New Honda Jazz 2021 review: it WILL surprise you!

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This is the Honda Jazz! It's an all-new model of Honda's small hatchback, and it's received upgrades across both the exterior and interior! Sure, the changes aren't HUGE, but as with any small car when a new model is launched, you can probably guess where most of the changes will be made. However, there's one change you may not have been expecting - the new Jazz is only available as a hybrid!
For us UK viewers, you’ll only have the one engine to choose from - a 1.5-litre petrol engine along with two electric motors, producing 109hp and a claimed economy of 61mpg! But with a rather large price of £19,000 for this rather small car, is the new Jazz the standout little legend of 2020? You’ll have to join Mat for his latest review and find out!
00:00 Intro
00:25 Price
01:22 Exterior Style
02:17 Engine
02:55 0-60mph
03:38 Interior Style
05:02 Back Seats
06:13 Boots
06:57 Practicality
09:12 Annoying Features
10:29 Good Features
11:28 Town Driving
13:18 Motorway Driving
13:49 Country Road Driving
14:38 Trims
16:14 Verdict
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carwow - 4 måneder siden
Is there a better small car in 2020 than the Jazz?! Let us know what you think below!
michael tabor
michael tabor - Måned siden
no, but not available in the US now
Simon -
Simon - - Måned siden
Toyota Yaris Hybrid
Sammy Knox
Sammy Knox - Måned siden
Kia Rio GT!
Freddy Lee
Freddy Lee - Måned siden
Suzuki Swift Sport, Honda jazz GD AND GF series (definitely not this ugly crap), Hyundai i30, Kia Cerato hatch, Kia Rio, MG3 Excite, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris, Toyota corolla are all the good better small cars, especially comparing to this piece of crap
Simon -
Simon - - Måned siden
Yaris Hybrid
Through the Telescope!
Through the Telescope! - 19 timer siden
After seeing this Honda Jazz I am afraid I like my current model much better.
Simon Alexander Critchley
A few too many old person gags,and sexual innuendos Mr Watson, If you like like it does that mean you are becoming an old person? Good review in any case.But I prefer the styling of the old model,preferably the RS with 6 speed manual,even if it was a bit unrefined.
Kamal kk
Kamal kk - 3 dager siden
Last year's looked way better!
Sebastian Powsey
Sebastian Powsey - 5 dager siden
Too expensive, but too much hard plastic. Hmm. 🤔
kk Lonewolfer
kk Lonewolfer - 5 dager siden
It looks like a old shape toyota vits
petewoodroffemusic - 7 dager siden
Looks like its based on the Civic... also an excellent, reliable car!
Chris Parayno
Chris Parayno - 7 dager siden
We won't get it here😭
smokerlad - 8 dager siden
Get fed up of his wee digs about it being old folk, pretty insulting actually. Maybe he can afford the best with his money but for ordinary folk a good solid reliable car with practicality like the Jazz is perfect. Grow up Mat. Went off him after this a bit, a wee joke is enough but there was something downright nasty to this
pokeken - 9 dager siden
Your starting comment is the opposite of your review....this new version is even more granny focused and dull.... [btw I owned a Jazz so not hating for the sake of it]
Paul Einfach nur Paul
Paul Einfach nur Paul - 10 dager siden
Unfortunately the Jazz do get Apple CarPlay but no AndroidAuto in Germany 😔 why Honda, why are you bullying all 'ze' Germans
iMac_Z - 10 dager siden
Imagine Matt buying this car
Nessie Ness
Nessie Ness - 11 dager siden
The big dimmer switch is actually very useful, easy to find and use. You don't have to get into a menu on a screen.
Nik Syazwani
Nik Syazwani - 11 dager siden
i bought honda jazz hybrid 2017 on 2019, seems like nothing changes to engine on honda jazz hybrid 2021 except the cosmetic/design and prolly new features, that malaysian honda wont adapt bc it will be too expensive, so far im loving my honda jazz hybrid. i got everywhere with it. since it has a lot of space, i might go to camping and sleep in my car ehehe
שרון קלפר
שרון קלפר - 14 dager siden
When will you make a test of the mg zs ev ?
Rok Zavrl
Rok Zavrl - 15 dager siden
I think honda jazz is cool car but its ugly
John Trolle
John Trolle - 15 dager siden
Quirks and features
John Trolle
John Trolle - 15 dager siden
I still have my '05 Honda Jazz. Best city car
Kenneth Hall
Kenneth Hall - 17 dager siden
I like this car although it won’t be in the USA. I have. An 07 fit 260k miles buying a 2020 from what I see it’s the last year of the fit in the USA 🇺🇸
William Beard
William Beard - 17 dager siden
Honda Jizz
Tyang Cilik
Tyang Cilik - 18 dager siden
Flaming Hedgehog
Flaming Hedgehog - 18 dager siden
You have surprised me! Reviewing my Nanas car is surprising 🙄
zuppa zone
zuppa zone - 19 dager siden
9:40 aaaaaaah typical carwow silly useless rant, rant about normal sound of horn, what would you expect? big air horn just like a truck or bus? imo that jazz horn sound is already quitely loud.
Raymar Obedoza
Raymar Obedoza - 19 dager siden
You know the best engine in the world is Honda.
HANZZEL100 - 20 dager siden
sorry, NOT a cvt
R H - 20 dager siden
Lol the old ones exterior looks newer
mmm hhh
mmm hhh - 20 dager siden
nice car. how does it do in snowy areas
Filipe C. Mondaini
Filipe C. Mondaini - 20 dager siden
What an ugly car. Wtf Honda did that? I always thought every new design was better than before... Until now.
Alihan Özel
Alihan Özel - 20 dager siden
Geriye dönüş :(
Eduardo Santiago
Eduardo Santiago - 21 dag siden
This is definitely a design downgrade from the last one, which wasn't that beautiful either. Still nice thi.
Curry Fury
Curry Fury - 21 dag siden
They made it so ugly.....why?
Eric x
Eric x - 22 dager siden
I still can't believe the Honda Fit/Jazz is discontinued in the us after 2020
Glenn Caukill
Glenn Caukill - 23 dager siden
Good cars, I’m
On my 5 th jazz since 2004 all have been excellent. Definitely having another next year
cl9_drew - 23 dager siden
It went from aggressive to soft. Don't hate the change just like the old one better
Logan B
Logan B - 23 dager siden
1:42 “Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding”
Erik H
Erik H - 23 dager siden
if this car had a toyota badge, it could pass as a overgrown yaris lol. it reminds me of a toyota so much
Robson Mattos
Robson Mattos - 24 dager siden
Ain't the Honda Jazz called Honda Fit anymore or it's just a Brazilian thing?
light within
light within - 25 dager siden
I like how practical this car is
ANT06p - 25 dager siden
This design looks older than the previous one
Jason - 26 dager siden
I never would of thought the old jazz looked more sporty than the new one...
cris - 26 dager siden
I LOVE HOW PRACTICAL AND SPACIOUS IT.IS, but my god it's so ugly tho
debendra gurung
debendra gurung - 28 dager siden
You can stop complaining about plastics. Everyone knows we cant live without them
Jaliya Udagama
Jaliya Udagama - 28 dager siden
Why oh why cannot Japanese manage to design good looking cars
that match the quality of the engineering. Many look like styled in china, except for mazdas and some suzukis.
Abou Bakar
Abou Bakar - 29 dager siden
You should review Nissan Note epower as well if lunched in Europe . Same power but with 1.2 CC.
V.C. - Måned siden
faster to 60 than my '15 Auris hybrid - i'm sad now.
this thingy also got a rather high speed at the spanish moose test - quite impressive.
uccoffee blog
uccoffee blog - Måned siden
auto parking?
Brian Wu
Brian Wu - Måned siden
Hopefully this interior design philosophy translates into the 11th generation Honda Civic!
fuad mehrvarz
fuad mehrvarz - Måned siden
just stop saying this car is like .... , its not funny
Adel Senpai
Adel Senpai - Måned siden
looks like 2006 car
Soul Calibur
Soul Calibur - Måned siden
Why it looks so ugly? While its little brother Honda Brio looks so freakin good.
Baskoro Janssens
Baskoro Janssens - Måned siden
so you had an xr2? probably binned it in a corner and left it to die ey?
English Geezer
English Geezer - Måned siden
who told this little smart arse that he was funny. I'm looking to buy a Jazz but stuck him for about five seconds.
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis - Måned siden
We expect a fart joke every episode now.... Yarrrrrriss...
匿名希望 - Måned siden
Hello mat
I am Japanese
You said in the previous video that you want to request a video
I want to see a review video of Toyota Harrier (Venza)
Please make a review video of Venza
I'm always looking forward to your vide
Viet-Anh Tran
Viet-Anh Tran - Måned siden
Finally, a car in which I can say "You like jazz?" to my colleagues.
Martin Osgathorpe
Martin Osgathorpe - Måned siden
Great car if it proves reliable. Hybrid or full electric? The Jazz is £8K cheaper than a top spec renault zoe electric to buy at the moment and if you do
Pakcik Miramar_47
Pakcik Miramar_47 - Måned siden
Worst design ever
Tzon Hose
Tzon Hose - Måned siden
New jazz? How was the old? Hahahahahaha disgusting
Sikandar Farooq Saani
Sikandar Farooq Saani - Måned siden
69 ,........
Stephon Mohammed
Stephon Mohammed - Måned siden
wdf did honda do
Potato Peeler
Potato Peeler - Måned siden
I think I can live with this
Funky enough
Richard Williams
Richard Williams - Måned siden
When are you going to do an in-depth review the new Toyota Yaris?
sumanta biswas
sumanta biswas - Måned siden
so bad looks
Leoh Nakahara
Leoh Nakahara - Måned siden
não mudou muita coisa no antigo jazz,embora aqui no Brasil seja conhecido como Honda fit,mas é bom ter esse consentimento de ser um carro elétrico,bom para o meio ambiente.... a propósito parabéns pelo vídeo
Alex Eburne
Alex Eburne - Måned siden
I had one of these new Jazz's for the day recently with 5 miles on the clock when my 1.5T Civic was having a service. Its got a better entrainment system than the current civic and worked really well with apple car play and it drove so smooth and easy to drive. I would love some of the tech it has in my civic. Great little car.
sarayudas - Måned siden
It's a shame Honda only sells the hybrid version in Europe... I would have loved the 1.5 manual gasoline version...
Tristan Young
Tristan Young - Måned siden
Tristan Young
Tristan Young - Måned siden
Doge - Måned siden
American peoples doesn't understand JDM CARS Cuz they like some lamborghini not jdm cars like supra
FN TV - Måned siden
Orang Indonesia mana ?
Freddy Lee
Freddy Lee - Måned siden
Ugliest Jazz I've ever seen!!! GD and GF best Jazz out
Freddy Lee
Freddy Lee - Måned siden
Omg ...... Honda jazz became so damn ugly.... GD and GF are the only jazz I like
Harizakbaralam - Måned siden
Jazz is always copying Mercedes Benz A Class since the first model (Especially on 2008 Model) now A-Class become hatchback & sedan and Honda is confuse what car model to copy,,
Nikos Papageorgiou
Nikos Papageorgiou - Måned siden
The car does not have a cvt gearbox if I am correct. It has two electric motors and a clutch. No belts, no gears.
Rita Duffy
Rita Duffy - Måned siden
Please bring this car to USA right now i drive 2019 gas Honda fit i now get 41.6 mpg with CVT
PetiPolk Studio
PetiPolk Studio - Måned siden
This guy is a professional a**HOLE!
bull shit
bull shit - Måned siden
Look like kia rio
ThunderWindz - Måned siden
09:26 - only a problem for retards who drive in the wrong side of the road. for the rest of us, with Si units and normal traffic rules - no problem.
Mike Barratt
Mike Barratt - Måned siden
When you drive a car you dont feel the dashboard. The money has been spent making a reliable car.
mike robinson
mike robinson - Måned siden
Why haven't they made a full electric model ?
Human Kazoo
Human Kazoo - Måned siden
Too bad this car is not available in the US.
Creeping Jane
Creeping Jane - Måned siden
I've got one of these. Mine never moos, but then I don't drive it like a hot rod. Also in a fairly even mix of urban, rural and motorway driving, I can get over 70 Imperial MPG (a US gallon is smaller). I've now done 1500 miles, and I really like this car. My only real criticisms.The boot is a bit on the tiny side, and I hate all this tech for lane assist etc being on by default. It would be great if you could set up driver profiles so that certain features are either enabled or disabled.
Alan 59
Alan 59 - Måned siden
What a crappy revue , by the look of your gray hair , you will buying one soon , or do you buy cars to try and reflect the size of your private parts ?
Devansh Gupta
Devansh Gupta - Måned siden
Looks hedious
Alton Chang
Alton Chang - Måned siden
1:45 wow i hate you guys
SonnyChenova - Måned siden
If they could change the color of the front where the logo is to black chrome i think it'll look better.
John Olyset
John Olyset - Måned siden
Honda have just lost 50% of their Jazz customers
It is far too expensive
Old petrol models just as economical
Too complicated for old farts
John Olyset
John Olyset - Måned siden
Honda have just lost 50% of their customers
Too dear
Old petrolmodels just as economical
Too complicated for old farts
Trubshaw Baby
Trubshaw Baby - Måned siden
6:50 thought he was going to say slippers then
Mona Megistus
Mona Megistus - Måned siden
Is it just me or it looks hideous.
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 - Måned siden
The most important question is have they fixed the speedo issue that causes all jazz to be driven at 20 mph below the speed limit? Or is a faulty speedo an option just for coffin dodgers?
Prakash Sangle
Prakash Sangle - Måned siden
Honda gives cheaper quality model in India. This is hopeless policy for Indian people.
MrBabylon - Måned siden
besides older people, families with kids, especially young kids, the Jazz is without doubt the perfect car. Extremely reliable (Made in Japan, unlike others *Polo*), very efficient and one of the safest cars on the road with safety features not found on most other cars of this size. Besides when it comes to practicality the Jazz is by far the best in class, the magic seat system is very useful!
Gabriel Henrique
Gabriel Henrique - Måned siden
Erwin Maes
Erwin Maes - Måned siden
big step back in design over the previous model
Bobedi BOB
Bobedi BOB - Måned siden
why have soft touch dashboard when the armrest on the center console and doors isnt
ep1929 - Måned siden
You can tell a good car and brand by the amount of old ones about, I mean do you see many 2006 and older fiats about?
I have a 03 jazz 1.4 and had it for 12 years, got it at 50000 miles,it's now got 158000 on the clock. Had to replace exhaust, battery and tyres and a wheel bearing for an MOT 3 years ago.
It's been a brilliant car and I would swear by the Honda brand - their reliability is top notch.
Tim Hill
Tim Hill - Måned siden
It looks really jazzy.
MrHDGS - 2 måneder siden
its like the 1st generation honda jazz i love it
Hector Heath
Hector Heath - 2 måneder siden
This review is seriously demeaning to older people. I've really gone off this guy.