BMW E46 M3 vs E36 M3 vs M2 Comp: DRAG RACE

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Listen up BMW fanboys - you do NOT want to miss this!
We’ve brought together two classic M3s, and they’re going up an M2 Competition! Mat’s sat in the E46, which will put down 340hp & 365Nm thanks to a 3.2-litre straight-six under the bonnet. As for the E36, its 3-litre straight-six engine helps push it to 300hp (thanks in part to some modifications cameraman Jack's added) and 320Nm.
As for the M2 Competition, well it’s clearly the most powerful competitor here, with a 3-litre straight-six twin-turbo 410hp & 550Nm! But what do you think - will the lighter E36 have what it takes? Or will the M2’s pure power advantage lead it to victory? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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Thanks to Joe for bringing his M2 Competition -
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carwow - Måned siden
BMW E46 M3 vs BMW E36 M3 vs BMW M2 Competition... But you can only pick ONE! Vote for your favourite below!
All Torque
All Torque - 8 dager siden
Christopher Whitehead
Christopher Whitehead - 11 dager siden
@carwow E46 M3
Mislav Konjik
Mislav Konjik - 13 dager siden
Sandeep Koch
Sandeep Koch - 16 dager siden
M2 com!
Sandeep Koch
Sandeep Koch - 16 dager siden
4 me m2 com
alter - 21 time siden
dislike only for cat abuse
Mikbeezy - Dag siden
This was pretty epic
Stephen Pato
Stephen Pato - 3 dager siden
e46 ///M3 forever !!
M3Supercharged - 3 dager siden
Invite the guys from DriftWorks with the S85 V10 e46 M3 to come play. That should be fun to watch.
M3Supercharged - 3 dager siden
Matt should get a Supercharged e46 M3 vs the M2 Comp, as well as an HPF Turbo e46 m3 just for Science.... =P
M Power
M Power - 4 dager siden
"NUR" ein M3 e36 3.0 und das noch ein druchgerittener bis geht nicht mehr, fair wäre ein Sauberer 3.2 e36 der würde denn e46 .......
Richard Appleyard
Richard Appleyard - 6 dager siden
Should of thrown an E92 M3 in as well to see how much these M’s have evolved.
Dzicz na drodze
Dzicz na drodze - 6 dager siden
Interesting.. it looks like the M2 have 450hp with 1550kg = 12.59s. for 1/4 M3 E46 should had 405~ to do 13.1s on 1/4 hmm :) or i
count wrong.
Zenon z Krakowa
Zenon z Krakowa - 6 dager siden
4:14 Start race. Don't thank me
All Torque
All Torque - 8 dager siden
This result still surprises me. Whilst I expected the E46 to edge the E36 I'm convinced that car isn't running right. I'd love to see this repeated with an Evo also.
Sebastian S
Sebastian S - 9 dager siden
E46 M3 14k Pounds... Unthinkable in Germany😅
- rɘact '
- rɘact ' - 10 dager siden
Am I the only one who thinks that something's not right with s54's sound? E46 any time.
dimos xia
dimos xia - 10 dager siden
E92 M3 would challenge M2 definetely
ThcJayC 420
ThcJayC 420 - 10 dager siden
I had a m54 2.5L e46 that would crackle and pop each rev, I was expecting more from that m3 e46
Gaetano Heliot
Gaetano Heliot - 11 dager siden
4:14 the drag race starts
alpacino cino
alpacino cino - 11 dager siden
Mann they suck at driving wow 😠
Andy Race
Andy Race - 11 dager siden
Man I wish I had room for an E46. Never looks old.
kenNy.X turbo
kenNy.X turbo - 12 dager siden
M3 e46 is the best bmw ever made
Vinnie D
Vinnie D - 13 dager siden
Everyones gear knob comes off in a BMW tho.
Lord Butler
Lord Butler - 13 dager siden
Your skin is really bad please moisturise
Super Spelaren
Super Spelaren - 13 dager siden
Why do you guys have a van in the drag race??? 😂 6:42
Tiger mu
Tiger mu - 14 dager siden
E46 are the best bmw car. It rt in the middle when it come to the HP it fast. Drive my daily and people alway try to speed next to me.😂😂 I give them a good run
Stefan - 14 dager siden
Bmw E36👍👍👍
Zach Arendt
Zach Arendt - 15 dager siden
The e36 sounds like the zipper on my jacket
Tyler Doepker
Tyler Doepker - 15 dager siden
They all shift way too slow
rati soitashvili
rati soitashvili - 15 dager siden
First learn shifting lol
Zsolt Toth
Zsolt Toth - 15 dager siden
Nem tudod h kel vezetni es valtani egy 3 as bmwt te marha
James Muir
James Muir - 15 dager siden
I have fitted my e36 m3 3.2 with a e46 m3 final drive........... eats e46 m3
Greg Coleman
Greg Coleman - 15 dager siden
lazare dvali
lazare dvali - 15 dager siden
mic quality is like cars...
El_Locos - 15 dager siden
This guy dont know drive lol
Martini V8
Martini V8 - 15 dager siden
Best 6 cylinder sounds 👌🏻😎
Jonathan Moga
Jonathan Moga - 15 dager siden
As an owner...BMW manuals are vague af
jack godfrey
jack godfrey - 17 dager siden
Carwow buy a E46 M3 will never regret it
alfaholic3 - 17 dager siden
Should have used the E36 M3 Evo it would have been a better comparison.
Andrew Singer
Andrew Singer - 17 dager siden
Big ploom of smoke out the tailpipe from the e36 on the 3rd run
Kledian Gjergji
Kledian Gjergji - 17 dager siden
Can you do another one with my dream car which is the m3 e30
rohan fahad
rohan fahad - 18 dager siden
13 is not bad at all 😄
adnanalagic - 18 dager siden
The E92 is still my favourite M3
David Jean
David Jean - 18 dager siden
nothing wrong with the old, but the M2 competition is a modern work of art a complete masterpiece!
Naveed Ahmed
Naveed Ahmed - 18 dager siden
Gear changes on the E36 were so slowwww. Made the gap alot bigger than it should've been. E46 still a beast. A true legend
R5gtturbo - 19 dager siden
Wow not much in it then 12.6 and 13.1 , I’ve got an e46 M3 and always wanted an m2 , hope I get one 1 day , if everyone who’s commented donates £10 to me I can get one pleeeeeeeaseee !
AKGAMER GAMER - 19 dager siden
The van almost beat you on the third go
Luka K
Luka K - 19 dager siden
That e36 is not even a proper EU 3.2l spec with 321hp, its a US 3.0l 286hp ... plus engine is bad in this one, real EU spec would perform a looot better fyi :)
popcorn - 20 dager siden
next time find a E 39
David Walker
David Walker - 20 dager siden
Jack cant drive he like a bum driving a golf cart
David Walker
David Walker - 20 dager siden
The M2 comp
Larry Harris
Larry Harris - 20 dager siden
E36 is still the best looking!
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic - 20 dager siden
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I just wanted to thank you guys for all the awesome content that you guys put out on all of your channels! I recently picked up this 2020 F-150 with the 3.5L Ecoboost and being able to watch your in-depth reviews on every truck was incredibly more helpful than the salesmen at the dealerships. I hope you guys get back on good terms with Ford. You do great things for them!
Just wanted to say keep up the great work and keep killing it Andre!
Thanks from Chicago,
rhys gamble
rhys gamble - 20 dager siden
Shame didn't use a e36 m3 evo that would leave the e46, e46 for show e36 for go
Nathanael Ciranni
Nathanael Ciranni - 20 dager siden
E46 looks the best. Hands down don’t care if it won the drag or not. Still my fav M3
Sam Hayes
Sam Hayes - 21 dag siden
These pointless shite adverts all the way through are making CarWow vids less & less appealing, shame 👎
Andy Race
Andy Race - 11 dager siden
Blame NOburn not CarWow. All successful channels have them, unless you subscribe.
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 21 dag siden
The m3 is much an icon cars
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 21 dag siden
It must be so much fun drifting with the m3
Passion de l'Automobile
Passion de l'Automobile - 21 dag siden
I love m3 so much it reminds me of my childhood
Ottilie Ndeiweda
Ottilie Ndeiweda - 22 dager siden
Please make a video of vw golf generation
ibrahim_ uzb
ibrahim_ uzb - 22 dager siden
*наконец то ты нашел русский комент
Зачем он много болтает? Why does he talk a lot?*
Matt P
Matt P - 22 dager siden
Come on. How was the e46 this close to the m2
real isrealite
real isrealite - 23 dager siden
You should've used a e36 with the 3.2,it probably would've beat the e46
unaghi amime
unaghi amime - 23 dager siden
THE GAMER - 24 dager siden
everybody go follow jack
mybizuk - 24 dager siden
50mph, the two M3’s should be 2nd for a fair drag race.
Dking King61
Dking King61 - 24 dager siden
you all cannot drivw
*Sami.D* - 24 dager siden
E36 is the Best ❤️
Nazarii Dmytryshyn
Nazarii Dmytryshyn - 24 dager siden
You need take e36 3,2 320hp
H F - 24 dager siden
Gotta love the e46 and e36 though
Florian O
Florian O - 25 dager siden
Where IS the E36 3.2 bvm6 321HP
Terje Riisnaes
Terje Riisnaes - 25 dager siden
The E46 is a classic! You should get one if for no other reason than as an investment. They have increased quite a bit in value lately.
김민석 - 25 dager siden
Jan Ove Kalhagen
Jan Ove Kalhagen - 25 dager siden
I thought the weight of the E46 was just below 1500 kg. 1495 kg 3295.91 lbs.
It seems like the M2 doesn't catch with the E46 before it has emptied 3rd gear, + 62mph/100kmh. In real life on the streets, the E46 has a much better usable power band.
Sergius Larson
Sergius Larson - 25 dager siden
E46 my love! Very good car!
Ext0rti0nist. - 26 dager siden
where‘s the E30?
Mon key
Mon key - 26 dager siden
The cat killed me 😂
jerry nansen
jerry nansen - 26 dager siden
Guy in the 46 with the granny shifting lol
J4CK G4RW3LL - 27 dager siden
Should’ve got the original m2 in manual instead of the comp, a lower power single turbo 3.0 over an m4 lumped m2 (the m2 comp)
Dan mather
Dan mather - 27 dager siden
M2 challenged off the line.
Артём Неделя
Артём Неделя - 27 dager siden
The sound is rubbish in this video for some reason.
Chris Amazonia
Chris Amazonia - 27 dager siden
faut etre un mauvais pour rater une vitesse
DaviDynamiX !
DaviDynamiX ! - 27 dager siden
Who else loves the e46?
Street_Version 086
Street_Version 086 - 28 dager siden
So good
MR. OSK4R - 28 dager siden
E46 inside sounds like Daewoo Tico.
Max Power
Max Power - 28 dager siden
W202 vs w204 vs w205 pls
Timur Al Makhmari
Timur Al Makhmari - 29 dager siden
4:38 evilest laugh ive heard ever.
사랑쟁이 - 29 dager siden
E36 TT
Ростислав [FUISE]
Ростислав [FUISE] - 29 dager siden
Ziyaad Alli
Ziyaad Alli - Måned siden
L love his cars
Ziyaad Alli
Ziyaad Alli - Måned siden
L love his cars
Frank C
Frank C - Måned siden
planet dolan
Vickie Sanders
Vickie Sanders - Måned siden
British: “I’m sat in...”
American: “I’m sitting in...”
SAMREZ-55 - Måned siden
E36 M3 Sounds Best !!!
RumbleYoungMan Rumble
RumbleYoungMan Rumble - Måned siden
Throw some csl replica rims and trunk. Bigger exhaust tips and that thing is just gorgeous. The attention it gets. Love the F80 but I shed a tear when I see an E46 m3. Maintenance was so easy to do on it, most times, enjoyable. Miss the car so much.
Bogdan Zavate
Bogdan Zavate - Måned siden
E36 i know it has 321hp without any tuning
Leo Dju
Leo Dju - Måned siden
Bring the e36 3.2L next time
Shayne Singh
Shayne Singh - Måned siden
e36 are just so good
Ben Roper
Ben Roper - Måned siden
Should have chucked an e92 in the mix
Federico Riggio
Federico Riggio - Måned siden
You forgot that de-catting is not legal. Maybe in England there's a different law?
Алексей Лисицын
4:15 старт start
C_Dubbzz *
C_Dubbzz * - Måned siden
If I could find a solid e36 m3 for $9k and an e46 for $12k to buy, I would be soo happy
Damascus Pyro
Damascus Pyro - Måned siden
It should have been
E46 M3 6spd
E36 M3 CSL
M2 Non-Comp
To even out the fight