I'm the FIRST to go in the 300mph Bugatti Chiron Super Sport *WORLD EXCLUSIVE*

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We’ve been waiting for YEARS to film a Bugatti here at carwow. Now finally, the day has arrived… And what a day it is!
Mat is officially the first journalist IN THE WORLD to get into a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+! He’ll be packing down in this record-breaking hypercar to feel just how quick it is when you put the pedal to the metal in a car that’s powered by a W16 8-litre turbocharged engine! It produces a ridiculous 1,600hp and can hit 60mph in just 2.3 seconds!
So not only is it the fastest car Mat’s ever been in, it’s also likely to be the most expensive! It’ll be limited to 30 units, and each will cost $3.9 million! So will it live up to the hype? You’ll need to keep watching to find out!
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RF. - 16 timer siden
Whats its quarter mile time?
Aube Reitema
Aube Reitema - Dag siden
The wakeful policeman desirably discover because christopher peroperatively bolt off a heavenly heavy hellish table. agreeable, simplistic fact
Fabian King
Fabian King - 2 dager siden
:Matt last time…
Fabian King
Fabian King - 2 dager siden
:Matt I don’t know why the Bugatti is going to the highway : Fabian because it is a Chiron and it’s the fastest car and it’s new
Fabian King
Fabian King - 2 dager siden
The Bugatti is going to the highway :Matt WhAt
MR. OSK4R - 4 dager siden
8.0 W16 to I4 is 2.0 I4... Engine hevier than Fiat 126P.
Safwan - 4 dager siden
*Isn't it*
Ümit Aydin
Ümit Aydin - 5 dager siden
Why did they change the grill? This one is like the one on the standard chiron, the world record car had a bigger one🤔
HYDRA - 6 dager siden
Wat about a tesla roadster
Hebe Law
Hebe Law - 6 dager siden
6million dallar car dude so cool my dreamcar
S.I.B S.I.B - 7 dager siden
Vw mk2 beaten buggati chiron
Jarno Winkoop, van
Jarno Winkoop, van - 8 dager siden
the fastest car? it isn't
Pratham Sann
Pratham Sann - 8 dager siden
Mat: "this is the fastest car in the world"
Elon musk with his T E S L A Roadster: "Am I a Joke to you?"
Rashawn Johnson
Rashawn Johnson - 8 dager siden
20 years
Ham Nok
Ham Nok - 9 dager siden
You wouldn’t have to worry about cops ever again they wouldn’t even be able to see you. Especially on the highway you wouldn’t even have to care if you passed one. You probably gonna be able to make bond too
Ros Davis
Ros Davis - 11 dager siden
I felt sorry for you when you where screaming
Ros Davis
Ros Davis - 11 dager siden
I’m thinking the new Tesla roadster 2020 is 6 milli seconds faster
Afonso Sá
Afonso Sá - 13 dager siden
Ssc tautara****
Refo Faris
Refo Faris - 13 dager siden
I want you test drag khoenigseg agera
Thejashree Eshwar
Thejashree Eshwar - 15 dager siden
The hell
The Bugatti Chiron SuperSport 300+ is 1600 HP
But the rare ospark Owl is 2012 hp
Some rare cars are being underused
David Petrovici
David Petrovici - 15 dager siden
Nimic nu i mai brutal decat m6 le lui Andy Popescu
hama cbr
hama cbr - 16 dager siden
It wasnt 300mph it was only 300kmh
Dwayne Duncan
Dwayne Duncan - 17 dager siden
The bugatti chiron 300+ has a top speed of 303mph or 501kmh
Flx Vij4y
Flx Vij4y - 17 dager siden
Remember Bugatti's movie record by bmw 6 series
Felix A.
Felix A. - 18 dager siden
Christian lowkey so funny 😂😂😂
john grant
john grant - 18 dager siden
What is the point of it being restricted to buyers but 25mph?? Like 275mph is so much safer.
Gesù Cristo
Gesù Cristo - 19 dager siden
Rob Grear
Rob Grear - 19 dager siden
If I was in the car, a very, very fast stream of urine would be flying out the window.
veli dagli
veli dagli - 19 dager siden
Looks like imitation not real.
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic - 19 dager siden
The driver: 😐
Omega King
Omega King - 19 dager siden
The g forces when it goes from 0-120 is practically crazy😂😂 like a plane taking off on the runway
FollowerOfChrist - 19 dager siden
lets see a roll vs regera
Agustin Lidén
Agustin Lidén - 19 dager siden
What a incredible beauty and Sexy and delicious and gorgeous that 🖤 2021 Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300+🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Mike Kotsovos
Mike Kotsovos - 20 dager siden
Next episode must be Suzuki Jimmy Vs Bugatti Chiron super sport
Rich Lee
Rich Lee - 21 dag siden
love this guys reaction 😁
arhan ozer
arhan ozer - 22 dager siden
The driver looks like he drove more bugattis than golfs
Alberto •_
Alberto •_ - 22 dager siden
Koenigsegg its the fastets car
Buwaneka Lewke
Buwaneka Lewke - 23 dager siden
Lil Saron
Lil Saron - 23 dager siden
300mph or 300kmph🎊???
frosty frost
frosty frost - 24 dager siden
This made me say carwow!!
Ingenuity - 24 dager siden
Well, now the fastest production car coming is tesla roadster 2020
Rón O Neill
Rón O Neill - 25 dager siden
Cmon with the ads 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Sahil Khalifa
Sahil Khalifa - 25 dager siden
The Bugatti engineer should audition for the Terminator movie. He spoke like an android.
Yon Yon
Yon Yon - 25 dager siden
Title ripped off 😂 300km/h but waw car didint feel like its on 300 km/h
Kay Hughes
Kay Hughes - 25 dager siden
I was expecting the engineer to say something like: "I'm a cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton".
Mason - 25 dager siden
The sound inside the car when they speeding is like a quiet airplane
Constantin Graf
Constantin Graf - 26 dager siden
john smith
john smith - 26 dager siden
i mean fear alive ,, mass media ,, 911 ,, all over in spades
john smith
john smith - 26 dager siden
hahaha boys wearing mask keeping the fraud alive , hahahaah,,
pr1me - 27 dager siden
Emmanuel Kidero
Emmanuel Kidero - 27 dager siden
Mat: I’m the first to go in
Driver who drove from the shop: I’m I a joke to you
M a
M a - 27 dager siden
Lord aleem is fuming rn
Daneal Brown
Daneal Brown - 27 dager siden
The speedo meter of that car goes faster than my RPM😂😅
BaracudaThe1st - 28 dager siden
I thought the drive was Linus from Linus Tech Tips ... Kind Weird
No Meter
No Meter - 29 dager siden
Imagine getting a 300mph ticket 😭😭😭
phanzu mavinga
phanzu mavinga - Måned siden
I think Bugatti should work on their inside
Caleb Maynard
Caleb Maynard - Måned siden
It is not the fastest car in the world. The fastest is the ssc tuatara
_ANormalName _1000
_ANormalName _1000 - 26 dager siden
@Caleb Maynard Just take your L and leave
_ANormalName _1000
_ANormalName _1000 - 26 dager siden
@Caleb Maynard noburn.info/id/video/1IS7iauFpYmDmZw.html
_ANormalName _1000
_ANormalName _1000 - 26 dager siden
@Caleb Maynard noburn.info/id/video/mZjEhatlj4KLlmU.html
Caleb Maynard
Caleb Maynard - 26 dager siden
_ANormalName _1000
_ANormalName _1000 - 26 dager siden
@Caleb Maynard noburn.info/id/video/mZjEhatlj4KLlmU.html
Abu khalid
Abu khalid - Måned siden
Tuatara has entered the chat
Marco Schulz
Marco Schulz - Måned siden
volkswagen engine ftw
Graham Brogan-Brown
Graham Brogan-Brown - Måned siden
1614hp not 614 matt come on
talha habib
talha habib - Måned siden
the car went 300 KPH,not mph
Chonte Fino
Chonte Fino - Måned siden
Just magical...
Indervir Randhawa
Indervir Randhawa - Måned siden
SSC: am i a joke to you?
FreshAnimeBoi - Måned siden
Just wait for the bugatti bolide
Lethabo Elvis Mahlangu
Lethabo Elvis Mahlangu - Måned siden
Kunnegseg laughing at this video😂😂😂
Dhruv Navani
Dhruv Navani - Måned siden
feels good to know that the speed this car reached in 15 seconds is the speed my car isn't gonna reach in 15 years.
Sean Washington
Sean Washington - Måned siden
300 kph, not 300 mph. Still impressive.
Napoleon III
Napoleon III - Måned siden
Those alloys look aftermarket
wildish Gambino
wildish Gambino - Måned siden
matt was so hyped ja
Sorin Strat
Sorin Strat - Måned siden
The most ugly pant on that Bugatti
Pietro Maria Zulian
Pietro Maria Zulian - Måned siden
Hahahaha l’italiano che non Sto arrivando! Cosa rispondere : YES...
Kim T
Kim T - Måned siden
You can’t go 300 in a car and coffee parking lot tho
peter-paul kutschlojenga
peter-paul kutschlojenga - Måned siden
this car went 0-100 in first fucking gear
Alex Azcona Berlanga
Alex Azcona Berlanga - Måned siden
That's fast, But..... TWO WORDS= SSC Tuatara :https://youtu.be/N22JfNHiC1k
532km/h Damn
Heinz Miesmann
Heinz Miesmann - Måned siden
The driver is german... for sure- just like me. :-) One can hear it .
Todd Salmon
Todd Salmon - Måned siden
Looks like it has a Flux Capacitor in the back window.
Ninja - Måned siden
Yes yes yes I said go we go and go go yes yes
Jugraj Shoker
Jugraj Shoker - Måned siden
He went 300kph lol not MPH
HellBoyYT - Måned siden
Jonathan Swartz
Jonathan Swartz - Måned siden
That’s a jet on wheels
Christian Emil
Christian Emil - Måned siden
Ssc tuatura is The fastest
_ANormalName _1000
_ANormalName _1000 - 26 dager siden
@Christian Emil fake
Aryan Kaushik
Aryan Kaushik - Måned siden
@Christian Emil lol its fake
Christian Emil
Christian Emil - Måned siden
@Aryan Kaushik scc tuatura is the fastet is can go 540 or more
Aryan Kaushik
Aryan Kaushik - Måned siden
HoseZentaur - Måned siden
Big clickbait with that misspelled mph while its kph... it would be 482kph to achieve 300mph
Minty 1106
Minty 1106 - Måned siden
shit seatbelts
Haseeb Khan
Haseeb Khan - Måned siden
Imagine Hennessy and buggati doing a collab woah
cruise2kx - Måned siden
The driver is the king of understatement.
Ghulammohammad Sheikh
Ghulammohammad Sheikh - Måned siden
Buggati Chiron is very fastest car in the world for all time
Bruno Almeida
Bruno Almeida - Måned siden
This track and car remember me of that PS2 Gran Turismo 3, oval track, with that Suzuki red rally car (huge wings) with 800+ hp, before we put those big turbos on it, reaching horse power and top speed similar to this Bugatti. Awesome.
( X ) Achievement unlocked
Khalid Saleh
Khalid Saleh - Måned siden
This is a airplane with its 400km/h. It kept accelerating to 300km like its nothing lol..
Car addict
Car addict - Måned siden
I feel like the car is cheap and fragile although i know it isnt but it makes me feel like that because the whole weight reduction thing
Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire - Måned siden
Pete Profits
Pete Profits - Måned siden
Someone doesn't know the difference between MPH and KM🤦‍♂️
Naidu Sreemaan
Naidu Sreemaan - Måned siden
Heyyyyy mat bro.......... have you seen ssc tuatara top speed run onboard????
M. Rendy Azha Danish
M. Rendy Azha Danish - Måned siden
Ssc Tuatara Hit 331 MPH, new record
Aryan Kaushik
Aryan Kaushik - Måned siden
CANDLES FOR FREE - Måned siden
police chase would be just for gaggs
Chris Green
Chris Green - Måned siden
Why didn't they make the wheels out of carbon fibre from Carbon Revolution? Carbon fibre is 30% stronger and 50% lighter than magnesium.
Ryan Viele
Ryan Viele - Måned siden
can it run doom?
Amazing Jepoy
Amazing Jepoy - Måned siden
I thought theres flower pots behind
Reet Jaiswal
Reet Jaiswal - Måned siden
"Everybody should be allowed to experience this once in their life."...Yeeeah no.
Zuko Cele
Zuko Cele - Måned siden
The equivalent of losing your virginity to Ms Universe.
mark arnold
mark arnold - Måned siden
Not 300 mph... It's Kph
Elna Dorlus
Elna Dorlus - Måned siden
it's a huper car