Lamborghini Aventador SVJ v Ferrari 812 v Porsche 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE

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It's time for another seriously powerful supercar drag race!
Mat's lining up in the Ferrari 812 Superfast, which delivers 800hp and 717Nm from its huge 6.5-litre V12! As for the Aventador SVJ? Well it's also got a 6.5-litre V12, although it can only put down 770hp and 720Nm.
But can either of them dethrone the current carwow drag race king, the Porsche 911 Turbo S? It may only put down 650hp, but this apparent lack of power hasn't stopped it leaving all competitors in its wake so far!
All we know is, this is going to be one seriously epic drag race that you don't want to miss!
Thanks to everyone who provided us with these cars for this AWESOME drag:
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carwow - 3 måneder siden
Come on then - if you could only have ONE of these, which would it be? VOTE in the COMMENTS on this post!
Stanislav Eichwald
Stanislav Eichwald - 2 timer siden
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
Niels _KDMNS
Niels _KDMNS - 10 timer siden
100% the Ferrari
Uncle Richard Jr.
Uncle Richard Jr. - 11 timer siden
Dinushka Mahawedage
Dinushka Mahawedage - 5 dager siden
Ferrai ❤❤
syamsul nahar
syamsul nahar - 26 dager siden
NUNO LP - 35 minutter siden
The Lambo is the best!!!
Sven Landshut
Sven Landshut - Time siden
Porsche, if you drive all 3 its for sure
John Doe
John Doe - Time siden
Ferrari: I’m not quick ENOUGH
Lamborghini: I’m quick, but not quick ENOUGH
Porsche: I’ve had ENOUGH
Amirali Zare
Amirali Zare - 4 timer siden
Ferrari ❤
Splashi - 4 timer siden
Id take the porsche or ferrari because lambos are childish cars
Edwin Shaju
Edwin Shaju - 6 timer siden
Porshe all day every day
concerncit - 6 timer siden
Porsche just flat 6 cylinder and 3.8 liters!
Endurance Sunday
Endurance Sunday - 7 timer siden
I would love to see porch and Bugatti
kevin williams
kevin williams - 7 timer siden
I think the Ferrari was boosted up I doubt it faster than the SVJ
Hilmar Jooste
Hilmar Jooste - 8 timer siden
911T 911T 911T 911T 911T 911T......
Minecraft zombie boy
Minecraft zombie boy - 10 timer siden
I would have a Ferrari 488 gtb
A. G. Russ
A. G. Russ - 12 timer siden
Porsche Turbo
ZARAAN ALI SHEIKH - 12 timer siden
Bro you are very funny
DolleHengst - 13 timer siden
6:04 Yianni, Porsche has a horse logo as well...
fgteev fan awosome
fgteev fan awosome - 14 timer siden
Ferrari best sound
bigpeps13 - 15 timer siden
Porsche is 1 bad ass 6 spanking v12 lol 😆
nikhil kannan
nikhil kannan - 17 timer siden
lamborghini is the king😍😍❤😘👌
Marcus Nowicki
Marcus Nowicki - 17 timer siden
And lambo doesn’t beat the Ferrari in sound or in looks. And the sexy Porsche is a lot faster
Marcus Nowicki
Marcus Nowicki - 17 timer siden
The guy driving the lambo isn’t a very good driver
michael mendoza
michael mendoza - 20 timer siden
The Porsche baby wins every time you hear it but you will feel it when it passes you
Matteo Matteo
Matteo Matteo - 22 timer siden
And this is by far not the fastest ferrari
Athırsızı Banuş
Athırsızı Banuş - 23 timer siden
Shanil Ballu
Shanil Ballu - Dag siden
Lamborghini sounds better
Woke AF
Woke AF - Dag siden
Porsche Turbo S: Built to win drag races
Lambo Aventador: Built to put up a valiant fight
Ferrari 812: Built to look and sound amazing in defeat
Sumer Brar
Sumer Brar - Dag siden
Matthew Louw
Matthew Louw - Dag siden
R - Dag siden
The Porsche is basically a sleeper if you’re comparing exhaust notes...
Jovii9 - Dag siden
If the Turbo S destroys them i dont wanna know what the Gt2rs will do.
Orcanislupus - Dag siden
I'll take the daily driven, cargo space having, 4-seater, 4 wheel driven .... Soft spoken, big stick carrying 911 992 Turbo S-mack down Porsche!
Will Soon
Will Soon - Dag siden
i like the sound of the porsche!
Shravan Shivakumar
Shravan Shivakumar - Dag siden
Porsche is like a black mamba hissing it's way beating the bull and the horse
derek mcgowan
derek mcgowan - Dag siden
Only a bore buys a Porsche.
Mark DJ
Mark DJ - Dag siden
Carwow we want see Drage Race Bugatti veyron vs Porsche 911 turbo S
FarraTwan - Dag siden
That roulette tattoo is pure 🔥
rn00rn rn00rn
rn00rn rn00rn - Dag siden
This is Super fast? gonna have to get rid of that name.
Little Mike
Little Mike - Dag siden
I only noticed on car it was silver, the other two superbly styled pimp transporters never stood a chance.
Simpson Fam
Simpson Fam - Dag siden
I liked the porsh
Andrea Bosa
Andrea Bosa - Dag siden
'strada' this mode is not meant for racing. No shit sherlock💀
Cactus_ Mint
Cactus_ Mint - Dag siden
The porche is good speed but the look is not that cool the lambo is best at sound,look,and launches the Ferrari is good at gaining onto cars.
In my opinion the lambo is just mine
Philip S
Philip S - Dag siden
The turbo s is just built for drag races. AWD with all the weight over the rear axle for great launches as well as the crazy fast pdk transmission
LKNANML - Dag siden
I'd take the 812 if it was a you can only have one car to do it all. 911 is close. Aventador is the type of car you drive to bee seen and not to get where you are going. The Huracan is way more polished. We will see if the big v12 brother gets a better successor.
I've never liked 911 headlights. I just don't. LOVE the tech though. A modern slant nose would be amazing!
Aventador. Amazing sound but everything else is No thanks. Huracan would be a HUGE thank you yes!
812. Love it. Old school coupe look, V12 and best interior.
Ahmed MEFTAH - Dag siden
Love Porsche
samuel nyambane
samuel nyambane - 2 dager siden
Porche for life always been my dream car
samuel nyambane
samuel nyambane - 2 dager siden
You see that second rematch...was one hell of a drug race 👌😂😂 someone almost went nuts😂😂
Mn Ad
Mn Ad - 2 dager siden
Alexander Gunnarsson
Alexander Gunnarsson - 2 dager siden
HAHAHA! That intro was spot on! Hahaha
FURKAN BERÇİN - 2 dager siden
The lamborghini avan deltir dert song lo
Tomás Silva
Tomás Silva - 2 dager siden
LuddisN - 2 dager siden
i would have the porsch or ferrari, lambos are honestly ugly
Steven Cubberley
Steven Cubberley - 2 dager siden
Lambo looks the best, but the German is the better all rounder
Vo Quang Minh
Vo Quang Minh - 2 dager siden
The abounding apparel compatibly poke because laundry identically moan midst a economic kick. cheerful, hard low
stan polson
stan polson - 2 dager siden
I would love to have the ferrari or lambo
Gg Ez
Gg Ez - 2 dager siden
Mclaren 765LT = 9.94s (1/4mile)
stan polson
stan polson - 2 dager siden
its always the ferrari that sounds better
TA Naidu
TA Naidu - 2 dager siden
Ferrari!!! I would rather own the ferrari!!!
Foetus Explosé
Foetus Explosé - 2 dager siden
Worldsupercar ? xD
rashidrafi - 2 dager siden
The “cheapest” car won!!!!
Taniya Parihar
Taniya Parihar - 2 dager siden
Lamborghini aventdor svj
Tawanda Chimwanda
Tawanda Chimwanda - 2 dager siden
Rita Moni
Rita Moni - 2 dager siden
Lambo is the best i think
Shankhodeep Mondal
Shankhodeep Mondal - 2 dager siden
I would love to have the Ferrari
Ismail Hussain
Ismail Hussain - 2 dager siden
Lamborghini aventador svj
Florian Lion
Florian Lion - 2 dager siden
How they just try so hard and just can’t keep up with the Porsche 😂😂🤣
Jhonbairon Betancur
Jhonbairon Betancur - 3 dager siden
suptitulos ok
RF. - 3 dager siden
Nobody's gonna believe, tho I knew it's gonna be the porsche
Theo T
Theo T - 3 dager siden
1st : German engineering
2nd : German engineering w/ Italian touch
3rd : Italian engineering
Maninder Ahuja
Maninder Ahuja - 3 dager siden
Porsche is a car .... rst are just show toys.. suck ittt
Nurullah TAŞ
Nurullah TAŞ - 3 dager siden
Of course, Ferrari is the best.
Thomas Semeniuk
Thomas Semeniuk - 3 dager siden
The Ferrari, no question that engine is special, and it's the last of it's kind
Barba Gianni
Barba Gianni - 3 dager siden
Come one Ferrari....😹😎✌️
Nick Raven
Nick Raven - 3 dager siden
Dev Lin
Dev Lin - 3 dager siden
That SVJ isn't slow, Yanny just adds another 200 kilos to the SVJ.
aydan khaliq
aydan khaliq - 3 dager siden
Porsche for weekdays, Ferrari for weekends.
kent1089 - 3 dager siden
SVJ every day
seni gjecja
seni gjecja - 3 dager siden
Lambo and Ferrari 🤦‍♂️🤮
Porsche 🔥🔥
hexlgaming - 3 dager siden
I love the Turbo S. It’s a good deal, a great daily, quiet, less flamboyant and it’s all about business.
foxy info
foxy info - 3 dager siden
The Lamborghini aventador svj is one of my dream cars 😍
ealaf alraish
ealaf alraish - 3 dager siden
Bibin thomas
Bibin thomas - 3 dager siden
812: the class bully
Aventador:the handsome kid
911 turbo s:the quiet kid
randall bollinger
randall bollinger - 3 dager siden
Money no object... Porsche all day, everyday
Sammy Guzman
Sammy Guzman - 3 dager siden
Porsche all day
andy f
andy f - 3 dager siden
5:12 for the race
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 4 dager siden
Id own a Ferrari and Porsche before I would ever own a Lamborghini
akil john
akil john - 4 dager siden
Ferrari and lambo were barking only . Respect for THE PORSCHE
Farhan Ahmad
Farhan Ahmad - 4 dager siden
Porsche 911 😍😍
Quentin Dewasmes
Quentin Dewasmes - 4 dager siden
Ferrari V12 sound IS Amazing... 🇮🇹🍀❤️
Mitch B.
Mitch B. - 4 dager siden
I’d have the svj
GAMING WITH ARNAV - 4 dager siden
Ferrari is ❤
Oval Games
Oval Games - 4 dager siden
We shud be like yanny in our life. Win every race..
Ash Aley
Ash Aley - 4 dager siden
Pradyumna GU
Pradyumna GU - 4 dager siden
Lamborghini is good at drag race, Ferrari roles good. Porsche takes the crown...
Marin Berndt
Marin Berndt - 4 dager siden
Guess who made the Porsche? The Germans....luckily I’m German
Igor Silva
Igor Silva - 4 dager siden
derrick buchanan
derrick buchanan - 4 dager siden
In the 1st race the Lambo jumpes the start
Ricardo Farhat
Ricardo Farhat - 4 dager siden
O would have the Porsche of course.... Half of the prices
Ricardo Farhat
Ricardo Farhat - 4 dager siden
That was stunning race! I was screaming here at the end cheering Matt to win but Yani is on a rebel Lambo... From Brazil
Griffen James
Griffen James - 5 dager siden
Honestly I think the Ferrari sounded better
Carsen Campbell
Carsen Campbell - 5 dager siden
Ferrari is the best one
EK BROTHERS - 5 dager siden
Yanni jump started