Mercedes SLR McLaren vs Ferrari GTC4 vs Aston DBS: DRAG RACE

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What a lineup we have for this all-new supercar drag race! Mat’s in the legendary Mercedes SLR McLaren, and he’s lining up against the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and the Aston Martin DBS! Combined, these incredible machines put down over 2,000hp! What’s more, when new these three cars would have cost a combined £890,000 - so this might be our most expensive drag race EVER! The SLR may be the oldest contender here, but can it still take the challenge to the Ferrari and Aston? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
Thanks to Phil for bringing his DBS:
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Runtime: 10:23


carwow - 4 måneder siden
So which of these marvellous machines would you choose?! Let us know in the COMMENTS!
ShadowKill23 - 9 timer siden
@courtney hudson they can’t bloody afford that
Josh Warner
Josh Warner - 14 dager siden
I’m a Ferrari fanboy, but that Aston Martin is just beautiful, and that engine...
Chinonye Njika
Chinonye Njika - 16 dager siden
De Aston Martin Vantage was the best for sure! What a good noice.
Arti Thakur
Arti Thakur - 19 dager siden
DamienConstantine Torres
DamienConstantine Torres - 20 dager siden
Ferrari ❤️ I don't care about the other two
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith - Time siden
Does the guy in the Aston think that the woman’s arms need to be down by her legs by the time he decides to even think about accelerating?
stan polson
stan polson - 4 timer siden
Somthing is not right cuz the slr is much faster than the others.
YS S - Dag siden
Of couse Mercedes SLR waowwww
GG - Dag siden
Someone teach the AM driver to do a launch control please
mamenchisaurus DINOGAMER
mamenchisaurus DINOGAMER - 2 dager siden
ferrari's engine is more louder!
Pradhana Rizki Wibowo
Pradhana Rizki Wibowo - 3 dager siden
Maybe carwow could host a drag race event....
Allamraju Karthik
Allamraju Karthik - 4 dager siden
Gtc 4 lusso
Amogh Hampiholi
Amogh Hampiholi - 4 dager siden
Clarkson:-"Hammond,nobody in history has never ever Donuted an Aston Martin!"
Thato Mos
Thato Mos - 4 dager siden
Best sound aston martin
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith - 4 dager siden
Ferrari v12 is loud
Sandman_Moerl - 6 dager siden
really like the ferrari
Daniel777 - 7 dager siden
I think its time for Mclaren and Merc to remodel SLR to compete in "fastest production car " race . I hope many people want that .
Amel Eshtrefi
Amel Eshtrefi - 8 dager siden
The Ferrari sound way better
Amel Eshtrefi
Amel Eshtrefi - 8 dager siden
Who can see that the rear of the Aston Martin looks like the rear of a 2015 DODGE CHARGER
Benz w114 Benz w114
Benz w114 Benz w114 - 8 dager siden
I loved SLR♥️
Brady Platt
Brady Platt - 9 dager siden
G. light
G. light - 10 dager siden
the ferrari is as if screaming!!
Atharvan Sharma
Atharvan Sharma - 11 dager siden
Carwow / Watson if you do three/four quarter mile runs please put up the fastest times for each car up or atleast mention them
Darien Baez Pineda
Darien Baez Pineda - 13 dager siden
When I saw the title i thought they were racing like a 570s
Ahmed Soliman
Ahmed Soliman - 13 dager siden
The Aston Martin
Video Corner
Video Corner - 14 dager siden
Porsche Carrera Gt would be there too.
Faris Al Ali
Faris Al Ali - 14 dager siden
Who noticed that the license plate on the Ferrari says ur silly
Onur Yüce
Onur Yüce - 15 dager siden
Man! You always loose the fucking races with my favorite cars and I feel really bad. :((
Ali Anshasi
Ali Anshasi - 15 dager siden
Just imagine what a GT black series would do against these two, no doubt both will be thrashed
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez - 15 dager siden
Which car sounded better? Is that a question? 🤣
ROBERTA HELENA - 15 dager siden
697nm wathss and 690hp
Kamva Dibela
Kamva Dibela - 16 dager siden
When you race look forward during the whole race. You might win just for staying straight
יוסף חי לוי
יוסף חי לוי - 17 dager siden
Can you do a review on the SLR? Pleese
Dan Silva
Dan Silva - 17 dager siden
Roncos impressionantes da época boa dos automóveis...
Itay Yosha
Itay Yosha - 17 dager siden
The Aston Martin's v12 engine sounds like a bmw v8 engine
Yani Venneno
Yani Venneno - 19 dager siden
The DBS is so beautiful
Omega King
Omega King - 19 dager siden
“Brake....air brake....air brake....HELP ME!!”😂😂😂
kurraldii - 20 dager siden
I liked the Sound of the Mercedes SLR McLaren most.
Jayden Thomas
Jayden Thomas - 21 dag siden
The Aston Martin
Aryan Kaushik
Aryan Kaushik - 22 dager siden
The Aston martin driver is sleeping
Clayton Hornkohl
Clayton Hornkohl - 22 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: the slr is butt ugly
Jaali Allen
Jaali Allen - 22 dager siden
I think the Aston is pretty fast I just think the driver isn’t doing it justice
Burak Guçoğlu
Burak Guçoğlu - 24 dager siden
i cant lie the slr is still the sexiest and the best
Abdullah Daigle
Abdullah Daigle - 24 dager siden
the Aston sounded way way way better
William Pope
William Pope - 24 dager siden
Slr hit it’s electric speed governor set by factory
P5Master - 25 dager siden
5:34 you are silly XD
PittaBread5 - 25 dager siden
2:57 Tokyo DRIFT
Horizon Games
Horizon Games - 25 dager siden
Manav Mandanka
Manav Mandanka - 25 dager siden
Mercedes SLR McLaren sounds the best
Matt H
Matt H - 26 dager siden
What a stupid ugly Ferrari. Why tf would anyone buy an UGLY Ferrari? There are gorgeous ones for sale for the same $$!
Wassim Ahmed Sista
Wassim Ahmed Sista - 26 dager siden
Superleggera! 😍
P G GAUTAM - 26 dager siden
You cheats,you should have taken the 812 not the gt4c lusso
Matt Crick
Matt Crick - 26 dager siden
That Fezza sounds absolutely unbelievable on song.
Johaan Avarachan
Johaan Avarachan - 27 dager siden
2minutes of intro
Lucid-Eclipze - 27 dager siden
aston the coolest car there change my mind
ctrezzy11 - 27 dager siden
Bro whoever is driving the DBS shouldn’t be allowed to drive ever again.. he sucks lol
ctrezzy11 - 27 dager siden
Bro who’s driving the DBS Jesus!!
zair hussz
zair hussz - 28 dager siden
Who else hears teriyaki boyz
Lizzie Brewin
Lizzie Brewin - 29 dager siden
I think that the Aston Martin sounded the best because it’s loud, and quiet and I think that the Aston Martin is going to win the drag race
Jason Winde
Jason Winde - 29 dager siden
Everyone marvelling at the SLR, but DAMN that Aston Martin is pretty
Skùlltrõópér7 7
Skùlltrõópér7 7 - 29 dager siden
Sarmat F22
Sarmat F22 - Måned siden
Ferrari sounds the best.
Drop dead sexy engine & exhaust note.
I am in love 😍 🥰 😍
Omar Muhnna
Omar Muhnna - Måned siden
Dbs and sir are my absolute favorite
Martin - Måned siden
I think some of you are trying to make cars look bad. there's always a donkey with shit reaction. In this video its the Aston driver. Seriously my late Grand mother has better reaction, rest her soul.
jayaan chauhan
jayaan chauhan - Måned siden
Sean Cris
Sean Cris - Måned siden
The GTC4 at full beans, my god
Warren Nzondo
Warren Nzondo - Måned siden
ferrari one way
Anders Nytofte Petersen
Anders Nytofte Petersen - Måned siden
Do a drag race with a Dodge demon
Smoirt - Måned siden
Which one looks the best: Aston by far
Which one sounds the best: Ferrari
Which one would I own: A tie between the SLR and aston
Josh Leffel
Josh Leffel - Måned siden
And btw ferrari would’ve beat you
Josh Leffel
Josh Leffel - Måned siden
Ferraris just sound different bro
Sadik Presi
Sadik Presi - Måned siden
Mercedes is de King 👑👑
Toxic boy
Toxic boy - Måned siden
I love SLR😍😍😍😍😍
AAD Cars
AAD Cars - Måned siden
0:14 Ferrari GT4C Lusso🤔🤔🤔🤔
prema sudha
prema sudha - Måned siden
SLR sounds best.
Vladimir Kalabek
Vladimir Kalabek - Måned siden
Hi, please do a drag race between mercedes SLS VS SLR...
Kiran Burra
Kiran Burra - Måned siden
I mat don’t listen to Yanni he thinks the SLR is the best car there but think they all are good cars
Yama Man
Yama Man - Måned siden
I remember the SLR coming out but definitely looking old skool at the side of modern counterparts but 350k new 👀👀 might have seemed the dogs dangles in 2004 but not today I'm sure 100k counterparts could take that nowadays 🤔
Noel Dalányi
Noel Dalányi - Måned siden
Dbs driver cant launch the bloody car
Mthobisi Sibisi
Mthobisi Sibisi - Måned siden
That DBS sounds incredibly good
Aston superligera
Gani Reksa
Gani Reksa - Måned siden
Driver Aston Martin bad.. car best
Edward Prokopchuk
Edward Prokopchuk - Måned siden
Every mercedes owner of the supercharged motor knows that the SLR had a bad intercooler pump...
That’s why the supercharger was disengaging.
Would have been nice to see what would happen if it was running properly.
Great race!
The DarkSoul
The DarkSoul - Måned siden
One word...FERRARI ❤️❤️❤️
Brad Buckley
Brad Buckley - Måned siden
Gt4clusso 😂😂😂😂
Dreamy - Måned siden
McLaren-Mercedes and Aston Martin are so beautiful
Dodo M
Dodo M - Måned siden
Wow, that SLR is so old now. It used to be a spaceship back in the day
fra tex
fra tex - Måned siden
Aston guy’s reaction time off the line is as fast as an out of battery electric moppet
Laz_416 - Måned siden
The aston martin driver sucks...
Youssef Ouardani
Youssef Ouardani - Måned siden
What’s the name of the music at 2:58
Liam Brooks
Liam Brooks - Måned siden
astin martin definatley sounded the best
Car Tech
Car Tech - Måned siden
Why drag queen though hahahaha
William (Bex) Cranston
William (Bex) Cranston - Måned siden
Zeeshan Yousef
Zeeshan Yousef - Måned siden
DBS is the best
Harry Mamokgere
Harry Mamokgere - Måned siden
Tha GTC4 sounds EPIC
Gentinis Bytyqi
Gentinis Bytyqi - Måned siden
Next race, SLS AMG vs SLR vs AMG GT R please
Giui Stefan Jr
Giui Stefan Jr - Måned siden
SLR has a problem because limits power ,that supercharger means instant power all the way up.
Would have to be no problem keeping up with the others even though has rubbish gearchanges.
Aaliiyaa Jariwwala
Aaliiyaa Jariwwala - Måned siden
ferrari sounds the best
mahima sapru
mahima sapru - Måned siden
If the SLR had an 8 dual speed automatic clutch box and a good launch control it wouldve literally embarassed the aston and ferrari
Sam Davis
Sam Davis - Måned siden
Not bad to say the merc had less power outdated technology and still was able to hold its own
One Issue Voter
One Issue Voter - Måned siden
The problem with the McSLR is that, from the same year, a 575M with a 6-speed gated manual exists, and is cheaper. And EVERYBODY knows Murray wanted to build a 1400kg mid-engined v8 car with a manual, and not this ugly overweight mess of a car.
Danny Oo
Danny Oo - Måned siden
1:07 😂😂
Shota Gogichashvili
Shota Gogichashvili - Måned siden
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Activelense - Måned siden
Left hand drive? Where TF are you Matt ?