BMW X5M review - will it pass my 7 USA challenges?

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This is the BMW X5M Competition! This absolutely colossal SUV is built in America, and Mat thought there would be no better way to review it than to put it through its paces in its homeland, here in Arizona! He’s given himself seven challenges to see if he and the X5M can conquer the USA!
And let’s be honest, we couldn’t think of a much better SUV to try out these tasks. It’s powered by a 4.4-litre V8 which puts down 625hp and hits 60mph in just 3.8 seconds - not bad for an SUV that weighs 2,370kg! But do you think it’s worth the eye-watering six-figure price tag? Keep watching to find out!
00:00 - Intro
00:28 - Visit a ‘Drive Thru’
03:07 Shoot a Gun
03:50 Go shopping at Walmart
04:43 Drive a Canyon Road
05:35 Become a Cowboy
06:13 Find a Cactus
07:00 Visit a Breakers Yard
08:06 Flying Home
BMW X6M Competition xDrive X6 5dr Step Auto
4.4-litre V8 petrol
Acceleration (0-60mph): 3.8 seconds
Fuel Economy: 22mpg
Emissions: 288 CO2
First Year Road Tax: £2,175
RRP from: £113,350
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Runtime: 10:37


carwow - 4 måneder siden
X5M or X6M - which would you choose? Let us know BELOW!
Crescencio Bila
Crescencio Bila - 8 dager siden
Ethan Pae
Ethan Pae - 14 dager siden
X5m. The x6 is hideous 🤢
Ibrox Bear
Ibrox Bear - 15 dager siden
X5m Awesome
ChrisAstro - 21 dag siden
Omar AlAlami
Omar AlAlami - 22 dager siden
Charles Lee
Charles Lee - 23 timer siden
I love you Matt
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - Dag siden
This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen as an American. It’s like getting a tea with the queen or something. This like if donut media did a parody of brits
syed gillani
syed gillani - 5 dager siden
Makke - 11 dager siden
Gotta say, I like the look of the X5M. Proper naughty!
Ultra Yt
Ultra Yt - 12 dager siden
I’m an American but I think there’s other more people but in my city we don’t have the exact stereotypes
Shaun Hurrichand
Shaun Hurrichand - 13 dager siden
Ethan Pae
Ethan Pae - 14 dager siden
Matt, whenever I get to McDonalds, place your order in the speaker, and pay at the window as you pick up your food.
gregg wroblewski
gregg wroblewski - 19 dager siden
Matt really needs to come back to America maybe Texas and do a test drive in a Ford raptor
Agustin Lidén
Agustin Lidén - 19 dager siden
❤️I love you that video 📹 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Sachin Ramesh
Sachin Ramesh - 20 dager siden
Best looking suv of 2020 hands down. beautiful
RS summers
RS summers - 21 dag siden
My brother owns a x5m BMW
bro wtf
bro wtf - Måned siden
so it starts from 100...
clicks another video to watch
Mirco Schwarzer
Mirco Schwarzer - Måned siden
The Cowboy killed me 😂😂😂👍🏼
Pavlos De Jesus
Pavlos De Jesus - Måned siden
well done MATT!
AKSHAY - Måned siden
you should join top gear
Kerri McAlister
Kerri McAlister - Måned siden
4:41 Look at the number plate: MA1 a bit like MAT, do t you think?
Mr Cartoon
Mr Cartoon - Måned siden
3:34 - 'Say hello to my little friend'. I have to admit, I do laugh hard when he does that
GOGO GAGA - Måned siden
Matt looks a lot like a British Danny Duncan
Joe Danger Finesse
Joe Danger Finesse - Måned siden
Lmao punching the piñata lol
lil mercy
lil mercy - Måned siden
he looks like an aged tom holland
Ayub M
Ayub M - Måned siden
the only thing louder than the exhaust is the depreciation on this car
Vikas Dhiman
Vikas Dhiman - Måned siden
Sir, please make an detailed video on jaguar f pace 2021🙏🙏.
ChedengMB - Måned siden
Please, please skip Walmart! Go to Target instead. Then go shooting🇺🇸
Hi Bye
Hi Bye - Måned siden
What's with the ads lately? 1 wasn't enough! WTF YT.
MrSHURIKENCHO - Måned siden
Mom: Cowboy Mat doesn't exist and cant hurt you!
Cowboy Mat: 5:36
Jesus Galeana
Jesus Galeana - Måned siden
Them classics tho.
Dan.Ungureanu - Måned siden
fewer restrictions ?
Jeh Corin
Jeh Corin - Måned siden
Sounds way better but it's not loud as this
Matt: ##$&#&@#&$&@***** 🔫🔫🔫🔫🤣
Mark Cadistis
Mark Cadistis - Måned siden
Every single segue was masterfully executed, well done
Miracles - Måned siden
How is matt so chill when his flight is leaving in 4hrs. My parents would be at the airport 9hrs before
Plumpstery - Måned siden
southern accent sounds Appalachian
VIDHYA JAIN - Måned siden
Look at MAT’S headphones when he was shooting bullets in slow motion
Ciaran Jack Douglas Diamond
Ciaran Jack Douglas Diamond - 2 måneder siden
you can tell he wasnt american when he said naught instead of 0
David Smith
David Smith - 2 måneder siden
Bro you got more character and style than most actors in Hollywood. On God. Yessir
Denis Sefic
Denis Sefic - 2 måneder siden
Matt should review the new SRT Hellcat Durango
Roy Claude
Roy Claude - 2 måneder siden
This challenges are pretty interesting and let us know more about America (?)
Peter Nhete
Peter Nhete - 2 måneder siden
cowboy matt...Legendary 😂😂😂
Anonymous - 2 måneder siden
4:31 did i just witness adult man punch pinata like a 12yo girl
Fierce DEVIL
Fierce DEVIL - 2 måneder siden
When will you guys review the new GLE63s SUV?
Ryan Joseph Margaja
Ryan Joseph Margaja - 2 måneder siden
Funniest carwow reviews I've seen. Nice one!
Safa Sulfeeker
Safa Sulfeeker - 2 måneder siden
Can i suggest a car review of x5m vs range rover sport svr
Saxahorn - 2 måneder siden
Says there is no country back road.
Proceeds to show footage of the car driving down country back road
Prince DaRude_Prince
Prince DaRude_Prince - 2 måneder siden
😂 did hey just do the "Cowboy spitt" 😂
Arslan Alam
Arslan Alam - 2 måneder siden
Carwow makes every video with lots of dedication
MP TV - 2 måneder siden
No front plate - always looks better!
Benny Mogensen
Benny Mogensen - 2 måneder siden
Great fun.
You should definitely variate your reviews from the stereo type review, that you have done a hundred times before😊
Thumbs up👍
abdullah asim
abdullah asim - 2 måneder siden
who else clicked on the video because mat was on a horse.

why would someone go to america in july when they live in the uk,
either they love the heat or they are forced to go. : l
well i play assoluto racing
well i play assoluto racing - 2 måneder siden
3:35 shout out to my little friends 😆
Trevor Trevose
Trevor Trevose - 2 måneder siden
3.39 this is the most baddass shot I've ever seen 😂😂
expatmacgruber - 2 måneder siden
You were literally right by my exit. 🇺🇲👍😂
Welcome to Phoenix!
Maja Makgabo
Maja Makgabo - 2 måneder siden
The cowboy 😂🤣🤣🤣
Arwin Boss
Arwin Boss - 2 måneder siden
Say hello to my little friend made my day
Mary Mwihaki
Mary Mwihaki - 2 måneder siden
Oh and shoot a video of a drag race. Volkswagen Passat b7,Toyota GT86 and
Chevrot camaro ss 2016. You prefer Volkswagen Passat b7,Yianni will prefer Chevrolet camaro as 2016 and shmee will prefer Toyota gt86. Tomorrow if you have time.
Mary Mwihaki
Mary Mwihaki - 2 måneder siden
X5 is smaller than X7 and x8. I'd like Both X5 and X6. X6 is bigger than X5. Good luck.
João Monteiro
João Monteiro - 2 måneder siden
What the hell are you talking about?
TheArrowkarts - 3 måneder siden
Review a Lincoln!
Reno Ruberts R
Reno Ruberts R - 3 måneder siden
Loved your American accent
HYDRA - 3 måneder siden
Didn't know mat was a good shooter
baljj - 3 måneder siden
Love the fact this is subtly taking the piss out of America haha
David Sosnak
David Sosnak - 3 måneder siden
Damn you. American care most about cup holders!
I COME FROM SUN - 3 måneder siden
Americans shoot too much....literally
Eno-obong Ukpong
Eno-obong Ukpong - 3 måneder siden
The American accent was good.
John Mayo
John Mayo - 3 måneder siden
It's not a breakers yard, it's a junkyard, you goober.
Mitlax - 3 måneder siden
fyi an actual horse is rated ~15HP
music world
music world - 3 måneder siden
3:35 😂😂😂
Grayson DuBose
Grayson DuBose - 3 måneder siden
hahah funniest/worst accent ever but i love it
ONE PIECE - 3 måneder siden
Well that cowboy part was epic 😆😅
RossMurrayFam - 3 måneder siden
Walmart is basically the uks tesco
savio roby
savio roby - 3 måneder siden
Holy this car is soooo nice
Gecko Commando
Gecko Commando - 3 måneder siden
In the American accent he struggles to still say his r's lmao
Drift gangster makes drift and YouTube Poop’s
3:35 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mo kanoon
Mo kanoon - 3 måneder siden
best episode , so funny and cool
Theodore Taylor
Theodore Taylor - 3 måneder siden
Yep, you def not from here. You never go shopping at Wal Mart and leave expensive jackets and gear in the open.
Johan Falk
Johan Falk - 3 måneder siden
Gun range guy: “What kind of gun would you like to sh-“
Matt: “AK-47!!!”
aldeen1982 - 3 måneder siden
This is hilarious! Well done 🤩🤩🤩
BlueGob - 3 måneder siden
Imagine if you go to a Walmart and see a man beating a piniata.
Omer Khan
Omer Khan - 3 måneder siden
You should do a Evoque vs E pace video
sylvanus jasson
sylvanus jasson - 3 måneder siden
The cowboy accent was hilarious 😂 😂
YOUNG MIND - 3 måneder siden
I think he is older brother of TOM HOLLAND.
sandile wonderboy
sandile wonderboy - 3 måneder siden
It's nice to see a different view of the world instead of the normal trails.
Louis William
Louis William - 3 måneder siden
Tolong buatkan versi Indonesianya
rishabh sharma
rishabh sharma - 3 måneder siden
5:40 when he said the horse had one HP I thought cmon man don’t disrespect him like that he surely has more than 1 hp n later realised what a dumb dumb I sounded
Kacper -
Kacper - - 3 måneder siden
Best X5 add
Marlboro M2C
Marlboro M2C - 3 måneder siden
Just finished doing BMW Ultimate Driving Performance in New Jersey USA using the X5. Could only imagine how the M version would be. Then again, who would put one of these babies out there off road and muss up that exterior...or interior? SMH
Andrew K
Andrew K - 3 måneder siden
Should have done in and out drive thru
Desmond Eiffe
Desmond Eiffe - 3 måneder siden
ha ha..." Its very loud, but its not as loud as this"... he then pauses holds an AK-47 and then shouts "Say hello to my little friend!!!" slow mo Matt firing the gun,,..LOVE IT!!
Soubhagya Ranjan Mohapatra
Soubhagya Ranjan Mohapatra - 3 måneder siden
I think I should give this video a dislike only because he didn't poke the car with the stick. I'm disappointed 😥
_썽 - 3 måneder siden
역시 BMW
Tommy - 3 måneder siden
2. Ummmm not all use Americans are in love with guns! In fact I hate them! God I get so upset when people think all American including me like guns! Like people have asked me what my favorite gun!
Rocky Since 1951
Rocky Since 1951 - 3 måneder siden
അടിപൊളി വണ്ടി മച്ചാനെ
soundofeighthooves - 3 måneder siden
just get a license and buying guns in europe is just as easy
Karel Simbwae
Karel Simbwae - 3 måneder siden
When Matt spit to the ground I was on the floor.
Wallebi - 3 måneder siden
can you do anything in drive-thru style in America ?
Hi - 3 måneder siden
the chapter Become a cowboy. imagine comparing a performance car to a horse
dagdagdag - 3 måneder siden
BMW True car
Samuel Midzi
Samuel Midzi - 3 måneder siden
Matt "say hello to my lil friend" from classy brit to gangster
Jacob Hanson
Jacob Hanson - 3 måneder siden
The list of things that are “very American” tho😭 I’m literally american and all I’ve done on that list is go to a drive thru🤣
Big Babado
Big Babado - 3 måneder siden
Guessing you're in an East Coast Major city like me, probably the least stereotypically American part of America
Jesse Urban
Jesse Urban - 3 måneder siden
“Harmful things” guns also stop “harmful people “
Me llamo Ayoub
Me llamo Ayoub - 3 måneder siden
5:50 Aaaw that american accent 😂😂😂
OfficialHoneZtAbe - 3 måneder siden
Your western accent is fuckin hilarious 😭 from an American