Lamborghini Aventador SVJ vs Huracan Performante DRAG RACE

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It’s time for a Lamborghini SHOWDOWN!
The Aventador SVJ is BACK, and it’s lining up against the Huracan Performante. When you look through the spec sheet, you may think the SVJ has it in the bag. With a 6.5-litre V12 under the bonnet, it’ll produce an impressive 770hp & 720Nm of torque, while the Huracan ‘only’ has a 5.2-litre V10 that’ll put down 640hp & 600Nm.
But of course, it’s not all about power, is it? You have to remember that the Huracan Performante weighs LESS than the SVJ - even though it's a roadster. Not only that, but we also know how well it can launch from previous drag races… So what do you think? Will the weight difference push the Huracan to victory?
There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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carwow - 2 måneder siden
Can you believe the sound of that SVJ!? Is has to be one of the best-sounding cars ever, right? What's your favourite-sounding car Mat's ever raced?
AS - 08MS 770158 Homelands Sr PS
Master Yoda
Master Yoda - 14 timer siden
Aventador and pagani cinque for me. 👌🏻🔥
mota307 - 6 dager siden
My favourite car was LAMBORGINI SVJ.
Code Red
Code Red - 6 dager siden
@Konstantin Ridaya Shut up
Code Red
Code Red - 6 dager siden
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster
Kumara Wickramasinghe
Kumara Wickramasinghe - 3 timer siden
You can make me laugh tears
Mihran Saifulla-17
Mihran Saifulla-17 - 4 timer siden
He. Braked early
Brian Kozlowski
Brian Kozlowski - 5 timer siden
The wide-eyed ping evidently bump because judge orally fade barring a ceaseless bathroom. curly, nippy spain
Andrea Sidoti
Andrea Sidoti - 7 timer siden
these two are just the best together 🤣🤣😂
BigHead Boi
BigHead Boi - 8 timer siden
Matt: happy, vibing, uhm...learning?
Yiannimize: *O N L Y* *D I S A P P O I N T M E N T*
Jay Jordan
Jay Jordan - 14 timer siden
You should race a aventador SVJ vs the hurricane EVO and see which one Is better
fgteev fan awosome
fgteev fan awosome - 14 timer siden
He breaked super early
Aarav Pendse
Aarav Pendse - 17 timer siden
3 oct was my birthday and my favorite drag race from carwow was uploaded
eason chan
eason chan - 22 timer siden
I think the what do you called it yesterday who mean performance did not well
Suni - Dag siden
Matt you should race the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ vs the McLaren P1 or the McLaren 765LT.
Dana Johnston
Dana Johnston - Dag siden
The imaginary deadline substantively preach because clutch promisingly bake round a obeisant athlete. lame, vagabond toothpaste
Gregory Gomez
Gregory Gomez - Dag siden
When matt was impersonating Yianni it was hilarious..all day everyday
Luke Mamaril
Luke Mamaril - Dag siden
Made me realize how the svj is quicker than the Lp750sv
Beast Awoken
Beast Awoken - Dag siden
Dana Johnston
Dana Johnston - Dag siden
The spiffy crab successively question because column reassembly heat among a voiceless radish. muddled, heavenly heavy hellish flugelhorn
boutong zheng
boutong zheng - Dag siden
“He is quicker than me”
Of course yianni it has V12
mihail95 - 2 dager siden
With a good lounch, the SVJ could catch the tesla model s p in 1/4 mile
pamela thomas
pamela thomas - 3 dager siden
Yianni did not cheat on brake
Keanu Ray
Keanu Ray - 3 dager siden
Pls lamborghini asterion
Shubhanshu Pandey
Shubhanshu Pandey - 3 dager siden
محمد الغامدي
محمد الغامدي - 4 dager siden
Seddik Elmir
Seddik Elmir - 4 dager siden
Yanny be like hurry up and it don’t launch lol
Daniel Creed
Daniel Creed - 4 dager siden
So this is what exactly happened
alejandro virgen
alejandro virgen - 4 dager siden
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro - 4 dager siden
1/4 mile in 10.4 sec in a 360.000£ V12 Lambo
Exact same time than the Tesla Model S P100D, that probably cost half that price and actualy can carry more than 2 people...🤣🤣🤣🤣
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro - 4 dager siden
Beautiful awesome machines!!!!😎🤟🤟🙌👏👌
Valentino Ciaccio
Valentino Ciaccio - 5 dager siden
MOTOR CARS - 5 dager siden
Amazing Race.
Erika Wilson
Erika Wilson - 5 dager siden
yianni wich car is yours
Anurato Hazra
Anurato Hazra - 5 dager siden
Loudest car on carwow=Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.
Rares Dacu-Furdui
Rares Dacu-Furdui - 5 dager siden
He didn’t cheat
mota307 - 6 dager siden
He braked early mat!
Code Red
Code Red - 6 dager siden
I'm planning on buying a 1970 Plymouth Superbird lol
John Mokoena
John Mokoena - 6 dager siden
he braiked in time
Clayton Lester
Clayton Lester - 6 dager siden
The orgasm
wanjuki kanyogo
wanjuki kanyogo - 7 dager siden
thats not a fair race the svj has a 130 more horsepower and they practically weigh the same
kwashawn jones
kwashawn jones - 7 dager siden
ULOOKN - 7 dager siden
6:29 LOL "Ive destroyed it"
Cars&Co. - 8 dager siden
to be honest the performante did a 10.4 last time
and this was a spider soo...
Adam Madad
Adam Madad - 8 dager siden
I think he break early
mike and ike friends forever
Yianni:lamborghini all day everyday
Kevin Bowers
Kevin Bowers - 8 dager siden
Damn, I didn’t realize before how much Yanni jumps the start
Nadia Majeed
Nadia Majeed - 9 dager siden
The half video passed and they didn’t race
Jurre de Wit
Jurre de Wit - 10 dager siden
@don dit is letterlijk jou auto😍
Johannes - 9 dager siden
Jurre de Wit
Jurre de Wit - 9 dager siden
@Olaf Metten omdat hij ook die auto heeft he slimmerd
Olaf Metten
Olaf Metten - 9 dager siden
Hoe weet je dat?
Rashmi Rai
Rashmi Rai - 10 dager siden
SVJ vs 488 Pista anyone?
Matt H
Matt H - 10 dager siden
Losing or not, i could never be sad while driving a Lambo
Qurtubi Widiyadi
Qurtubi Widiyadi - 10 dager siden
Qurtubi Widiyadi
Qurtubi Widiyadi - 10 dager siden
Emanuel Nelinho
Emanuel Nelinho - 10 dager siden
Best drag race is m5 vs porsche 911 turbo s
NaCL_INCREASER - 11 dager siden
his eyes are sooo red
gaming legacy yt
gaming legacy yt - 11 dager siden
nope Yianni chated it was clear when u saw his front bumper going down before that line
///Mmmmm - 11 dager siden
You should consider not having your buddy in your videos anymore. His charisma just doesn’t fit your channel...
Zaid K
Zaid K - 11 dager siden
Look at matts face and the sound he makes at 9:45 it looks wrong
Willis Ni
Willis Ni - 11 dager siden
he did brake early
Ana Ramirez
Ana Ramirez - 11 dager siden
Aventador and hurricane is so cool I'm fast faster than my car
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz - 11 dager siden
Second gear “Bloody hell.”😂😂😂 sounds about right. Svj is nuts...
Springkaan Mahlangu
Springkaan Mahlangu - 11 dager siden
"His talking so much" 😂😂😂
Amaan Gameing13
Amaan Gameing13 - 12 dager siden
what a reace man
Rowin Gerritse
Rowin Gerritse - 12 dager siden
Sterg Sterg
Sterg Sterg - 12 dager siden
svj is making the hurcan look bad
Vijayalakshmi Chandrasingh
Vijayalakshmi Chandrasingh - 12 dager siden
NICE race ever
Kirby Menchavez
Kirby Menchavez - 12 dager siden
the svj IS A BEASTTT
fuzzy fruits r
fuzzy fruits r - 12 dager siden
Skr Skrrrrrrrrr
HecticZenon - 12 dager siden
Definitely comes down to driver last race perf got 10:4 and SV got 10:6 now the perf driven by yanny gets 10:6 and svj is 10:4 need to redo these races with better drivers no offence intended Matt and Yanny can stay
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor - 12 dager siden
He did brake early
Karst Vd heide
Karst Vd heide - 13 dager siden
Weetikmijn vader heeft aventadoo
bobcat 118
bobcat 118 - 13 dager siden
Wie is hier voor don zijn auto haha
Maquavious Mack
Maquavious Mack - 13 dager siden
Am I the only one annoyed by Yianni 😐
PRISCI DANIEL - 13 dager siden
no he did not
Abc123 - 13 dager siden
Its so funny, you Need no skill to launch car
Arslan4ik 995
Arslan4ik 995 - 14 dager siden
Why they drive 1/4 at sport?
Why not corsa?
Peter Janssen
Peter Janssen - 14 dager siden
5:23 that look 😂😂
Nikolaos Balatos
Nikolaos Balatos - 14 dager siden
yiannis face waiting for mat to get the car ready to race is my always on mood
tarun rohith
tarun rohith - 14 dager siden
Hey Mat you are saying Lamborghini Aventador SVJ very expensive £360,000 then in India the Lamborghini Urus is only £360,000
PoPmediaTv - 14 dager siden
What a job 😩😍
Mahan Loves Cars
Mahan Loves Cars - 14 dager siden
Think Yianni has braked just at the line
jk Galliguez
jk Galliguez - 14 dager siden
I can watch this video forever
FAN MUSAT - 14 dager siden
에잇 한국채널인줄알고 신나서 왔는데 본채널ㅋㅋㅋ 미치겠젴ㅋㅋ
Gaming KR_IS
Gaming KR_IS - 15 dager siden
mat doesn"t know what he is doing in the lamborghini :) and i am a fan of you:)
Raquel SZN
Raquel SZN - 15 dager siden
The best lambo race
Lok Babu
Lok Babu - 15 dager siden
Who else expected for this to be on gta v
Hura Fatima
Hura Fatima - 16 dager siden
Yianni cheated in brake test
Alex Miller
Alex Miller - 16 dager siden
yes mat
Ayman As
Ayman As - 16 dager siden
Lamborghini all day every day baby 🔥my dream car
_kevin_ - 16 dager siden
Spoiler alert:

The Lamborghini won.
T Mathenjwa
T Mathenjwa - 16 dager siden
jk Galliguez
jk Galliguez - 16 dager siden
My favorite drag race ever
Ryn Mm
Ryn Mm - 16 dager siden
Hurracan Performanté Spyder*
Beast Awoken
Beast Awoken - 16 dager siden
Beast Awoken
Beast Awoken - 16 dager siden
Davi Folli
Davi Folli - 16 dager siden
6:35 MY GOD what a beautiful sound!
jonleigh1001 - 16 dager siden
Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy drag Lambos 👍
Justin Schroevers
Justin Schroevers - 17 dager siden
Is deze van jou
simon schaffer
simon schaffer - 17 dager siden
that svj can beat the new lamborghini devil 16!!!!!!!
Jesus Romero
Jesus Romero - 17 dager siden
Evo vs svj??????
IACS143 - 17 dager siden
Do a ford gt vs aventador svj vs senna vs huracan
And you drive the svj please
IACS143 - 17 dager siden
When ever the aventador passed him yani knew he's not gonna beat it so he gave up
Kick Starter
Kick Starter - 17 dager siden
not bad
Love Dogs
Love Dogs - 17 dager siden
He bloody braked early