New BMW iX EV - see why it's an UGLY Tesla Model X beater!

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Introducing the first purpose-built, all-electric BMW SUV - the iX!
Ok, we know what you’re all thinking. Yes, it’s an electric car. So no, it doesn’t need the grille at the front… But it’s there anyway! Let just remember though, when Mat saw this grille in person with the M3 & M4 he didn’t mind it so much, so maybe it’ll grow on you all too? We’ll have to wait and see...
So some of you may not like the design, but there’s one thing you can’t claim to be disappointed with - the performance! Thanks to its dual electric motors, the iX can put down 500hp - more than the new M3! Not only that, but it’ll also fly to 60mph in less than 5-seconds.
When it comes to range, the iX continues to sound pretty impressive, with BMW claiming it’ll take you 375 miles on a single charge. That’s over 100 miles MORE than the Audi e-tron & Mercedes EQC.
So what do you think - could the iX be THE must-have electric SUV of 2021? Or does the Model X still come in at #1? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:28 Name
01:05 Exterior Design
01:54 Interior
02:44 Batteries
03:37 Motors
04:35 Infotainment
05:32 5G
06:08 Aerodynamics
07:05 Safety
07:49 Price
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carwow - 18 dager siden
Complete this sentence in the COMMENTS!
The best looking electric car in the world is...
Peter Stoyanov
Peter Stoyanov - 10 dager siden
@tapiwa chari are u fuckingg crazy
tapiwa chari
tapiwa chari - 10 dager siden
Mark Angelo Manmano
Mark Angelo Manmano - 12 dager siden
Will Wonka
Will Wonka - 12 dager siden
...not this one
Peter Stoyanov
Peter Stoyanov - 17 dager siden
Tesla of course
David - 22 timer siden
Design: omg 🥴🙃😩 price: 70 grand, wtf 😮😮😮🤣😂🤯😱
Max Miller
Max Miller - Dag siden
Front is just hideous 🤮
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - Dag siden
I can't believe I'm saying it but the i3 looks better than this thing. Hell the Pontiac Aztek looks better than this thing! This is truly one of the most UGLY cars ever produced
hitman3507 - 3 dager siden
All EV are Trash
LORI - 3 dager siden
its electric and still has a bigger grill then old v8bmws 😂
batu hikmet
batu hikmet - 3 dager siden
- Mat, do you like my makeup?
Mat: It is not good as the BMW's idrive system.
Mélissa Carrier
Mélissa Carrier - 3 dager siden
Looks really awesome ! Time to kick Tesla out of this business with their crap worthless cars that explodes, stop to works, electrical failures, slow computers,...
kilmorecombine0 - 3 dager siden
Good god,it's ugly.
Thomas Griffin
Thomas Griffin - 3 dager siden
I'm calling it now: The BMW grille design will grow on people in the future.
alexander wei
alexander wei - 4 dager siden
The car is so ugly that I couldnt understand any of Matt's narration.
Fire Heart
Fire Heart - 4 dager siden
Even without that hideous grill, it looks ugly.... look at those vents and ugly vents and blue accents.
Mini Meee
Mini Meee - 4 dager siden
Love the fact the grilles are retained it adds the character to a car unlike the boring looking Tesla. Tesla watch out this will take big sales off you well done BMW.
Ajiboye Moses
Ajiboye Moses - 5 dager siden
I need to see a DRAG RACE OF BMW X6 & BENZ GLE 2020.... why have'nt you done that Mat?
Barne - 5 dager siden
not a bmw ix
Erik H
Erik H - 6 dager siden
they’re destroying their own brand with these horrible designs
bratnikola - 6 dager siden
It' not about how big grills are, but the shape of them.And they should be flat not having this bump in the middle.
Moloko Rasefate
Moloko Rasefate - 6 dager siden
I see 1 year olds who don't have licenses year olds this comment section really changed now itd filled with morons
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel - 6 dager siden
I Love the new update of the BNW Electric car it looks amazing with the Blue colour steps and the interior of the car is amazingly cool as and literally every single of the car was amazing so good car to be having I would love having the car
Darsh Modi
Darsh Modi - 6 dager siden
Yes the bmw I x is better than the eqc and etron
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel - 6 dager siden
We got the royalty LA in my DNA let’s go that today boys and go to LAX in America if you live in America first of all
Brown Car Guy
Brown Car Guy - 6 dager siden
Interesting discussion on the design
Thomas Bauer
Thomas Bauer - 7 dager siden
As a Bavarian and BMW fan, I'm speechless about this ugly piece of future car. Inside and outside. Who wants to have a diamond controller as a typical BMW driver? I couldn't think of a worst thing to have .....
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 7 dager siden
Is the bmw IX ev better than the model x?
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 7 dager siden
The IX ev look so agressif i love
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 7 dager siden
The bmw ixev looks so futurist 😍
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - Dag siden
No it's ugly, Pontiac Aztek 2.0
Eric Tyle
Eric Tyle - 7 dager siden
Thank you very much. Now I have vomit all over my keyboard.
William Wong
William Wong - 7 dager siden
hamster is what comes to my mind, after watching this car. thx
Jack Dauber
Jack Dauber - 7 dager siden
Audi all day every day the etron (especially Sportback) looks WAY better than the Merc and the BMW
ColtonMetal - 7 dager siden
How to kill your brand in one generation. Anyone apart of the other engineering teams must HATE the design team for ruining all the work they've done under the hood and in the cabin.
S M - 7 dager siden
Wait for the Cadillac lyriq. These are all hideous.
Miguel Andrade
Miguel Andrade - 8 dager siden
Damnnnnnn..... how can BMW build such an iconic Design toss it down the drain next season. . . that is A DAMN UGLY UGLY GRILL. . . . . the front is urtagiously cartoony...
donniecatalano - 8 dager siden
Excuse the french but BMW need to stick their stupid oversized grilles up their ar*es.
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 8 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
TopDogsRule - 8 dager siden
Only a little over a week left..
stillak - 8 dager siden
The model X states 371 miles on Tesla website which is a real EPA estimate
archiul - 9 dager siden
the front is still hideous but it's less hideous than the 4 series, the SUV dimensions carry that monstrosity better I guess
Istanbul Beauty
Istanbul Beauty - 9 dager siden
The big gab between the dashboard and console is a mistake because it useless it should be good storage and charging slots.
Using light materials won’t add much weight
Anders Taranger
Anders Taranger - 9 dager siden
Why is there no photos or videos showing the luggage space?
Faris Al Ali
Faris Al Ali - 9 dager siden
It ain’t ugly ngl
Gary D
Gary D - 9 dager siden
It looks like something you would have seen on the Adams Family.
TheCallRocks - 9 dager siden
Bruh those fucking kidney cars are HUGE. Why does it need them? It's got no radiator cause no engine?! Who the fuck are designing these cars?!
Steven Rodgers
Steven Rodgers - 10 dager siden
It’s got a square steering wheel. The austin allegro was WAY ahead of its time
Mathias Bacher
Mathias Bacher - 10 dager siden
I live in Munich and just today I saw a test mule of this car driving on the street
Peter Bee
Peter Bee - 10 dager siden
It's an electric car that makes John Prescott look good
Dire Shepherd
Dire Shepherd - 10 dager siden
The Mercedes Benz EQC looks better then the BMW iX as its ugly and the grill could be improved
Dire Shepherd
Dire Shepherd - 10 dager siden
Carwow the cars on the app seem like the retail price :/
Allison Katty
Allison Katty - 10 dager siden
I have tried many mining platform but none work, ever since I came across @b.n.s_xpert on Instagram I have been mining more than 1btc so far.
Jakob Kvorning
Jakob Kvorning - 10 dager siden
This design need to be changed..
David Aldana
David Aldana - 10 dager siden
At least you can buy an aftermarket grill to replace the original one. The rest of the car looks great!
GERMAN GUZMAN - 11 dager siden
it's a very ugly car🤮🤮🤮🤮👍
Lord Refrigerator Intercooler
i like the design, its a new classic.
Jeffrey Green
Jeffrey Green - 11 dager siden
That grill reminds me the old Riley 1100.
Fat Northerner
Fat Northerner - 11 dager siden
WTF is this, what was Stevie Wonder's consultancy fee? and did the guy who designed the Allegro Square Steering wheel come out of retirement for this.
Random BOii
Random BOii - 11 dager siden
Im a chinese , i like big grill , but i don't like pig.
Joe De Leon
Joe De Leon - 11 dager siden
Horrible design .... soooo sad!
Majid Baghdadi
Majid Baghdadi - 11 dager siden
Bad news for tesla fan boys
Majid Baghdadi
Majid Baghdadi - 11 dager siden
Bad news for tesla fan boys
Buellterrier - 11 dager siden
It’s designed for china.
Lilian - 11 dager siden
Damn, that’s an ugly car...
Eric Wadge
Eric Wadge - 11 dager siden
Goddammit. As an EV it has so many plus points but the front in particular is so ugly. Maybe it will grow on us. Maybe?
caerroma - 11 dager siden
BMW is officially dead, they started making very Comercial unreliable cars around 2005-06 but at least were good looking but now they are Comercial unreliable and tremendously ugly
Hossein Taheri
Hossein Taheri - 11 dager siden
Pig nose!!!
jas0241 - 12 dager siden
That car makes your eyes give up the will to see.
happycamperjack - 12 dager siden
BMW engineer: “We want to work on electric cars! Gasoline is ded!!”
BMW management: “Sure, here’s the design! If it sells, we’ll do more 😉. Now f off and go back to your cage. I got a fancy lunch to go to with the BP execs!”
Jussi Pitkonen
Jussi Pitkonen - 12 dager siden
probably ugliest Beemer since...hmm ever.
Ronald Usher
Ronald Usher - 12 dager siden
All EVs are Ice killers not Tesla killer's
FreedomWarrior - 12 dager siden
Damn that's ugly af.
Electric cars with lithium-ion batteries are utter nonsense. I couldn't care less about this EV and probably the worst of all, they polute really a lot.
TheArdour - 12 dager siden
I wish all these large kidney bmws gets chronic kidney disease and die of renal failure...
Who is the ugly designer behind this.
Lewis Townsend
Lewis Townsend - 12 dager siden
Mat in bed
His gf "that was good"
Mat "it was alright but not as good as bmws I drive system"
Barry Comer
Barry Comer - 12 dager siden
that is how ugly spell
قناة التنوير الفكري و الاكاديمي
Brian Stevenson
Brian Stevenson - 12 dager siden
What the hell is BMW doing with these massive grills, it’s like the designer has some massive vagina complex. They seem to have lost the plot completely with this design throughout the new range of cars. I would be embarrassed to have that sitting on my driveway.
Connor Gatchell
Connor Gatchell - 12 dager siden
Omg just like covid the ugly grill is spreading across the bmw range!
uzzie88 - 12 dager siden
Hitler has entered the room
Business Guide
Business Guide - 12 dager siden
Your videos are splendid! Thank you for giving me a new perspective to contemplate!
Dave Beardall
Dave Beardall - 12 dager siden
Ok, someone has to say it! That face reminds me of a certain German fuhrer.
Jose Vega
Jose Vega - 12 dager siden
It's uglier than hitting a mother
Shawn - 12 dager siden
Looks Good
Jacob Kuriakose
Jacob Kuriakose - 12 dager siden
A true review of Audi etron
Tom Schneider
Tom Schneider - 12 dager siden
Omg, what an eyesore. Good luck selling that
Jeremy Wickersheimer
Jeremy Wickersheimer - 12 dager siden
That grill is a bit too discreet though .. they should have accentuated it with some nice LEDs !
Docang - 12 dager siden
Even BMW salesman are scratching their heads, thinking "How am I supposed to sell this??"
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia - 12 dager siden
..Shame on you BMW..
too many mechanics hey to and charging the people too much money because you make it deliberately complicated everything ..shame on you BMW.
you think you going to make more money making people stupid shame on you BMW you should bankruptcy and schedule off from Market..shame on you BMW.
Steve - 12 dager siden
Yea because everybody owns an elon musk's modern million dollar home
Above In Shadow
Above In Shadow - 12 dager siden
It's the most roasted vehicle now.
The I8 was so good and they decided to downgrade to the ugliest front grill on the market.
delbroox - 12 dager siden
God that thing is ugly....Jesus who approved that???? Is not just about the grill, everything looks bad. Front, side and back...
Mercedes eq looks bad too. Audi beats all on this one
Ian Alminger
Ian Alminger - 12 dager siden
The name should have been iUgh
Will Wonka
Will Wonka - 12 dager siden
Vincent Simonet
Vincent Simonet - 13 dager siden
Audi and Mercedes look better...simply because they look like the actual / original fossil fuel model. The trend of tasteless futuristic design trying to make the point the car is...futuristic, to me is missing the point. At the time being, people are happy driving an electric car but not a weird looking one. To appeal to the masses and make electric cars an every day staple, you need design continuity with the old world (and government subsidies and a charging point network!).
Gamershellboy1 - 13 dager siden
I actually like the way it looks. Its uniquely beautiful, modern, stylish, the lines and creases soecially in red and black. Im in love. I won't be able to afford this but damn aint she unique.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - Dag siden
Yea it would be if the giant pig nose in the front didn't exist
Beaublue 1
Beaublue 1 - 13 dager siden
How ugly... even more so than the rest of the BMW . The only car they haven’t mentioned that blows the lot apart is the fabulous drivers car .. the JAGUAR I PACE 👍👏👏👏🤣
Peter Feichtinger
Peter Feichtinger - 13 dager siden
Such an ugly car at frontside! Best is Porsche Taycan Turbo
Talbi Dhia
Talbi Dhia - 13 dager siden
This is horybullllll cars😑🤮😑
Steve Michael
Steve Michael - 13 dager siden
How can they make a SUV that looks almost identical to almost every other SUV but still make it way uglier? That's clever. I think they may have thought "OK if we are mostly going to do generic and then we have to add something to make it different...."
Peter Aquilina
Peter Aquilina - 13 dager siden
It looks like it's been taken wheel arches from old Peugeot 3008, the rear side pillar was taken from c4 Picasso and its front inspired from older Skoda. not impressed at all.
Gary Burley
Gary Burley - 13 dager siden
I actually like it lol🌚
frankblack0503 - 13 dager siden
Bye bye 'freude am fahren'... Welcome 'we're on a road to nowhere' 😭
Sachi Pathmajan
Sachi Pathmajan - 13 dager siden
The Skoda Enyaq(my reply to the pinned comment)
Foiiiii1 - 13 dager siden
BMW must be on some contest to see how ugly they can make their cars.
Steve Qing
Steve Qing - 13 dager siden
Relax people, the is how BMW advertises for their iX3s by making sure no one would wait for these iX s.