him also old good only physicaly based traction capabilities
Ok new defender could be fine machine, i think is. But i want to see comparison in extreme mud, snow, sand with complete diff locks packet (arb locks) and right tyre pressure for such terrain on old defender and also on new defender with smallest possible rims and terrain type under pressured tyres.
Because from this video it looks like manipulation with our minds.
I want to buy one (new defender), just because of problems with neck, so because of its, i suppose smooth suspension. But such comparison not convincing me....
It is clear that this two cars will have different pros and cons in different conditions. Let show them.
But please no manipulations
Bob Bender
Bob Bender - 7 dager siden
The old Defender looks much sexier.
iJoshGames - 7 dager siden
Okay at 12:23 did anyone else notice the toppled over car in the background
ian haughey
ian haughey - 8 dager siden
Why is there so many bloody adverts!!!
Syaf Selamatt
Syaf Selamatt - 8 dager siden
Simply put, this Mat Watson bloke has been bought
Mayadunna Bandula
Mayadunna Bandula - 8 dager siden
Wanna see only vehicle but not your face. Detailing good and voice enough thanks.
Christopher Lin
Christopher Lin - 8 dager siden
still not a fan of the new Defender's design, it's sort of like it's trying a bit too hard to have some Discovery in it
Leonard Ayungo
Leonard Ayungo - 9 dager siden
Solution here is buy old defender then get new defender's engine in it 😁😁
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium - 9 dager siden
Sorry this guy will never make it onto top gear .... I hope!
Ranger Matt
Ranger Matt - 9 dager siden
I don't see any skill in this video, this isn't offroading. Stick to the tar please.
Dave Sugrue
Dave Sugrue - 9 dager siden
what about the wading in water test
Anita Vega
Anita Vega - 9 dager siden do that against the Fiat Panda 4X4, and then we talk again
SILLI4x4 - 9 dager siden
I'm suprised that the new is still moving..🤔
Carlos carolo
Carlos carolo - 9 dager siden
I love the old Land Rover Defender a true legend.
ARUN K A - 9 dager siden
അടിപൊളി ❤❤
WALTINATOR - 9 dager siden
Geez he don't stop talking shite!! just get to the off-roading already
lakshmivallabh - 10 dager siden
I just got a land rover ad
Vladimir Strahinic
Vladimir Strahinic - 10 dager siden
Drive classic not plastic!
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard - 10 dager siden
What a turd. Switched off, got sick of his 'Old dear' comments.
FerhdeMerak - 10 dager siden
now next challenge try to survive in africa for 25 years and see which one is winning... personnaly i will bet on the old Defender. Not the new pile of electronic crap
James Davies
James Davies - 10 dager siden
Crap review. Both would have lost to a fiat panda
David - 11 dager siden
That’s off road? Jeez
craig Mack
craig Mack - 11 dager siden
Do you really think they're going to make the 2020 look bad? Hell no! But i would take the old defender 90 in a heartbeat
Philip Wolfsberg
Philip Wolfsberg - 11 dager siden
Defender is a car for those who know how to drive. If you are a pussy get the Pretender. Simple.
Simoncelli 58
Simoncelli 58 - 11 dager siden
A few observations; No point in an offroad comparison unless they both have the same tyres. You do not "race" offroad, you need to adapt to the terrain or you WILL either damage/break the vehicle, get stuck or have an accident. If you've ever been driven by a Land Rover demonstration driver or other professional you will know that it's control and not speed that matters.
The driver makes a huge difference offroad, like most journalists these are total idiots, whose "skill" consists of stamping on the throttle trying to look "cool" or "fast" or some such, if they weren't driving other people's cars they would probably be archetypal boy-racers in ancient Corsas with big wheels, loud stereo and a K&N air filter. I've lost count of the number of journalists I've seen on press launches who switch off the electronics (because they want to powerslide0 and then promptly spin or crash because they have very little in the way of actual driving skill. Electronics can be useful (more useful the poorer the driver) but they cannot change the laws of physics and should NEVER be relied on to "get you out of trouble", which is just a synonym for "I wasn't in control"
Kristófer Daði
Kristófer Daði - 11 dager siden
the old land rover is legendary
Hanna Christopher
Hanna Christopher - 11 dager siden
Give the old defender to a Pakistani driver and the old defender would get more points though
Rising star
Rising star - 11 dager siden
But still the old defender looks great. The front portion old one looks better than the new one.
Banktop Farm
Banktop Farm - 11 dager siden
That was rigged full stop
nutty nick
nutty nick - 11 dager siden
Keep it for the yupies you have totally wrecked the landy now. Try something proper in a real world situation not some place where you could access with a 2wd. Hope they paid you well i dont think that i could take that thing in to the remote Australian out back with confidence. Oh well i suppose you can sell it to city folk that'll swallow what you feed them.
Edson rocha de oliveira
Edson rocha de oliveira - 11 dager siden
Moral da história, gente que aprendeu a dirigir carro Nutella jamais vai conseguir pilotar bem um defender bruto
Finlay Mcclean
Finlay Mcclean - 12 dager siden
My defender is ten times better than that old one even tho it’s 12 yrs older it’s so one sided and unfair
Crucien Marini
Crucien Marini - 12 dager siden
on ne voit pas les 4x4 , on voit sa tête 95% du temps....encore un homme qui veut se montrer !
Jake Turner
Jake Turner - 12 dager siden
The new one is not a real land rover defender just a cheap range rover
Victory Gamer
Victory Gamer - 13 dager siden
My father sold his old defender then bought a landcruiser v8.😭😭.I really miss that car.😒😒 so sad😭
James Miles
James Miles - 13 dager siden
As good as the new defender is I still would choose the old one any day
Steven Greenberg
Steven Greenberg - 13 dager siden
Love the old one. Hate the new one. Its soooo ugly. Its nothing as good as the knew range rovers ad land rovers
Andrew Butler
Andrew Butler - 13 dager siden
Basically electronics 'drove' the new defender - driving off road requires skill and purpose - old defender always !
abhijith abhijith
abhijith abhijith - 13 dager siden
You know what would dump any of these. Mahindra Thar
Junior Stoltz
Junior Stoltz - 13 dager siden
The old defender will not survive threw africa plus Defender is a cat which you are able to fix yourself and its made to last the new defender is like a lego car
Armin H
Armin H - 14 dager siden
6 ads on a 17 minute video? Are you fucking serious?
Jesus Ochoa
Jesus Ochoa - 14 dager siden
Acts 2:36 Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ./inspiration- Christ is Lord! Foretold in the Old Testament as our Messiah, brought forth for the children of Israel to embody the Lords’ message of salvation. Never should our hearts tire of lifting our heads to the sky and proclaiming to the Heavens the truth of the words: “Christ is Lord!”/prayer- God my Heavenly Master, ABBA and Lord! Praise be your name and that of your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ our spiritual savior. Grant me grace and let me kneel at thy feet; one knee at the foot of the cross, and another at the foot of your almighty throne in the everlasting paradise. Amen.
HighHoe Kermit
HighHoe Kermit - 14 dager siden
Why did he have to put on a Midlands accent? Haha
Beat master Life
Beat master Life - 14 dager siden
I think that the old one is nicer
cardenas262002 - 14 dager siden
Such a retarded challenge.. a Honda Civic could have tackled the first downhill.. these aren’t tough trails at all... have you ever driven in South America ?? Crappy little cars can handle the challenges you ran on those expensive turds
harry j
harry j - 15 dager siden
It’s such a shame to even compare the two and be a little whiny boi.
Emmanuel Mvula
Emmanuel Mvula - 15 dager siden
Computerized Defender will stuck in few years, while Manual Defender will go more than decades still running
steve Darbin
steve Darbin - 15 dager siden
Can you tell me how the inside of the new one will cope with being washed out with a hose. How will the new one cope with the panels being knocked out with a log after a shunt. What spares are needed to take with you when the car breaks down in the African bush. Are the electronic modules easy to change beside the road. How many wet sheep can you get in the back.
Steve Mason
Steve Mason - 15 dager siden
How ridiculous - we know the outcome, without watching : for a start POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO : 110 Defender against the new (Defender) LR (VW) Yeti - equivalent IDIOTIC & no comparison
Tim O'Connor
Tim O'Connor - 15 dager siden
You belong in a Prius.
waruna pinnagoda
waruna pinnagoda - 16 dager siden
Old one is gold 🔥
Martin Wooder
Martin Wooder - 16 dager siden
That’s rubbish when I go of roading I get my defender PROBABLY gets coved where was the water thousand where easy
chuggles03 - 16 dager siden
TFLCar bought a new Defender over a month ago. Drove it only a few days, and has been in a workshop with continuous troubles ever since. 167 miles before it broke. 3 or 4 days of use. A continual stream of electronic faults since. And Land Rover can't even fix it. Lemon laws now would apply. I can't see this copy even lasting the warranty period. Give me a previous model Defender any day.
martin mburu
martin mburu - 16 dager siden
Too bad the old land rover lacks some features like turn control
Rinaani kandanga
Rinaani kandanga - 16 dager siden
last challange was just a bad driver
Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave - 17 dager siden
Prefer the old one
Anitha Srinivasan
Anitha Srinivasan - 17 dager siden
G Wagen and new defender
Paddy Boy
Paddy Boy - 17 dager siden
If Landrover’s have such advanced traction control systems then why do you still have an option to select a mode shouldn’t it just all be automatic?
Krizalid1821 - 17 dager siden
Put it up against a Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro or a Ram TRX
Nelile Mdluli
Nelile Mdluli - 17 dager siden
We need more of these plz
Luis Batista
Luis Batista - 17 dager siden
I wonder whats the idea of setting up an obstacle course that we all know a car is better than the other. Can we please send these two vehicles during a 3-week safari through Australia and see which one makes it. If any of the vehicles brake, it can be fixed with bush mechanics but must reach the checkpoint before reaching out to the local stores for spare parts. These parts cannot be sponsored or brought by LR.
Jeep482 - 17 dager siden
All those electronics make driving "easy", but i thought you Europeans were more robust than the mall drivers in the United States. I'd take the 2014 any day over the new one.
Julian Megson
Julian Megson - 18 dager siden
The number of ads interrupting the video was ridiculous. I moved on after 9 minutes... sorry.