BMW 760Li vs Maybach: DRAG RACE *V12 Luxury*

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It’s time for a super luxurious V12 showdown! Back when it was first released, the Maybach was in a league of its own… at least, it was when it came to the price! The model we have lined up with us today would have cost almost £500,000 when it was brand new! But how will this luxurious limo compare to the equally powerful BMW 760Li? They’re both more suited to luxury rather than performance, but when they’re both packing a V12 under the bonnet, can they both do the business over the quarter-mile? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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Runtime: 10:06


Aytee M
Aytee M - 2 dager siden
Mattt please Race an R500 4Matic or a BMW 330Ci E46.
Fabiano Pereira dos Santos
Fabiano Pereira dos Santos - 7 dager siden
3 point that BMW. 0 that MAYBACH
Cs Szabi
Cs Szabi - 8 dager siden
+600kg What is the question?
satpal - 8 dager siden
very cool
Hargun Kaur or Bavnoor singh
Hey! Are you punjabi or jatt
Khalid Saleh
Khalid Saleh - 10 dager siden
I think you should teach us how you warm the tires (make the car skid like that) do you do it?
XxAussie LedgendxX
XxAussie LedgendxX - 10 dager siden
Mats sounds better
Amr Elbadawy
Amr Elbadawy - 12 dager siden
How 760Li took 12.9 sec while same engine for the new generation with little modifications 760Li 11.3 sec with just adding 60hp and .6 cc .... need to recheck your numbers
JetPackToFly - 16 dager siden
Why do you use a meybach for this dragrace barabus is so much better
Vicious_Vortexx BTW
Vicious_Vortexx BTW - 18 dager siden
The BMW won 4-0 lmaooooo
Ryder Wilson
Ryder Wilson - 18 dager siden
Wow Sikhism Symbol.
sahib singh
sahib singh - 18 dager siden
The maybach is of a sikh person
J J - 19 dager siden
La Maybach é sempre stata un bidone da Sceicchi
Asa KING - 19 dager siden
Dean Husbands
Dean Husbands - 19 dager siden
Wow £35000 for the BMW nice
Deepanshu Tadia
Deepanshu Tadia - 21 dag siden
You take a maybach from Sikh person
Doğukan yakup Kanık
Doğukan yakup Kanık - 21 dag siden
Bmw 😍
Nico adi Nugroho
Nico adi Nugroho - 22 dager siden
jdm vs jdm
Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis - 23 dager siden
Sweet so what
Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis - 23 dager siden
Fab 🙂.
Omg mayback any time
Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis - 23 dager siden
What omg Realy
Tejas Kolpek
Tejas Kolpek - 23 dager siden
Maybach owner is punjabi I know
Vlada - 23 dager siden
My father owns also a f01 760li with an G-Power upgrade makes 620+ HP and a costum exhaust. I drove by myself 320 kmh but you can drive faster it goes Up to 340+ kmh a car he will never sell
ndara ndara
ndara ndara - 25 dager siden
Anytime the BMW over the KIA.
Damir Dželilović
Damir Dželilović - 25 dager siden
It's kinda stupid judging rolling race by who comes first when you hit the speed limit, people who race on street don't care about the speed limit.
LR Blue SlowBro
LR Blue SlowBro - 27 dager siden
A 2005 Maybach vs a 2010+ 7er Bmw
Rotor House TV
Rotor House TV - 27 dager siden
Jatt da maqabbla
Dass menu kithe!
Cretulescu Robert
Cretulescu Robert - Måned siden
The zerastora
The zerastora - Måned siden
How are they worth that much money... still 80k and such... jesus
Dzafer Kovac
Dzafer Kovac - Måned siden
I mean the Merc is 500 kg heavier
Lil Racer Boi
Lil Racer Boi - Måned siden
Once you straight pipe that merc you will have a pagani screaming out there
mustafa taleb
mustafa taleb - Måned siden
BMW smoked that Mercedes
Swayam. Manerkar.20
Swayam. Manerkar.20 - Måned siden
Ratan tata vs mukesh ambani
Shilpa Vadodariya
Shilpa Vadodariya - Måned siden
Mayback kinda looks like mercedes benz
GAMEPLAY 4YOU - Måned siden
Maybach is very ugly
Activelense - Måned siden
Richard Karby
Richard Karby - Måned siden
Mayback will win
Richard Karby
Richard Karby - Måned siden
First time Matt as lost
Christian 29
Christian 29 - Måned siden
Difrent weight
MiRAç 745
MiRAç 745 - Måned siden
Alex745alejandro / Alican bmw 760li Allah rahmet eylesin
John O'Sullivan
John O'Sullivan - Måned siden
1:20 that awkward moment when you realise the 7 series has the chassis of a rolls royce and the merc isnt
John O'Sullivan
John O'Sullivan - Måned siden
@Eugeo_Synthesis_32 No i literally mean the BMW F01 chassis on the 7 series is the literal same chassis on a Rolls Royce Ghost, infact the N74 is the same too
Eugeo_Synthesis_32 - Måned siden
You mean the RR shares the same chassis as the 7 Series
I am Iron Man
I am Iron Man - Måned siden
1:43 is Khanda is aa Sikh community Simbal ❤️
Love from Punjab.India 🇮🇳
Raymond Kyruana
Raymond Kyruana - Måned siden
I love that he did Arabic subtitles because the owner of the cars are
Arabic lol
Vijay Baananth
Vijay Baananth - Måned siden
bmw is the champion ever
Anubhab Samadder
Anubhab Samadder - Måned siden
Maybach is owned by Indian sikh
jos uniunea
jos uniunea - Måned siden
thats not bmw L7 to compare with maybach 62! should be maybach 57
Liam Hintner
Liam Hintner - 2 måneder siden
The mercedes is a luxury car and the BMW a wannabe luxury car
Jumper White
Jumper White - 2 måneder siden
You speaking to much.We will see the race about the cars
Nathanael Cole
Nathanael Cole - 2 måneder siden
I have never seen a car with mid mounted lights lol! I thought the trim was broken then realized someone thought it was so long it deserved that little light like a semi or big box truck!
Haris M
Haris M - 2 måneder siden
Half a ton of weight difference.....academic
SouthsideCIP - 2 måneder siden
I love this channel but ima be honest I’m not guna buy a shirt that says drag queen
Matthew Nicholas
Matthew Nicholas - 2 måneder siden
This has the luxury of a roll Royce
That's just a BMW

BMW make Rolls Royce 🤣
M ISHFAQ BISTHAMY - 2 måneder siden
[ Sebyh ]
[ Sebyh ] - 2 måneder siden
Understand maybach is a car for comfort and luxury dont criticate it
GeFeldz - 2 måneder siden
AHahah, hilarious seeing a land-yacht hooning around with smoking tires =D
GeFeldz - 2 måneder siden
5 speed auto in a twin turbo V12 car with 900Nm? Yeah, that engine doesn't need more than a 4 speed....
SOURAV GT - 2 måneder siden
Khalsa sign , owned by a sikh ♥️
Dr Cheese
Dr Cheese - 2 måneder siden
v12 luxury but no aston martin rapide???
Kaspars Grīnbergs
Kaspars Grīnbergs - 2 måneder siden
In Europe bmw 760 costs from 8000 € .....
Kaspars Grīnbergs
Kaspars Grīnbergs - 2 måneder siden
In Europe, maybach costs around € 300,000 ...
Borna Asi
Borna Asi - 2 måneder siden
Rolls royce passengers refuse to participate in such Shenanigans
Musfiq Tehmezov
Musfiq Tehmezov - 2 måneder siden
BMW ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
MERS 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
Diam Sirv
Diam Sirv - 2 måneder siden
Makke - 2 måneder siden
Gotta say, the 760Li looks FRESH
Ayaan Mukherjee
Ayaan Mukherjee - 2 måneder siden
who noticed the fact that the car is owned by a punjabi??
Filip Gjorgjevski
Filip Gjorgjevski - 2 måneder siden
Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming
Smackledorf Mcsween Sr.
Smackledorf Mcsween Sr. - 2 måneder siden
Why Matt look like a 5 year old driving that Merc? I couldn't enjoy the video because I couldn't stop laughing😂
Bajwa Sirf Bajwa
Bajwa Sirf Bajwa - 2 måneder siden
udit sharma
udit sharma - 2 måneder siden
Maybach of a sikh guy✌️✌️
Jogert Gjondedaj
Jogert Gjondedaj - 2 måneder siden
Yeah an limousine vs an sportcar
You can do an s 63 vs an bmw and you see😈🤫🤫😉😉
Zilla 46
Zilla 46 - 24 dager siden
Then we bring the M8 competition and you done
Sense Cars
Sense Cars - 2 måneder siden
How is the bmw a sports car?
Cryptur_ - 2 måneder siden
“Why’s my kunda rocking thats not a good thing” 😂😂😭😭😭
nas me
nas me - 2 måneder siden
Karan Namberdar
Karan Namberdar - 2 måneder siden
Maybach owner is an indian and surname is sahota
HarryC26 - 2 måneder siden
God that may back is shocking hahaha. No wonder Maybach is now just a trim level.
Elaine Thompson
Elaine Thompson - 2 måneder siden
AMG won
Marulanda Velez Tirofijo
Marulanda Velez Tirofijo - 2 måneder siden
BMW 😍😍😍
HEINRICXVI - 2 måneder siden
BMWs are so damn ugly ......they all look the same. They’ve become cars for losers and posers.
Sense Cars
Sense Cars - 2 måneder siden
HEINRICXVI porsche 911?
HEINRICXVI - 2 måneder siden
Sense Cars They are all losers who want to look special. When you show up in something truly special, let me know.
Sense Cars
Sense Cars - 2 måneder siden
Posers? Have u seen amg drivers??
Lil Racer Boi
Lil Racer Boi - 3 måneder siden
rip out all the mufflers and resonators and it will sound like a pagani
Joseph D
Joseph D - 3 måneder siden
As much as a like Mercedes, I think I'll skip this time and take the BMW 760Li as it's good all round and sounds great !
Mitzila Myles
Mitzila Myles - 3 måneder siden
the bmw 760li sounds like a rolls royce
Hamzah - 3 måneder siden
The owner of the Maybach is a SHIA!!
Leon_ Milo
Leon_ Milo - 3 måneder siden
Its kinda unfair bc it would be better if it was a s65
Steve Pye
Steve Pye - 3 måneder siden
Depreciates quicker than a Jedward single.
kierunkowskaz - 3 måneder siden
Man... youre in the wrong genre. You should be a comedian.
Reginald House
Reginald House - 3 måneder siden
Is the steering wheel sunburned?
Brimkath stampex2
Brimkath stampex2 - 3 måneder siden
Where did the registration number come from, as it's not recognised by the DVLA?
From The DMV
From The DMV - 3 måneder siden
No man wants to be seen wearing a shirt with dragqueen plastered across it.
Lbnewell 23
Lbnewell 23 - 3 måneder siden
Hahahaha neither of these cars are as good as a rolls in the luxury aspect at least and don’t even bother trying to argue
THE BOSS - 3 måneder siden
99% speaking
1% race
Vulcan Fist
Vulcan Fist - 3 måneder siden
My friend told mayback is the fastest car

Well,a frickin bmw beat it
Vlad Petroianu
Vlad Petroianu - 3 måneder siden
mercedes fan 😓😖😭
J Hates
J Hates - 3 måneder siden
Miran Ahmeti
Miran Ahmeti - 3 måneder siden
Can you race Mercedes benz E 220 (w 212) 2009 vs BMW M5 E36
Sense Cars
Sense Cars - 2 måneder siden
M5 e36?? Yk the 36 is a 3 series from the 1990s.
mobil kanalTR
mobil kanalTR - 3 måneder siden
bmw always f*cks.
Stephen Mukwevho
Stephen Mukwevho - 3 måneder siden
Covid covid 💉😷
Take the pills>>💊💊
Stefan Maric
Stefan Maric - 3 måneder siden
Тhis maybach is diesel?
YOJEET SINGH - 3 måneder siden
Arihant Choubey
Arihant Choubey - 3 måneder siden
Not everyone but the Maybach was any punjabi guy's car i.e Indian
Muhammet Ali GÖLBAŞI
Muhammet Ali GÖLBAŞI - 3 måneder siden
Mekanın cennet olsun Alican abi) : gopuk uçurtma
Guri Singh
Guri Singh - 3 måneder siden
He said "Khanda" so damn properly.
Filipe Ferreira
Filipe Ferreira - 3 måneder siden
Actually the f01/02, came out on the beginning of 2008
THEODORE LOW - 3 måneder siden
Maybach looks way bigger than the 740Li
Sense Cars
Sense Cars - 2 måneder siden