New Ford Bronco vs Land Rover Defender: USA vs UK off-roaders!

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When it comes to off-roaders, it doesn't get much better than these two - The Land Rover Defender, and the Ford Bronco!
It's a true Britain vs America showdown as we find out once and for all which of these iconic off-roaders is the ultimate car away from the tarmac! Mat's pulled together a list of ten challenges to put them through to see which will come out on top, from the interior through to even the doors!
But which of these would you rather have? Let us know in the comments!
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carwow - 3 måneder siden
It's time to VOTE - which do you think looks the best: The Bronco, or the Defender? LIKE the comment below to let us know!
3434ttyu - 17 dager siden
I like the bronco, but I have a Land Rover defender LEGO version
Xaztro1 - Måned siden
James Bozzard
James Bozzard - 2 måneder siden
Land Rover
Joel Mativet
Joel Mativet - 2 måneder siden
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
i'll be honest, the bronco looks much, much better than the new defender. speaking of retro suv's, how about the lada niva? the single longest-running suv in production in a single generation? eh, anyone? eh? oh... only me then...
Southern Boy
Southern Boy - 4 minutter siden
Yes, I'd love to buy a Bronco. I'm a big Ford fan. I'm also a big fan of your channel but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Mat, don't go woke. Woke sucks and divides society. The world is divided enough as it is without the need of this nonsense. Cheers mate!
GC - 5 timer siden
•CREEPY •SARAH• ÙwÚ - 10 timer siden
Global Citizen
Global Citizen - 12 timer siden
The defender is a great city car and does well of road, but you can't fit bull bars, a winch (if you have not ordered it as an option from scratch). The reliability has already proven to be horrible, so it will more likely spend more time off road (but in most cases off road at the dealership). I think the Bronco looks better too and is half price. So if you want an off roader, go Bronco, if you want a city car that can go of road and you are not too faffed about reliability (and have deep pockets), go defender.
Eric Shayer
Eric Shayer - 22 timer siden
I own an 110, but would never buy the new. Bronco wins!
Jason Jennings-Rigg
Jason Jennings-Rigg - Dag siden
Who likes a bonnet up (Land rover)
It’s all about the hilux in the UK
Millie Namusonge
Millie Namusonge - Dag siden
THE. Range. Rover
RookieBanter - Dag siden
Cant put a winch on the thanks.
Yvonne Chona
Yvonne Chona - 5 dager siden
Amadej Erjavec
Amadej Erjavec - 5 dager siden
why bronco doesnt have dors
Tabitha Nyambura
Tabitha Nyambura - 5 dager siden
Tabitha Nyambura
Tabitha Nyambura - 5 dager siden
Tabitha Nyambura
Tabitha Nyambura - 5 dager siden
JAMES ADAIR - 6 dager siden
should of put a v8 in the bronco
Kamill Gran
Kamill Gran - 6 dager siden
ƨ͠υιτυ̵и ƨäи
ƨ͠υιτυ̵и ƨäи - 6 dager siden
branco is great 👍🏻💪🏻
Chilling Perspective
Chilling Perspective - 7 dager siden
Bronco should Release it in asia and oceania. !!!!!!!!!!
suraj s
suraj s - 8 dager siden
They killed the real defender..... could have maintained it like the super safari patrol or the G wagon!!
So now its BROnCo time!!
sepp ruppinger
sepp ruppinger - 8 dager siden
the bronco is clear the better choice, this rover play station 5 is all the time broken down, we have 2 of them in the offroad club, there my rubicon is a super reliable car against, and that says everything.
Co2 - 9 dager siden
Land Rovers are build in Slovakia 🤭
Co2 - 9 dager siden
Bronco would destroy the defender off-road
BGDMD BGDMD - 10 dager siden
How can you compare a luxury brand as Land Rover in terms of price to a Ford? It is obvious that Defender would cost much more as a base model compared to Bronco
Anne Hufana
Anne Hufana - 10 dager siden
Bronco looks awesome!
Christopher Lococo
Christopher Lococo - 12 dager siden
Bronco hands down the Defenders looks like a damn Kia f*** that
Occasional Enthusiast Rob Jones
To be clear the bronco is an unproven rock crawler, the defender is an urban suv with boots. The bronco was taken out of production in cira 2012 as it almost bankrupted Ford. This was due to the high center of gravity which tended to roll the car. We are happy to note they now have roll over cages of standard this time. But its bazzar they are still are offering large rims which give a poor ride and could roll the truck. Land rover has launched into controversy over the discriminatory launch adverts for the discovery which will reduce sales until they sort out this pr mess which threatens the brand and share price.
Stille Willie
Stille Willie - 13 dager siden
Vote: Kia Sorento please
Renell Nkomo
Renell Nkomo - 14 dager siden
The Defender looks the best
Lord Joseph Pace-Vincenti
Lord Joseph Pace-Vincenti - 14 dager siden
Definitely the defender
David B
David B - 14 dager siden
Pity we can't buy the bronco in the uk come on Ford you do sell the mustang over here
Akiz Biri
Akiz Biri - 15 dager siden
such large 4 by 4 off roader how come they have such a tiny engine!!!
A person
A person - 15 dager siden
The bronco did it much better than the LR defender.
Nilanka Rajapakse
Nilanka Rajapakse - 15 dager siden
If i was you i like the difender
kylie Raymond
kylie Raymond - 15 dager siden
My dad used to have a bronco
PRISCI DANIEL - 16 dager siden
E9JMX - 16 dager siden
Ford need to trim the Cuv/suv line up in the uk and europe. Get rid of Ecosport. Keep Puma as the smallest. Keep the Kuga/Escape, get rid of the Edge, and bring in these 3 Broncos 👍
PRISCI DANIEL - 16 dager siden
David Stephen
David Stephen - 16 dager siden
Love the Bronco!
xrecorder memes
xrecorder memes - 17 dager siden
Defender is best
Vogue supercharged
Vogue supercharged - 18 dager siden
The land Rover defender the king off road car .
Primo0161 Jose
Primo0161 Jose - 18 dager siden
Bronco all day Land Rover looks and feel good but not reliable
Arthur's toys
Arthur's toys - 18 dager siden
The Ford Bronco new design has personality and its reliable, because it’s a Ford...
Gest T
Gest T - 19 dager siden
Turbo - 19 dager siden
Bronco looks way better, and in fact better than almost anything on the market now
PRISCI DANIEL - 19 dager siden
Frank - 20 dager siden
What's the point Ford say the Bronco will not be sold outside the USA.
mark rainford
mark rainford - 20 dager siden
"Nobody weighs 68 Kilos in the US, even babies" lol
EASTCAMDEN4LIFE - 21 dag siden
I love the Bronco😍😍
shaunak mitra
shaunak mitra - 21 dag siden
Now the Europeans know what it feels like to not get a cool car
Sebastian Sanchez-Cabello
Sebastian Sanchez-Cabello - 22 dager siden
They may not be sold from official Ford dealerships but there are company’s in the UK that import Ford F series trucks including raptors and also dodge rams and other US spec vehicles, and you can get them converted to right hand drive, They may end up more expensive but sooner or later you will see broncos in the UK as well just not at official Ford dealerships. Oh and I vote for the bronco even though I am a Brit.
Marzuq Janwar
Marzuq Janwar - 22 dager siden
Graham Morgan
Graham Morgan - 22 dager siden
The defender looks Terrible but the bronco is looking sooo hot
Sudharshan Sekhar
Sudharshan Sekhar - 25 dager siden
Jaguar Land Rover is Indian.. Belongs to Tata Motors
Michael Brett
Michael Brett - 25 dager siden
We need to decide if the commentary is humourous and witty banter or dull, banal and flacid. Im going to go with.......
Rayaan Irani
Rayaan Irani - 25 dager siden
Quys Opnwtr
Quys Opnwtr - 26 dager siden
Bronco has that sci fi car looks
Ecco Sabanovic
Ecco Sabanovic - 26 dager siden
...Bronco any time...that JLR abomination with Defender lettering is an insult..
tortugamonroe - 28 dager siden
The shade is real!!!😂
Classic Mini Travels
Classic Mini Travels - 28 dager siden
Defender for me
Sb Sb
Sb Sb - Måned siden
Bronco wins.
VanDerZ 101
VanDerZ 101 - Måned siden
Bronco 2.3 turbo has more torque than both Land Drover diesel engines.... Correct if I'm wrong
apns699 - Måned siden
Bilal Samsudeen
Bilal Samsudeen - Måned siden
Clive Sutton please sell the ford bronco in the UK pls
Victor Low
Victor Low - Måned siden
Sliding rail on the dashboard. Bloomin genius what?
limitedmark - Måned siden starts and will move more than 2 miles before it breaks down!
tiziwind - Måned siden’s superb
Dodo M
Dodo M - Måned siden
So much echoooooooooooooooo
imran khan
imran khan - Måned siden
Prince Quaye
Prince Quaye - Måned siden
I love both. I'm more fun of LR Defender, but it need more its originality (old style) as we knew Defender 35yrs ago. But FD Broncos has the originalitys that Defender had in 35yrs ago. I'll chose LR Defender for Town/City ride and chose FD Broncos for Jungle/Desert ride.
Amey Sawant
Amey Sawant - Måned siden
I like bronco
le xin
le xin - Måned siden
Carlos Villamediana
Carlos Villamediana - Måned siden
Bronco 💪
Matilda O'Brien
Matilda O'Brien - Måned siden
It’s sliver it’s got a wheel cover on it the defender is the best
Matilda O'Brien
Matilda O'Brien - Måned siden
My dad owners a defender first edition
HYPERWINS_ قيمر - Måned siden
Branco is sheaper and better
Kyle Wiggins
Kyle Wiggins - Måned siden
Woke bastard
User User
User User - Måned siden
I'll always buy American over british. And im british
vjimmy12 - Måned siden
You Funny man , in Birmingham on a wet day😂😂😂😂😂😂
vjimmy12 - Måned siden
Uday Singh
Uday Singh - Måned siden
land rover is bought by ratan tata so it is indian company now
David Vestey
David Vestey - Måned siden
I can’t help feeling that anything that’s not battery powered is a bit old fashioned/pointless/embarrassing these days.
Mark Fox
Mark Fox - Måned siden
Bronco wheel arches don't look legal, the tyres protrude beyond them.
deltafoxtrot2 - Måned siden
I would buy a Bronco over the Defender if it came to the UK
Allan Lees
Allan Lees - Måned siden
While the LandRover appears to be superficially similar in terms of off-road ability, the harsh reality is that the marque is famous for being totally unreliable. As they say in Australia: "if you want to go into the bush, get a Landie. But if you want to come out again, buy a Toyota." The Defender relies on airbags to raise the vehicle to give it some ground clearance whereas the Bronco comes with standard 11.6" clearance that won't break on you when you need it (burst bag, broken compressor, detached hose, etc.). And while the Landie has more horsepower, it's torque than counts for off-roading and both vehicles provide around 400 foot-pounds but the Bronco provides its grunt lower in the rev range, which is better for mud, rocks, sand, and snow. And as anyone who's used brake-based traction control knows, this type of system gives up when the going gets really tough whereas diff locks just work, full stop. Lastly, the Bronco even has a superior wading depth. These reasons, and the dramatically superior load space, is why I've ordered a fully-equipped Bronco for 2021 and not a Defender 110.
Adrian Star
Adrian Star - Måned siden
Would love to buy the Bronco in Germany
Rahul Barasa
Rahul Barasa - Måned siden
Best video
D Lite
D Lite - Måned siden
Pro Gamer2525
Pro Gamer2525 - Måned siden
Serg Orton
Serg Orton - Måned siden
Bronco. And Bronco more likely to be reliable, while Defender, sorry. And in any case, if I have to get a off-roader, I will get a old Toyota with no electronics or an Old Suzuki. Defender will end up by private school doors and solving probs in the dealer.
Simon Armitage
Simon Armitage - Måned siden
Ford would make a killing if they sold this in Australia not a converted import like the f trucks though. They would clear up and take sales from LR, jeep, Mitsubishi and Toyota like they have done with utes. Of course we do love our Diesels which the US doesn’t but they have a lovely donk in their Ranger and could share some bits I’m sure- they are probably scared of taking sales from their other cars... but their other stuff is getting hammered at the moment and this would do the trick. I think I would even consider selling my cruiser.
fishing pshyco
fishing pshyco - Måned siden
Land rover is the best
Jaqen h'ghar
Jaqen h'ghar - Måned siden
just as TFL have proven so far with their new defender. It's just another poorly made endless money pit.
This Guy
This Guy - Måned siden
Bronco is going to be the new Wrangler...all the off-road accessories, big tires, light bars and never really taken off road. Coming to a mall parking lot near you...
Kelly Fontes
Kelly Fontes - Måned siden
Bronco adding 37s relatively easily makes it unstoppable and beyond off t
road compare of the LR. They are just different vehicles.
xper2xper - Måned siden
No matter how hard you try to dip Bronco in shit, it looks far better and surely will be more reliable than any model of RR group. Secondly, when LR started making 4 doors in dinosaurs age as you say, it was Ford who fed those dinosaurs. So watch your smart aleck comments, you get over and beyond decency limits, thinking you're funny.
Tom Bulli
Tom Bulli - Måned siden
FORD BRONCO very Nice!
Land Rover defender 2 ..Ugly ! !
....BUT new Inos Grenadier very more interesting !
Greetings from Germany
wesleysdyer - Måned siden
I’m an American and I sound nothing like a country southern weird yee haw person I’m hurt 😪
KrokettenCarlo - Måned siden
Sorry, but every defender model looks better than the bronco
Filmowiec inaczej M. Wojtania
The bronco is better than the defender in my opinion American cars are my fav
Outlawz85 Khan
Outlawz85 Khan - Måned siden
Yo mat! there must be a summary at end