New Porsche Panamera Turbo S - see how quick it is to 60mph... and to annoy other drivers!

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This is the newly-revised Porsche Panamera Turbo S!
Porsche’s four-door executive car rolls in looking fairly similar to the last edition, although if you look closely you’ll see a new bumper up-front, along with a few minor changes on the inside at the rear. When it comes to performance it’s clearly no slouch, with the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 pumping out 640hp!
So it looks great and means business on a twisty road, but is it really worth the HUGE £140,000 price tag?! There’s only one way to find out… stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review!
00:00 Intro
00:49 Exterior Design
01:54 Interior
03:40 Back Seats
05:21 Boot
06:25 Drivetrain
06:54 Engines
07:55 Five Annoying Features
09:07 Five Good Features
10:32 0 - 60mph
10:56 Town Driving
13:38 Motorway Driving
14:12 Twisty Road Driving
15:11 Verdict
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carwow - 2 måneder siden
So, what cars do you want to see Mat drag race against this new Porsche Panamera Turbo S?
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones - 7 dager siden
Yiaani’s Lamborghini Aventador
Prutesh Woosaree
Prutesh Woosaree - 11 dager siden
Can just review the rather than trying to be funny. Learn from Doug Demuro
Frankie 5
Frankie 5 - 17 dager siden
911 carera 4s
Miguel Guimaraes
Miguel Guimaraes - 22 dager siden
Bentley continental gtw12 vs aventador or vs this panamera
J-Lee Official
J-Lee Official - 25 dager siden
The old Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid
blud - 12 timer siden
british roads are just crap

belgium roads are even wors and I can now it becaues I am from belgium.
Quattro RS
Quattro RS - Dag siden
J D - 2 dager siden
Every Single Car Review, Shortlist....
Matt: So what Exactly happened
Mister G.
Mister G. - 2 dager siden
Why can't a Mat Watson pronounce the name Porsche correctly? Is it genetic????
Rishith Repala
Rishith Repala - 6 dager siden
Matt can you do audi rs6 vs Porsche Panamera turbo s drag race and comparison
Ілля Прасол
Ілля Прасол - 7 dager siden
Germany better than England.
Rodgers Ambwa Akala
Rodgers Ambwa Akala - 8 dager siden
Love. Vedeos
Ludvik S. Dyrnes
Ludvik S. Dyrnes - 8 dager siden
Pretty sure that no Porsche owners have android phones😂
jl sc
jl sc - 10 dager siden
Thank you, I was going to go look at this car next week, now I don't have to. I'm not an apple fan boy, so no android, no buy.
Min Arkar channel
Min Arkar channel - 10 dager siden
Min Arkar channel
Min Arkar channel - 10 dager siden
Hongsing Kaing
Hongsing Kaing - 10 dager siden
Anybody else notice how he kinda look like an older Tom Holland
SVG シ༎ຶٹ༎ຶ
SVG シ༎ຶٹ༎ຶ - 11 dager siden
U should race this car with merc GT 63 4 door
DexxonGamerYT - 11 dager siden
BMW M5 competition anyday! Its 5 seconds slower on the ring on road tyres vs the panamera on cup 2s.
arthur a
arthur a - 14 dager siden
Matt is always damaging something in these cars.. Wtf Mathew
Drbranicap - 15 dager siden
its about time you learn to pronounce properly 2 brands PORSCHEEEEE not AAA and Shkoda not Skoda,please.
TheJessefuji - 17 dager siden
Nice sticky tape job on the GoPro
GREG MAJESKI - 19 dager siden
Why doesn’t he wear 2 tshirts?
And sweat all over the interior like Doug
Peter Pista
Peter Pista - 20 dager siden
why do you guys upload 4K video that doesn't have the 4K image quality at all?
Mr wow!!!!
Mr wow!!!! - 20 dager siden
you should drag race a porshe panamera turbo s vs a porshe 911 turbo s
Evan David Soriano Martinez
I still remember the car buyer video he made back in 2011. Those where good times
Jim 99west
Jim 99west - 21 dag siden
Imagine it with a 6 spd manual
J D - 23 dager siden
12:20, ooooooo he's getting' cross in he
Sup - 23 dager siden
You forgot the Panamera 4S and Turbo S E-Hybrid (which has 700 HP) versions.
Bruna Murray
Bruna Murray - 28 dager siden
Probably the windscreen is gonna cost like DAMN
Alex 1
Alex 1 - Måned siden
As long as you don’t live in Singapore, every car quotation is considered fair 🙏🏼
steffydog1 - Måned siden
That cars not for matey, maybe you’d be better in a right hand drive bumper car he he, stay safe 👍🤦🏻‍♂️🤗😎
Trevor Msomi
Trevor Msomi - Måned siden
Phat Tok
Phat Tok - Måned siden
For some reason I just cannot like this car. Its just so ugly, all ends up
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken - Måned siden
Can’t wait for the drag race against the m8 competition grand coupe v amg gt 63s
Ian Bijvoet
Ian Bijvoet - Måned siden
Nice GoPro mount
f a s t a s h e c k b o i g r r. r r r r r
hey guys u
did u see the check engine light
Art stuff
Art stuff - Måned siden
He looks like ken miles from ford vs ferrari
Snehasis Dey
Snehasis Dey - Måned siden
What about the turbo s - e hybrid
John H Pettigrew
John H Pettigrew - Måned siden
Carwow Canada Please!
Bhuiyan Khalid
Bhuiyan Khalid - Måned siden
10:26 That was painful...
Nightwing. - Måned siden
Dream Car.
Louis Leo
Louis Leo - Måned siden
does he need to pay for the repair of that damage on the windshield??? it looks like that chip of stone left some pit
Vikas Dhiman
Vikas Dhiman - Måned siden
Sir, please make an detailed video on jaguar f pace 2021🙏🙏.
Henry Discipline
Henry Discipline - Måned siden
Use your mirrors Matt!!!!🤪
كرار حسين حسن
كرار حسين حسن - Måned siden
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe - Måned siden
They added a newer Turbo
Che Palino
Che Palino - Måned siden
brits problems.. should make your fucking roads wider
bekir fgj
bekir fgj - Måned siden
İf you want to buy this car in turkey should pay 4 million liras
Lee Dye
Lee Dye - Måned siden
Love Porsche’s, except this one. Just cannot get passed that rear end, and I have even owned two 928’s back in the day.
Guillermo Meza
Guillermo Meza - Måned siden
Shorts is for children’s, not for old man.
Filmowiec inaczej M. Wojtania
i love porsche and their panamera, taycan, cayenne, macan and the 911 mat
RobbyOnTheWay - Måned siden
4:28 But if you would do it in one piece, you would not be able to open/close the front and back separately! You have to decide what you want. I think the decision of Porsche is good.
Ki E-Skate Mods
Ki E-Skate Mods - Måned siden
Matt race this Turbo S version vs the Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S Performance
Shamar Coke
Shamar Coke - Måned siden
This dude said British roads are crap 😂😂😂😂
Tim Till
Tim Till - Måned siden
You are British, stop wearing shorts on tv 🤦🏻‍♂️
AwesomeCarGuy - Måned siden
Mini hub
Mini hub - Måned siden
It's still the best luxury car maybe not the fastest and best handling
Mini hub
Mini hub - Måned siden
Ls500 2021 reviews
Seb Doyle
Seb Doyle - Måned siden
I was expecting donuts 🥺
GIGA AL - Måned siden
it's not Porsche - it's crazy frog...
fredofoto - Måned siden
Thanks Matt... now how much will it cost to replace the windscreen?
SvetLana Reeves
SvetLana Reeves - Måned siden
I really enjoyed driving Porsche Panamera:
A.A Alawar
A.A Alawar - Måned siden
"British roads are just crap!!" .....EXACTLY!!! here in Dubai no issue at all whatsoever
SABARI - Måned siden
Can we get a comparison between previous model
Pomo4ka R
Pomo4ka R - Måned siden
I feel like Mat really likes this car and Porsche as a brand......... NOT!!! Haha, good, im a beemer fan anyways, GO M8 (Y)
Rover Waters
Rover Waters - Måned siden
7:59 you touched the windscreen ....and a bit later this happened 13:05
周生生 - Måned siden
Key point made: British roads are just crap.
Al En
Al En - Måned siden
Youtuber NoUser
Youtuber NoUser - Måned siden
How tf is this a Panamera without shoeing us the Folding Wing 😦😦😦
Youtuber NoUser
Youtuber NoUser - Måned siden
The entry lvl Panamera is soo cheap the Porsche Crest is in Black & White 😲😄😄😄
Youtuber NoUser
Youtuber NoUser - Måned siden
Can we all give a round of applause for Porsche's *R E A L E X H A U S T S* 💯💯💯
Melih Cem ARSLAN
Melih Cem ARSLAN - Måned siden
@carwow hey Mat. (8:07) Porsche does that because back in the time in the le mans races drivers were running to car starting the car. Porsche put the start left and so drivers could start the car while they getting into the car. So its a reference to that, I think its cool :D
Eddie Boson
Eddie Boson - Måned siden
Mat is the best!
peymonmusic - Måned siden
Lol the poorly taped GoPro to the steering wheel was the highlight
비나바나 - Måned siden
역시 굿!
Veroniciany Veronica
Veroniciany Veronica - Måned siden
Matt you’re best car journalist ever !
Adderbaby - Måned siden
OK, Who else cringed at 10:14 with Matt putting his foot on the paint work '0'
Hassan Yakubu
Hassan Yakubu - Måned siden
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Senih Sutcu
Senih Sutcu - Måned siden
I love that the check engine light is on
SHAFIEE channel
SHAFIEE channel - Måned siden
Pless try Malaysia car proton
D MOTORS TM South Africa
D MOTORS TM South Africa - Måned siden
Matt who kicks you when you say Nurburgring so that we can arrest him 😡😡😡
Jackal Matlou
Jackal Matlou - Måned siden
Britain has criminally narrow roads. Jesus
Jens T. Schultz
Jens T. Schultz - Måned siden
Slick camera mount @11:06 #carwowtech
Bozzy !!
Bozzy !! - Måned siden
He looks abit like Scott Adkins
Ti ga
Ti ga - 2 måneder siden
Me: upgrades Spotify to premium because of sound quality
Panamera owners: Get £4k Burmester
David Patricio
David Patricio - 2 måneder siden
how about the new
Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo? :o)
Sturdza S
Sturdza S - 2 måneder siden
If Dacia can make wireless android auto and apple car play Porsche should too...
Tornado chaser 7
Tornado chaser 7 - 2 måneder siden
I think and this is just a suggestion, that if you put "the stick of truth" in your clothes like a sword kind of, and you spend the part until you use it carrying it, that would be a real fun and comic thing, it can add up to the funny parts in your videos... whose with me give a like so that he sees this. the stick sword man.
Otieno Thomas E.
Otieno Thomas E. - 2 måneder siden
Still don't get why you complain about low sitting position when you can adjust the seat. Pretty sure taller individuals would consider it ideal
Joe Garrett-Robinson
Joe Garrett-Robinson - 2 måneder siden
A longer 911/ 992 and it probably just comes short of the 959
William Wallace
William Wallace - 2 måneder siden
Car is not wide british roads are just narrow
Plants_and_paints - 2 måneder siden
You could totally revive "Top Gear" you should put yourself forward to present the program 😀.
Nicolas - 2 måneder siden
Here, have a like to pay for that windshield.
Driver 700
Driver 700 - 2 måneder siden
So you can move the PDK gear leaver left and change gear manually in the Panamera but not in the 911?
Porsche took away driver choice and involvement with that bizarre decision on the 992.
nikita savva
nikita savva - 2 måneder siden
love it!!!
•CREEPY •SARAH• ÙwÚ - 2 måneder siden
Speed Freak
Speed Freak - 2 måneder siden
12:40 I want that sound for my calendar reminder tone. 😂 @carwow make it happen.
Saif Rahmanur
Saif Rahmanur - 2 måneder siden
Petition for Rory and Matt to collab!
santiago calderon
santiago calderon - 2 måneder siden
Best town driving section ever lol
Chris Evans
Chris Evans - 2 måneder siden
Hey Mat. Why is it that you "NEVER" review a Maserati?
Ed Kazazian
Ed Kazazian - 2 måneder siden
It's NOT a Porsh, nor a front porch, it's Porchia, 2 salable word!! Quit pronouncing it wrong!!
D4VË - 2 måneder siden
Oh yeah, UK's roads are really shittty ones. With "dynamic" width and terrible surface, mostly surrounded by a stone wall or bushes.
J C - 2 måneder siden
Took me 2 minutes to notice he on the left side of the car
Michael Zimmermann
Michael Zimmermann - 2 måneder siden