BMW M2 CS vs Bentley Flying Spur - DRAG RACE *Surprise result*

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Flying Spur vs M2 CS? It must be time for another drag race you didn't realise you needed... Until today!
Mat's sat in the Flying Spur and he's here to see whether a luxurious limo like this has what it takes to front up to a boy-racer car like the BMW M2 CS! One thing's for sure, it's certainly winning when it comes to the price comparison, with the Flying Spur costing £93,000 more than the M2!
But how about the power comparison? Well, once again the Flying Spur is cruising into a lead! The Bentley's powered by a 6-litre W12 with 635hp & 900Nm of torque, whereas the BMW's packing a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six that can produce 450hp & 550Nm.
So it'll probably be an easy win for the Bentley, right? Well don't be so sure... After all, it weighs 850kg MORE than the M2 CS!! Will it be too close to call? You'll have to keep watching to find out!
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Estanislao Salinas Previte
Imagine that Bentley vs an M5 f90 competition... he doesn't have any chance
Erasyl - Dag siden
M760li vs flying spur is more interesting
Humza bhatti
Humza bhatti - Dag siden
BTW the Bentley is INSANNNEEE💯💫💫💫
Humza bhatti
Humza bhatti - Dag siden
I wonder it would not have been a better experience drifting on that enormously heavy Bentley 🤔
Ahmar Roblox
Ahmar Roblox - 2 dager siden
BMW fan boys
*clicks off the video*
Paul P
Paul P - 3 dager siden
Why not try a test between these cars involving turning or stopping? That Bentley is a total pig.
Andrew Aulton
Andrew Aulton - 4 dager siden
Love the Bentley apart from 1 thing, please change that Grill to the Mesh version.
Yash Kotian
Yash Kotian - 4 dager siden
The grandfather clock vs the nike apple watch 😂
GTI Gaming
GTI Gaming - 4 dager siden
imagine selling this bentley and telling the buyer ''oh yeah somebody also drifted in it''
WolfPath Gaming
WolfPath Gaming - 4 dager siden
At least all the car journalists should buy a Bentley... This would probably help them get some profits
M M - 5 dager siden
Interesting race, makes a nice change from Ferrari V’s Lamborghini, thought M2 would walk it, goes to show driving a heavy weight car, can be sort of fun, 🤔certainly more comfortable than the unnecessary hard M cars.
Bruno - 5 dager siden
So, that is a replacement for displacement...
puky1103 - 5 dager siden
The M2 is on cold tires I guess
Team Tech
Team Tech - 5 dager siden
4:22 if ur on a tight schedule
Mihhail Popov
Mihhail Popov - 5 dager siden
m5 e60 vs s8 d3 - v10 saloon battle
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Kevin Sam
Kevin Sam - 6 dager siden
I could hear the pedal clicking during the sound check on the Bentley!
scear scear
scear scear - 6 dager siden
BMW Sucks
Tshepo Khutlang
Tshepo Khutlang - 6 dager siden
AMG c63 507 edition 2012 VS BMW M4
doron grill
doron grill - 6 dager siden
You've never dragged an AMG GT, whether it be a C, S, or R
Lethabo Ngwenya
Lethabo Ngwenya - 6 dager siden
Next vid Mercedes Benz E63s AMG vs Bentley Flying Spur
Elias Alghamdi
Elias Alghamdi - 6 dager siden
When I saw the *Surprise result* in the title i knew what exactly happened! 😆😂
Infinitizer INC
Infinitizer INC - 7 dager siden
Why don’t you try drag racing vintage cars :P
Paul Lockwood
Paul Lockwood - 7 dager siden
None of the people you get to drag race against know how to do a launch properly. Apart from Yianni. 🤣
Jaden Gangan
Jaden Gangan - 7 dager siden
We need to see a drag race involving a Super Snake
Muhammad Samateh
Muhammad Samateh - 7 dager siden
918 vs bluming 1000 hp m5
YouCantHandleTheTruth - 7 dager siden
Driving Bentley with a flat tires?
Deen Khan-Cheema
Deen Khan-Cheema - 7 dager siden
Oooo mat can you do BMW 140I VS 240I VS 340I
Deen Khan-Cheema
Deen Khan-Cheema - 7 dager siden
At the end mat said he loved it next video we see why this is my new car😂😂😂
calaxy1101 - 7 dager siden
Retang Kekana
Retang Kekana - 7 dager siden
@Matt, stop being such a crybaby dude
Brad Kent
Brad Kent - 7 dager siden
You should do diesel vs petrol equivalent drag races that would be interesting.
Robin joseph
Robin joseph - 7 dager siden
Poli sanam
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 7 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
Hamdan Bahati
Hamdan Bahati - 7 dager siden
Please race a pista vs rolly roys ghosts
Paul Hill
Paul Hill - 7 dager siden
and the moral of the story is: 5 out of 6 times a 2.5 ton bentley will crush a 1.5 ton beemer...
Luxguy_Shinobi - 7 dager siden
My looking at this video in my dads m2 😂😂😂
ツTomíq - 7 dager siden
BMW M2 has a better sound than that Bentley
Teodor Stojanovic
Teodor Stojanovic - 8 dager siden
How can you compare this cars?
Race BMW M8 vs Bentley and you will see a big lose for Bentley.
Epic Visuals
Epic Visuals - 8 dager siden
They just had to let the beamer win the drag race to make BMW fanbois happy haha 😂😂
Bokang Makoro
Bokang Makoro - 8 dager siden
Please race the 911 turbo s against a vantage
abhishek mohan
abhishek mohan - 8 dager siden
BMW m2 cs looks very cute😍
Ibrahim Dangor
Ibrahim Dangor - 8 dager siden
Matt would have restarted the race 50 times until the bmw wins... He always makes sure the bmw's have to win.... Typical bmw fan boy
Vaidas Skanas
Vaidas Skanas - 8 dager siden
#carwow what are you using to measure 1/4 mile? I'm using dragy and my car does it in 12.4 seconds and it's just 330e remapped with under 400hp so can't be the same as m3.
Raeggae Gandalf
Raeggae Gandalf - 8 dager siden
A glorious battle between VW and BMW
Anant Vyas
Anant Vyas - 8 dager siden
Ford Figo
TimCheks1 - 8 dager siden
Blake Ellis
Blake Ellis - 8 dager siden
Please do a video of the base model Porsche 992!
Tony Fit
Tony Fit - 8 dager siden
bmw driver wearing a mask alone in the car ..
Fatsarellas - 8 dager siden
How about a BMW 330xi vs a Mercedes C300 4Matic vs anything else?
Joseph Henry
Joseph Henry - 8 dager siden
Mat. Was willing to die to win this race tyre warning I don’t care. Looool
ShipinPro - 8 dager siden
You could see the Bently sh$$ing diamonds as it went by the M2cs 🤣 Not to mention that is zee German W12 in there
Simon Crabb
Simon Crabb - 8 dager siden
Ok. Why does the starting girl have to walk forward? Every. Single. Time.
ZoplerDadatt - 8 dager siden
What about zeee German M5 against zeee Bentley?
Rob Tap
Rob Tap - 8 dager siden
I would consider doing a one off MASSIVE DRUG DEAL to get the dosh to own one of these Bentley's.
Either that or a lotto win.
Les Marshall
Les Marshall - 8 dager siden
Let us do a BMW X5 comp bs Audi RS Q8
Avishkar Singh
Avishkar Singh - 8 dager siden
Matt can you please drag race an M8 competition with a Ford Shelby gt500 PLEASE
Avishkar Singh
Avishkar Singh - 8 dager siden
6 cylinders of the M2 vs 12 of the Bentley, quite impressive for that CS
War Thunder
War Thunder - 7 dager siden
@Avishkar Singh a lamborghini countach with it's v12 makes around 350 HP from 1983. A Ford GT mark 1 from 1968 makes around 382 HP or a Ferrari 308 from 1981 which makes around 350 as well. Just because it has more cylinders doesn't really mean much. That bmw weighs around 3800 pounds. Pretty average. That Bentley weighs more than twice that amount with only 300 more HP. Think about it, 200 pounds can equal a car length. That BMW is not impressive to me when it gets beat by a luxury barge.
Avishkar Singh
Avishkar Singh - 7 dager siden
@War Thunder 12 vs 6. Think about it, that's literally double the number of cylinders and yet that M2 still gave that Bentley a run for its money. Sure the M2 weighs less but still
War Thunder
War Thunder - 8 dager siden
But it's also a cheese block vs the twin towers on wheels so it's not as impressive when you think about it
Ypsirc xd
Ypsirc xd - 8 dager siden
This is kinda retarded race tbh, they should've put bentley against 760Li
bane - 8 dager siden
For future reference (for those who didnt know) the 2020 bentley flying spur has a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 207mph. I know, crazy.
Negil Chacko
Negil Chacko - 8 dager siden
Porsche Cayenne Turbo S vs Urus vs BMW X6M vs GLE 63s AMG
Sam London
Sam London - 8 dager siden
BMW M2 looks so ugly
passion 2 drive
passion 2 drive - 8 dager siden
Rat vs Elephant. Enjoyed it!!
Matt Jarrett
Matt Jarrett - 8 dager siden
Germany Vs Germany, how boring.
Alex R
Alex R - 8 dager siden
you should do old school jdm car racing👌
Chilli - 8 dager siden
I personally think the rolling race is the most important, I've had way more rolling races than drag races and they're more fair. I also think anything above 120mph and above is a bit unrealistic unless you're on the autobahn, so the m2 won the rolling race in my eyes
Ntando Nyongwana
Ntando Nyongwana - 8 dager siden
Do the fortunar review please car wow it's my dream car
Yulian Markevych
Yulian Markevych - 8 dager siden
Audi won
Frazer20 - 8 dager siden
Hate how visible BMW have made the back box. Spoils the rear view of the car in my opinion.
Soni Singh
Soni Singh - 8 dager siden
E46 M3 CS v E46 M3 CSL v E36 M3 Evolution v E30 M3 Sport Evolution v E92 M3
Navneil Bansal
Navneil Bansal - 8 dager siden
Do a drag race with a Dodge Challenger Demon and 911 Turbo
SUSANTA GUIN - 8 dager siden
Favorite and best #Bentley ever. #BenleyFlyingSpur Also like the angry cutie #BMWM2CS .
IIFaDedII - 8 dager siden
Not surprised M2 is just an m badget BMW 2. Real M car like M3 or M5 would have won.
No Chaser G
No Chaser G - 8 dager siden
Can we get a drag race with a Kia Stinger GT (RWD or AWD)
PeACe 051
PeACe 051 - 8 dager siden
Okay , I'm buying this Bentley just that I'm in South Africa so there's no Carwow
Ss M
Ss M - 8 dager siden
Ike Mgoduka
Ike Mgoduka - 8 dager siden
I’m convinced Matt is a BMW fan🧐🤨
BMW TV - 8 dager siden
Нихуя не понял но очень интересно 🤣🕳️
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 8 dager siden
The Bentley flying spur is such a luxury 🚘😍😍
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 8 dager siden
The m2 is iconic car for me I love it so much 😍😍
Yafi Hossain Chowdhury
Yafi Hossain Chowdhury - 8 dager siden
Can you pls make a drag race of Mercedes kompresser c350 vs BMW X3 vs any Audi
I subscribed
Please please please
Ryder Wilson
Ryder Wilson - 8 dager siden
Hi Mat
mryouknooow - 8 dager siden
I luv roll races that display the power bands...
Thapelo Comfort Papago Remoratile
All the time bmw loses they need to start a new race🙄🙄🙄🐦
Christian M
Christian M - 8 dager siden
Carbon ceramics are not made for cold brake performance. Start tearing up the track, then you'll have another answer.
Karri Holmberg
Karri Holmberg - 8 dager siden
Please do Audi S diesel vs petrol shootout: S4 B9 vs S4 B9.5, S6 C7.5 vs S6 C8 and S7 C7.5 vs S7 C8!
martij75 - 9 dager siden
2.4 ton mammoth - new performance sport vehicle.
Jorge Fontenla Gonzalez
Jorge Fontenla Gonzalez - 9 dager siden
Please bring back hot hatches to these races! The latest videos are little “informative” because 99 % of people can’t afford the cars in them.
Stefan Bekan'
Stefan Bekan' - 9 dager siden
Matt, you need a 3rd person to call the rolling race as you're always gonna have a small advantage in it.
ANNIE THAGISHU - 9 dager siden
That bmw is a lot of money even if it lost
john wick
john wick - 9 dager siden
Third race looked fixed lmao
WeAre138 - 9 dager siden
Xdrive 330d v xdrive 335d estates vs...some hot hatches
machidaman - 9 dager siden
The BMW had to win at least one drag race guess because otherwise what is it for? I mean let's be honest, barely any of the solicitors, middle managers or accountants that own an M car will ever track them or approach a corner at anything like speed.
Damjan Dunjesevic
Damjan Dunjesevic - 9 dager siden
Ml63 amg vs x5m
Shannon Jeet Singh
Shannon Jeet Singh - 9 dager siden
Do a drag with the challenger demon
Naman - 9 dager siden
Next video:- Yanni vs Mat running race
Marlboro M2C
Marlboro M2C - 9 dager siden
The M2C is a classic nonetheless.
Thumbii - 9 dager siden
Volvo 850 T-5R vs SAAB 9000 Aero would be cool 😎
willvwgli - 9 dager siden
Need to stop with the third gear for every car. Reason is not a fair race because gear ratio is different from every car so the power band is different. Need to put the cars in the strongest gear at speed
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 9 dager siden
That guy is a turs
Superb Performance
Superb Performance - 9 dager siden
you do have alot of crows feet next to your eyes which makes you a old fart