Audi RS6 vs AMG A45 S: DRAG RACE *Me vs My Girlfriend*

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It's time for Mat's current daily driver to go head-to-head with his next daily driver - Mercedes-AMG A45 S vs Audi RS6!
Think it sounds unfair? Well, you'd be right - clearly the Audi RS6 is the more powerful car, with its 4-litre twin-turbo V8 putting down an enormous 600hp & 800Nm! Yeah it might be around 400kg heavier, but when you consider the AMG A45 S has a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that can produce 'only' 421hp & 500Nm, does it really stand a chance?
Well, Mat's brought his girlfriend along to find out just how these cars compare! We know the RS6 has the power advantage, but will it play out as you'd expect on track? And more importantly, when the RS6 costs almost double what an A45 S goes for, is it really worth it?! You'll have to sit back and keep watching to find out!
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Runtime: 10:30


Hg bike hacks
Hg bike hacks - 2 timer siden
The sex jokes tho 😂😂😂🤣
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown - Dag siden
may back and bmw m8
Stewart Grindlay
Stewart Grindlay - Dag siden
6:15 not sure that was about the race Mat
Relax Nation
Relax Nation - Dag siden
Mats girls says she always thought he was slow 💔 if you get what I mean😹😹
Виталька Шабаршов
Кто русский?
MR HMD - 2 dager siden
She has quicker reflexes
MR HMD - 2 dager siden
Well at least we now know whose on top
Eric Bown
Eric Bown - 3 dager siden
I’m not a merc man but the tiny mercedes is impressive.
jason hernandez
jason hernandez - 4 dager siden
All around your pretty lucky.
Ray Tian
Ray Tian - 4 dager siden
I reckon you're winning this relationship by losing the competitions. Smart...
وليد الشهري
وليد الشهري - 4 dager siden
Jo 😂
She is absolutely beat you 😂😂😂😂
The NightMare
The NightMare - 5 dager siden
The Best British accent :D
Daniel Chute
Daniel Chute - 5 dager siden
That marcedes sounds amazing
Brady JONES - 5 dager siden
I meant your girlfreind
Brady JONES - 5 dager siden
Mat, I am actually happy you won cause' I do not want you to lose your girlfreind;)
NithiSh JVJ
NithiSh JVJ - 6 dager siden
Just to say such a dumb comparison
2l vs 4l
420hp vs 600hp 👏👏
Alexis Quintois
Alexis Quintois - 6 dager siden
Audi la meilleure voiture du monde
LM C - 6 dager siden
You let her come first twice.... Indeed she can come again anytime...
Nuri Erni Yanita
Nuri Erni Yanita - 6 dager siden
wtf hot hatch vs stasion wagon
testagiuseppeable - 7 dager siden
I thought you were engaged with Rebecca Jackson. It's a bit sad discover this but.. it's just my problem and I will deal with it
Secret Phantom
Secret Phantom - 7 dager siden
Next video: bugatti divo vs fiat multipla
JAMES PLAYZ - 8 dager siden
the annoying thing is is that dragracing at the most comftable setting is that its meant to be slow
Paul Girling
Paul Girling - 8 dager siden
Not really a very, fair comparasment but very interesting 😊
john adams
john adams - 8 dager siden
Matt married up....
Myti Vlogs
Myti Vlogs - 8 dager siden
NSX Vs Yani's lambo
László Szenes
László Szenes - 8 dager siden
Jó csajszi,jó autóval😉
Metin Askerov
Metin Askerov - 8 dager siden
It is unjustice
421 hp vs 600 hp
Carmen Ibanez
Carmen Ibanez - 8 dager siden
‘She’s so good actually’
All she did was to her foot off the brake pedal.
The car did everything else.
He’s very easily pleased. You can also tell that just from looking at her..
Aleksandar Ovuka
Aleksandar Ovuka - 9 dager siden
I won’t see race mercedes SLS and SLR meclaren or SL 65 black series
Ozzifutura - 9 dager siden
I read that if you put RS6 into D then neutral you can rev up past soft limiter - you need to test this
Pasquale Iavarone
Pasquale Iavarone - 9 dager siden
mat lost LOL!
Simon Miller
Simon Miller - 9 dager siden
Mat got owned...ha ha.
Emre Orhan
Emre Orhan - 10 dager siden
Rs3 vs e63 amg ?
андрей гордей
андрей гордей - 10 dager siden
Now you have to marry your girlfriend 🙂 Hello from Russia!
Dylan - 11 dager siden
Marry her...
Ion Bator
Ion Bator - 11 dager siden
Audi power!
Kfrag 97
Kfrag 97 - 11 dager siden
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez - 11 dager siden
Lovely girl
Budok Klate
Budok Klate - 11 dager siden
9:18 love is blind Mat. Lol
Budok Klate
Budok Klate - 11 dager siden
So you dont have wife yet? No children at your age?
Tamasha Chi
Tamasha Chi - 11 dager siden
Relationship goals
Juan Antonio Pujante García
Juan Antonio Pujante García - 11 dager siden
Siniša Jakus
Siniša Jakus - 12 dager siden
O bože opet cura....haha bjedniče
Abhishek Dutta
Abhishek Dutta - 12 dager siden
Anyone here after Mat's new 'Green' RS6?
Anver Anax
Anver Anax - 12 dager siden
Matt it was nice of you to let Jo kick your ass... Jo wasn't impressed with you after the Yanni races 😂
vittorio - 12 dager siden
What, wait Matt has a gf? 🍆
Business Guide
Business Guide - 12 dager siden
Your channel definitely deserves my subs!
Cars and drag
Cars and drag - 12 dager siden
Mat put jo in a Porsche 911 turbo s and race you in a 1000hp mrk4 supra
K3NG K3NG - 13 dager siden
Jack Mills
Jack Mills - 13 dager siden
I preferred it when Matt did the tests with his last girlfriend Yani.
Muhammad Taha
Muhammad Taha - 13 dager siden
Well, I know the reason why A45 S failed. Actually half of the engine power of A45s is utilized by that windscreen wiper 😂
Haris Osmani
Haris Osmani - 14 dager siden
400 ps vs 700 ps
Ippokratis Spanos
Ippokratis Spanos - 14 dager siden
Your girlfriend is gorgeous
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison - 14 dager siden
Come on matt, we know what you did! You let her win the first race so you could get back and Get Some! Everybody knows, she is not going to put out if you smash the hell out of her... Wait, that was a double on tundra
msing400 - 14 dager siden
More Jo please 🙏🏽
joe kutai
joe kutai - 15 dager siden
I thought mercedes benz have the best brakes🤧🤧💔💔💔😂😂😂 I told y'all
Luxtv - 15 dager siden
Audi RS6 is the best.
Myzty 180
Myzty 180 - 15 dager siden
Can we get a Bugatti one dayyyyy😭🤔👍🏽✌🏽
Myzty 180
Myzty 180 - 15 dager siden
Matt the simp
Karim Silmi
Karim Silmi - 16 dager siden
Omg at his age he has a girlfriend
He should b saying my wif 😂
Gindy Music
Gindy Music - 16 dager siden
Relationship Goals
Ahmeed al kilani
Ahmeed al kilani - 16 dager siden
The challenge must be with the Mercedes E63
Awels Garage
Awels Garage - 17 dager siden
Airstrip Attack 2020 BMW lineup
Rdesign Yacht
Rdesign Yacht - 17 dager siden
Like when Jo brakes and hairs go over the brake line
Kyle Andrew Singh
Kyle Andrew Singh - 17 dager siden
Maaaan, Celine Dion is quick! 🧐😜
Carl R
Carl R - 18 dager siden
Come on Jo. There she is it’s wet. 😂
YakLord - 18 dager siden
We've established the most powerful car is the fastest!
Вадим Коршенко
Вадим Коршенко - 18 dager siden
Quattro 👍 💙
Rishon Johnson
Rishon Johnson - 18 dager siden
When buying a new car :
Me : Test drive in the city

Mat : Drag race in the runway
Dr.Pjay Molefe
Dr.Pjay Molefe - 18 dager siden
Shots fired
Danny McClean
Danny McClean - 19 dager siden
Swop her for Yianni lol
Mister Orange
Mister Orange - 19 dager siden
Matt brain is always hath a Second behind
ping king
ping king - 19 dager siden
You should feature her in more videos, she is pretty sweet
Aaron K
Aaron K - 19 dager siden
No Launch Control in the Merc?
Vegas Astras
Vegas Astras - 19 dager siden
It only proves that car racing is girls' business
leopredatorx 14
leopredatorx 14 - 20 dager siden
Rs6 is winner
James Haymen
James Haymen - 20 dager siden
I think a Audi RS3 would have been a fair race
squala - 20 dager siden
The girlfriend launches better than any of the random guys you put in the cars! She should do this full-time.
Gavin Schoonbee
Gavin Schoonbee - 20 dager siden
0 vs 5. Well played Matt. Well played.
I have to compliment you Matt, you are one of very few you tubers who's girlfriend firstly, is not a skank, does not dress like a skank, talk like a skank or simply have rude hooker manners. Dammit man, why is she not Mrs. Watson yet. 👍👍👍
EJ Pain&Gains Games!
EJ Pain&Gains Games! - 21 dag siden
Can we please have her on the channel more often
mostafa Ahmad
mostafa Ahmad - 21 dag siden
Audi 🌍🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀💯
Glen Cheung
Glen Cheung - 21 dag siden
Don’t fight your girlfriend 😂😂😂
Thato Ngobeni
Thato Ngobeni - 21 dag siden
Could we have a normal Range Rover vs lumma clr rs drag race
Unais 61
Unais 61 - 22 dager siden
Yaani..... It's reaction time will you race her🤣
1063ghost - 22 dager siden
Pffff 600 HP Rules !
Brian R
Brian R - 22 dager siden
She can come again 🤣 really surprised the merc wasn't closer. 300kg lighter but 300Nm down. 🤔
Thelonious Monk
Thelonious Monk - 22 dager siden
2.000 L = 421hp! Twenty years later...🤣
H. Polzin
H. Polzin - 22 dager siden
What is this
David vs Goliath ?
Werner Wentzel
Werner Wentzel - 22 dager siden
Carwow can replace Matt with Jo! 😅
DEFENDERX5 - 23 dager siden
Considering price ...RS 6 is overpaied....
T G - 23 dager siden
When mat said my girlfriend jo i thought he meant jo achillis lol ..also didnt mat just get the merc recently?
BEAST MODE - 23 dager siden
Don't worry she didn't beat you,the car did
Shadow29Gaming - 24 dager siden
I bet the cars are only in sport+ A45s has Race so if the rs6 has race I’ll believe it’s faster
Dr. Hillary Thadias Nyang'anga
If that mercedes had a V8 it would have crashed the Audi I prefer mercedes
Frank Ambrose
Frank Ambrose - 24 dager siden
I think that jo is better drag racing than Yianni...
gabriel alexandru
gabriel alexandru - 24 dager siden
WTF? 2.0L vs 4.0L ...what kind of comparision is that?
Next time try Toyota Auris vs Bugatti Chiron ...could be an awsome comarision too
DameAndThatGame - 24 dager siden
"she can come again" What a guy, something most men cant offer lmao.
Young Engineer
Young Engineer - 24 dager siden
You feathering Em brakes Matt?😂
Mattia Sasanelli
Mattia Sasanelli - 24 dager siden
A girlfriend that everyone is looking for 😂🏎
nour almsry
nour almsry - 24 dager siden
Your girlfriend is like a happy squirrel winning 🤣 you guys are awesome together ❤️❤️