I drove the Volkswagen ID.3 until it DIED!

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Volkswagen’s new all-electric hatchback is here… And Mat’s taking it for a range test!
On the face of it, the ID.3 looks and sounds pretty impressive. Not only does it have a cool futuristic look, but you can get it with a 201hp electric motor, and up to 77kWh of battery capacity. That will do an impressive range of 342 miles, but it's the 260-mile-range model with a 58kWh battery that Mat's putting to the test here.
But could the stats be deceiving? Well, Mat’s putting this all-new EV to the test to see just how far he can go on a single charge! Not only that, but he’ll be sharing an all-new exclusive with you - finding out what happens when the battery’s fully depleted!
Do you think the ID.3 could be a suitable replacement for the petrol-powered Golf? It’s time to find out!
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EE - 8 timer siden
Why don't you do the same for petrol cars?
Max Moors
Max Moors - 10 timer siden
damn you, you triggered my google home
alex_darl - 10 timer siden
Why this brand new car has a problem with 12V battery discharging and why Volkswagen hasn’t fix it yet?
Pop! Support
Pop! Support - 11 timer siden
The nine pelican etiologically hop because ostrich perceptually burn given a brainy drink. barbarous, astonishing panther
Joseph Eller
Joseph Eller - 15 timer siden
They’re banking on this car and they made it look like THAT 🤯 it looks outdated before it even drops
TheLaw - 23 timer siden
I think this car looks ok, but that black bump above hood looks terrible
Irene Garcia Arquero
Irene Garcia Arquero - Dag siden
25:00 Car shutting down
Irene Garcia Arquero
Irene Garcia Arquero - Dag siden
25:00 Car shutting down. PULL OVER SAFELY!!!!
Lois Lancaster
Lois Lancaster - Dag siden
Manufactured carbon neutral, hahahaahhahahahahahaahahhahaahhahaah.. Only a moron will believe that.
The Good Hope Group The Good Hope Group
The guy from VW is going to die of bacterial infection for wearing a mask.
Lois Lancaster
Lois Lancaster - Dag siden
All electric cars are about range, still 10 years later, hahaha. When you can fill the car +300 km it up in ten minutes, no ques, and it cost less than 20K Euro it will become interesting.
The Xextreem
The Xextreem - Dag siden
You need to speak german...
Marlon Mudzudzu
Marlon Mudzudzu - Dag siden
In iD's defence, Mat should've re-phrased that Rugby destination instruction.
Matt Elphinstone-Walker
The interior is God awful, the drive stalk is stupid, the car exterior is ok but from the front its like a toy car. As for it being better looking than the model 3, Matt go to Specsavers.
Kito L
Kito L - Dag siden
Interesting video! I thought I will share where I found good quality and affordable EV cables, it is from this website- https://evchargeplus.com
Owen Kempton
Owen Kempton - Dag siden
How did he not notice that all the things that stop working are operated by the radar that he snapped off with his go pro. What a moron
Moa Daniel
Moa Daniel - Dag siden
26:14, look at his phone! Hes not calling anybody
karvapea50 - 2 dager siden
It looks to much like an MPV. I would like to have same tech in Golf8.
MiroiBoii - 2 dager siden
It reminds me of Nissan Leaf.
Stephen Deverell
Stephen Deverell - 2 dager siden
Nice car, great exterior design, technically accomplished, good range and practical as a golf should be, but the interior quality is shocking for a £25,000 - £40,000 VAG car.
Andy Spence
Andy Spence - 2 dager siden
I like the look of the front of the Tesla 3 much more. The vw looks cheap to me
Gromitdog1 - 2 dager siden
Pretty disappointing tbh.
Fast H Racing
Fast H Racing - 2 dager siden
VW build quality has gone to rat s***. (Again)
Garázs Géza
Garázs Géza - 2 dager siden
For this price I can buy 3 Piece of brand NEW FIAT Tipo or 5 Piece of Dacia Sandero!! I is not a question what a better deal is!
Lois Lancaster
Lois Lancaster - Dag siden
Exactly. And on top of that even the Sandero is faster than any electrical car. Fill it up anywhere in 5 minutes, no hazzle.
Christian Ljung
Christian Ljung - 2 dager siden
Chinese looking ( not nice) with cheap interior style!!
Phil Burton
Phil Burton - 2 dager siden
£25k for a car with 210 miles range and a shit interior? No thanks.
Lois Lancaster
Lois Lancaster - Dag siden
And practical range is only 70% of that, not 95% like in a fossil car.
Mark Doyle
Mark Doyle - 2 dager siden
I had a 2013 Golf Mk7 with that voice command bull and it was useless to.
The interior looks cheap
Volvo B10M
Volvo B10M - 2 dager siden
Driver: Hey ID, set destination to Ramsbottom.
ID: Sorry, that is illegal.
Antonio Palmero
Antonio Palmero - 2 dager siden
I drove my fiesta until it ran out of fuel, it stopped .
Plump Cat
Plump Cat - 3 dager siden
RAC must be like "oh it's this guy stranded in an electric car again"
Plump Cat
Plump Cat - 3 dager siden
The entire interior of this car just makes no sense, just make the car cheeper by getting ride of the abundance of unnecessary redesigns 🤦‍♂️
Mark Doyle
Mark Doyle - 2 dager siden
Yes and the golf Mk8 is the same to.
andy brant
andy brant - 3 dager siden
Typical Vw it broke...
Looks like a leaf at the rear and who makes high hand traffic areas white...A WHITE STEERING WHEEL🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Buy at your peril
Kek chup
Kek chup - 3 dager siden
Looks definitely better than a Model 3
Cee Dee
Cee Dee - 3 dager siden
Great video! Thank you for driving to the car ran out of power, with all the issues I still want one lol
Average Joe
Average Joe - 3 dager siden
It‘s missing Android Auto because VW is missing several thousand developers.
Waleed Al-Rabbani
Waleed Al-Rabbani - 4 dager siden
If the paint matched the orange on the inside it'd look amazing
LRX - 4 dager siden
Model 3 looks better IMO. However I would keep my 2008's Hyundai physical buttons over either screens for just adjusting lights and climate!
Martin Mold
Martin Mold - 4 dager siden
Doesn't die, just runs out of energy. If it was dead it would never run again.
Miha Primožič
Miha Primožič - 4 dager siden
Great post, but I would still choose a white(pearl)-black color combination anyway, it kind of suits me better.
Just like this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RGZ3kf1Mug
Mark Knudsen
Mark Knudsen - 4 dager siden
Won't get the ID3 in the US. Only the ID4
You reviewed the 4?
Hammmod Jabeer
Hammmod Jabeer - 4 dager siden
Game changer.
Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva - 4 dager siden
I just hate the white steering wheel... and the hazard lights touch button. But I'd get one anyway.
Sparts - 5 dager siden
Ugly though, horrible.
And that price 😅
It’s actually beyond ugly.
My 5 series does 500 miles on a tank, the tank takes 3 mins to ‘charge’, then I do another 500 miles.
If I drive a bit faster it barely makes any difference to range.
“Just out it up the kerb”, of course, we all know that’s it’s appropriate to park up on a pavement.....twit.
Jamie Meadows
Jamie Meadows - 5 dager siden
Why does it say “this video is unavailable on this device”?
Jamie Meadows
Jamie Meadows - 5 dager siden
Come on VW admit it. Its not really finished yet is it.
Israel Cgutiérrez
Israel Cgutiérrez - 6 dager siden
So the Zoe can do the same but much cheaper
davide30541 - 6 dager siden
poor fordson on that hedge...
Blaz - 6 dager siden
Cost cutting measures everywhere. Sad.
MI Q - 6 dager siden
05:00 You need a German accent to make it work. It is just as bad as on all other Volkswagen derivatives, Audi and Porsche included.
Eristo Rebula
Eristo Rebula - 6 dager siden
Brake and acceleration pedals are Pause and Play symbols 🤣 21:55
wolfman9999999 - 6 dager siden
VW needs to make sure they get these faults corrected quickly. The glitches here, along with the ones reported for the ID 4, give the feeling that they're not vetting the software and electronics adequately. This won't bode well for their badly damaged reputation here in the U S. I want the ID Buzz van when it's released, but won't get one if I have to beta test systems that should have been in full working order at time of production, especially since they're in use in other vehicles that have been on the market for a while now.
Cawfee Dawg
Cawfee Dawg - 6 dager siden
This car is boring af.
Grant Muir
Grant Muir - 6 dager siden
Stromness! 😂😂😂You would never have got that far on one charge. My VW voice control is utterly useless too.
holdontoyourwig - 6 dager siden
Why not charge it to 100% first ? Just plug it in for 10 minutes and then make the video.
Patrick Schäfer
Patrick Schäfer - 7 dager siden
The assistance systems probably failed because you kicked the camera out of alignment, when you pulled its cover from the windscreen and pushed it back on. All the errors relate to functions that use the camera... Maybe VW should rethink the fixture 🤷‍♂️
Oh, and the brake noise comes from the build of hydraulic pressure shortly before it stops, since the brake pedal commands regeneration as well, and only uses hydraulic to stop and hold (in normal situations). So the B mode doesn‘t really help the efficiency, it just feels „more EV“.
Ben Haynes
Ben Haynes - 7 dager siden
58 Kwhr batt, 220mile range but didn't catch the price. Emmachizzit? Similar batt and range to the Zoe, Wot about the cabbage then?
Joseph - 8 dager siden
Looks like VW has a lot of work to do on all components to enable it to catch-up with other manufacturers, good luck to them.
Ciutac Ionut
Ciutac Ionut - 8 dager siden
where the buttonzzz vw.. climate and volume + fan speed 3 or 4 buttonzzz
is this the future how much did you save? is this the vission? those
golf 7 gti interior feels and looks like private jet compared to this
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT - 8 dager siden
Test drove one! It feels great
Accelerates well and doesn’t have ridiculously hard suspension and lane assist worked well
TCG - 8 dager siden
I think the mic for the voice commands is very bad
ice man
ice man - 9 dager siden
Metric please
Edward - 9 dager siden
looks cheap inside
POTThaesslich - 9 dager siden
I just realised that the light switch being in this awkward/wrong position is another cost saving measure. They literally take the same instrument cluster for LHD and RHD and just move it to the other side 🤦‍♂️
Eco - 10 dager siden
16:30 the radar cruise didn't work because you were too close to the car in front. I think. There was a little logo on the dash, two cars and an exclamation point.
Chris Seaton
Chris Seaton - 10 dager siden
I drove my diesel till it ran out of diesel, it stopped. Shocking outcome. Wow what an insightful piece of garbage journalism.
Bill M
Bill M - 11 dager siden
electric cars- So when a emp is actually deployed it will really do more damage than thought, dont say it can not happen, nobody thought covid 19 would just pop up & happen also
Abdul Hakim
Abdul Hakim - 11 dager siden
Matt did you just beep 😷
fluide fluide
fluide fluide - 11 dager siden
" Hey ID how much are you ? "
" Taking you to the cleaners... "
reginald burks
reginald burks - 11 dager siden
there germans posting their ID.3 is broken
CARLWILD - 11 dager siden
I like the look of it but as soon as you showed ‘build quality’ I was disappointed.
OUARI DZ TUT SPORT HD 7 - 13 dager siden
Greg Gidley
Greg Gidley - 13 dager siden
Since there is volume control on the streeing wheel the volume slider in the middle should of been for fan speed
Bonnie Bishop
Bonnie Bishop - 13 dager siden
Woah that was weird, you broke down & parked outside my old house. Didn’t expect that!
ILiterallyHaveNoUse - 14 dager siden
This car is sexy, Affordable and Luxurious.
Jonki Pastramki
Jonki Pastramki - 15 dager siden
The interior looks like a modern dentist cabinet
EasyGoing Driver!
EasyGoing Driver! - 15 dager siden
Well I guess that's the problem with electric cars: they do solve problems, but not for everyone. Yet, we all should comply to this "new normal" and declare ICE dead. And pay big bucks for a car which does not necessarily suit our needs. I can't take a SEAT Mii or VW ID.3 into some roads I frequently visit with my 4x4, nor carry the amount of load I often do.
I'm trying hard not to sound like a luddite, but fortunately 2030 is still a decent amount of time away. Plenty of time for the tech to evolve, and more different type of cars to enter the market.
Victor Arstad
Victor Arstad - 15 dager siden
When are legacy auto manufacturers realise that they can't spend 10 minutes on the infotainment system. We just got the car. It is an absolute pain to use. Something so simple as turning up the volume is frustrating or changing the temperature. The screen is slow and buggy. Sometimes you just have to turn it off and wait. Sometimes you need to factory reset it all together to make the bluetooth work. The lane keeping assist is super annoying, you can turn it off but the car doesn't remember your settings when you start it. So you have to do it again ever time. Im really hoping a decent update.
Lorenzo Marchetti
Lorenzo Marchetti - 16 dager siden
Honestly the quality does not seem excellent and it gives the idea it will fall apart in three years
Alexey Shupta
Alexey Shupta - 16 dager siden
3:52 - My google home has now set a route for Rugby
Victor I
Victor I - 16 dager siden
Damn shame we can't buy this in Canada. Regarding the voice features, manufacturers shouldn't even bother: Android auto or the other one does a much better job. The White steering wheel? No.
F T - 17 dager siden
sorry, too many too long comersials. even 2 right after each other. you tube have gone to far. i dont want to finnish watching the video. sorry. but it is my life, i dont waste it on to many and to long comercials.. have a good life
Carbon FIBERC6
Carbon FIBERC6 - 18 dager siden
VW over Tesla anyday of the week !
Roger Beech
Roger Beech - 18 dager siden
Rear wheel drive? Its not a perform vehicle. AWD or nothing for me.
Do you not have snow, ice, rain in Germany?
Andrzej Gorgol
Andrzej Gorgol - 19 dager siden
it is terrible
Terry Brooks
Terry Brooks - 19 dager siden
That interior looks like somebody's been sick in it. VW no thanks.
Sina Madani
Sina Madani - 20 dager siden
So cheap, this car will fall apart in no time. VW priced it competitively, but made it on the cheap. Might as well be made in China eith that build quaity and plastics
jonesy Greg
jonesy Greg - 20 dager siden
Drive 2 port Talbot
steve - 20 dager siden
a nice shape.
CJL Playz
CJL Playz - 20 dager siden
Blue BMW on the motorway that was me
Sarmat F22
Sarmat F22 - 20 dager siden
Don't worry the car is tested by Elon Musk 😉
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic - 20 dager siden
This full touch/touchscreen trend needs end! Not everyone has the hands of a brain surgeon while they drive
xseqer - 20 dager siden
Ramiz B
Ramiz B - 20 dager siden
6:30 :D:D:D:D
Alex K.
Alex K. - 21 dag siden
No frunk I guess?
ROBERTA HELENA - 22 dager siden
VW ID.3 vs Mercedes AMG g63 Yanny
10001000101 - 22 dager siden
Please switch to using KW for electric cars, horsepower is an incredibly outdated and terrible metric for measuring the power output of an electric vehicle, you wouldn't measure your microwave in horsepower.
Chucky Fox
Chucky Fox - 23 dager siden
The car only speaks German ;)
Peace Man
Peace Man - 23 dager siden
Not very good car from VW like normal. Why do people buy them?
Frédéric De Beir
Frédéric De Beir - 23 dager siden
Very interesting car review. I’m a petrolhead, I love manual gear shifting. I don’t like electric cars. But this VW is a step in the right direction. 40k is expensive, but less than a Tesla 3 and it looks way better.
Richard's archery reviews
Richard's archery reviews - 23 dager siden
It's got to the your brummy accent matt my skoda karoq don't like my yam yam accent lol