Civic Type R v MINI GP v I30 N v Focus ST - DRAG RACE

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It's time for a FWD hot hatch drag race!
Mat's lining up in the classic Honda Civic Type R, alongside the new MINI GP, the Hyundai i30 N, and a Mountune-tuned Ford Focus ST!
So how about the specs? Well, all four cars are packing a 2-litre turbocharged petrol under their bonnets, and while the Focus ST can produce the most power at 330hp, it's the i30 N that can produce the most torque with a total of 550Nm! As for the MINI, well it'll only produce 306hp - the lowest of any competitor here today. But it does have one advantage... it's the only automatic!
So will the automatic gearbox, coupled with its lightweight, see it leave the field for dead? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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Runtime: 13:49


carwow - 2 måneder siden
Four incredible FWD hot hatches, but which is your favourite? VOTE for your favourite below!
Lightning Bolt Creations
Lightning Bolt Creations - 6 dager siden
I vote for the wild Honda Civic Type R
이형수 - 6 dager siden
chamade166 - 13 dager siden
Mini GP, the other ones are cheap vanilla
Pieter Schut
Pieter Schut - 18 dager siden
Megane RS
Sam Sheehan
Sam Sheehan - 29 dager siden
Vote mini
Felix Hernandez Mendez
Felix Hernandez Mendez - 2 timer siden
Que unieran puesto el Hyundai Veloster N en vez del i30
Cape Films
Cape Films - 18 timer siden
That mini claps cheeks!!!
Tolgahan Baş
Tolgahan Baş - Dag siden
Honda hayat onda
Eddy Cruz
Eddy Cruz - 2 dager siden
"So what exactly happened?"
Matt Watson shifts gears like he's driving a school bus.
Adat Portal
Adat Portal - 2 dager siden
i dont like how u shifting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh - 3 dager siden
Somewhat of a Honda fan but love the GP not only it looks good with the help of that wing but also pretty quick with the help of that robot shifting the gears.
SAAJITH SUBHASH - 3 dager siden
The advantage of that Civic is that.. It's very very slow 🤣🤣🤣
MR. OSK4R - 4 dager siden
Soft limiter killed Mini sound:(
Miguel Vera
Miguel Vera - 4 dager siden
Faith Munyi
Faith Munyi - 4 dager siden
The ford
Kenshin Sia
Kenshin Sia - 4 dager siden
Every time one of these gets recommended to me the Honda always has the most disadvantages
Greg Fisher
Greg Fisher - 4 dager siden
Left foot braking .. only old geezers do that
Steve Syed
Steve Syed - 4 dager siden
Type R is a scalpel, the GP is just another German car for YouTubers to roll race. Fun fact: that brace inside isn't for structural rigidity, it's to hold groceries in place. Took out the seats for that? What a joke.
Paul What
Paul What - 5 dager siden
By far the honda is the best looking
izaimie razali
izaimie razali - 5 dager siden
Something got wrong with the type R driver i think...made type R look slow😂
That guy
That guy - 5 dager siden
Am I the only one that think mat's gear change is clunky?
Abdillah Khakim
Abdillah Khakim - 5 dager siden
Hyundai are suck, i30n cpycat of vw golf
nyhunter256 S.
nyhunter256 S. - 6 dager siden
This race was a joke. 2 chipped cars with more power/torque and 2 stock cars, very slow gear changing, racing a manual with a radio in 1 hand, missing the brake pedal... slow reflexes.. What a farse of a race with a clown leading it. Why not a Hondata tune on the CTR so the race would be a lot more even when it came to the HP/torque numbers? The CTR is a rocket with Hondata or any other power tune.
Jonathan Campos
Jonathan Campos - 6 dager siden
find out next time why carwow still lets useless ordinary people drive their manual cars and miss shifts.
Cameron Power
Cameron Power - 6 dager siden
There are some very upset Honda fanboys in these comments
Fellout - 6 dager siden
4:20 why it looks like 💡(mountune)
WIDE LOW - 6 dager siden
I30 is sleeping in the launch
syed muhammad abdullah
syed muhammad abdullah - 6 dager siden
Simple logic: the slowest stops the fastest
Mel Chaar
Mel Chaar - 7 dager siden
Should've let the Mini driver call the rolling races.
Lightning Bolt Creations
Lightning Bolt Creations - 7 dager siden
All cars did very well. If we look into style and aerodynamics the Honda Civic type R is my choice.
Curley Pubes
Curley Pubes - 8 dager siden
That mini is really a mint sized pocket rocket
Marc Donot
Marc Donot - 8 dager siden
I love all the pro drivers....
The result is very similar at every test !
It’s an another story on track ;-)
416 Rides
416 Rides - 8 dager siden
Honda Euro R -
Barnmeister 2010
Barnmeister 2010 - 8 dager siden
I never see the Astra Vxr...
ODi7 Mathibe
ODi7 Mathibe - 8 dager siden
The Hyundai driver sounds like he drives, slow.
Marc Ndrewez
Marc Ndrewez - 9 dager siden
All cars are WTCR Class (2.0) and already proven on the WTCR race track which one is the best car
Guillermo Meza
Guillermo Meza - 9 dager siden
ReyZorProductions - 9 dager siden
I simply don't like that mini design in general. Can't help but for me it looks like a future tuned oldtimer for my grandmum.
I really love the design of the focus st. I freakin' want this car!
Cheers! :)
W-W 18
W-W 18 - 9 dager siden
I30n has a rev match button on the wheel, no matter what mode you are in...
Aswin Sreejith
Aswin Sreejith - 10 dager siden
No carwow in India 😠😠😠
Why carwow, WHY ?!?!?!
Wa Wa
Wa Wa - 11 dager siden
Meeh this 4 drivers don't know how to drive, so this results don't care too much🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Bastian Galleguillos
Bastian Galleguillos - 11 dager siden
When subie
leandro50163 - 11 dager siden
mini is more expensive than civic type r? lol🤣
FactsFather - 9 dager siden
Yep, BMW's always been a more premium brand than Honda.
vacated broom
vacated broom - 12 dager siden
You need to compare either all stock form, or all modded cars. This test is useless
Trackday and Roadtrip Driving & some MTB
When is a rematch happening with a modified fk8
Caleb Estes
Caleb Estes - 12 dager siden
Just imagine if they had RS against all them. Wouldn’t even be fair
TECH4YOU - 13 dager siden
Focus RS should be there
winston gonzalez romero
winston gonzalez romero - 13 dager siden
Where os golfffff?
Pablo Vargas
Pablo Vargas - 13 dager siden
Worst run ever, seems like you like to show the Mini. Is not a real race fake racing should be called this chanel
Sbusiso Mehlala
Sbusiso Mehlala - 13 dager siden
That mini just ran away from all the other cars
Adam Małysz
Adam Małysz - 13 dager siden
What a poor hyundai driver lmao
I love mini cooper it's my dream car
TheMarkofZollo - 13 dager siden
Picking which sounds best is like picking your favourite paving slab 🤭
Snickers S
Snickers S - 13 dager siden
Fake video honda is winer
Snickers S
Snickers S - 13 dager siden
Honda everi day
Thomas Basye
Thomas Basye - 14 dager siden
Even if the mini won doesn’t change the fact that no one wants to be seen in one... girls cars
Shredthetrack - 14 dager siden
Would be Nice If You would compare the Sport and r Mode and Test both
David C Dominguez
David C Dominguez - 14 dager siden
Yikes, these guys really need to learn how to shift properly
Rajesh Nadar
Rajesh Nadar - 14 dager siden
Honda type R
Fabiano Pereira dos Santos
Fabiano Pereira dos Santos - 14 dager siden
ROBERTA HELENA - 15 dager siden
That Focus St 1/4 mi time 13.9 seconds and that incredible. And a Focus ST 1/4 mi time 13.9 seconds. And Honda 1/4 mi time 14.0 seconds. That Hyundai 1/4 mi time 14.3 seconds
derek muir
derek muir - 15 dager siden
Had her 3 months now and she is unbeatable. Mental!
Sezgin Çetin
Sezgin Çetin - 15 dager siden
Focus super traction, bed heawy,absolutely best focus
Melissa Utecht
Melissa Utecht - 15 dager siden
i think the mini won the sound check and i own a mini cooper countryman s
Luke Stocks
Luke Stocks - 15 dager siden
Lots more old V New please
Of anything
Chris Parayno
Chris Parayno - 15 dager siden
Okay what is a soft limiter?
Kai Gordon
Kai Gordon - 15 dager siden
MINI GP in a league of its own here haha :)
keco122 - 16 dager siden
The hyundai is still running at 275 hp ... the GTS chip is shit and doesnt do anything... had the same one,returned it after a week...
You can put the hyundai on the dyno with the chip and you can see the results for yourself... and the intake was bought on amazon,and is actually worse then the originial one...
So to the hyundai owner - buy a lada since clearly you have no idea what you are doing...
Yoga A.
Yoga A. - 16 dager siden
I just imagine, how Yanni's reaction if he driving that GP in this comparison... Wuw....
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 16 dager siden
Matt, your shifting as if your going to the supermarket. Definitely not shifting like your in a drag race. That brake test was hilarious though.
Adrian Fuentes
Adrian Fuentes - 16 dager siden
Matt aprende a hacer cambios rápidamente o deja el puesto manual para otro, eres muy lento
PurplePlays HD
PurplePlays HD - 16 dager siden
The I30N sounds very nice... Soft Limiter Boooo
SnakeDog - 17 dager siden
My Focus ST Performance has a 2.3L EcoBoost engine, not a 2.0L engine
ehl2020 - 17 dager siden
Put someone in the Honda that knows how to drive !!!!
Bala SMJ
Bala SMJ - 17 dager siden
Political move...
Would you like to? Not me.. No no.. But would you?? 😄😄
XDaggaX _
XDaggaX _ - 17 dager siden
Why didn't he run the type r in race mode during a race?
Daniel Piek
Daniel Piek - 18 dager siden
That Cooper GP is killing it legend... Pretty impressed with the fact that it has a 8 speed Auto box
chamade166 - 13 dager siden
The other cars are so plain compared to the Mini GP
JP Slayermayor
JP Slayermayor - 18 dager siden
My Hyundai, you are my hero.
big_aappy - 18 dager siden
This guy can't shift for the live of God!
DerBoss - 18 dager siden
Bmw ❤️ Mini
Game Room
Game Room - 19 dager siden
Changing gears on a race like u goin family vacation.
HiRev Garage
HiRev Garage - 19 dager siden
Type R needs to be in 2nd gear at 50mph roll and in R mode
P R - 19 dager siden
THis is not DRAG RACE ITS BANANA RACE . HONDA is fastes car!!!
P R - 19 dager siden
HONDA beats all these cars by easy
Gerson Marin
Gerson Marin - 19 dager siden
Mini Cooper GP Green Mode jajajajajaja
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic - 20 dager siden
Ok, we have to talk about that hyndai “driver”
Pat Riley
Pat Riley - 20 dager siden
Of course the Mini will break down constantly. Even with this performance, I would not buy one.
ALIREZA REZAYI - 20 dager siden
bmw engine power (mini)
Piotr. - 21 dag siden
Honda type r
Sylvester Sly
Sylvester Sly - 21 dag siden
"Granny shifting, not double clutching like you should" - Fast & Furious
Hassain Harris
Hassain Harris - 21 dag siden
Next time drive an automatic
Hassain Harris
Hassain Harris - 21 dag siden
You made the Honda look very bad Matt
Terminator T-800
Terminator T-800 - 21 dag siden
Mr.Bean wins 🙂
Daniel Veselík
Daniel Veselík - 21 dag siden
Bad drivers🙄
Daniel Veselík
Daniel Veselík - 21 dag siden
Focusss 🥵🤍🤍
Kasseler Trainspotter
Kasseler Trainspotter - 22 dager siden
The Hyundai was the best (in Sound)
Frannie Feudjo
Frannie Feudjo - 22 dager siden
Cristi Ceausu
Cristi Ceausu - 22 dager siden
High-undai? what?
Karthi Meena
Karthi Meena - 22 dager siden
Hey mat do a Bugatti drag race
Rafa Rivera
Rafa Rivera - 22 dager siden
hyundai lacked hands haha
Liikemies - 24 dager siden
I30 N sounded best
xdecemberguy1 - 24 dager siden
What kinda joke is this... the two other manuel cars have performance mods, more horse power, the other is a automatic, and to top it all off you shift like your going to the grocery store. Horrible comparison.
makk glorioso
makk glorioso - 24 dager siden
Always not favor to a japanese car
Rc Napallm Duo SBK
Rc Napallm Duo SBK - 24 dager siden
My Favorit ist the hunday