Mercedes S-Class: all you need to know!

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Here it is, the ultimate Mercedes S-Class history lesson!
Mat’s gained access to the Mercedes Classic centre and he’s had the chance to look around every previous generation of the Mercedes S-Class! From the very first 450 SEL from 1978 through to the latest seventh generation, Mat’s going to show you just how Mercedes’s luxury limo has evolved. From the introduction of the first turbo engine through to the inclusion of parking sensors and sat-nav, this is your one-stop-shop for all things S-Class!
But which of these classics do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars - Måned siden
Hi Mat here. What is your favourite S-Class ever? Let me know in the comment... And if you haven't already click on my face to check out my personal YouTube channel Matwatsoncars. And pls subscribe to it. Thanks.
Adilovic Sanin
Adilovic Sanin - 10 dager siden
W222 facelift
BRZ king
BRZ king - 27 dager siden
My fav is the 1971 s class and 2021 s class
dale portier
dale portier - 28 dager siden
Wow mercdes s
Jumbo Whiffy
Jumbo Whiffy - 28 dager siden
w126 for me. beasts
francois mostert
francois mostert - Måned siden
Matt, I like your bit of German (similar to Afrikaans) - lang LOL!!
Satyendra Rajani
Satyendra Rajani - 3 dager siden
I Like 2nd car
Papo - 10 dager siden
This W221 looks like a dream...
hernan lazo
hernan lazo - 13 dager siden
Wait!!! I pay membership so I don’t see commercials.
Mark S
Mark S - 18 dager siden
Do a video on history of 911. It won’t take long...
NotsoJoe Rogan
NotsoJoe Rogan - 20 dager siden
For years Genesis was trying to look like Mercedes. Now it seems like Mercedes is trying to look like Genesis.
Rick P
Rick P - 24 dager siden
The all NEW 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost is out now and it's a real game changer !
Sagar Das
Sagar Das - 24 dager siden
I like it bro
f581474x - 25 dager siden
W-140 all the way.
Rowan Ted Vithanage
Rowan Ted Vithanage - 25 dager siden
I think the 50s cars were mainly designed for teenagers, if u get what I mean
Lui Gardner
Lui Gardner - 25 dager siden
"German chancellor of that time" trying to avoid saying Hitler at all costs lol
inspire Styling
inspire Styling - 25 dager siden
Jumbo Whiffy
Jumbo Whiffy - 28 dager siden
my old man recently sold his 2016 s500 coupe, proper gutted when it went both of us were. by a mile the most comfiest cruiser i've ever driven, really want an s63 saloon one day though
cuttight - 29 dager siden
Looks like a Korean knock off of a European luxury sedan. Only worse.
This is going to be the new depreciation Queen of the road. Just another fake luxury car, crammed full of tech gimmicks that will break more quickly than you can drive this thing to the dealership. By the way, your dealership visit will come complete with a complimentary cup of espresso and a tub of vaseline.
cuttight - 29 dager siden
I think all these automotive 'journalists' should declare conflicts of interest before they can expect their 'reviews' to be taken seriously by anyone.
Potato06 - 29 dager siden
that is donuts job
Wan Amerhan
Wan Amerhan - Måned siden
From ugly(old) to ugly(2020)
Tabish Khan
Tabish Khan - Måned siden
I love the old ones that beautiful classic rocky Mercedes Benz ♥️👌🔥
Ste Bucks
Ste Bucks - Måned siden
Has to the Second generation 500 SEL, beautiful. Also, Mats shorts need to be shorter. 😉
leo hisham
leo hisham - Måned siden
Make this comment the most liked comment
Totally Eshrekt
Totally Eshrekt - Måned siden
W140 - The Last True S class
Silent Ninja
Silent Ninja - Måned siden
I'm no car expert, but it feels like you skipped a couple of generations/versions of the S-Class, in particular the 2018-ish model - I was really looking forward to seeing it, especially the way it looks in comparison to the previous and the latest model(s).
Slightly disappointed, but will not leave a dislike. All in all, a decent review.
Jacob Thigpen
Jacob Thigpen - Måned siden
I’d like more videos in this style. Loved how you went from car to car and have a history lesson on each. Would love to see something like this for the BMW 3 series; one of my favorite cars of all-time.
Nuri Ozkaya
Nuri Ozkaya - Måned siden
I wonder why they did not produce any s classes between 1929-1951 tho.
RDJ2 - Måned siden
They also made a few models between 1940 and 1945, but those are in the SS-Class.
RoCKetMaN - Måned siden
Now we need an BMW all you need to know
adel sa
adel sa - Måned siden
I just like 560sel 1990 it's the best
adel sa
adel sa - Måned siden
After 1990 nothing from Mercedes works until now, alot of computer less quality after warranty done just throw it out just like smart phone 2-3 year's then you have to replace it with New one but [hone cost 1k while Mercedes cost 100k
Hermes - Måned siden
ray bob
ray bob - Måned siden
"It's called AMG"
Laziz R
Laziz R - Måned siden
Can you review new Brabus rocket 900?
K D - Måned siden
Fith Forth
K D - Måned siden
Fith Forth
Leonard Wolfram
Leonard Wolfram - Måned siden
Der Mercedes Nürburgring 400 hat seinen Namen bekommen, weil er über 20.000 Km auf dem Nürburgring ohne Pause gefahren ist. Und die Rote Sau hat ihren Namen bekommen, weil sie damals eins der schnellsten Autos der Welt war und die erste Lackierung eine rote Rennlackierung war.
Allen Marais
Allen Marais - Måned siden
This was such an awesome video 😱🙌🙌🙌🙌 please do more of these
Seth Tan
Seth Tan - Måned siden
Do history for alfa romeo
azzan alsinani
azzan alsinani - Måned siden
my dream car is Mercedes s 600 v12 w140
Mr 2
Mr 2 - Måned siden
I can’t help but notice the older you’re getting Mat, the more cross eyed you’re getting..... are you ok?
jamel rl
jamel rl - Måned siden
wearing short lol stop coping from another reviewer
AKSHAY V ACHARI - Måned siden
5.55 that w221 😍, best looking modern S class
Cedric Dlamini
Cedric Dlamini - Måned siden
I thought Volvo were the ones with the first airbag in a passenger car.
Petar Evtimov
Petar Evtimov - Måned siden
FiTH generation :D
themarmite95 - Måned siden
What is going on with the spelling at 06:14??
Ashley Gordon
Ashley Gordon - Måned siden
A few errors here I dare to say. They were using the letter S decades before the model you indicated. Like the S, S, SSK and SSKL models of the 1920's and in numerous model designations in the '30's.
jacinto pinto
jacinto pinto - Måned siden
The W221 in my opinion is the mos beautiful one ever made.
jim wilkins
jim wilkins - Måned siden
Hey you misspelled fourth AND fifth in the video (around 6:15)!!
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine - Måned siden
D. - Måned siden
W126 and W140 for the win!
Chibu O
Chibu O - Måned siden
Get back to engineering solid vehicles and leave the plastic to the Spielzeug makers!
Mercedes quality isn’t what it should be anymore...
ItsssAnas - Måned siden
The newer the it gets even more ugly
Cockshield - Måned siden
The W220 was a pretty car... but fuck me it felt like it was made out of tracing paper!
AWI - ماليـــة عراقيــة
Tell me !
From what country you reading
This comment 😉
Max S
Max S - Måned siden
The old.mercedes can be kept on the road indefinitely !
The new one will be an uneconomic repair once the engine light stays on at 10 years and will go through auctions and sold and then traded in again and re sold indefinitely!
juggsy - Måned siden
Fith and forth?! Come on guys check your spelling!
Gray Filtered
Gray Filtered - Måned siden
They have some amazing designs .. such a shame reliability left the chat
Tim Eprx
Tim Eprx - Måned siden
German Cars Are The Best!!
Fred E. Gantzler III
Fred E. Gantzler III - Måned siden
Hmm, fav S-Class. Well, my 2012 S63 was a freight train and a beast, but without 4Matic getting power to the ground was tough and tires did not last long. My current S550, 2017, was a special order and is to me the perfect S, even compared to new version. But my family has had many versions of S-Class since 1969, and my dad’s 1990 560SEL was a bank vault (remember how those old doors made a thunk/click in the same way no matter how hard the door was closed?), classic, not too many goofy electronic features and incredibly easy and fun to drive.
r n
r n - Måned siden
Mercedes-Benz W07/W150?
Tabitha Nyambura
Tabitha Nyambura - Måned siden
the new one
nokiangage - Måned siden
I have the same w140 just with silver leather and I love it 🍻
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson - Måned siden
The new S class is boring as fuck. What a miserable design.
THE Weeknd
THE Weeknd - Måned siden
The new s class looks like a bigger version of the e class 😂
MattJelonek - Måned siden
Thiệu Vĩ Vương
Thiệu Vĩ Vương - Måned siden
very useful, i really like it.
Adarsh Singh
Adarsh Singh - Måned siden
The new s class is not even worth reviewing. Pathetic combination of tesla and A class.
The elegance & royalty of a s class are gone forever.
Itiel Dos Santos
Itiel Dos Santos - Måned siden
Great to see carwow grow
Brian Allen
Brian Allen - Måned siden
Loved this video, I've had 2 mercs, driving a clk320:2000 at the moment I love it....
BIG CUBA - Måned siden
By the way you spelled fifth
Fith, wierd.
BIG CUBA - Måned siden
I bet you don't have what I have?
1983 AMG 1000sl 5 speed turbo owed by All Copland founder of Popeye Chicken.
Mbiu George
Mbiu George - Måned siden
I vant one, ja
Ben Harris
Ben Harris - Måned siden
I feel like Mercedes either prioritise’s technology or design
huss1205 - Måned siden
Saddam kept using his fleet of W126 from 80's until the last time he showed up on TV a day or two before US entered Baghdad in April of 2003...
DaviCupra - Måned siden
3:53 1989 and not 1979
Arthur Chitsike
Arthur Chitsike - Måned siden
I though he was going to review the W223 S Class
blower2006 - Måned siden
Matttt you forgot the new one!!!!
robnexus7 - Måned siden
What a ugly car the new s class is compared to the beautiful classics
Brian Willis
Brian Willis - Måned siden
I wish i read the comments first... I thought u were gona review the new sclass😫😫😫
xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
😂 the red Sau musste lachen als er das gesagt hat
xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
The best car in the world is the s class.
xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
I think all of the S classes were Benchmarks
W126-500 - Måned siden
300SEL please or the 6.9 or the 560 u can keep the rest 👌🏽😁
COCONUT - Måned siden
Mercedes-Benz W140 or W220 please!!!
SHIZZIHS - Måned siden
FR-HVAC-Technican - Måned siden
Hallo Freunde! ist das normal? Die neue Mega Karte? PLUS -> vc
rapid170 - Måned siden
Interesting video, cheers Matt
Elsabe Cronje
Elsabe Cronje - Måned siden
Pls do the c class version of this video pls pls pls
Surendran Selvaraj
Surendran Selvaraj - Måned siden
Only the last 2 generation of s class looks good. Mat, can you please do such a video for BMW?
ed word
ed word - Måned siden
General motors had air bags in the 1970s
Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer - Måned siden
Matt forth and fith is incorrect as shown during the video, it should be fourth and fifth 👍 great video apart from that minor error.
uzzie88 - Måned siden
The 4th gen s-class had radar back then? Unbelievable.
mampe - Måned siden
S-class choise by dictators
Aamer Habib
Aamer Habib - Måned siden
May is the best in the game
Aamer Habib
Aamer Habib - Måned siden
Matt what do you say
500SLR129 - Måned siden
My fav w116 450sel 6.9
Best looking is the w126 especially the 2 door coupe SEC.
And best overall the w140 600sel quad cam v12 ( Pagani adopted)
In my view the Bruno Sacco designed cars are best.
M Muhsin
M Muhsin - Måned siden
deceptive look
Gorfalf - Måned siden
6.nice liter V8
hasse - Måned siden
The best car in the world!
rob cojuangco
rob cojuangco - Måned siden
click bait!
Omar 007
Omar 007 - Måned siden
After W140 its been nothing but gimmicks! Bring back that body style with all the new features start it around 70k and watch the number go up! Just a redesign of tech and safety!! It'll outsell every car they sell collectively
Omar 007
Omar 007 - Måned siden
Finish up rear end better same front end same headlights and everything! And updated interior!! I swear people who don't need a car will buy that thing
Julias Mirza
Julias Mirza - Måned siden
Not bad! I have samsung S20 plus.
Blark Dexture
Blark Dexture - Måned siden
When a S320 actually had a 3,2 l engine.