Audi RS e-tron GT 2021 review with 0-60mph & 1/4 mile test!

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Audi is set to release their first all-electric RS car… And Mat’s got his hands on the prototype! Introducing the Audi RS e-tron GT!
The stats on this car are absolutely insane… It’s powered by two electric motors, which combine to put down 600hp, although there is an ‘overboost mode’ which will give you 650hp for two seconds after you’ve launched it! Not only that, but you also get 850Nm of torque and it’ll hit 60mph in 3.5 seconds.
What’s more, it’s powered by a 93kWh battery, and has a claimed range of 250 miles. As for the price, the average e-tron GT will cost you £100,000, while this RS model comes in at £130,000! So is it worth it? Stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
01:21 Exterior Design
03:23 Lights
03:50 Specifications
05:07 Interior Design
06:28 Back Seats
06:46 Boot
07:07 0 - 60mph, quarter-mile & brake test
09:34 Driving
10:55 Brakes
11:51 Sound
13:30 Charging & Range
14:26 Price
14:44 Verdict
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Runtime: 15:29


carwow - 24 dager siden
Audi RS e-tron GT vs Porsche Taycan Turbo... Which are you choosing? VOTE with a LIKE below!
Tom Bungers
Tom Bungers - 5 dager siden
@Mark Plott but tesla looks bad and the interior is bad too. You can compare porsche taycan turbo and audi etron which are electric and a bit same. Also the audi looks better than the others. And its teslas hypercar so it should be good all others from teslas are much more bad. Its their flagcar.
Mark Plott
Mark Plott - 5 dager siden
carwow - the AUDI RS e-TRON (turd) GT is a Garbage car, its MORE Expensive than a Performance model S and is LESS Spec & Performance as well. the TESLA model S Performance for UNDER $90,000 has LONGER Range , faster Acceleration , 835 HP and Higher TOP Speed. and in 2021 TESLA will Exceed that with PLAID model S , 1100 HP , 200 mph , 520+ miles.
Dimitris Potsis
Dimitris Potsis - 10 dager siden
Audi is my dream car 😍
Jimmy Canzoniero
Jimmy Canzoniero - 10 dager siden
@Miles Brigham We want a car where the wheels won't fall off because the manufacturer can't figure out how to cast a proper control arm.
Tom Bungers
Tom Bungers - 11 dager siden
Has it quattro
Michał G
Michał G - Time siden
BJP - 10 timer siden
Matt honestly this car makes sound like a passenger vehicle in india known as e rickshaw
Kingston K
Kingston K - Dag siden
Ben Jones
Ben Jones - 2 dager siden
Matt: they have covered it in sticker so you can’t see the design of the car,
Also Matt: shows every single different design element of the car
Partai Untuk Kebutuhan Iman PUKI
The Budget Taycan Turbo
Ерсултан Алимкул
Кто из снг
UGLT 13 - 3 dager siden
I'm really jealous of you. In your country price start is $66,995 but in Thailand price start is $169,966 ($102,971 for import tax.)
Thai people with a bachelor's degree, starting salary is $ 430 - $ 500.
Bobert Robins
Bobert Robins - 3 dager siden
If Mat's girlfriend ever proposes to him I think we know his response: "if you want to know my answer, click on the pop out banner"
bruintoo - 4 dager siden
Let me guess, the instrument panel and console looks like RS7 touch screens because Audi.
Dieter Fontaine
Dieter Fontaine - 4 dager siden
I think the sound it makes sounds more like the THX intro in theaters
Dieter Fontaine
Dieter Fontaine - 4 dager siden
Love the look of this car. I think this make more sense as an EV instead of those electric SUV's
Yonas Michael
Yonas Michael - 4 dager siden
They should a hybrid version for the Audi Etron GT.
Vernon Hampton
Vernon Hampton - 4 dager siden
Mat: "The 2021 Audi RS E-Tron saloon!"
Me: "Audi...PLEASE make an Avant version of this!"
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes - 3 dager siden
Isn't Porsche making a Sport Turismo version of the Taycan? If that's the case, Audi should introduce an Avant sometime soon.
Dopechaman - 4 dager siden
But car wow doesn't show me audi e tron gt sports line
Johnnyxp64 - 5 dager siden
welcome to Greece Mat.💙🇬🇷
Johnnyxp64 - 5 dager siden
Dawne Milstead
Dawne Milstead - 5 dager siden
That test drive looks absolutely terrifying.
Kevin De Smet
Kevin De Smet - 5 dager siden
130k for an electric sedan, way to go Audi
Aditya Bhat
Aditya Bhat - 5 dager siden
Batmobile lite
Wahyudi Napitupulu
Wahyudi Napitupulu - 5 dager siden
I think audi is better to keep the sticker...
Lou - 5 dager siden
Looks 👍
JSK PRODUCTIONS - 5 dager siden
Jay Bronin
Jay Bronin - 6 dager siden
It's fast, I will give it that. But the lack of any real visceral sound makes it a lack luster experience.
gp - 6 dager siden
It sounds like a war evacuation siren building up...interesting
Sherry Abu
Sherry Abu - 6 dager siden
when there's no fake vents
mat: 😱
Raheem - 6 dager siden
Matt sitting so close to the steering wheel is giving me anxiety😂
MR Provolone
MR Provolone - 7 dager siden
It was on the avengers end game
No Name
No Name - 8 dager siden
why throw in a swear word at the end? really wasnt needed
zaid nimri
zaid nimri - 8 dager siden
Porsche: We have the Taycan
Audi: We have this
BMW: We hAvE tHe iX1....
Hurricane Sander
Hurricane Sander - 8 dager siden
"U can feel the gearchange noticeably"
Guide504 - 8 dager siden
It sounds like a tram
Steve Brown
Steve Brown - 9 dager siden
By the time most of us would have saved for this car or something like it, we'll have passed the point of no return with global warming. The world will die a dry lifeless husk, but there'll be a surplus of pristine Audi e-Trons in a showroom somewhere.
ALEX RHODOS - 9 dager siden
Harcitehen - 9 dager siden
v8enginenoise.mp3 missing
F L R S H - 9 dager siden
So basically the funneled money into porsche with tycan .. and meanwhile they had ready to go audi ! which will be cheaper FOR SURE !!!
F L R S H - 9 dager siden
Interior will be the same ... ofc it will be
2cakesken - 9 dager siden
slower than a cyber truck ?
G MM - 9 dager siden
The presentation was in Greece?! Thats a new one......nice though....cant find (shity) roads like our own....anywhere in Europe.....good endurance test......
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell - 9 dager siden
It looks like a Porsche Panamaera. Same design team.
Garry - 10 dager siden
11:54 That sounds like THX intro for me.
Ghevorg Shacarean
Ghevorg Shacarean - 10 dager siden
Mat in 2019 you said how much liters there is in the boot and there is the picture of the interior!
Mpamphs Tripokaridos
Mpamphs Tripokaridos - 10 dager siden
Ελλαδάρα Παράδεισος .....
St. K.
St. K. - 10 dager siden
Ελα ρε Ελλαδάρα ! 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
jeebs621 - 11 dager siden
Wasn’t this car in endgame? Don’t we already know what it looks like?
jeebs621 - 11 dager siden
I just hope they don’t phase out their normal RS cars
Zachary Altman
Zachary Altman - 11 dager siden
it sounds like a London tube
Mike Stewart
Mike Stewart - 11 dager siden
Sounds like a milk float
Cheeky Chris
Cheeky Chris - 11 dager siden
Looks great. Bet it goes really well, undoubtedly better in every measurable way than a ICE car. But I bet it’s boring af. Unpopular opinion I know, but I wish someone would make an exciting electric car. The sound sounds like a milk float.
Being Dez Dubani
Being Dez Dubani - 11 dager siden
Audi really does the best designs....
jbjfjvyufjzcfhzv htvfjztyfzjtf
There are three fake vents on the front
Khalifah Jamaluddin
Khalifah Jamaluddin - 11 dager siden
I hope it will come out with 2-door coupe too.
Jdm Lover
Jdm Lover - 11 dager siden
Im so Glad they brought them to Rhodes, Greece for a test drive!
alex_agkaliou - 10 dager siden
I live here in Rhodes and i’ve seen 3 of them by far haha
petros lappas
petros lappas - 12 dager siden
My island
Rhodes ❤️👍
Viktoria Kajari
Viktoria Kajari - 12 dager siden
5.05 lol
gerakaris - 12 dager siden
Matt dont tell me you were in Thassos Island, Greece
stav miss
stav miss - 12 dager siden
i don't believe you were in rhodes, oh mat i would like to see you in person but keeping the distance due to coronavirus, anyway i hope you enjoyed your stay!
Carbon FIBERC6
Carbon FIBERC6 - 12 dager siden
That is a MASTERPIECE !!!
a176 - 12 dager siden
'feel the gear changes' in an electric car?
Carbon FIBERC6
Carbon FIBERC6 - 12 dager siden
Tesla who?
Matthew Alexander
Matthew Alexander - 12 dager siden
Am I the only one who like it with the stickers
Fish eye
Fish eye - 12 dager siden
this wrap is kinda fireeee thoo
Γιάννης Παναγιώτης Τζανάκος
Welcome to Greece Rhode Island Matt! Hope you liked it beyond the Audi.
Ernest Mashilo
Ernest Mashilo - 12 dager siden
Why do I get the feeling that it's the same car Tony Stark drove in End game? The front lights look similar
hxrsxjxn s
hxrsxjxn s - 12 dager siden
The interior is the same as the concept
Calum S
Calum S - 12 dager siden
2.3 tonnes and it looks it when doing that handling circuit. Hopefully battery tech improves so we can be driving about in cars that are light and agile in 10 years time.
nodz - 12 dager siden
So happy to see you in my island !!!🇬🇷
Shabbir Beig
Shabbir Beig - 12 dager siden
This car really looks good
katram11 - 12 dager siden
You were on my island !!!!!! Broooooo
Business Guide
Business Guide - 12 dager siden
As always, quality videos right here!
Bagas Irwanto
Bagas Irwanto - 12 dager siden
I like the editor
VergZ. - 13 dager siden
you came to my island rhodes for the rewiew
Kanav Bali
Kanav Bali - 13 dager siden
Honestly I like it better with the stickers on!!!
BeepPeepTV - 13 dager siden
Enough photos and videos to make a full 3D render. I will just be in Blender, thanks!
uTROT - 13 dager siden
These tech E-cars are as performant, as they are absolutely boring...
TheNeecab - 14 dager siden
mat when the other guy is driving: beep every 2 secs
Kraken Forever
Kraken Forever - 14 dager siden
What a overpriced stupid useless car but i guess this days that is all that AUDI does.
It shines in nothing but price. Worse than Tesla , worse than Porsche and worse than BMW. So what is the point of it????
Yonas Michael
Yonas Michael - 4 dager siden
They should have a hybrid version of the Audi Etron GT. I would definitely buy it in a hybrid version
Alexes Miranda
Alexes Miranda - 14 dager siden
I just want to buy that wrap
NarcøleptiK - 14 dager siden
Wow Audi really made a special one here😍. What a dream
Bartek Wlodarsky
Bartek Wlodarsky - 14 dager siden
Comparison witam rs5 not rs7
pepsicola - 14 dager siden
Real vents on audi? Im shook!
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty - 14 dager siden
Rather that Audi than a model S any day!!
Marul - 14 dager siden
can't wait for new iron man Audi 😆😆
Pranav Gummaluri
Pranav Gummaluri - 14 dager siden
They wont sell many of these in France....

I hope you got my reference :)
eNZy lb
eNZy lb - 14 dager siden
is that a track for hyperdrive season 2?! O.o
ARTIC - 15 dager siden
those were some impressive driver skills from the audi driver
Julian - 15 dager siden
Hey Mat! I would like to see Audi RS e-tron vs Tesla Model S Performance because both cars make 0-60 under 3 seconds and i really believe that would be a really good challenge 😁
abc def
abc def - 15 dager siden
Audi has a lot of humor. The engineers saw "Knightrider" and the car "Kit". "Ugly Amercan car... we ought to shave it's ass and make it go backwards..!" Being German engineers, "If you can think it, it can be made." So they did, and put it on a diet. In the process making something absolutely stunning. Snoop Dog could be drivning it, no need to pimp it. The car is a female vampire. Very beautyfull and sinister. Even if you know it could kill you, you almost beg "Please do me wrong!"
Miranda Watson
Miranda Watson - 15 dager siden

diffusione di suicidio danni rischio sulla
per mentale pazienti , o per mentale 💋
coś Isaac chwycił koszykówki nagrodę aby był nie mnie w plecy żyraf, gdy nagle coś moja
Mike Kotsovos
Mike Kotsovos - 16 dager siden
Mat says : I am in a Greek island
Greeks : hippity hoppity the comments section is now my property
mac - 16 dager siden
mac - 16 dager siden
this is really a nice car incredibly in every way
Per-Åke Skog
Per-Åke Skog - 16 dager siden
No sticks was hurt filming this... #handpointingis4amateurs
bvanbanan - 16 dager siden
Best montage
faris danial
faris danial - 16 dager siden
For the first time matt LIKE Audi products that follow the kateria he is interested in😂 good job AUDI 👍🏼👍🏼
Stuff - 16 dager siden
erm 130k for this rs lol tesla all the way thank you
A1R - 16 dager siden
Love the interior!
Edward69329 - 16 dager siden
This one is GT with an RS badge. Will there be a normal version ?
Awels Garage
Awels Garage - 17 dager siden
Airstrip Attack 2020 BMW lineup
Jeswin Joseph
Jeswin Joseph - 17 dager siden
I want with the same vinyls