BMW M5 800hp v Ferrari 488 Pista - DRAG RACE

24 012
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No, your eyes don’t deceive you - this week we have a BMW M5 Competition going up against a 488 Pista!
Sounds a bit unfair, right? Well, things might not be as they seem, as the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 in the M5 has been tuned by Evolve! As a result, it can now put down an incredible 800hp & 950Nm!! In comparison, the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 in the Ferrari can kick out 720hp & 770Nm of torque, so these two cars are suddenly very closely matched!
While the power of both cars may be very similar, there’s one stat where the Ferrari has an advantage against the M5 - the weight! Coming in 550kg lighter than the BMW, will that be enough to help it grab the win? You’d better keep watching and find out!
Thanks to Phil for bringing his 488 Pista -
Thanks to Evolve for lending us their M5 -
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SAURABH SINGH - 4 timer siden
What is matter of buying a pista?
Max - Dag siden
You gotta to be a moron to buy 488 after this. Show your pista in your pista!
RaGoCars - 5 dager siden
Nice shots. Check our BMW M5 Competition video as well.
샤킹 - 6 dager siden
m5 win
Jacobo Mejía Quintana
Jacobo Mejía Quintana - 6 dager siden
10.6s for the ferrari i don't understant the pista is a 10.2s car
يزن بس
يزن بس - 7 dager siden
Bmw stock?
Faris Al Ali
Faris Al Ali - 9 dager siden
Ahhhhhh 800hp
dinox 42
dinox 42 - 10 dager siden
I love the fuck Shit 😂🤣
Majerr RP Swap THOMPSON - 11 dager siden
All BMW Competition, that would be my choice.
Lubin - 11 dager siden
Lol that BMW owner can say bye bye to his engine in 20k kils.
ROBERTA HELENA - 12 dager siden
BMW m5 competitivo 625hp vs BMW m5 competitivo 800hp
Robert Lulek
Robert Lulek - 13 dager siden
Why does everybody judge the race from the dig judge it from the role as well in the roll the pista won
Robert Lulek
Robert Lulek - 13 dager siden
Brooks from drag times has going to 10 second and sub 10 second quarter mile and stock McLaren 720S. Normal trap time with Brooks driving 720S about 10 to 10-3 in the quarter. From the dig The Porsche turbo S beats the 720S.but in the rail race the 720s destroys the Porsche so in theory the 720S is still faster I mean if someone pulls up next to you in a Porsche. They're not going to stop and do a dig race they're going to roll with you. And the Porsche will lose
Sebastian Längle
Sebastian Längle - 13 dager siden
I love Ferrari but dame bmw 😉
Marcel Roventa
Marcel Roventa - 14 dager siden
Nice BMW 5 !!!
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal - 14 dager siden
1:44 sounds like a war
LOUIS CHONG KAH WENG Moe - 14 dager siden
BMW:eat my dust

Ferrari :sure
formula1baby - 15 dager siden
Need this up against the turbo s
Darkside 91
Darkside 91 - 15 dager siden
4:06 ... What exactly happened, is your Ferrari driver needs a RED Bull.
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal - 15 dager siden
2:34 crapped himself
Steva Steva
Steva Steva - 15 dager siden
Made in Germany 😎
Luigi Santoboni
Luigi Santoboni - 15 dager siden
solo uno che nn capisce un cazzo di macchine può fare una cosa del genere
essa sameer
essa sameer - 16 dager siden
M5 for life ❤️❤️
Viraj Senevirathne
Viraj Senevirathne - 16 dager siden
What exactly happened?
lucian stoian
lucian stoian - 17 dager siden
BMW alpina b7 biturbo?
Pr0sketcher - 17 dager siden
Try on racetrace nd you'll know who the real boss is , going straight is easy 🤟🏻
Danny SY
Danny SY - 17 dager siden
This bmw vs Tesla model s performance
steffen r
steffen r - 18 dager siden
damn I love that M5 exhaust
Tishan-K - 18 dager siden
It has 1000hp now👁️👄👁️
FreedomWarrior - 19 dager siden
Sorry, but how to do you see the back of the car in real time with the 360º view!? That's supposed to be a simulation! Is that picture by satellite? I do not understand.
Umar Ahmed
Umar Ahmed - 20 dager siden
Romario Williams
Romario Williams - 21 dag siden
Rip to the pista owner
Romario Williams
Romario Williams - 21 dag siden
Hamza Yakubov
Hamza Yakubov - 21 dag siden
М5 killings supercar
Mustafaaa Saqib
Mustafaaa Saqib - 22 dager siden
Cleared for takeoff runway 19
Saqib Ahmed
Saqib Ahmed - 22 dager siden
Lord Aleem entered the chat:
Neil McMahon
Neil McMahon - 22 dager siden
Anybody else feels a bit anxious for the brakes after the brake test. I feel the cars should move again soon after to allow them to cool a bit
rather than nearly welding together sitting there with their foot still on the pedals.
warrend35 - 23 dager siden
Make it a fair fight bmw against modded mk4 supra..
Mokhtar Kilouch
Mokhtar Kilouch - 23 dager siden
Please M5 vs turbo s
Kamo Setlaba
Kamo Setlaba - 24 dager siden
Leave a like if you think matwatson should be in need for speed
Lars Pettersson
Lars Pettersson - 25 dager siden
Ferraris are so slow. Just look!
Nalindra Indraratne
Nalindra Indraratne - 25 dager siden
Yo that bmw is OMG it just smoke that 488 dude I wonder what it will do with a laferrari
Fannie Ditshego
Fannie Ditshego - 25 dager siden
This M5 is not the Competition version Mat, it's the normal M5
Golemoto Magare
Golemoto Magare - 26 dager siden
M5 competition? I think it is just M5😂
Nikola Zekic
Nikola Zekic - 27 dager siden
Lamborghini veneno first look
Nikola Zekic
Nikola Zekic - 27 dager siden
Lamborghini veneno first look
Nikola Zekic
Nikola Zekic - 27 dager siden
Nikola Zekic
Nikola Zekic - 27 dager siden
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 - 27 dager siden
I’d still rather have the Pista, but definitely not in that colour.
Тарас Кремінь
Тарас Кремінь - 28 dager siden
This BMW vs BMW M8
Bruce Hauser
Bruce Hauser - 28 dager siden
I'll be the party pooper! - mod the Ferrari in a similar way and then see who wins. The M5 is impressive though, all of 'em, which is why I have an old and very leggy one.
fab - 28 dager siden
I’ll say it before it happens..
Don’t you dare drag race the Ferrari Monza sp2! It would be like hanging the mona-Lisa in a strip club!
Done_ easting1
Done_ easting1 - 28 dager siden
Jye Goodman
Jye Goodman - 28 dager siden
Cool car man! What is that FARARRI? maybe this one BMW I don't know!
jayjaylenchase75 - 28 dager siden
2:32 took him straight to Gapplebee's 🤣🤣🤣
Jason Rockwood
Jason Rockwood - 28 dager siden
Try ALPINA B7 in your futur drag race please thanks bmw 4ever
Glad Medyedev
Glad Medyedev - 28 dager siden
No need the m5 800hp,just only M5 V10 can kill this pista 488
mooseT - Måned siden
look at the joy on his face. Priceless
metomwhou - Måned siden
Mat, let me know if you ever want to borrow my Hellcat to give these boys a run against some american muscle!! I'm located in Stuttgart...
J -
J - - Måned siden
👑 Deutsche Qualität 👑 💪🏻
N0 ruls N0 kali
N0 ruls N0 kali - Måned siden
Dominick Martinez
Dominick Martinez - Måned siden
Ferrari ❤ ITALIA ❤
Sermed - Måned siden
Just sayin. Phil can't drive for his life. Lmao. He doesn't even know how to rev 😂
RossBayCult - Måned siden
That m5 evolve is the goat
Scoffield Vipper
Scoffield Vipper - Måned siden
John Brutales
John Brutales - Måned siden
bad ferrari driver .....
NaKeKy GT - Måned siden
488 pistai is around 10.2s , bad driver in the ferrari.
Mike - Måned siden
Not that the M5 isnt nice, but I dont care how much hp it has or how fast it can go, a Ferrari is still much more beautiful. That thing is a piece of art. At the end of the day, most, if not all, would pick the 488 over a modded M5.
Antoine Frigon
Antoine Frigon - Måned siden
Car wag????? I thought it was carwow
Nuriddin Najmiddinov
Nuriddin Najmiddinov - Måned siden
José Silva
José Silva - Måned siden
M5 Evolve VS Tesla S performance
Gabriel Stroebel
Gabriel Stroebel - Måned siden
Evolve m5 vs 720s
Adrian Marin
Adrian Marin - Måned siden
If you are part of the “school run club”, and you can afford one... just go for it, that BMW is sick!!!!!
Jorge Chávez
Jorge Chávez - Måned siden
Funny thing is, that Ferrari was NOT slow, 10.6 secs standing quarter mile is fucking quick
beld capristo
beld capristo - Måned siden
So is every body gonna ignore the fact that the pista won the second roll race . And if you can afford a pista you can definitely afford to tune your pista for more power . With that being said awesome races !!
The Black Mamba KSA
The Black Mamba KSA - Måned siden
M5 vs Evo 9
Shemas 710
Shemas 710 - Måned siden
M8 gran coupe competition 2021 tunned vs 911 turbo S stock lol 😂
Best Besto
Best Besto - Måned siden
The sound of the BMW is like the end of the world
Олег Скрипка
Олег Скрипка - Måned siden
that's bullshit! Take porsche gtt and then compare ..
To - Måned siden
I d take Pista . Ferrari is Ferrari. BMW is only BMW even 2000 HP
AlbertPayet - Måned siden
What is the Pista worth if it can’t keep up with an M5? It’s worth half it’s price of the M5.
lamazver - Måned siden
All this power still cant beat a porsches time
miltate - Måned siden
Yes I want to see that race!
KASTANA PUBGM - Måned siden
Plase test Porsche 911Turbo S 650HP
And BMW M5 800HP
adam b
adam b - Måned siden
Imagine payed 430k just to get beaten by a sport sedan
Jakob Kasto
Jakob Kasto - Måned siden
Can you do a smart car drag race plz
High Life
High Life - Måned siden
He shoulda been on 2 wheel dr from 50
Fabri Blu
Fabri Blu - Måned siden
Now, try that again on a circuit ..lolz
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Måned siden
I want Yianni to drive that thing, I just wanna see his reaction......😲😲
Bilal Samsudeen
Bilal Samsudeen - Måned siden
Evolve should stage 3 tune the m5 competition to be the drag race king of carwow!!!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Måned siden
This just shows how underpowered stock M5 is, Ik it has 625hp, but it doesn’t pull ahead. Hope the new M5 fixes everything this did.
Alex Prestes
Alex Prestes - Måned siden
Brooks did 10.216 at 139mp/h on Ferrari F8.
ItzVulkan - Måned siden
Usually prefer the older BMW sounds such as the old E46 but this sounds sexy
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Måned siden
That M5 put a smile on my face
GTRMADMAN Gaming - Måned siden
Is that really a competition???? It hasn’t the badge, or the proper defusers at the rear even the wheels aren’t competition spec ?? Just curious as a standard M5 tuned would make more sense of the £6k than spending £6k extra on the comp
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Måned siden
GTRMADMAN Gaming - Måned siden
Put that M5 up against Yani’s Lamborghini aventador
hotdognobun - Måned siden
If that M5 lost some lbs
Vardan Xostexyan
Vardan Xostexyan - Måned siden
Hi dear Mat drag race BMW m5 vs Porsche 911 992 turbo S Thanks
Иван Боев
Иван Боев - Måned siden
Let's get this BMW M5 vs Stoke M8
The Yautja
The Yautja - Måned siden
Evolve have just evolved by about £500,000 in a week lol good on them that beema is a beast
paul ciprus
paul ciprus - Måned siden
Let’s tune the Ferrari...different outcome...bye bye BMW....
Emirhan Karatas
Emirhan Karatas - Måned siden
M5competition > all
mohamad ashraf
mohamad ashraf - Måned siden
BMW Sounds like World War II💥💥
Rahul aravind
Rahul aravind - Måned siden
This race in the top greatest drag race list on next year..