BMW 4 Series M440i review: see how quick it is to 60mph!

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It’s time for Mat to review one of the most controversial cars BMW has EVER released… Introducing the all-new 4 Series!
When it comes to the exterior design, there no denying that it’s eye-catching, even when you’re looking away from the huge grille up front! As for under the bonnet, well if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the top-of-the-range M440i (like we’ve got here), you’ll be treated to 374hp thanks to the 3-litre straight-six turbo petrol that you've got upfront.
So it’s got the power, and it’s got the looks (if you don’t mind what’s happening up front, of course)… But can it really compete with the Mercedes C-Class Coupe or Audi A5? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
01:05 Exterior Design
02:59 Interior Design
04:17 Infotainment
05:42 Interior Storage
06:25 Back Seats
08:19 Boot
09:49 Engines
11:41 Five Annoying Features
13:41 Five Good Features
15:25 0 - 60mph
16:26 Twisty Road Driving
17:30 Town Driving
19:36 Verdict
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Runtime: 21:00


Felix Jansz
Felix Jansz - 2 timer siden
I also kinda like the grill
Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall - 6 timer siden
Need to do a drag race between this and the M4. I think it might take it with the AWD traction
Ciri Di Marzio
Ciri Di Marzio - Dag siden
The M4 with x drive wil do 3.2 seconds. That's hypercar territories
Cory Walker
Cory Walker - Dag siden
Gif these new bmw are ugly af
Nakestra TV
Nakestra TV - Dag siden
What did you just draw?
Paul Suzio
Paul Suzio - Dag siden
It competes with the Audi s5, not the A5. A5 only has 252hp
Y M - 2 dager siden
Looks like a alfaromeo
my_name_is_ in_use
my_name_is_ in_use - 2 dager siden
so Drag race then :)
seanDB1989 - 3 dager siden
Grill aside, anyone think the back wheel looks a bit....lost...? It just looks too small some how
Ketchupboyz - 4 dager siden
Bad grill!
JL S - 4 dager siden
BMW with his new uaf technology grill
brent wells
brent wells - 4 dager siden
BMW just got the award for the worse looking front of a car ever.
Eric Bown
Eric Bown - 4 dager siden
Cars are becoming so anodyne, then when are a car comes along which bucks this trend we should pay the them.
Ntokozo Sikhosana
Ntokozo Sikhosana - 4 dager siden
Why the hell are the 100 ads!!!!!
SwaZ - 4 dager siden
Looks a lot Like a jag imo
ahmed rasic
ahmed rasic - 6 dager siden
The rear looks similar to old hyundai sonata
edgars kokarevics
edgars kokarevics - 6 dager siden
Ugly BMW, A5 all day long
Jakub Leschtina
Jakub Leschtina - 6 dager siden
they usually tune it befor you get it to test:)
Gbonze17 - 6 dager siden
It’s almost as if the BMW designers wanted to take the year 2020 and emphasize it into a new front Grill design..... Horrific
Kurd Kurd12
Kurd Kurd12 - 6 dager siden
4.5 to 3.8 i just can't wait to see the m4 competition
Nail Bronse
Nail Bronse - 6 dager siden
A bigger grill was a must but i think bmw could have done better finish specialy with the number plate😔
Marito507 - 6 dager siden
Is that a virus or a car? idiot with mask
CarFans - 7 dager siden
I hate when car journalists say this grill is growing on me
Pixel 915
Pixel 915 - 7 dager siden
idk what to say but i actually like the new looks of the 4 series
i mean the grille it s not that ugly it is just that you are not used to seeing it because it is a new concept so just move one and start loving the car because it is amazing and i am not a bmw fanboy, i prefer audis
Imran Mahmud
Imran Mahmud - 7 dager siden
It reminds of a pig.
whyimustusemyrealname - 7 dager siden
because it has no hofmeister kink thats why u hate that part matt 2:18
Jeff C
Jeff C - 7 dager siden
100% prefer the old one. I have a 2018 440 m performance, 2 more years on the lease and not planning on getting the new one. I have had bmw’s for 14yrs think it might be time to try another German car maker. I won’t pay top dollar for a car that doesn’t make me happy to look at it. Sad really, way to murder customer loyalty:(
Steve Fortier
Steve Fortier - 8 dager siden
Jesus, that is one ugly BMW
Claudio Herrera
Claudio Herrera - 8 dager siden
Change for the sake of change. What they were thinking following Audi design?
Turboslang - 8 dager siden
Still that back half looks.. odd
Febrian Martin
Febrian Martin - 9 dager siden
tbh first time i saw the grille i hated it. but now i think its kinda cool
Alessandro Adrián Galeano Rodríguez
11:12 Tipical Mat's fake phone tapping
Chris Parayno
Chris Parayno - 9 dager siden
Grill makes this thing look like a pontiac aztek🤣. Yup I've said it.
Zanusssi Dokazano
Zanusssi Dokazano - 10 dager siden
Who is responsible for this ugly design?
Jules Pineda
Jules Pineda - 10 dager siden
i like how bmw made the trunk capacity 440L. It suits the name M440i
Enzo Del Santo
Enzo Del Santo - 10 dager siden
It's an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio with a different grill and coupe
Hanislip 777
Hanislip 777 - 10 dager siden
So u gonna tell me this dont look like a g70
T E D Woghiren
T E D Woghiren - 11 dager siden
This is a stollen design design. It doesn't look like a BMW. After my training from BMW all the trademark features are gone. It looks Japanese.
Enzo Del Santo
Enzo Del Santo - 10 dager siden
It looks just like an Alfa Giulia QV
alex fardoulis
alex fardoulis - 11 dager siden
The blind liked the BM.... ??? A Miracle ...
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady - 11 dager siden
Lack of manual option is a complete deal breaker, not just 'a bit annoying'. I'll have to stick to my old BMWs then 😑
Christian Cui
Christian Cui - 11 dager siden
Lovely grill
Chilly Wizard
Chilly Wizard - 11 dager siden
Good on BMW for trying something different, I think it looks awesome and if you love driving, BMW is the way to go!
Business Guide
Business Guide - 12 dager siden
Thanks for sharing this!
michael bravo
michael bravo - 12 dager siden
People keep vomiting what they hear other “journalists” say about the car. As pointed out in the video, this is probably a closer a design to the original grilles used in classic bmw’s than the grille people are begging bmw to bring back.
BRAD MARCUS - 12 dager siden
Looks like a mustang. Not that it's bad, but it looks like a mustang. I much prefer my E93 2012
Karthik DK
Karthik DK - 13 dager siden
The grill looks like a squirrel's teeth 😂
fred Kusmierzyck
fred Kusmierzyck - 13 dager siden
How the general manager of BMW could authorize this horror of grille !!! He is a mad ?!!! Or was he drunk when he validated this design? !!!
Jolly St. Nick
Jolly St. Nick - 13 dager siden
Oh look, it's the BMW Giulia!
allizan - 14 dager siden
Hi Matt, can you get better suitcases? The current ones are ugly as anything.
Agustin Lidén
Agustin Lidén - 14 dager siden
What a beauty that 🖤 2021 BMW 4-serie M440i Coupe 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Ram477 Cort
Ram477 Cort - 14 dager siden
Can anybody explain why the US models do not come with those Msport seats.
Alain-Daniel Tankwa
Alain-Daniel Tankwa - 14 dager siden
You were so uncomfortable behind there Matt. Haha.
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy - 15 dager siden
Like the grill.
Yoji Kozumi
Yoji Kozumi - 15 dager siden
That looks..............................
Hugo Fernandes
Hugo Fernandes - 15 dager siden
This car should be as fast as BMW could possibly make it.... So fast that you shouldn't be able to see the hideousness in front of it.
William N
William N - 16 dager siden
buy it? you mad??
Car INTERIOR - 16 dager siden
2000: Your car has a nice grille
2020: Your grille has a nice car
Ken Grand
Ken Grand - 16 dager siden
They gave it the huge grill so it wont look like the m8 coupe
Aaron Posiano
Aaron Posiano - 16 dager siden
Confirmed: Mat is a BMW fanboy
Jaime Echegaray
Jaime Echegaray - 16 dager siden
I love BMW but this one looks like a refined BMW version of the Pacer. Ugly.
Mahdi_ODM - 16 dager siden
Please do some drag races with this car
Arminiz - 16 dager siden
9:11 don't lie to your self you are bmw fan boy and everyone know that
Tumbox - 16 dager siden
Coupe's have become so fucking ugly.
DD bhaha
DD bhaha - 16 dager siden
ugly as f...
Quokka Pirquish
Quokka Pirquish - 16 dager siden
The previous model was better looking!
Great car though, might get one for 40% of the price in 3 years time, otherwise, too expensive
Srenath MG
Srenath MG - 16 dager siden
The car looks hideous.. not sure what happened to BMW design language.. looks like the Chinese makers are designing it..
Agustin Castro
Agustin Castro - 17 dager siden
If I would be the new BMW CEO,
My first task at office would be firing all their desig team.......
Next, make a new 4 series
What a fail 💩💩💩💩💩
Spontaneity - 17 dager siden
Ugh that grille had to ruin the car
Andronk - 17 dager siden
He drew a knob, lol
SkyWalker - 17 dager siden
The design is really crappy 🤢. I will still drive my beautiful 1987 e32 :) not even thinking of changeing it for this new ugly plastic box :)))
Toni Rey
Toni Rey - 18 dager siden
Robin O'Connor
Robin O'Connor - 18 dager siden
The front end is hideous, clearly aimed at the Chinese market, the digital instrument panel looks cheap. So pleased I purchased a 2019/20 model 440i and saved a lot of money.
Eyedeas Never Die
Eyedeas Never Die - 19 dager siden
In that colour, that grille is actually growing on me. Maybe if the top was lower so it matched the line of the lights it would look better but I really dont hate it anymore. Think when I start seeing them on the road I'll know but I think it will grow on me.
Julian Perry
Julian Perry - 19 dager siden
Why do the front looks like the alpha romeo😶
Nasrul Firdaus
Nasrul Firdaus - 19 dager siden
That grill looks weird though
Gaming YT
Gaming YT - 19 dager siden
YogaFlameTV - 19 dager siden
The grill looks good without the long ass license plate and it looks much better in person video doesn't show much depth and shape
Zeeshanpop Jahangir
Zeeshanpop Jahangir - 19 dager siden
Bmw 4 series new vs old
Zeeshanpop Jahangir
Zeeshanpop Jahangir - 19 dager siden
Bmw 4 new vs old
Marmelade manden
Marmelade manden - 19 dager siden
My dad got a 2019 version and it looks way better without thay huge grill
Rocco Feller
Rocco Feller - 19 dager siden
What a ugly car..
This car is so ugly, that tuners becomes rich whit sales normal designed bumpers
Julian GT80
Julian GT80 - 19 dager siden
Why he calls this sweet Alfa - BMW ?
Charles Mc Carthy
Charles Mc Carthy - 19 dager siden
Engine bay full of cheap plastic. They can keep it. Hideous looking thing.
Beto Fatien Origí
Beto Fatien Origí - 19 dager siden
We need car wow in the us
Steve - 19 dager siden
nope.that grill is hideous.
Simone Camazzola
Simone Camazzola - 20 dager siden
I am curious about the Standard base model of these german cars. I would like a comparison sometimes in order to see if they are still worth it
The dude
The dude - 20 dager siden
BMW dropped the ball on this one
Elvedin Melkic
Elvedin Melkic - 20 dager siden
The M440i competes with the S5, not the A5 hahah
Dodo M
Dodo M - 20 dager siden
Man, how can a premium-sport brand put those hideous pieces of cheap metal as reinforcements in the engine bay?
Georgio Eds
Georgio Eds - 20 dager siden
4:25 really? loll
Ghostfreak Gaming
Ghostfreak Gaming - 20 dager siden
4;26 😂😂😂😂😂
ScDruMstylez - 21 dag siden
Car is getting way to Big, and heavy. Size wose could be easily a 6 series
Rob Hospidor
Rob Hospidor - 21 dag siden
I drove this’s fun as hell!!
Stevieboy130664 - 21 dag siden
I agree with you totally about the external appearance - the car looks good, great in places except for around the rear wheel where it looks a bit bloated.
I loved the profile of its predecessor.
Farsil Bauhil
Farsil Bauhil - 21 dag siden
incredible base model car. makes the the old e92 m3 completely obselete unless you're a collector.
xx xx
xx xx - 21 dag siden
Make video with Dodge Challenger srt hellcat wide body PLEASE
Brian Griffith
Brian Griffith - 21 dag siden
What was that he drew on the screen at 4:25?
richiesworld1 - 22 dager siden
Ever since the E92, 3(and 4) series coupes have been looking super limp from the c-pillar back. I don't understand why they've made them like this. Looks wack 🤷🏾‍♂️
Alan Power
Alan Power - 22 dager siden
'THIS' is a Bmw - calm down Doug