Honda e real-world REVIEW - with 10 London landmarks CHALLENGE!

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The Honda e is one of the most desirable electric cars of 2020… And Mat’s finally got his hands on one!
However, while it might have initially caught our eye with its looks, is it more style over substance? Or is the Honda e a serious contender to stand out in the ever-growing market of small electric cars?
Well with a range of only 137 miles it’s unlikely to be able to compete with some of the bigger, more expensive EVs, but how does it work as a little city runaround? We’ve set a series of 10 challenges through the centre of London to see just how Honda’s new EV can cope when put to the test through one of the busiest cities in Europe! Will it pass with flying colours? Stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
01:08 Challenge 1 - Battery
02:25 Challenge 2 - Power
04:20 Challenge 3 - Design
06:32 Challenge 4 - Engineering
08:25 Challenge 5 - Price
11:30 Challenge 6 - Turning Circle
13:24 Challenge 7 - Driving
15:29 Challenge 8 - Interior Space
17:52 Challenge 9 - Infotainment
20:17 Challenge 10 - Range
22:48 Five Annoying Features
24:02 Five Good Features
25:47 Verdict
Honda e Specifications
Battery: 36kWh
Power: 136hp
Doors: 5
Range: 137 miles
0 - 60mph: 9 seconds
RRP: From £29,660
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Runtime: 26:57


carwow - 3 måneder siden
Is the Honda e THE #1 electric car? VOTE below!
TSG7 - 2 dager siden
Best electric hatchback? Possibly. But best electric car? No.
Planetokhod - 12 dager siden
Why are you driving on the wrong side of the road? You're drunk?
Mike Andersson
Mike Andersson - Måned siden
Andrea Capelli
Andrea Capelli - Måned siden
@carwow of course Tesla is the best in electric cars but the Honda E has so much charisma that I'd love to buy it. The most annoying thing to me is its range. I wish they will provide (at least as an optional) bigger batteries.
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley - Måned siden
OF COURSE!!! I love this car (only in white🤣)
Roadbiker - 2 dager siden
The problem with cameras as wing mirrors, you cannot move around your head to see more. they are super bad with regards to blindspots.
pleased to meet you hope you guess my name
So ugly,ugly,ugly
Rohit Reddy
Rohit Reddy - 3 dager siden
what is the front grill material?
DjangoUnhinged - 5 dager siden
That story about London Bridge is pretty good, but that is all it is, a story. The person who bought London bridge, knew he was buying London bridge, not tower bridge. London bridge was for sale at the time, as it was too small for the location.
pj alingato
pj alingato - 5 dager siden
Yeah honda e looks real cool much more if it's blue
Michał Bielecki
Michał Bielecki - 6 dager siden
It looks like a modern version of Fiat 126p
Larry - 9 dager siden
This is a pretty bad review, if I wanted to watch a tour of London I'd watch that.
Crystal Ion
Crystal Ion - 11 dager siden
The Queen actually was not there. You can tell she is there if the royal standard is flying. She isn't there if the Union Jack is flying...
Planetokhod - 12 dager siden
Why are you driving on the wrong side of the road?
Josh Baker
Josh Baker - 12 dager siden
Are you in Chernobyl?
Bintang Herdian Jatmiko
Bintang Herdian Jatmiko - 14 dager siden
This Honda E reminds me, of a white robot in a movie called : Proximity 2020
iialmonxx - 17 dager siden
As since it is the 12th of November, has the queen placed the reef?
Emppu T.
Emppu T. - 17 dager siden
After watching this, arguably very good video!
Turns out the Honda E is a lot worse than i thought it was, especially for my uses.
So, now i want it even more.
Su B
Su B - 17 dager siden
I wouldn't take for free this toy
Syed Reyadh
Syed Reyadh - 18 dager siden
Please do one in-dept review on new Vauxhall Corsa E. The electric one.
Sebastian Albarez
Sebastian Albarez - 18 dager siden
"fuckers" 🤣😭
Harold Beauchamp
Harold Beauchamp - 19 dager siden
This thing would never sell in the USA. Too small and cars don’t sell here. Especially tiny cars. Honda was smart to leave it out of the market here.
Bill B
Bill B - 20 dager siden
great review mate - the savoy was priceless
Lino Vieira
Lino Vieira - 20 dager siden
Less than 1000 have been sold in Europe the car has 100 miles less range than a Zoe what a joke Honda is in Trouble
Nick Stalburg
Nick Stalburg - 21 dag siden
I really love this car, and I would like to have one. Too bad it isn't really practical as a car.
Bally Sohal
Bally Sohal - 22 dager siden
E Honda WINS
chip rock
chip rock - 22 dager siden
With a measly 2 full charges you can follow the River Thames from source to mouth.
Gamage L
Gamage L - 22 dager siden
I like the accelerated use only mood, it will be easy to drive around traffic, and no need to worry about breaking.
Jayanta Ray Chowdhury
Jayanta Ray Chowdhury - 23 dager siden
There are so many times Matt took his hands off the steering wheel and there were traffics on the road.. Quite bizarre actually!
J LD - 23 dager siden
Battersea power station is NOT going to be a shopping centre. It's called Brummie sarcasm.
Ian Davis
Ian Davis - 24 dager siden
River Thames is absolutely filthy, unlike the Honda e which is emissions free and much cleaner. You can have that one for free Matt.
Vito - 24 dager siden
I really like the design of the car, wish it also came in a gas model.
hybrid is the best honda
hybrid is the best honda - 25 dager siden
vtec is the best
Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips - 26 dager siden
THIS!...sorry wrong channel...
Naigh-naigh Why
Naigh-naigh Why - 26 dager siden
I thought this was the VW Golf 1
Sunny Singhi
Sunny Singhi - 26 dager siden
Looks like a car from a Miyazaki film
MyLifeAsLouis - 26 dager siden
That grey one looks gorg!
Evanghelos Valassidis
Evanghelos Valassidis - 26 dager siden
I could not watched more than 14 minutes, worst review I have ever seen... you are annoying sir...
Miikka Vrindts
Miikka Vrindts - 27 dager siden
Mariokart wii turbo blooper
Naveen Kopparam
Naveen Kopparam - 27 dager siden
But why would you use a GoPro Hero 4?
Ralph Raffles
Ralph Raffles - 28 dager siden
Price is simply too high.
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma - 28 dager siden
Ditch the potato you're recording on and get a camera
Nathan Bull
Nathan Bull - 28 dager siden
It looks like an old ikea futon in the back!
Kristupas Mazurkevic
Kristupas Mazurkevic - 29 dager siden
Other than a couple of screens extra, this thing reminds me the Polish fiat!
WhatzUpGaming - Måned siden
6:25 what about the fk8?
DJRICKYDEEUK - Måned siden
Looks like a Skoda Estelle from the front.
James - Måned siden
Think low speed follow in this car is amazing 👏
ShaolinDreams - Måned siden
Up the range to 250 miles, replace with nicer screens and faster OS and most importantly sort that price out. would be the improvements, but apart from that this does look like a superb little car.
Christine Chin
Christine Chin - Måned siden
Looks like a toy car taxi. I love it. 😍
Zack Komachkov
Zack Komachkov - Måned siden
God, I wish this was available in the US
Alan Howe Music Rhythm Guitar Player
Why should I buy a new car. The depreciation is so high. Second hand cars are no better in depreciation. Why should the general public put up with this high depreciation. An urgent Government review is needed to look into the car industry retail sector.
Wally Blackler
Wally Blackler - Måned siden
No it’s a big joke in America we have a bridge to sell you
CambridgeDrones - Måned siden
The Thames - The honda E has an aquarium setting. There's your link.
doctoramg - Måned siden
On energy savers alot more miles for sure
Military Events
Military Events - Måned siden
Mat, if the Union Jack is up the queen isn’t it, if the royal standard is up then the queen is in.
Jithin P V
Jithin P V - Måned siden
Shot on iPhone 3G
Jay-Motosapien - Måned siden
does Honda make a gas version of this? I'd buy it, 1.0 litre gasoline with a turbo. cars in america are getting too big because americans are getting fatter, i'm a 6 ft tall guy but i love small cars. hope they make the gasoline on this chasis!
Isaiah 46:4
Isaiah 46:4 - Måned siden
when people in venezuela had their days long blackout, the people who had a car with combustion engine were the only one who could charge their phones and enjoy the benefits of modern civilization. if climate change would be ruled as a scam , electric cars would become obsolete
salah Dehina
salah Dehina - Måned siden
I really enjoyed watching this guy driving around and telling us about what's usually pretty boring stuff
01bigtrev - Måned siden
Looks like a mini knight rider car on the inside.
Sunny Singh
Sunny Singh - Måned siden
River Thames river flow of the capital no hydroelectric here but the Honda E charges from 0-80% in... heres your comparison :-D
Sky Walker
Sky Walker - Måned siden
9:22 - interesting that what you Brits refer to as a 'Panoramic Roof' is simply a 'sunroof' in the States. Panoramic is when it's over the front and rear seats, not just the front's. Compelling car otherwise. We'll not see it here. 😥
Nick !!
Nick !! - Måned siden
Loved this car since it was unveiled but it’s really skin-deep. Love the look but the range, price, space concessions, and usability are all deal breakers.
sam Lewis
sam Lewis - Måned siden
Sorry to say that when the union jack is flying on Buckingham palace means monarch is not in resident, it is when the royal standard is flying means the monach is in resident👍
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley - Måned siden
25:24 I love that!!
David Rumming
David Rumming - Måned siden
Note the number plate....WTO....very appropriate!
Johnny Rosenberg
Johnny Rosenberg - Måned siden
I would more likely buy one if there was no back seats at all.
Rishi Sharma
Rishi Sharma - Måned siden
Camera quality
Lotterboy - Måned siden
Can't wait for the backyard tuning scene to pimp this into a little duracell bunny!
ozzyg82 - Måned siden
That’s typical London - 2 seconds round a corner and you’re at another red light.
ozzyg82 - Måned siden
Lol what’s up with the camera quality inside the car?
Or have a microwave
Akrotiri John
Akrotiri John - Måned siden
Matt, Its the Union Flag and not the Union Jack that flies above Buck House. Its only the UNion Jack when flown from a ship.
Bilal Samsudeen
Bilal Samsudeen - Måned siden
A virtual tour of London in a car review is useful during a pandemic!
Enai Siaion
Enai Siaion - Måned siden
The use of the gas pump icon for battery charge is ...interesting, and says a lot about the audience.
Tursha sakif
Tursha sakif - Måned siden
patriot matt.praiseworthy💜
Erhan Ozkan
Erhan Ozkan - Måned siden
Thanks for showing us City of London.
ScaleReality - Måned siden
It may be more expensive than its rivals, but think of the time you'll save not having to sit at the Renault or VW garage waiting on repairs ;) Plus its way better looking.
Pandan Tour Bangkok
Pandan Tour Bangkok - Måned siden
More daring than VW
Michael Teo
Michael Teo - Måned siden
25:31 that is maybe inspired from a HR-V
Tony Smith
Tony Smith - Måned siden
Matt should work at top gear
Onii Chan
Onii Chan - Måned siden
Egoponte - Måned siden
15:46 No, if the royal standard is flying she's in residence
M Milev
M Milev - Måned siden
Actually it will sell if they put a v-tec in it, make it a 3 door and call it the honda logo.
Ella Lee
Ella Lee - Måned siden

ඔහු ඉල්ලා කිරීමට යන්නේ නැහැ අපි
maereanm - Måned siden
stop complaining about the traffic. The traffic I see in this video is amazingly good. You're always the 1st or 2nd car at the stop light, not the 15th car. We never get this good of a traffic and that's with Waze that knows the red spots and how to avoid them. Waze is mandatory. But then, I live in the number 1 city for bad traffic in Europe.
B M - Måned siden
What a pile of is Ldn! ...
Sean Rosairo
Sean Rosairo - Måned siden
I love almost everything about this, it's so cute. I would just wish there is a "normal" mirror option because I'm worried the cameras will get covered during winter. That and a generator for long distances
Blanco - Måned siden
They probably heat up
Nigel Weir
Nigel Weir - Måned siden
Vote haha, are you serious , more like the worst in 2020 , design , polo from 1970 , looks nothing like the civic , another car journalist who appears to be blind
Nigel Weir
Nigel Weir - Måned siden
35% and 19 miles on the clock , 10 degrees centigrade , says it all , 8 years too late , 137 Honda miles remember which appear to be less than 70 real world miles
Des Byrne
Des Byrne - Måned siden
Lovely car. Annoying Brit.
sweepy90 - Måned siden
I stopped the video because of the bad camera quality. I can't waste my time on this.
Daniel Mazon
Daniel Mazon - Måned siden
Weirdly, I think this is the best looking EV!
MЭR - Måned siden
Жду перевод на Русский
William Unwin
William Unwin - Måned siden
The Queen is in residence if the Royal Standard is flying from the flagpole over Buckingham Palace, not the Union Jack..!
fadzlen kadir
fadzlen kadir - Måned siden
The dashboard layout kind a reminds me of the flat screen TV on the cabinet at home
Tirah5 - Måned siden
Matt criticizing this car like hes from 2050. acknowledge it b!atch, thats the best engineers can do at this time and day. shut down internet all over the world for a month and nobody will even remember you.
Ritam Chakraborty
Ritam Chakraborty - Måned siden
I love Matt... He is so entertaining.
Andy Vandenberghe
Andy Vandenberghe - Måned siden
Like a potato on wheels.
Malinkadink - Måned siden
The worst thing about this car is the black roof, look at all those water spots. It's one fact i hate on my model 3 as well, absolutely stupid thing to have, give me a paint matched metal roof.
Kabir Basu
Kabir Basu - Måned siden
I bet this is gonna be the electric version of the car that rich American dads buy for their daughters when they turn 16. Sort of like the mini.
gp - Måned siden
Most beautiful City Ev till now
This car will succeed
Allah (Swt) knows best.
Ramunas Margevicius
Ramunas Margevicius - Måned siden
mate! get proper cameras! we are not in year 2000
David - Måned siden
I had to laugh out loud when he said "Personality does go a long way but unfortunately THIS car does not go a long way." ^^