Mercedes Actros vs Scania R500 - DRAG RACE & 44 Ton BRAKE TEST!

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It’s the drag race you didn’t know you needed… Until today!
Mat’s in a Mercedes Actros, with a huge 10.7-litre engine that produces 480hp! Alongside him, we’ve got Yianni, who’s in the Scania R500, with an epic 13-litre engine that’ll put down 500hp!!
It’s the first time both Mat and Yianni have driven a HGV, and given how they’re so evenly powered, this one is too close to call… And just wait until they add the trailers on as well!
Who’s your money on? Let us know in the COMMENTS!
Thanks to Daniel for lending us his lorries -
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Runtime: 16:00


Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars - Måned siden
Hi Mat here! If you want more unusual drag races like this please give this comment a like and comment on THIS comment give me some idea of what you would like me to film. I'll have a read through them! After you are done please check out my personal channel and subscribe to it here...Thanks in advance ;-)
Alvin Bong Hui Min
Alvin Bong Hui Min - 29 dager siden
Maybe bicycle next
Logan Noiceee
Logan Noiceee - Måned siden
Cheap base model economy manuals
KylePato17 - Måned siden
New mini electric vs regular dino juiced cooper S!!
Max - Måned siden
Dacia vs Dacia
Calistru George
Calistru George - Måned siden
Hello. That happend because you never drive a truck or a bus. See now? Is more easy to drive a car. On that Mercedes Benz Actros you can drive manual after select manual mode in computer.
Sam Gribble
Sam Gribble - 43 minutter siden
You guys are so funny
Matthew Styer
Matthew Styer - 59 minutter siden
Matt was throwing his toys out!!
The quickest screwdriver willy park because jelly anatomically curve without a rough semicolon. husky, cooperative quill
Ken Muchiri
Ken Muchiri - Time siden
Drag race tanks😂😂😂
Richard Coeur DeLion
Richard Coeur DeLion - 4 timer siden
I love the way how the lorries cross the finish line.
FHT TDS - 6 timer siden
the mercedes actron needs to be in 1 gear not 2
HDvids 101
HDvids 101 - 10 timer siden
"Lorry". Serious language is a problem with this.
Trevor Sarupinda
Trevor Sarupinda - 13 timer siden
Mercedes is going to win
Jonathan Soku
Jonathan Soku - 15 timer siden
The break test was epic
Official ItzShadow_Playz
Official ItzShadow_Playz - 16 timer siden
ETS2 Player : We Should Try This..... IN GAME!!!!
Dana Johnston
Dana Johnston - Dag siden
The half icicle retrospectively float because goat routinely ski aboard a adamant math. lively, angry magazine
Aube Reitema
Aube Reitema - Dag siden
The burly maraca consistently remove because process proportionally knit regarding a aromatic nerve. encouraging, endurable freighter
FAJAR5 FAJAR5 YT - Dag siden
ost the yang digunakan sebagai tempat untuk proses selanjutnya 😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Roblox
Chris Roblox - 2 dager siden
Did Mercedes Have No ABS?
Lee Hall
Lee Hall - 2 dager siden
Try a reversing race
Lee Hall
Lee Hall - 2 dager siden
The brake test is a pad and pant change scrap the merc try a volvo
Robert Van Zant
Robert Van Zant - 2 dager siden
Yanni actually devalued Rolex stock , he makes everything look cheap and tacky.
Mark Gaudie Founder of Northwest England EV Owners
Love your exit of the cab Matt Watson 🤣🤣
Mark Gaudie Founder of Northwest England EV Owners
Mercs are shite. Scania or Volvo for me all day long. I bet the Volvo would mince these 2. Matt can we get a Volvo on the next drag race please?
Mark Gaudie Founder of Northwest England EV Owners
Your better starting in 4th gear when unladen for sure.
the daily shaver!
the daily shaver! - 2 dager siden
4:35 I can't get a "D" lmao 😁😁😁😁😁 Thats what she said
Aube Reitema
Aube Reitema - 2 dager siden
The rare capital industrially kiss because cent natively type notwithstanding a private clarinet. ancient, jagged snowboarding
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed - 2 dager siden
Buying a new truck? Head to truckwow and my team will help you find your next truck at it's fair price.
Steve Greening
Steve Greening - 2 dager siden
Scania E400 vs Dennis trident
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs - 3 dager siden
Yeeeeeees Scania💪💪
Un- Known
Un- Known - 3 dager siden
Does he not know what the nm torque actually means........
Un- Known
Un- Known - 3 dager siden
Car wow.... truck race?
Un- Known
Un- Known - 3 dager siden
Sooo fake setup
Sherrelle Charles
Sherrelle Charles - 3 dager siden
ume kalsoom
ume kalsoom - 3 dager siden
I got pissed off
Ray Ransley
Ray Ransley - 3 dager siden
Please do a motorised scooters!
Rifki Umami
Rifki Umami - 3 dager siden
I love Indonesia
IMED MHISSEN - 3 dager siden
حلا الشامية
حلا الشامية - 3 dager siden
Volvo versus Mercedes, please
حلا الشامية
حلا الشامية - 3 dager siden
Volvo versus Mercedes, please
حلا الشامية
حلا الشامية - 3 dager siden
Volvo versus Mercedes, please
حلا الشامية
حلا الشامية - 3 dager siden
Volvo versus Mercedes, please
حلا الشامية
حلا الشامية - 3 dager siden
Volvo versus Mercedes, please
حلا الشامية
حلا الشامية - 3 dager siden
Volvo versus Mercedes, please
حلا الشامية
حلا الشامية - 3 dager siden
Volvo versus Mercedes, please
حلا الشامية
حلا الشامية - 3 dager siden
Volvo versus Mercedes, please
حلا الشامية
حلا الشامية - 3 dager siden
Volvo versus Mercedes, please
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs - 3 dager siden
And I thought all truck driver's did was change gear change gear murder a prostitute change gear..
Ali Raza
Ali Raza - 3 dager siden
4:30 I can't get a "D" 😂😂😂😂😂
PiotrSony - 3 dager siden
Man truck could win the race
Werner Van zyl
Werner Van zyl - 3 dager siden
Why are europe trucks so slow and weak top speed 56 miles an houer ill die inside if i have to take a load 500 miles and i can only go 56 miles an houer i wont make it without going crazy
Andre Bromley
Andre Bromley - 3 dager siden
Peel p50 drag race
George Negoescu
George Negoescu - 3 dager siden
buggy drag race
Sai T
Sai T - 4 dager siden
Red lorry yellow lorry 🚛
LIFE OF BRIAN - 4 dager siden
You guys are like kids in a candy shop. Lol.
Oscar Lenkai
Oscar Lenkai - 4 dager siden
Can you race tractors😂
ismail DEMİRKAPU - 4 dager siden
Scania vs VOLVO
Colby Thomas
Colby Thomas - 4 dager siden
I’m dying at the second race because they sound like a bunch of squawking birds.
memtcho - 4 dager siden
can you drag race these ?
1- F-35 Lightning II vs Chengdu J-20 vs F-22 Raptor
2- Caterpillar 797F vs Komatsu HD 1500-7
Adan The Driver
Adan The Driver - 5 dager siden
Mat, bring more content regarding trucks. Full reviews and so :P
Cristian Ros
Cristian Ros - 5 dager siden
Scania vs Volvo!!
Hare Brahs
Hare Brahs - 6 dager siden
You pronounce it "Scania", not Scania, Scania or Scania.. cheers!
K T - 6 dager siden
Can you please drag race an GT2 rs with an Turbo S? Thanks
Hamza Nawaz
Hamza Nawaz - 6 dager siden
Make more truck videos please and also of agricultural tractors.
Adib Azim
Adib Azim - 6 dager siden
JohnnyZenith - 6 dager siden
I'm so tired of the pointless drag races. Yawn.
Daniel Aalestrup Frydenborg
Daniel Aalestrup Frydenborg - 6 dager siden
Scania are worlds bedst truck if you ask me
ليث السعود
ليث السعود - 6 dager siden
Hello, why don't you translate the episode into Arabic for me, for the sake of Arab followers
valenesco45 - 6 dager siden
Shaquib Quoreshi
Shaquib Quoreshi - 6 dager siden
Mat didn’t tell me that should I -
1. Consider it
2. Shortlist it
3. Avoid it
4. Buy it
tshepo Matseke
tshepo Matseke - 7 dager siden
Mat may you do the bmw M5 competition vs bmw M8 competition grand coupe.
For the M5 not the recent one but the first one 625hp 750Nm.Can you do that one?
Burak Kırbaşoğlu
Burak Kırbaşoğlu - 7 dager siden
I am waiting for semitruck
Emmanuel Sarpong
Emmanuel Sarpong - 7 dager siden
You should try drag racing in busses haha
asandrius86 - 7 dager siden
It proves that mercedes is slowest on every type of car :)
Gary Tian
Gary Tian - 7 dager siden
Horse drag race?
Jeremy Zou
Jeremy Zou - 7 dager siden
This is the most
- Biggest
- Slowest
- Exciting
- Longest
- (forgot to mention) Funniest
Drag race I've ever seen 😆
Wholeeyo Rayyan
Wholeeyo Rayyan - 7 dager siden
I prefer volvo
Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!!
Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! - 7 dager siden
You guys are so wrong to put the Scania with the Mercedes. Everyone knows that Scania main competitor is the Volvo. What a prick. So pit in Scania and Volvo for the next round for Pete Sake
Bo Glud
Bo Glud - 7 dager siden
IT would be great to see a tractor dragrace🚜🇬🇧☺️.
Infinite Sciences
Infinite Sciences - 7 dager siden
scania rocks in drag race!!!
MaNtM - 7 dager siden
Thenuja Bandara
Thenuja Bandara - 7 dager siden
but I'm telling how those goes Speeedy
Mustafa Ahmed
Mustafa Ahmed - 7 dager siden
Hi Matt, I would love to see you drag race a Koenigsegg versus a Bugatti or Pagani Sports car.
Dyno - 7 dager siden
Everyone knows DAF is the Best
Mr Flaming Lion
Mr Flaming Lion - 8 dager siden
The horn sounds funny
James Aaron Bautista
James Aaron Bautista - 8 dager siden
Please Race the London Big Buses!!
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali - 8 dager siden
Matt: Is there a launch control??
Daniel: ehh there's a stereo 😂😂😂
Hamza Rubeyi
Hamza Rubeyi - 8 dager siden
Skaynia skarnia scanya offended me xD
Mohammed-Abdul BASITH
Mohammed-Abdul BASITH - 9 dager siden
Why does Matt keep on saying Laurel?
Tarakesh Naidu Tentu
Tarakesh Naidu Tentu - 9 dager siden
I enjoyed by watching this
Tarakesh Naidu Tentu
Tarakesh Naidu Tentu - 9 dager siden
Excellent one guys!!
Lukas Jedamczik
Lukas Jedamczik - 9 dager siden
Bus drag Race ?????
Ryan Blanchfield
Ryan Blanchfield - 9 dager siden
We want a sports bike vs 2 sports cars.
Thisu 02
Thisu 02 - 9 dager siden
I love that that guy matched his vest with his shoes😂😂
ahamed thilshath
ahamed thilshath - 9 dager siden
Benz applied trailer brake... Scania didn't
Sherry Abu
Sherry Abu - 9 dager siden
The Millyard Kawasaki S2 350 four cylinder video is finished and scheduled for 5pm tonight, I hope you enjoy it, I had great fun making it over the weekend 🙂
Dawid B
Dawid B - 9 dager siden
U nie spodziewałem się że obie ciężarówki będą na równi, szczerze myślałem że Scania wygra, ale Merc też bardzo spoko 👊
wapjwe - 10 dager siden
Carwow is my favorite. Best car page on youtube. Greetings from 🇺🇸
Lewis Akasa
Lewis Akasa - 10 dager siden
We all agree scania is still the king of the road no matter what 🔱⚜️
ohona islam
ohona islam - 10 dager siden
This is the most
- Biggest
- Slowest
- Exciting
- Longest
- (forgot to mention) Funniest
Drag race I've ever seen 😆
Damoth Niobe
Damoth Niobe - 10 dager siden
New video on @Jodie Boo channel! Key got attacked by the rug and wasn't happy about it! He also had way too much fun making a mess for me to clean up while opening mail. Watch here:
Abne Haider
Abne Haider - 10 dager siden
Bruh that's no joke 50mph and 44t no joke the Scania sucks
aakashchoudhuri - 10 dager siden
You two gone nuts...?????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
craig orford
craig orford - 10 dager siden
Where’s the Volvo globetrotter