New Mercedes S-Class - see why it's their most luxurious car ever!

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The S-Class has always been a trend-setter when it comes to luxury and high-class tech, so you know it’s always going to be a big deal when a new one is announced. So does the latest generation live up to the stature of its predecessors?
Well when it comes to luxury, it’s definitely leading the way over what BMW & Audi have to offer, with a huge touchscreen infotainment screen dominating the front cabin, surrounded either side by a large, curved dashboard. Although if you’re a fan of physical buttons, you might want to look away now…
As for performance? Well under the bonnet you can choose from four different engines. They’re all 3-litre straight-sixes, but the range topper (for now at least) is the S500 petrol, which delivers 435hp and hits 60mph in 4.9 seconds! There’s also a V8 & AMG S63 heading our way next year, too.
So what do you think - does the S-Class retain its crown as the king of luxury limos? Stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:22 Design
01:20 Interior
02:06 Safety
02:59 Infotainment
04:28 Seats
05:27 Engines
06:52 Lights
07:49 Driving
09:15 Aerodynamics
09:55 Price
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carwow - 2 måneder siden
S-Class vs 7 Series vs A8 - which is the best? VOTE BELOW!
Fisch 41
Fisch 41 - 11 dager siden
@carwow s-class
patrick jackob
patrick jackob - Måned siden
since when luxury is having iPad ? check Bentley interior and we can talk about luxury, S Class = Tesla, there's no luxury in that
Kabir Hridoy
Kabir Hridoy - 2 måneder siden
Adrian Ionut Costache
Adrian Ionut Costache - 2 måneder siden
7 series
Samsung Plansete
Samsung Plansete - 2 måneder siden
7 series
Steve MurphysLaw
Steve MurphysLaw - 2 dager siden
f all the teck 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😖
Steve MurphysLaw
Steve MurphysLaw - 2 dager siden
😝😝. 😎😎. 🙄🙄
gobind paul
gobind paul - 7 dager siden
It just pains me that cars are going from being art pieces to being robots.
Mat Zerban
Mat Zerban - 7 dager siden
If the Arabs had not destroyed the Persian Empire 1400 years ago, the form of technology and transportation would be 1400 years ahead of today.
fr fr
fr fr - 8 dager siden
German Junk. Lexus or the Genesis would me my route if I was gonna a lux. car.
UK Happyme
UK Happyme - 12 dager siden
When i seen it first time i deos not like the new look .. but after few more times i think it new design is cool especially in that expensive version..massive 21 wheels etc..
Michael Wade
Michael Wade - 12 dager siden
I like the clean styling of the new S-Class. It looks better than the previous model IMO. I just don't care for those plastic panels in the grill on any car. I know they are for important safety systems but they just spoil the look on any automobile. MB does do a good job disguising them with the large, round, three-pointed star emblem on other models. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I cannot afford to buy a Mercedes anyway.
Christopher Maloney
Christopher Maloney - 13 dager siden
The suspension is like on ford gt
Saadman Hossain
Saadman Hossain - 15 dager siden
The Classic Headlights were best and now I think I am not a fan of S class
Harry Shahrum
Harry Shahrum - 15 dager siden
retired old men wet dream car
Orlando hogan III
Orlando hogan III - 16 dager siden
I don't like the rear end of this car and I don't like that big ass tablet 😒
UpcominLegend - 17 dager siden
The interior is amazing, but I'm not used to the exterior yet. Maybe if I see it in person.
AnimalSpirit - 17 dager siden
Level 3 autonomous driving does not allow changing lanes
. Sorry Matt
Blackbird - 18 dager siden
front looks awful
Sreekanth surendran
Sreekanth surendran - 18 dager siden
It's like someone fitted a iPad on the central control console for infotainment system
Solomon Kabuka
Solomon Kabuka - 20 dager siden
"*if thats legal in your country*" very important disclaimer😂
John Rand
John Rand - 21 dag siden
The ugliest outside of a car I've seen.
Henry Mok
Henry Mok - 21 dag siden
The new S looks like a blown up soap box, flagships should be more regal.
paul rugendo
paul rugendo - 22 dager siden
For me I find the design off. The S-Class is an elegant car. One who's design stands out. But as of now the new E-Class and S-Class look like a normal car. It has lost its image.
S.R.I MOSSAD - 25 dager siden
Is ugly the back looks like old maserati
jeczybula - 26 dager siden
I hate the new interior design - these computer screens, no buttons, it doesn't look like a car interior... It looks like a computer screen. It's disgusting, we spend 8 hours in front of the computer screen at work, then some more hours in front of the computer screens (watching films, working, chatting, etc.), and now, we will be forced to spend time in front of the computer screens while driving. Horrible! And it's not convenient at all. There is nothing more practical than BMW's iDrive. Trying to reach and touch a screen "buttons" is difficult, annoying and it takes the driver's attention, a terrible new trend! When it comes to the outside design, it doesn't look so bad, however, looks it looks worse than to previous generation. So it's a huge disappointment for me.
Oliver Buckley
Oliver Buckley - 26 dager siden
The last model was nicer really, and there are to many things to go wrong
ilyn Payne
ilyn Payne - 27 dager siden
4:22 now that's some next level technology Mercedes nailed it with that feature u look back & the blinds unfold
Mark One
Mark One - 29 dager siden
So glad they dropped those ugly bulgy rear wheel arches from the previous model.
Abedalqader halaweh
Abedalqader halaweh - Måned siden
S class 2021= s class 2014+ Android
trans0918 - Måned siden
Bg song name?
Missouri Re sole
Missouri Re sole - Måned siden
Now the 7 series is the only true great sedan on the market.
Evy Vermeylen
Evy Vermeylen - Måned siden
Alzacc - Måned siden
Exterior no interior yes
italia gorino
italia gorino - Måned siden
Love car wow
1United - Måned siden
As much as people complain about the look, it will still sell like hot cakes. Because it's an S class. Now quit it folks.
Rukiye Çom
Rukiye Çom - Måned siden
I love the new design!!! Why would you not like it
L Martin
L Martin - Måned siden
The rear of the new S class ruined it
Jingdong Xiao
Jingdong Xiao - Måned siden
This generation of S class like a KIA.
Poyraz Yesim
Poyraz Yesim - Måned siden
I do quite like the new styling, I must say once the AMG styling is added onto it the new styling will pop a bit more! The inside is s class all over, extravagant and just a way for Merc to show off what they can do for the high end money spenders, overall a good car to buy in 15 years time
SPEAK THE TRUTH - Måned siden
They got it wrong on the design on the new S class.....😅🤣😄😆😁
Sebastian Larsen
Sebastian Larsen - Måned siden
That screen is so cheap and ugly, the opposite of luxurious. Luxury is weighted switches and knobs, not cheap android. Nobody is impressed by touch screens now. Hand made luxurious knobs, however...
William Worgan
William Worgan - Måned siden
i love the s class but as mercs are fairly common maybe not the s class but mercs in general if you had 150k to spend on the s63 would you not go consider bentley or rolls and be more exclusive ??
Guy BOLOU - Måned siden
German's cars are the best in the world !
Jibroni UK
Jibroni UK - Måned siden
Very disappointing new design! Why must the S class look like a bigger A class???? S class has lost the elegance and distinctive look.
Jibroni UK
Jibroni UK - Måned siden
New design (interior and exterior) for S class is horrible. Old design is much better all round.
apple_bold759 - Måned siden
R.I.P triple eyebrow headlights (at least I can look at single eyebrow headlights on my Vito with optional led headlights)
M. K.
M. K. - Måned siden
allt the people here complaining about the looks, but no one cares because most of us can`t afford one anyway. And actually i personally really like the new look especially upfront
Tiago Patrício
Tiago Patrício - Måned siden
Luxurious, exclusive and full of STOLEN TECH from NOKIA, SHARP and QUALCOM!!!!!
whatever04 - Måned siden
I don't mind the design, because in my country we don't get the A-class. So I don't have that frame of reference, I am okay with the sporty design.
Tiemu Oki
Tiemu Oki - Måned siden
I love the new s class
qweqwe asdasd
qweqwe asdasd - Måned siden
That touchscreen is totally from Tesla
Art Farmer
Art Farmer - Måned siden
The grill makes the new bmw styling look good
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson - Måned siden
WHY Mercedes? 🙃🙃🙃
M A - Måned siden
Silly outer design ...inside looks stunning.
H - Måned siden
Mercedes. What have you done to the head and rear lights 😭
H - Måned siden
If they would bring the previous head and rear lights on the new one. It would be almost perfect.
H - Måned siden
But the interior is ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING!!
Paul - Måned siden
The new DS from germany
UnquantifiableQuest - Måned siden
2:59 I really don't get it with these ipads jammed on to the dashboard....I find it to be extremely horrible; just like tesla 3. yuck...
Abongile Mgwaba
Abongile Mgwaba - Måned siden
This is lowkey better than the rolls royce but you'll not ready for that
Turki Kaboha
Turki Kaboha - Måned siden
Looks like a high end KiA.
Jenny L.
Jenny L. - Måned siden
It monitors your eyes....what if you have sunglasses on? Lol...
Mix Waffles
Mix Waffles - Måned siden
Looks like an alfa romeo guila to me
Mathias Purba
Mathias Purba - Måned siden
I think rich people won't buy the new s class if they see from the exterior
But when they see the interior
They change their mind:)
Mohamed - Måned siden
That’s a longer E class and a much longer C class, with a Tesla front interior.
Rick P
Rick P - Måned siden
Not as good as the all new 2021 Rolls Royce GHOST !
Satnam singh
Satnam singh - Måned siden
Only they forgot to copy real exhausts from other manufacturers.
Christian Coates
Christian Coates - Måned siden
Cool on the inside, too plain on the outside
Baby Co
Baby Co - Måned siden
New Merc: Tesla copy-cat!! Same for that Audi!!!
Tony Luk
Tony Luk - Måned siden
S Class has been uglier & cheaper in quality since the '90s(W140)....sad for Mercedes!
Иван Сувид
Иван Сувид - Måned siden
BMW what you talk?
Freddo Flintstono
Freddo Flintstono - Måned siden
Did Mercedes mention that it has a built-in spy system that you cannot disable? It is constantly online via the phone system as it has its own SIM, and this can be remote controlled. Also, if you sell your Mercedes, a year of complaining won't get you off their mailing list - only the threat of going after them under GDPR will..
Freddo Flintstono
Freddo Flintstono - Måned siden
I just don't like the main line of Mercedes - they all look like they're mainly used by undertakers..
97336cf - Måned siden
19 seat motors....LMFAO just imagine when this car is a typical $3000 used junkpile like a 2007 s550 is today. What a nightmare this is going to be in a few years.
John Nguyen
John Nguyen - Måned siden
S class is the best hands down
Sina Kamali
Sina Kamali - Måned siden
i dont like it
Elias Kortelainen
Elias Kortelainen - Måned siden
I love the exterior, but that huge middle screen ruins the interior. I would like analog speedometer and buttons. W211 has the best interior ever.
HEINRICXVI - Måned siden
As someone who's been a huge fan of the S-class (owned them all up to the w221) I can say without hesitation this the most uninspiring and ugly S class of them all.
Markku Pesonen
Markku Pesonen - Måned siden
S-Class should be conservative, not a sport car style.
Moebius - Måned siden
I agree ... I think this does look conservative though.
Vikz Vikz
Vikz Vikz - Måned siden
Back looks like the lincoln smfh
The rear end doesn't quite do it. Last generation was wayy sweeter
TheYoutuber - Måned siden
Front is ok. Taillights are inelegant. Interior is lazy.
james Robinson
james Robinson - Måned siden
S-class design and features has always filtered down into other models and other manufactures copy and always hold there breath when Mercedes-Benz release a new s-class, because other brands always go back to the drawing board!
Ex-Mercedes-Benz employee 😉
ILOVEALGARVE - Måned siden
poooooor Yianni :) must cry now that he has outdated cars :( :(
Rani Seela
Rani Seela - Måned siden
I used to love the s classes elegant exterior now it looks rubbish as hell shocked to see this!!
Jayke Meneses
Jayke Meneses - Måned siden
Its somewhat dull and borders on ugly - not regal. Agree the previous shape is better than this new one
Ràhul Augustin
Ràhul Augustin - Måned siden
the old headlights were really beautiful
Leechy 1984
Leechy 1984 - Måned siden
I have the current version s-class and I do like the look of the new one coming out. I currently love the s-class, its the best car I've owned so far. Comfortable isn't the word
Zacky Mohmand
Zacky Mohmand - Måned siden
"This system keeps all 4 wheels in the same direction to make the car more stable" i sure hope it's not like other cars do that too.
Pekka Hietala
Pekka Hietala - Måned siden
Steer the wheels in same direction. Not keep. In low speeds it steers rear wheels opposite direction to front wheels.
Zacky Mohmand
Zacky Mohmand - Måned siden
Holy hell these German cars are turning into whales more and more every year
BadInflu Jam
BadInflu Jam - Måned siden
Well I guess i wont be able to purchase this until 2030 hopefully. It's a very lovely car.
NubletPie278 - Måned siden
God its terrible. The interior looks fit for a £30k Tesla and the exterior is bland and anonymous. Worst S Class ever. At least there's a V8.
Axel - Måned siden
Its such an ugly car. The BMW 5 series is much cheaper but looks much more elegant. This... looks too much like a budget car.
Manu - Måned siden
Ive worked in the S-Class this year, i was one of the Holiday jobbers there before they came out With the new one.
And yes, the old one with the Long Display Looks way sexier.
Deepesh Ronaldo
Deepesh Ronaldo - Måned siden
The previous model was bettter
Nawaz Waseem
Nawaz Waseem - Måned siden
Typical Mercedes plastic build quality 😅😂🤣
atharv deo
atharv deo - Måned siden
Am I the only one who loves the look of new S Class
immDroidz - Måned siden
I think that the car looks amazing, but im also a 21 year old that wants a more sporty car. I don't think their target group of customers share the same opinion to be honest.
Raja Muda DiGunung SeriMaha Malapetaka
The real s class throne still own by this King w140 and King w221
kpsuhail - Måned siden
Old head light looks better. Else everything is ❤️❤️
Matthew Watson
Matthew Watson - Måned siden
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh - Måned siden
Thank god something better than bmw idrive
Jay M
Jay M - Måned siden
Aspiring millionaire I drive smokes that any day lol
Kill The Idols
Kill The Idols - Måned siden
I'm going to wait 15 years for the price to drop, and maybe I'll buy it.
geet sharma
geet sharma - Måned siden
I am sorry but whatever feature and luxury loaded vehicle they might have made!! I will never ever like the new s class as compared to the gorgeous (before) s class!! MERCEDES WHY
Виктор Николаев
where did the Horsepower go ? Back then Mercedes was looking to make the fastest Cars and now it‘s all about Luxury sad in my eyes