New Mercedes E-Class 2021 in-depth review

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This is the updated E-Class! It’s as smart & stylish as the previous edition, but comes inclusive with a number of new features and styling tweaks that make it even better!
Along with the styling updates to the front of the car, you’ll also find a range of engines available, including 3-litre straight-six turbo petrol that’ll produce 367hp! So when you couple that with the interior styling and tech updates, is the new E-Class the new must-have mid-range luxury saloon?! You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:55 Exterior Design
02:05 Boot
03:42 Back Seats
05:53 Interior Design
06:42 Infotainment System
09:40 Practicality
10:32 Engines
11:36 Five Annoying Features
13:11 Five Good Features
15:30 0-60mph
15:50 Town Driving
16:58 Motorway Driving
18:26 Twisty Road Driving
19:46 Verdict
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carwow - 3 måneder siden
E-Class, A6 or 5 Series... Which is getting your vote? LIKE the comments on this post to VOTE!
abdullah asim
abdullah asim - Dag siden
lexus es
park 54
park 54 - 4 dager siden
Pls do a bmw 5 series 2020 video fast
li mo
li mo - 6 dager siden
Joel Jaison
Joel Jaison - 7 dager siden
Lexus es go ****** it mate
Andrej Li
Andrej Li - 13 dager siden
FC BAYERN MUNCHEN - 20 timer siden
Its soooo boring looking! F$^& nooo!
abdullah asim
abdullah asim - Dag siden
the back seats look more interesting and better because of the robot and I think because of the climate control and robot the back seats look amazing
Sanghoon Lee
Sanghoon Lee - Dag siden
It looks like a Hyundai circa 2007. And I've seen lots of Hyundais because I live in Korea.
Depressed Mallu
Depressed Mallu - Dag siden
Talbi Tec
Talbi Tec - 3 dager siden
This is a discrimination towards the E-class. Its designers must be put in place.
Niko Nikov
Niko Nikov - 3 dager siden
Matt has some scarry ass hands.
sal 6942013 and all other cool numbers
I like the new design, keep it up Mercedes.
A A - 5 dager siden
I have to go with the smart and lovely BMW series 5 this year..Mercedes you’re using cheaper materials with time and the price is just more expensive..
noobie44 - 6 dager siden
polestar? really
AB WA - 6 dager siden
The old design more beautiful from out side they destroy the car 😔 it is look like Korean cars
أبو رشاد Oman
أبو رشاد Oman - 6 dager siden
Really it’s a brilliant car
How much price bro????
Armando Loureiro
Armando Loureiro - 7 dager siden
Nice review. But I was wondering if the S class is much better. Or is this actually quite close.
Adrian - 7 dager siden
front looks so much better on this one, previous model was ugly with those 2 led lines
J C F - 7 dager siden
Alô Mat podes comprar este Mercedes E com o Genesis G8 um vídeo
Claw1x - 8 dager siden
My dad has that car
v c
v c - 8 dager siden
Lot of times when new mercedes model comes out i am like what are they doing with this looks. But after 10 years the car looks much better then all the competition. So i guess we not used to mercedes looking like all other cars but in the end there is a big difference you will notice it as the time passes by.
SoftRoseforYou - 8 dager siden
Funny! Motor Trend gave the 2021 E class the car of the year for 2021. This is for all your haters of the E class. SMH LOL
Peter Sang
Peter Sang - 9 dager siden
I can't wait to re-watch this review in 5 years to see how this car aged
Yankee Doodle
Yankee Doodle - 11 dager siden
I'll pass on this German money pit. I'll go with the new Genesis G80 or G90, they're beautiful
hagakuru - 11 dager siden
The E-Class just won MotorTrend's Car of the Year for 2021.
LIL Zayvo
LIL Zayvo - 12 dager siden
Karwan Gara
Karwan Gara - 12 dager siden
What car has the best infotainment system according to him? My phone doesnt show pop up banners for some reason.
SMOKER - 14 dager siden
I feel like most car brands these days are lost in terms of design, like how can you mess up your design when you have a strong identity like mercedes or bmw?
FrontRoyal Auto
FrontRoyal Auto - 14 dager siden
Wait for new C-class. Than you won't distinct E class from C class
dzoni b
dzoni b - 16 dager siden
the car looking fresh and better then older one, have best enterior and best strearing wheel in all auto industry.. people always hate, just need another rims..
Ezekiel Webb
Ezekiel Webb - 17 dager siden
Lately Mercedes designs are just looking so cheap and so are there new interiors
James Clarke
James Clarke - 18 dager siden
Typical brit
Satyawan Lohat
Satyawan Lohat - 19 dager siden
They ruined the design
Keegs Van
Keegs Van - 20 dager siden
geez love the infotainment system
6:42 caption
Commando !
Commando ! - 22 dager siden
Goddamn I hate the commercials for this car
Ariyan Afif
Ariyan Afif - 23 dager siden
50k pounds for fake exhaust..
Shiba Inu Des
Shiba Inu Des - 24 dager siden
MB Design Team:: "we're out of tail lights"
Design Team Lead: "let's borrow some from Genesis"
Kam Lall
Kam Lall - 25 dager siden
Hey Mat @carwow when are you going to review the New BMW 5 Series LCI ?
Davoodoox1 - 25 dager siden
I stopped watching after he showed the horrible fake exhaust. I bet the speakers project fake engine sounds too.
Ruchika Sood
Ruchika Sood - 25 dager siden
13:56 🤣🤣
Mohd Khairul Shukeri
Mohd Khairul Shukeri - 26 dager siden
still no spare tire? and they now add fake exhaust .. hmm
vincent choo
vincent choo - 26 dager siden
wtf design is this? i am keeping my 2018 C class for good
sm tuhin
sm tuhin - 26 dager siden
Price plz......plz
Souvik Bagchi
Souvik Bagchi - 26 dager siden
I want a Hugo Boss suit after watching this video.
Annon Skeete
Annon Skeete - 26 dager siden
WTH is going on with the Mercedes design team.
Kirtiraj Kalita
Kirtiraj Kalita - 27 dager siden
Cheap look 🙂
Purple Furture
Purple Furture - 27 dager siden
Is this the new facelift?
ER PO - 28 dager siden
Can't they just make w212 design for the next 50 years? I mean the pre facelift one ofc.
Lebohang Masooa
Lebohang Masooa - 29 dager siden
Love this car
Oliver Buckley
Oliver Buckley - Måned siden
Stunning machine
yunghazy - Måned siden
Wait for this or the 2019 E300 executive?
Naavin Thirumalaisamy
Naavin Thirumalaisamy - Måned siden
Naavin Thirumalaisamy
Naavin Thirumalaisamy - Måned siden
Allen Lai
Allen Lai - Måned siden
I’m 43 years old and have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. I’ve owned one A, two Es, one S, one GLA, one GLE, and one SL. Let me tell you, after reviewing the newly remodeled S and E class, what the hell... I’ve never been so disappointed!
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye - Måned siden
This facelift model looks better, the interior is very nice. The back taillights could have been designed better.
tmspirits Cloudservice
tmspirits Cloudservice - Måned siden
werffjvander - Måned siden
Prison Mike
Prison Mike - Måned siden
Mercedes' quality is unquestionable. But the car looks so basic for the price. If I were in the market I'd probably get the year before, or wait for a redesign.
b f
b f - Måned siden
I don't care if any one love or hate this car. I just love the new design which is I going to buy it
David Welsh
David Welsh - Måned siden
What’s the deal with the massage seats? I’ve contacted two UK Mercedes dealers and both have said the E class doesn’t come with massage seats? It’s really hard to find what option would have massage. The uk site lists it as having massage under tech, but doesn’t say what option, Matt says it has it on this and the coupe video... are the staff in the dealerships just terrible with product knowledge, or has the UK spec not allowed massage seats?
No one
No one - Måned siden
In the old model the exhaust manifolds it is real not fake i have it in my E400 2017
SL TECH PLAY - Måned siden
Serotonin - Måned siden
I have NEVER seen a Mercedes Benz Taxi?! Where the hell do you live?! (Obviously expect the Uber x our whatever)
TradeMark - Måned siden
They are pretty common depending on the country.
Drummer Boy
Drummer Boy - Måned siden
ThisE class does not have back reclining seats
Khaya Mautla
Khaya Mautla - Måned siden
I have a hard time telling between the c-class and e-class. It's a shame really. The older e-class had presence, commanded respect from a mile a way.
Lee Hempfling
Lee Hempfling - Måned siden
what's the difference now;;; C, E, S all the same thing... who cares
Hadi Likes Engine
Hadi Likes Engine - Måned siden
The front grille is the best, compare its German rival.
Jadzia Dax
Jadzia Dax - Måned siden
Looks like the designers were drunk or just don't care. Ugly car that's a kick in the nuts for Mercedes.
Wheres that Signature Chrome Grille that Bespoke of Class, Style and Elegance.
This car looks like it was scrapped together in or at a Salvage Yard. Truly sad.
PS Biker
PS Biker - Måned siden
Review on 2021 JAGUAR XF
PS Biker
PS Biker - Måned siden
Where 2021 jaquar XF
Raed Khmous
Raed Khmous - Måned siden
Why short list it man ? JUST GO AHEAD AND BUY IT 🙂
samer s
samer s - Måned siden
Its a classy car. Howcome you put it in such dusty look and ground. You think its Suzuki 😡😡
Interessante Verhalen
Interessante Verhalen - Måned siden
looks like suzuki
Interessante Verhalen
Interessante Verhalen - Måned siden
old model is far smarter and apealing. this looks cheap stuff no appeal. bad designers
Boom Channel
Boom Channel - Måned siden
bmw fan here
Robert Castle
Robert Castle - Måned siden
What a letdown.
gregg wroblewski
gregg wroblewski - Måned siden
I just sold my E series and I think they did a great upgrade to the interior with the new version I’m not so keen on the exterior but overall it was a great car and the best part trouble free with a little over 100,000 miles. I did upgrade to a GLE 350 diesel which I thoroughly enjoyed it very comfortable
Andreas Papacosta
Andreas Papacosta - Måned siden
Many thanks. I owe a Merc E 320d for fourteen years and it always been reliable may be I would like to replace it with the new E class. Thank you for explaining so well Andreas Papacosta London
nicole roberts
nicole roberts - Måned siden
A natureza é maravilhosa
prof. applebot
prof. applebot - Måned siden
No offense but mercs r getting worse looking
I’m sry
capeta - Måned siden
ugly steering wheel!
Derick Shalo
Derick Shalo - Måned siden
The 2021 Hyundai Azera, looks a whole lot better...a titanic boat lots better.
Derick Shalo
Derick Shalo - Måned siden
All I can say is, E-Class 2003 to 2008.....when Mercedes still had designers who could design. Now they just design Korean cars, something like a branch from Kia.
M 0077
M 0077 - Måned siden
pretty much every car this guy reviews!
Aayan Rashid
Aayan Rashid - Måned siden
Caio Tavares de Lima
Caio Tavares de Lima - Måned siden
I really enjoy watching your videos. However, you have to stop using plastic bottles to show the compartments. More green.
Don - Måned siden
LOL.. is this a new Toyota Camry model?..seriously, the Germans lost their marbles.. compare to the new Genesis, the E class looks much inferior..
shawnpenn - Måned siden
Just talk and act with little sophistication when you review a merc - its not a Range rover you are reviewing, enney !
shawnpenn - Måned siden
Car is looking dirty
Ardian R
Ardian R - Måned siden
Fake exhaust pipes? Come on Mercedes
Lu Catana
Lu Catana - Måned siden
😬I had 3 S Class W222 The last one is today 15.10.2020 with Mercedes Benz of Colindale London
Mr Adam Bird decides that although my vehicle is in full warranty... they won’t check all the faults that the car has only the window fault For all the others I have to pay 120£ each🙄
ciawarhater - Måned siden
also like Hugo Boss -Mercedes was favourite brand of the Nazis in WW2
SUBZ - Måned siden
Hugo Boss wasnt a good comparison. Hugo Boss used to make SS uniform for the Nazi's
Juljan Skurani
Juljan Skurani - Måned siden
07:13 it actually got the command right, if you listen carefully you´ll realise.
KnipSlip - Måned siden
I was wondering why the E has gotten worse. But then he summed it up nicely at the beginning of the video! The car is mostly used as TAXI! I bet Mercedes is aware of that as well. It went from luxury saloon to TAXI. I guess the youth they tried to attract has gone slightly the wrong direction!
sports biker
sports biker - Måned siden
W212 facelift version was best looking yet
Jacob Gade Hartmann
Jacob Gade Hartmann - Måned siden
Can you please make a video of the new facelifted version of the BMW 5 series?
Lars Krull
Lars Krull - Måned siden
I have a week ago got the E450 4 matic -- Excately same as in this film! This is a very nice car - Comming from a S560e even though it is a smaller car I do feel this is much more a driving machine
MBstar - Måned siden
To re engage te massage function, just say:”Hey Mercedes start massage” 😉 So easy 🙌
prajwal mhatre
prajwal mhatre - Måned siden
All mercedes are becoming so ugly
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma - Måned siden
sexy looks
now more familiar to owner, rather then chauffer
cyigen85 - Måned siden
Almost everything is beautiful on this car. Really liking the front, but the rear end of the car( the rear lights) looks so cheap. The old e class had better rear end.
J.H.G - Måned siden
My favorite modern E class was between 2014-2016. I have one in mint condition in grey metallic and it’s and amazing car. Same goes the the S class in those years. The exterior after 2016 went downhill big time. Fake exhaust are a deal breaker
Habz Rahman
Habz Rahman - Måned siden
Sorry but mercedes is getting uglier each time...the e class 2013 was spot on...and s class 2005..