New Land Rover Discovery - have they fixed its uneven butt?

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The Land Rover Discovery has been updated… And here it is!
What’s that - you don’t think it looks that different to the old model?! Well, you’d be right! Clearly the designers haven’t been all that busy, have they? That said, there are still a few notable changes, including an all-new infotainment system, coupled with a few minor design changes for the exterior.
So it hasn’t changed much when it comes to the design, but at least there’s one area which has evolved from the previous model - the choice of engines! There are three to choose from, including a 3-litre 6-cylinder which can achieve 360hp and 60mph in just 6.2 seconds… Not bad for a seven-seater!
So what do you think - was it really worth Land Rover releasing a new version of the Discovery? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:24 Design
01:12 Infotainment
01:40 R-Dynamic
02:09 Interior
02:56 Engines
03:58 Driving
04:32 Off-road
05:33 Accessories
06:10 Towing
06:49 Price
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carwow - 22 dager siden
We know the design's a bit divisive, but what do you make of the looks of the Discovery? Reply to this comment with a 😍if you love it, or a 🤢if you don't!
Clive Soper
Clive Soper - 9 dager siden
Clive Soper
Clive Soper - 9 dager siden
Mr S
Mr S - 10 dager siden
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 14 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
Nakulash Baburaj
Nakulash Baburaj - 17 dager siden
I spit in this car ...🤮🤮
Boris Gudev
Boris Gudev - Dag siden
1:06 don't hate me for this but i kind of like the offset number plate space it makes the discovery more destinctive
anbuselvan nethaji
anbuselvan nethaji - 4 dager siden
Do you have corona
Rich Aardvark
Rich Aardvark - 6 dager siden
In 1974, Reginald Charles Gilchrist invented the digital scoring unit for table shuffleboard
Clive Soper
Clive Soper - 9 dager siden
Thank goodness the old rotary gear selector has been replaced by a conventional gear lever. No more missing gears when shunting a trailer into a a tight space or turning around in a country lane, relegate the old tarts toy to the scrap bin. Still got the wonky tail gate though, Land Rover probably still think their design team are clever referring back to the days of the spare wheel bolted to the rear door, amazing that they don’t still hinge the door on the right, time to move on guy’s and get into the real world. Good to see the new technology in sat nav and entertainment etc and like the front end updates, overall an improvement but time to ditch the lop sided rear, the jokes wearing a bit thin.
Jerry Johnson wright
Jerry Johnson wright - 10 dager siden
I wouldn’t buy one because that rear offset registration plate makes it look like it’s had a stroke.
Philip Xue
Philip Xue - 11 dager siden
Have the discovery 5 got good sale in the world ? I am doubt abt if
Traffic Cone
Traffic Cone - 11 dager siden
That is the most beautiful Explorer body kit I've ever seen.
Madhurjya Ray
Madhurjya Ray - 12 dager siden
The design is very appealing
TuvingtonD - 12 dager siden
Why no V8?
Mihai Cristian Timis
Mihai Cristian Timis - 13 dager siden
It's so ugly!
James Gibbs
James Gibbs - 13 dager siden
Please do a comparison of the Audi A4 Avant,Bmw 3 series touring, Volvo V60 and Mercedes c class estate. I have been trying to work out which is best for ages
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 14 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
fr fr
fr fr - 14 dager siden
Have they changed LR unreliability?
Faris Al Ali
Faris Al Ali - 14 dager siden
Im about interior and speed lol
k0walsk - 16 dager siden
The uneven thing on the back is just classic discovery... I doubt they'll ever get rid it. I hope they don't :D
TheSweetVillain - 17 dager siden
It's all about the design these days, ambient lights and cheap plastics everywhere.
Don't expect cars to last like they did 15-20 years ago.
I find it unacceptable to pay 70000$ for a car and receive one with faulty touch screen displays with glitchy software.
There so many complains about this in the US.
Cameron Du veax
Cameron Du veax - 17 dager siden
Give me a Landcruiser every time. Despite its faults I would trust it over a disco everytime
Arunava Roy
Arunava Roy - 17 dager siden
Sumit - 17 dager siden
Welcome to the another episode of, "I can't afford but still watching" 😢
Samson Chan
Samson Chan - 17 dager siden
When’s the drag race gonna be up?
Miles Brigham
Miles Brigham - 18 dager siden
The number plate not being in the middle annoyed me so badly lol
Business Guide
Business Guide - 18 dager siden
Cool! Thanks for this video! You can also check my channel to see my latest video!
Mini hub
Mini hub - 18 dager siden
New Prado is much better in looks and reliability 😁
sherman4970 - 18 dager siden
It’s ok until you get to the rear quarter,,,then,,MY GOD ITS UGLY!!!!!!!
Johan Kriek
Johan Kriek - 18 dager siden
But, would it break down a lot, and would it be able to do 150 000 miles without falling apart completely? Only time would tell...
Langston Reese
Langston Reese - 18 dager siden
The car looks sad!
Mohammed Yasin
Mohammed Yasin - 19 dager siden
Can you do one about 7 seater like a b
Vw sharan and a vw touran and a seat Alhambra
azhar lazuardi
azhar lazuardi - 19 dager siden
How much of the curb weight of these after lastest upgrade?
Its mild hybird system do more kilos?
David H
David H - 19 dager siden
Car design doesn't have to even or symmetric. Just like people still like Tesla with things not fit and malfunction all the time.
Mark Brough
Mark Brough - 19 dager siden
So what your saying is you’ve just talked over LR’s advert 🤣
Motlatsi Mashigo
Motlatsi Mashigo - 19 dager siden
MyTravelws - 19 dager siden
Will we see an electric Range car 😐👀
Speed Freak
Speed Freak - 19 dager siden
This Land Rover will not be sold to people with OCD. 😁
lilmoris1 - 19 dager siden
Looks ready to break down 100km after getting out of the dealer and having to spend 3 months at the repair shop!
Never muy Land Rover folks
احمدعلي محمد محمد
لو تسمح سوي ترجمه عربيه لديك الكثير من المتابعين العرب لا تخسرهم
Gabriel taher
Gabriel taher - 20 dager siden
Land Rover Discovery 5 of 2017.This is a very comfortable car for the driver and his front passenger, but next to it, the rest is a vast scam. I received my car July 2017 with 3000 km on the meter and since then I have had to send it back 18 times to LR. It was sold to me by a Land Rover salesman from Béziers, very kind during my acquisition but of which I have had no answer since, surely ashamed to represent such a brand.To begin with, Land Rover sells a portable fridge that supposedly automatically puts itself at 20 degrees below the outside temperature, and it is after three replacements that we are told that there was a misunderstanding during our purchase.Then other problems much more alarming than the engine and two turbos broken and replaced at 83,000 km, the left stick covering the frame of the windshield that comes off and flies by itself in the highway (which I had to reattach three times in LR de Troyes), slams in the engine and in the sunroof caused by tightening points or even the InControl Connect Pro system Pack which is a real scam and which I had to replace with carplay.De plus, I want to tell you the lies of this commercial at Land Rover Bezier, which makes the remote preheating option pay, at the start in the option pack InControl Connect Pro there is the option app remote Premium that allows me to preheat the vehicle remotely. However at the time of delivery we inform you that this option is not available because it is prohibited by French legislation to operate a vehicle without a driver while BMW and Audi since 2015 also offers this option without having to turn on the vehicle during the operation. As for the free hand trunk opening option, the trunk opens in full driving if you take a climb, close the rear door a little too hard or even in full stop all alone in a gas station. Land Rover Troyes have even disabled the option to avoid serious repercussions ! To continue on the back of the car, I could tell you about the wheel replacement equipment designed in no way to repair a two-ton 4*4, the handle of the trunk luggage cover, made with a plastic so "low-end" that it breaks when it closes it, rear turn signals that break down and that I had to order twice from you and that I have been waiting for a year because your dealers are not able to give me non-defective ones, help sensors to the slots that recognize obstacles only once in seven and only if you go extremely slowly, or even the left rear door that no longer closes from all and opens in full circulation !For the front, I am obliged to mention concerning the center console on the dashboard LA that accommodates the DVD that no longer closes and/or does not open anymore (yet twice returned to LR), the glasses box on the ceiling that I had to replace again because of a problem of closure, the button "terrain answer" that does not come out anymore and prevents me to change the mode of my car and of course to finish the dashboard screen that turns off by itself in the road with the sound that remains that I can not turn down. It is only by stopping the car completely and going out to close it doubly that after a few seconds, the screen deigns to turn on again.But this car allowed me to be in touch with the Land Rover assistance (which my spoiled two summer holidays and a winter vacation) and that of their warranty extension and Optseven assistance (which I call an indescribable mediocrity), even more mediocre and scandalous than the vehicles LR.Je I went to LR 75015 Paris in order to put steps, where I was made to sign a discharge of responsibility at the reception because the brakes were very worn and therefore dangerous during the trips of the car while I was assured that I could still ride with for two to three thousand kilometers at the dealer of Troyes.The problems continued since in 2019, where my vehicle reported an engine problem. So it was towed, but to my surprise and because of a computer problem at LR, it was brought to Bagneux and not to Troyes(which is the dealer closest to my home). And after two months, my LR returned with the same engine report because the team was thinking about a problem related to diesel exhaust fluid (Adblue) and signal due to a recall of the LR plant. In addition, when my car was brought back to me by LR premium service, the driver simply got the wrong address and made a detour of 800 km more that were added to the meter by bringing the car to Niort and not to sense (Au J'habites).But despite these different problems, I still bought a Jaguar XE from my wife, still believing in the quality of the brand. Again, I witnessed unable assistance, which forced me to scream on the phone to change the name on InControl Connect from the former owner of the vehicle and put mine instead. But instead of doing that, they deleted my entire InControl account on the Land Rover and left the former owner's name on the Jaguar. Following the trunk that does not close anymore it was necessary to bring it back to LR Troyes know that at the same time the Land Rover Disco 5 was overplace ! To conclude, the only thing I got from LR in repair of all these inconveniences was a shabby warranty extension, a support service that was not even able to order me a taxi on time (waiting in front of Europe because between 15: 15 to 18: 00 for a taxi that should drop me at LR Troyes) and a ridiculous apology email that never settled anything just from LR
Kid 69
Kid 69 - 20 dager siden
My neighbour has a 69 plate one due to him working at JLR however he’s on furlough.
Looks good however In my opinion the rear is too high up.
Russ Humphries
Russ Humphries - 20 dager siden
Top 10 things you need to know about it:
1: It will fail to start and leave you stranded within 36 months of purchase - 4:1 odds
2: Bits will fall off or fail to function, dashboard warning lights will mysteriously ping on and off - 3:1 odds
3: The “lifestyle choice” is “frustration” for a brand that consistently finishes last in quality surveys
4: Some people will always roll a seven and those lucky few will defend the brand in the face of irritating facts
5-10:Whilst they make a poor choice new they make a cataclysmic choice used. Run away....
Diego c
Diego c - 20 dager siden
My next car
himanshu lavania
himanshu lavania - 20 dager siden
Now a day cars are all about touch screen.
nigelovespizza - 20 dager siden
this is not matt watson @carwow
Paintamil Raja
Paintamil Raja - 20 dager siden
i have carwow vedios only for matt.
valivr - 20 dager siden
🤢 I saw one yesterday... from the back the proportions are horrible, too high relative to the width.
Steven Thoseby
Steven Thoseby - 20 dager siden
Maybe the designer budget was ploughed into improving reliability! They absolutely need it!
danturbo316 - 20 dager siden
They should keep making the D4 and call it Classic
Rob Corrente
Rob Corrente - 20 dager siden
And... any changes in ...reliability 🧐🧐🤭
Richard Gregory
Richard Gregory - 20 dager siden
All of this will break
Prime Player
Prime Player - 20 dager siden
Why are you mocking Thor's voice?
Alex - 20 dager siden
0:12 Gives a very quick answer to the main question in the video title 😂
Mohammed Ehsan
Mohammed Ehsan - 20 dager siden
Next time you do off road review on this...
Lambochaser - 20 dager siden
Looks like an Explorer.
Cristi Constantinescu
Cristi Constantinescu - 20 dager siden
Vas Me
Vas Me - 20 dager siden
Garbage suv
Fenrir Slip
Fenrir Slip - 20 dager siden
Sucks that the Durango isn't sold over there, the towing capacity is anywhere between 2,700 to 8,700 lbs. :D
Hastrup081290 - 20 dager siden
Still looks like a Ford.
Tz 6
Tz 6 - 20 dager siden
Disco are so unappealing , lumpy , ugly, and the bonus of LR reliability.
Cyran Abdul-salam
Cyran Abdul-salam - 20 dager siden
do a video on a xc90 please matt
GamingTurkey - 21 dag siden
Does Matt have a sore throat?
The Mcloughlins
The Mcloughlins - 21 dag siden
I can't believe LR didn't sort out that rear number plate mess for the new revised disco 5. Such a disappointment.
Markus - 21 dag siden
When talking about the new car you mix images of the old and the new 😀
Akran Bij
Akran Bij - 21 dag siden
Is it just me or cars are getting shittier?
Dave H
Dave H - 21 dag siden
The new Land Rover design philosophy reminds me of doc martin boots, might be the toe shaped front.
Soham Dhamnaskar
Soham Dhamnaskar - 21 dag siden
Carwow got a new mic.! 😂
Karl Sanderson
Karl Sanderson - 21 dag siden
Why don't they put the same tailgate on like the lr3/4 with the square number plates
/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
I actually like the off set number plate.
/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
That has to be the laziest makeover of all time!!! Even the lazy designers of the Porsche 911 change the model more than that!!!
Jass 13
Jass 13 - 21 dag siden
#LandRover #RangeRover All SUV best in the world 🚘💪MyDream & favourite #RangeRoverSvAutobiography
James Aston
James Aston - 21 dag siden
This guy sounds like an ex Brummie JLR employee
Reece Pluck
Reece Pluck - 21 dag siden
where tf is Matt. this guy is boring
Toxic6491 - 21 dag siden
Cant wait to see Sport with new interior
Lukas Murmann
Lukas Murmann - 21 dag siden
Looks like it's leaving backwards
Paul Thiel
Paul Thiel - 21 dag siden
I love that butt.
Andrean Rakka
Andrean Rakka - 21 dag siden
I wonder if there's people who really watch the video from the pop up top right hand corner video.
Alpha Madzanire
Alpha Madzanire - 21 dag siden
The LR4 is still my favorite Disco, but the new Defender is my favorite new Land Rover
Slayer66642 - 21 dag siden
That backside is absolutely hideous, what were they even thinking?? I admit, the Disco was always a bit of an ugly duck Range Rover, but this is fucked up properly.
David Wilson
David Wilson - 21 dag siden
Land Rover should do something about there reliability rather than cosmetic changes
Mike H
Mike H - 21 dag siden
Just can’t believe that they didn’t take the opportunity to revise that tailgate design. The D5 also lost the stadium rear seats of its predecessors which is a real shame. I’ve spoken to a good number of Disco 4 owners who, like me, are not convinced about the D5 as a beneficial practical alternative to the D4.
Saksham Sharma
Saksham Sharma - 21 dag siden
Car wow, whats the difference between Discovery and Discovery Sport.
Cedar Canoe
Cedar Canoe - 21 dag siden
Why only air-suspension?? It breaks time after time.
tatuksa - 21 dag siden
if you wants to go off road take the new land rover, if you want to go off road and come back home , take toyota prado
deus99ex - 21 dag siden
Had to check my headphones again and again and again.....thought I need to buy new ones. Turns out it the audio of this video. Looks like im too much used to hear Matt's actual voice.
M.salem Ss
M.salem Ss - 21 dag siden
The new screen design is like the screen sold in ebay🤣🤣
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland - 21 dag siden
There is an experience recorded, which becomes knowledge. From that knowledge thought arises and action takes place. Experience, memory and knowledge are limited; therefore, thought is limited.
Brandt Kruger
Brandt Kruger - 21 dag siden
I like the wonky back 👍
Rory Bevis
Rory Bevis - 21 dag siden
Shoutout prince of Wales road in Norwich - one of the most violent streets for a night out (back in the day, anyway).
Just in time
Just in time - 21 dag siden
You sound like that Michael Cane ‘Nosey Neighbour’ character from Harry Enfield and chums.
Fernando Roldan
Fernando Roldan - 21 dag siden
Nice ! Really like this car the back doesn’t bother me.
Karl Dean
Karl Dean - 21 dag siden
NO NO NO Not till they fix it's arse ...ugly
Videos for Cats and Dogs
Videos for Cats and Dogs - 21 dag siden
Love that the new screen has small bezels and is curved!
not strange
not strange - 21 dag siden
I am glad that they gave up on that gear selector and went for the gear lever,now it is less likely to break.
The Man
The Man - 21 dag siden
ICE garbage. A tesla Model X is better. It is faster, way reliable and better at off road because of instant torque. In Musk we trust.
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson - 21 dag siden
The butt?... What about fixing its amazing lack of reliability...!
ibra k
ibra k - 21 dag siden
Hey matt!!!
How come you've done a video for this and not the plethora of new jags that came out before this??? Same Co!! Do you not like jaguar!?
Thieveanthiran Thuraisamy
Thieveanthiran Thuraisamy - 21 dag siden
That's not matt
Clem Fandango
Clem Fandango - 21 dag siden
I lease one of these. Had it 18 months. Good design and drive but ( surprise surprise ) the electronics are constantly giving off warnings and it’s let me down and refused to move three times. All of the problems are electrical. Avoid.
Stefan Borisov
Stefan Borisov - 21 dag siden
That's the worst looking car ever
Weet Bix
Weet Bix - 21 dag siden
Never known a "decent human" who ownes a "new" Land Rover. Still kitch shitboxes for wanabes.
AVC-Works - 21 dag siden
0:42 and as a real British car... the fendor-vent doesn't match the door! Great!
The Good Thief Photography
To everyone who said the new Defender was a re-badged Discovery...this new Discovery is a re-badged Defender =)
The Real Cigar Jefe
The Real Cigar Jefe - 21 dag siden
This car stinks.