BMW M5 v Nissan GT-R v Ducati V4R - DRAG RACE *tuned cars vs stock bike*

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It’s time for a drag race with a difference!
Mat’s lining up in the Evolve-tuned BMW M5 Competition, which produces a mega 800hp and 950Nm of torque! Think that’s impressive? Trust us, that’s nothing… The Nissan GT-R alongside him puts down an astronomical 1,600hp and 1,500Nm!!
So with stats like that, we had to bring in a competitor with a difference. Which is why our third and final competitor is the Ducati Panigale V4R!! It’s powered by a 998cc V4 motor which produces 221hp and 112Nm. Doesn’t sound like much, but don’t forget it only weighs 193kg!
So then, can you pick a winner?! All we know is, you don’t want to miss this!
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Runtime: 12:09


Muhammad Sahad
Muhammad Sahad - 44 minutter siden
M5 competition is best and looking pretty
Cold PH
Cold PH - Time siden
Respect to rocky.
Glenn Paladini
Glenn Paladini - 4 timer siden
Box stock Ducati, NOT even Akrapovic race exhaust and MAP . cheapest way too go fast. My 2017 Panigali 1299S with Akra Exhaust ,, 9.8 second 1/4 mile 148 MPH.. NO launch control !!
Mair mair haider
Mair mair haider - 17 timer siden
Baba - 23 timer siden
3:33 his face
C Mac
C Mac - Dag siden
bmw sound the best
thomas hardy
thomas hardy - Dag siden
300k spent on car, gearbox packs up and loses drag race. Bin the car and get a Mini Cooper or something. Brought shame on the GTR.
Stefan Đorđević
Stefan Đorđević - Dag siden
Why you dont test Mitsubishi cars? Thanks
Razwan Muhamad
Razwan Muhamad - Dag siden
Stupid vd stock bike vs tuned car .....
劉雅婷 - Dag siden
Henrik Tobias Meier
Henrik Tobias Meier - 2 dager siden
The M5 sounds best
URBAN - 2 dager siden
BMW sounds like traband:))
Laurentiu Anton
Laurentiu Anton - 2 dager siden
is not kickdown at the bmw
Gerard Ruiz
Gerard Ruiz - 2 dager siden
Keep it Up
Keep it Up - 3 dager siden
Hayden Cutrone
Hayden Cutrone - 3 dager siden
I love gtr but I'd get the m5 cuz v8 and sound and 4 door
Hayden Cutrone
Hayden Cutrone - 3 dager siden
The m5 is one of best sounding cars I ever heard
Peter Herrington
Peter Herrington - 3 dager siden
Mega modded 300 grand car ?
How about 20 grand modded bike ?
Bike would embarrass any road car . . . . .
ice man
ice man - 3 dager siden
Japan just launched an international search against the gtr dude
Uzono Channel
Uzono Channel - 3 dager siden
Driving and drifting the Nissan GT-R in Need For Speed Most Wanted 2020 Enjoy!
YT Arnaud
YT Arnaud - 3 dager siden
irony - 3 dager siden
Wow. V4R in 10 Secs. Quicker than the Turbo S
Muhammed F Mansoor
Muhammed F Mansoor - 3 dager siden
M5 is the best sound
Beybash Montazer
Beybash Montazer - 4 dager siden
Musawekhosi Maduna
Musawekhosi Maduna - 4 dager siden
BMW m5
Imtiaz Murad
Imtiaz Murad - 4 dager siden
Z Ahmad
Z Ahmad - 5 dager siden
Why not h2 or h2r?
 - 5 dager siden
Brady JONES - 5 dager siden
Cool race, especially against a bike
randombandit dad
randombandit dad - 5 dager siden
Why don't they use kawasaki h2 or zx10 or gsxr 1000 or hayabusa or zzr1400 all can do quarter mile less than 10 seconds
RaGoCars - 5 dager siden
Nur Zayn
Nur Zayn - 5 dager siden
Even with gearbox issue still managed sub 12 second time
Anita Vega
Anita Vega - 5 dager siden
Timestamps to the interesting bits for busy people
Mahin Kumar
Mahin Kumar - 5 dager siden
Fastest 1/4 mile, Carwow crown 👑 to a bike... Are you kidding??
Taze _FreshBTW
Taze _FreshBTW - 5 dager siden
The BMW has a AK47 sound but the duccati sounds like a rc car
irony - 3 dager siden
It was too far away from mic. It actually has a nice sound
shan-k mabedhle
shan-k mabedhle - 5 dager siden
Otherwise we'll neeeveeer seeee him again
dutchdna - 6 dager siden
More air images please
Oscar Palacios
Oscar Palacios - 6 dager siden
Bring the KAWASAKI H2R to kill the DATSUN
Rens Verhage
Rens Verhage - 6 dager siden
Kawasaki H2R would be sick / around 328HP supercharged
Trogg - 6 dager siden
Tldr, tuned cars still can't keep up with stock super bikes. Let alone hyperbikes/tuned track bikes 😂
Gabriel Tamim
Gabriel Tamim - 6 dager siden
The BMW sounded the best to me
UNITYtechFUTURE - 6 dager siden
i would have put my gtr to 1000hp called it a day man
J Man
J Man - 6 dager siden
5:07 เวลาที่พวกคุณรอคอย
vignesh kini
vignesh kini - 6 dager siden
The bike would have done 9.9 Seconds quarter mile if it is fitted with Racing Exhaust which increases 10 hp more That puts the total input of 231 hp instead of 221 hp.
Bagas Rizki Wicaksono
Bagas Rizki Wicaksono - 7 dager siden
Gtr going crazy
B van
B van - 7 dager siden
vignesh kini
vignesh kini - 7 dager siden
Please Race between Ducati Superleggera V4 with Racing Exhaust against McLaren 765 Lt. And yes The Rider should be Tommy bridewell.
mihir chouhan
mihir chouhan - 7 dager siden
BMW with aftermarket exhaust is a beast
Ruben Pretorius
Ruben Pretorius - 7 dager siden
Next on a bmw vs a ferrari without a clutch and only 2 gears
Rizzqy Ashman
Rizzqy Ashman - 7 dager siden

pls fix this
Gorge Polly
Gorge Polly - 8 dager siden
Nurburg ring
Gorge Polly
Gorge Polly - 8 dager siden
You should also do one against a f1 car or even go round the Sudbury ring
Channy132 - 8 dager siden
Gotta say if you take those random pops and bangs from the M5 Exhaust sound it doesn't sound THAT good
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez - 8 dager siden
The m5 might have a good exhaust with the GTR rips
Alex Raynov
Alex Raynov - 8 dager siden
Error Macro
Error Macro - 9 dager siden
if that bike is the Kawasaki Ninja H2, all of those cars have to knee in front of the king of the bikes
Nelile Mdluli
Nelile Mdluli - 9 dager siden
But it wasn't fear for the nissan
this.ismarcel - 9 dager siden
I want to see more about cars vs gtr
ROBERTA HELENA - 9 dager siden
Nithin Krishna
Nithin Krishna - 10 dager siden
Bmw M5 sound better
Cosmic Wave Media
Cosmic Wave Media - 11 dager siden
Next up, the bike vs 911 turbo s!
EVERY DAY I RACE - 11 dager siden
Put annoying guy that drives m5 on the bike, I bet he won't beat anybody lol.
Jonathan Vincent Patty
Jonathan Vincent Patty - 11 dager siden
Next bike drag race : Kawasaki H2R
WWE WWE - 11 dager siden
Dipraj Nadar
Dipraj Nadar - 11 dager siden
Mat if you’re watching this comment I want to see his race bike against Porsche 911 turbo s or the tuned bmw 100hp thank you xD
Deveroy Barnard
Deveroy Barnard - 9 dager siden
Dipraj Nadar
Dipraj Nadar - 10 dager siden
@Prem Prakash yes you can! You just have to remove turbos from it 😅.. anyways I meant thousand.
Prem Prakash
Prem Prakash - 10 dager siden
Actually u can't buy a BMW car with a 100hp tune
Vishnu S Pillai
Vishnu S Pillai - 11 dager siden
Race with H2R 💥;)
Never see the bike only sound 💥
310 hp is enough for H2R.
Io Io
Io Io - 12 dager siden
Too words.....tooo gaps
16 Luis Ponce Linarez
16 Luis Ponce Linarez - 13 dager siden
its the m5
PubgMobile- 4指狙神
PubgMobile- 4指狙神 - 13 dager siden
U should bring the 1000hp m5😂😂
Eesa Ali
Eesa Ali - 13 dager siden
Next vid buggati Chiron vs moped vs Fiat 500
randy garcia
randy garcia - 13 dager siden
Well.... $300k and can't properly use to its limits.... A 911 turbo for me.
Rosangzuala Tlau
Rosangzuala Tlau - 13 dager siden
why am i not subscribing this channel
its bcuz..there's a lot of blah3 that most of us r not interested about at alll
its more like a talk show than racing video
maria dworakowska
maria dworakowska - 13 dager siden
ahmed sidat
ahmed sidat - 13 dager siden
have u ever done old german cars. like the audi a6 and bmw m5 2002 models
Life of unicorn Chloe Meechan
Life of unicorn Chloe Meechan
The won
Zi Cars
Zi Cars - 14 dager siden
Did you rev the M5 or a machine gun?
qas pc
qas pc - 14 dager siden
300k for what
Dave's Hong Kong & China Channel
Nissan sounded best
bongo bob
bongo bob - 15 dager siden
300k for a car that can't even handle itself. Yeh you can keep it.
Amia Turner
Amia Turner - 15 dager siden
omg that bmw sounds so hot i got happy to see my dream car all fixed up and go all fast down the track
Brandon Roebuck
Brandon Roebuck - 15 dager siden
that gtr still ran a 12 with no even gears lmao
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 15 dager siden
The Nissan GT-R reminds me of my childhood
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 15 dager siden
The Nissan GT-R is such an icon cars
Shane 182
Shane 182 - 15 dager siden
Beemer sounded the best
Nicholas Keenan
Nicholas Keenan - 15 dager siden
The GTR gearbox problem shows that you shouldn't mess with stock! It probably would've done good as a stock car!
nic marshall
nic marshall - 15 dager siden
£300,000 to beat the bike by a couple of seconds.....i`ll stick to the bikes
Diar Flodijan
Diar Flodijan - 15 dager siden
Mally Turner
Mally Turner - 15 dager siden
Gtr with broken gearbox still beats my car at quarter-mile lol
Daniel Candido
Daniel Candido - 15 dager siden
This GT-R is a missil :D
Stephen Hong
Stephen Hong - 16 dager siden
What’s the point of spending a lot of money on the GTR and can’t perform??? 😢😢
Even.Ways Music
Even.Ways Music - 16 dager siden
Can someone explain that GTR engine please? I didn’t understand
ProDragRacerInfinity - 16 dager siden
the gtr sounds the best
Adi Mali
Adi Mali - 16 dager siden
5k for 175hp? Nice!
CrazeDizzy - 16 dager siden
GTR is a little bit riced out
Levi Laurenson
Levi Laurenson - 16 dager siden
Funny that, I raced a gtr in my Altezza years ago and the gtr shat itself the same way 🤷‍♂️
sahal - 16 dager siden
bmw is su b
Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars - 16 dager siden
Motor Hafif Olduğu İçin Geçti Normaldir
Michael Reese
Michael Reese - 17 dager siden
Lol 300k car can't do a simple race without breaking.