BMW M340i v Audi S4 v Volvo V60 T8 - DRAG RACE

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It’s time for another carwow estate drag race!
First up you’ve got Mat in the Volvo V60 T8. It’s got a 2-litre turbocharged engine up front, along with an electric motor at the back. Combined, they can produce 387hp & 640Nm! As for the M340i, with its 3-litre straight-six turbo it’ll put down 374hp & 500Nm.
And then finally we have the Audi S4, which has a 3-litre V6 diesel (😱) which can produce 347hp & 700Nm!
So the M340i may seem down on power and torque compared to the competition, but it does have one advantage… It’s the only car here with launch control! But will it make a difference? You’d better keep watching to find out!
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Runtime: 08:04


carwow - 23 dager siden
Have you got a drag race in mind you'd love to see us run?
Leave it in the comments below, and then VOTE with a Like for some of your favourites that other people have commented with! The top ones might be filmed at our next shoot!
Thomas Bain
Thomas Bain - 5 timer siden
Octavia VRS all generation battle 🤓
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 14 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
A G - 14 dager siden
Svr vs x6m vs jeep trackhawk
Jamann911 - 16 dager siden
Same cars but also with the new Merc C43 Amg
Paul Patton
Paul Patton - 18 dager siden
Could you do a drag race between the current C43 AMG and the C63 & C63S. I’d like to see the difference if any between the 3 cars.
Ricardo da Silva
Ricardo da Silva - Dag siden
I would take the Volvo anyways
Tuddec - 2 dager siden
Up next on "BMW fucks off away from other cars"
GuillermoXT - 2 dager siden
Throw away the 4-cylinder electric TOY - drivetrain, replace it with a 2.5L T5 or 3.0L T6 Engine, optimize it and then try the test again please ;-)
stuttering matt
stuttering matt - 5 dager siden
Minenhle Nsibande
Minenhle Nsibande - 5 dager siden
Not sure what it is about BMW, but man my money is always on that ///M performance 😍.
IDelta ForceYou
IDelta ForceYou - 6 dager siden
I'd love to see the Audi s4 b9 sedan version in drag races!
Ash Ram
Ash Ram - 7 dager siden
you never buy a volvo for performance
Sclavii Polii
Sclavii Polii - 10 dager siden
E. - 11 dager siden
50mph = 80kph
70mph = 110kph
100mph = 160kph
130mph = 210kph
Anita Vega
Anita Vega - 12 dager siden
The BMW m340i is an amazing car. The BMW is the deservedly winner
Boris Samoylenko
Boris Samoylenko - 12 dager siden
I think, that VAG want to lie again about emissions of harmful substances, because why after 120 mph Volkswagen's 3 liter diesel pulls this wagon faster than petrol, wtf VAG???!!!
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed - 13 dager siden
Race some old cars like a murcielago and a ferrari f430 that would be exciting
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 14 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
Mahmood Alany
Mahmood Alany - 14 dager siden
Can you please get the Alfa Romeo GIULIETTA QV in one of the hatchback VIDEOS pleaseee, I can get my car down if you want 🥺
Stephen Doherty
Stephen Doherty - 14 dager siden
Live to see some lap tests on : tractors, transit type vans, proper go karts, performance kit cars
hakan abaci
hakan abaci - 14 dager siden
ruggugglan - 15 dager siden
Last time volvo built a "fast" car must have been the 850 T5R
ISAK.M - 15 dager siden
Imagine if SAAB still made cars, ah man it would be toe to toe with BMW
Franck Sévérac
Franck Sévérac - 16 dager siden
lol who even cares about a volvo, it's so gross...
Harrison Swincer
Harrison Swincer - 16 dager siden
I love the Audi but its not my cup of tea. I love the Beemer based on its performance and appearance. But the Volvo is my favourite. Whilst its not the best in terms of performance, it's the most aesthetically pleasing inside and out for me.
Andrew Tison
Andrew Tison - 18 dager siden
What a race Watson 😂😂😂😂
Tytaw K
Tytaw K - 18 dager siden
The best part was terry crews singing🤣🤣🤣
Leon Jurisic
Leon Jurisic - 18 dager siden
Why S4 with diesel engin better with petrol V6
MC MC - 18 dager siden
Still take the and bmw just to tacky, to obvious, bland, boring, something diff with a volvo
Business Guide
Business Guide - 18 dager siden
Awesome stuff! New subscriber here!
Lusito Khumalo
Lusito Khumalo - 18 dager siden
Try adding the MERCEDES amg E63
Whayne Padden
Whayne Padden - 18 dager siden
Audi should be embarassed. 2 tonne Volvo beating it is a disgrace.
lexus lfa
lexus lfa - 19 dager siden
i would like a review of a lamborghini murcielargo please a murcielargo LP-640 and a murcielargo LP-670 SV
lexus lfa
lexus lfa - 19 dager siden
electric cars are only good for launches
Sebastian Längle
Sebastian Längle - 19 dager siden
Audi war?
Lesetja Molefe
Lesetja Molefe - 19 dager siden
The Audi S4 sounds like water getting ready to boil in a kettle
Amazing Umar
Amazing Umar - 19 dager siden
Where’s yani ?
Eirik A
Eirik A - 19 dager siden
Volvo needs launch control!
RevoK Knuckle
RevoK Knuckle - 12 dager siden
@Eirik A Yes! I have the T8 Polestar Engineered and the launch control works well. But yes it is heavy, and the weight is the enemy. But I can ride in cathedral silence, and enjoy one of the best sound system, the Bowers & Wilkins system 😍. And do 5.0l / 100km (47.04 MPG)!!!
Eirik A
Eirik A - 12 dager siden
@RevoK Knuckle I didn't know this. Thanks for the info. I guess we better try this on our Volvo V60 Polestar Engineered Edition. (T8, AWD, 400hp+)
RevoK Knuckle
RevoK Knuckle - 12 dager siden
Volvo have launch control. In the manual - > Activating Launch Make sure that the vehicle is stationary and that the wheels are pointing straight ahead. Put the gear selector in D position. Depress the brake pedal fully. Then fully depress the accelerator pedal. Release the brake pedal within 2 seconds.
Steven Smith
Steven Smith - 19 dager siden
Did the Volvo have the polestar?
Simo Alami
Simo Alami - 19 dager siden
Matt, we're still waiting for an S4 TDI vs. S4 petrol drag race!
Tim F
Tim F - 17 dager siden
Not too many reasons to boast about being in America these days, but at least the V6 in my B9 S5 is powered by gasoline. 🙄
Loïc Bach
Loïc Bach - 19 dager siden
Would be interisting to compare this bull**** diesel S4 to the old B8 petrol S4 just to figure out if really Audi improve its S4 or if they've only done something stupid... (maybe more stupid than their fake exhaust pipe! XD )
Tim F
Tim F - 16 dager siden
@Loïc Bach I mean, it’s more effort to put the Diesel engine in it rather than stick with the petrol V6 it gets everywhere else. I think it’s something to do with emissions regulations plus all the money they ploughed into developing that Diesel engine. I think it’s a huge shame, so t get me wrong. The diesel is a great engine but it’s not a performance engine. It’s not just because it’s slower, it’s just not the same. Do S5 drivers really want a diesel? Crazy. At least offer both as options, right?
Loïc Bach
Loïc Bach - 16 dager siden
@Tim F So it’s even more stupid they didn’t make the effort for european market... Or at least make hybrid petrol engine to fit restriction...
Tim F
Tim F - 16 dager siden
I have a B9 S5, petrol V6. The diesel is only for Europe.
alanngli - 19 dager siden
Turbocharged, supercharged and charged (70% this time)
But honestly, while the Volvo works on paper, it doesn’t work on tarmac.
Mr. Sileniu
Mr. Sileniu - 19 dager siden
The volvo is not a sport car, and volvo is heavier , couse... Battery and electric shit.
vittorio - 19 dager siden
This drag race made me shift my alliance from Audi to BMW 🤗
Wastelander - 19 dager siden
That volvo slows down at 126 that's garbage. It has no top end at all!
Matt can you ad another challange to the test on future episodes? 0-60 times plz!!!!!
prabu amudha
prabu amudha - 19 dager siden
Legends choose BMW
veinss vise
veinss vise - 19 dager siden
Is it really 700nm the audi?
Vyshakh Vathielil
Vyshakh Vathielil - 19 dager siden
Volvo needs to bring back its turbocharged V6.
kingcrumpet - 19 dager siden
Part of my job is to scare birds off runways and 04:20 is EXACTLY what it's like hahaha
Lorenzo Giuntini
Lorenzo Giuntini - 20 dager siden
BMW simply best!
Brazen Marek
Brazen Marek - 20 dager siden
When you are on the first level of a racin game.
Paramveer Reelh
Paramveer Reelh - 20 dager siden
Just see how audi's diesel is powerful than so called companies petrol engines
e chang
e chang - 20 dager siden
With the current launch control drag race/ rolling race and braking distance tests... Wouldn’t it be interesting to add a “drag race WITHOUT launch control” ?
As most of the real-life car race scenarios on the roads are spontaneous 😊
Nick Hardy
Nick Hardy - 20 dager siden
Bring in a kia stinger for the next drag race I think it would be an interesting race against germans like an s5, m340i or c43 amg
Jerry Xiao
Jerry Xiao - 20 dager siden
The Audi is quicker than the Volvo past 120mph likely because electric motors are significantly less efficient at higher rotational speeds and it the electric motor is direct drive, so it has a decreasing horsepower as speed increases.
Toon Vervoort
Toon Vervoort - 20 dager siden
Would the T8 polestar do any better? @carwow?
Marvin Droege
Marvin Droege - 20 dager siden
I’d love to see the new Audi S3 sedan vs. Mercedes A35 AMG and BMW 135i
Umesh Galappaththie
Umesh Galappaththie - 20 dager siden
Audi is always losing these drag races
iguanabartola - 20 dager siden
Glad we still get the S4 Petrol in Oz, should source one for a proper comparison to the Beemer.
Yujusta Hater
Yujusta Hater - 20 dager siden
The Volvo looks much better then those other 2 ugly things 🤮🤮🤮
Dimitry Ttt
Dimitry Ttt - 20 dager siden
Saving a bird, Like given!
Macs Motors
Macs Motors - 20 dager siden
Alpina D3 Vs Audi S4 this should be close and both diesel
Katrina Hopkins
Katrina Hopkins - 20 dager siden
Whilst driving in a YouTube drag race video, 4.23 Matt : 'hold on guys, let me just save this bird of prey!" proceeds to chase the bird with his car, off the runway! Legend
Singh Sang
Singh Sang - 20 dager siden
What the hell have Audi done to their exhaust notes!?
Dan Coltan
Dan Coltan - 20 dager siden
a 1.8 liter BMW from 200s sounds better than a 3 liter one from nowadays lol
M P.
M P. - 20 dager siden
Thoughts about the upcoming 'AMG' 'C63' 4 banger?
Bill S.
Bill S. - 20 dager siden
The B58 is a beautiful thing.
Gary Ward
Gary Ward - 20 dager siden
did that bird have a walkie talkie?
wille06viking - 20 dager siden
how the heck can a t8 have a 4 cyl?
Piotr Czech
Piotr Czech - 20 dager siden
Does not make sense to compare two petrol vs one audi diesle!. I bet if you would put rs4 it would eat all of them alive
Payton Chalstrom
Payton Chalstrom - 20 dager siden
im 99% sure they lied about the bmw's hp. That thing has at least 400hp
David Williams
David Williams - 20 dager siden
Matt I used to love your videos for your comical reviews but all I see these days are drag races. Please let us see more of your reviews again
Dee T
Dee T - 21 dag siden
The Volvo wins in the looks department.
Amrik Singh
Amrik Singh - 21 dag siden
Cars sound shite killed off sports cars with rev limiters
EM EM - 21 dag siden
Funny, Audi Has bigger engine, more torque, less weight and launch control but still loses 1/4 mile to Volvo...
Kevin Cnare
Kevin Cnare - 21 dag siden
Toyota Line up Drag Race. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Toyota LandCruise Prado Vs Toyota Landcruise VX V8 VS Lexus Prado and the Lexus LX 570
Mark Blackman
Mark Blackman - 21 dag siden
volvo is crap except in a crash
paul blaylock
paul blaylock - 21 dag siden
B58 rules😊😊😊
ISiia_lu74cas119 - 21 dag siden
Marko Polo
Marko Polo - 21 dag siden
Just wondering is the race starter is Mrs Watson as she has been doing it for years?
Pedro Pinheiro
Pedro Pinheiro - 21 dag siden
Most ridiculous comparative I ever seen.... Or all three diesel, or all three petrol or all three hybrid.....
Built for Speed
Built for Speed - 21 dag siden
Try the v60 Polestar veersion and see how it does.
RevoK Knuckle
RevoK Knuckle - 12 dager siden
@Built for Speed with my V60 T8 Polestar Engineered works well without disable dtsc. And in the manual, it is not mentioned. I will test it again, but in summer ^^ with summer tyres.
Built for Speed
Built for Speed - 12 dager siden
@RevoK Knuckle you do. I own one if the new volvos. Because if you dont it will keep throwing it off because of wheel spin. You can do without but it wont work as good
RevoK Knuckle
RevoK Knuckle - 12 dager siden
@Built for Speed nop, don't have to turn off the dtsc
Built for Speed
Built for Speed - 12 dager siden
@RevoK Knuckle you have to have the dtsc/ traction control off.
RevoK Knuckle
RevoK Knuckle - 12 dager siden
Yes! And with the launch control, because yes the volvo has launch control... Read the manual @carswow! -> Activating Launch Make sure that the vehicle is stationary and that the wheels are pointing straight ahead. Put the gear selector in D position. Depress the brake pedal fully. Then fully depress the accelerator pedal. Release the brake pedal within 2 seconds.
D - 21 dag siden
Volvo - for those who enjoy depreciation
Gašper Prijon
Gašper Prijon - 21 dag siden
Im always dissapointed with Volvo's acceleration, especially after 120 mph...
Manky Toenail
Manky Toenail - 21 dag siden
Macan turbo vs stelvio quad vs f pace svr
Elvin Δημόκριτος
The best car for every days is AUDI S4 DIESEL. The most fun is BMW, forever BMW. Volvo is good only for truck
Berk Birışık
Berk Birışık - 21 dag siden
I love diesel audi 👍
Danny Meijerink
Danny Meijerink - 21 dag siden
Mr.mekayy - 21 dag siden
Volvo said: “i’ll take it all. Feed me ASPIRATION”
Imad. 012
Imad. 012 - 21 dag siden
Why haven't they used the C43? Looks perfect for it to be in this drag race
João Marcos
João Marcos - 21 dag siden
Strange... the V60 T8 is slower than the XC90 T8 🤔
star boy
star boy - 21 dag siden
ise am rs 7is matoris xufze ewera ABT da 740 cxenis dzala unda qondes tuar vcdebi
Marilee Edge
Marilee Edge - 21 dag siden
That's why I love driving BMWs since roughly 20 years
Isak s
Isak s - 21 dag siden
but the volvo just looks soooo much better than the other two
Andy Davis
Andy Davis - 21 dag siden
Personally although it’s the slowest car here I’d still buy the Volvo over the others, Just because it’s different. Everyone buys the usual German stuff and frankly although they are generally quicker they are incredibly boring to look at. The Volvo is the best looking of the three by some margin, I also think it’s a much nicer place to sit too.
Cliqcz YT
Cliqcz YT - 21 dag siden
BMW have actually overtook Audi the first time I’ve ever seen them both companies do 👏
Roadbiker - 21 dag siden
So Matt is talking to the bird with a walkie-talkie at 4:30?
Nalisa Sikwanga
Nalisa Sikwanga - 21 dag siden
I want me an M340i in a carwow blue colour 🔥😁
phantom2k10 - 21 dag siden
B58 gang 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Keamogetswe Vilakazi
Keamogetswe Vilakazi - 21 dag siden
Where is the E63 estate😭 #MercedesFanBoys
elvis buzoli
elvis buzoli - 21 dag siden
Audi S4 Diesel is shity plz go back to petrol
Tadgh Collins
Tadgh Collins - 21 dag siden
Its brilliant to see diesel still being not only the most economical, but the best looking and best sounding.
#Collen Njabulo
#Collen Njabulo - 21 dag siden
The Beeemer's pick up😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥....seriously on another level
David Norfolk
David Norfolk - 21 dag siden
The bird in the video is a Peregrine Falcon