Audi R8 vs TT RS-R: Drag Race *V10 vs ABT-tuned 5cyl*

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It's time for an epic Audi Quattro drag race! We have an Audi TT RS-R going up against R8! On the face of it, you might think it'll be an easy walkover for the R8. But not this time! The TT RS-R has been tuned by both ABT & MRC so it'll put down an incredible 610hp - the same as the R8 V10 Plus! What's more, the TT RS-R will put down more torque - 780Nm compared to 560Nm!
So will the naturally-aspirated 5.2-litre V10 pull through for the R8 in these treacherous conditions? Or will the lighter TT RS-R pull through? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!!
Thanks to Andrew for lending us his R8 -
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Runtime: 10:23


carwow - 4 måneder siden
Which of these AWESOME contenders would you choose? COMMENT with your choice!
Pak Village Secrets
Pak Village Secrets - 8 dager siden
Tyler Bordonaro
Tyler Bordonaro - Måned siden
@Nipun Singh TTRS lost because of power delivery, the na v10 has a more linear power curve while the rs needs higher rpm to reach maximum boost
Joseph Marsh
Joseph Marsh - Måned siden
Non of them, they're all endless money pits because they're owned by VW
Charls Henry
Charls Henry - Måned siden
@Mohamed Amaadachou loveyougirl
Skull's Games
Skull's Games - Måned siden
Dilyan DIMITROV - 7 timer siden
every time matt changes gear in that thing the car literally yeets itself forward
SlingshotNerd - 21 time siden
On paper the TT RS has the advantage (less weight and more torque), yet they’re almost evenly matched! I’d still go with the TTRS due to it being a sexy 5 cylinder and a bit cheaper than the R8.
GOLDMAN KO - Dag siden
Do golf r32 please
Lemon 86
Lemon 86 - Dag siden
My parents said if I do good in school they will get me an Audi tttrs for my birthday
Barbara Vanorsdale
Barbara Vanorsdale - 3 dager siden
Der Schädel
Der Schädel - 3 dager siden
Thing is that in the end bigger engine ein because you need a bigger engine after 200 kmh ,you need something big to have the power to break that air barrier, for exemple on Autobahn that TT wil loose againt R8 on a longest see on the rolling race the difference between a 2l and a V10 :)) , HP is not everything, a 3l engine 333hp will be faster in the end than a 2l 381 hp for exemple because bigger is better
Der Schädel
Der Schädel - 3 dager siden
Imagine if you tuning the R8 like this TT
uğur polat
uğur polat - 4 dager siden
That poor R8, it looks horrific. Those mags are especially horrific.

That poor R8, it looks horrific. Those mags are especially horrific.
uğur polat
uğur polat - 4 dager siden
Which of these AWESOME contenders would you choose? COMMENT with your choice!
Lost Soul
Lost Soul - 4 dager siden
The R8 is a beautiful and capable car but my God this R8 is so ugly I just could not watch the video for more than one minute, please don't depict such ghetto modifications in your videos.
George Booth
George Booth - 6 dager siden
The TT sounds good but the R8 sounds even better
Pak Village Secrets
Pak Village Secrets - 8 dager siden
Nice gggg
A R - 8 dager siden
NEVER 780Nm 😹 and 200kg lighter - makes absolute no sense - typical ABT
Erik H
Erik H - 8 dager siden
i would have that tuned audi tt over any r8 any day if the week, it looks sick
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic - 10 dager siden
That poor R8, it looks horrific. Those mags are especially horrific.
Shemar Smith
Shemar Smith - 10 dager siden
Can you please race this ttrs against the Porsche 911 that has the fastest time 10.1. I think the ttrs can win on a dry surface
Debarshi Biswas
Debarshi Biswas - 10 dager siden
Conclusive proof money does not bring class, hideous R8.
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay - 11 dager siden
That TT is flamin' hot
Driss Diouri
Driss Diouri - 12 dager siden
the audi r8 braked better because of its wider tires
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 12 dager siden
How to make R8 look shit! Lower it, put some shitty rims on it and paint it green!
ROBERTA HELENA - 12 dager siden
That poor r8, tt r s r famyli now
Jona Kus
Jona Kus - 13 dager siden
hamcio 319
hamcio 319 - 15 dager siden
MAAT!!! WTF what about the better start of the r8. You should say it's time not the delayed one.
ThePlasma Guy
ThePlasma Guy - 16 dager siden
Does anyone else see Chinese subtitles?
Bjornibjorni S63
Bjornibjorni S63 - 16 dager siden
I dont care who wins that TT is ugly
Daneal Brown
Daneal Brown - 16 dager siden
I think the R8 would have had more grip off the line if it didn’t have those ridiculous show car wheels!
Brandon Pittman
Brandon Pittman - 18 dager siden
I don't know witch one I'd want hell gimme both. The tt was shifting like a dam boss.
Hi GTR - 19 dager siden
Loved the race keep up the good work🙂🤗
Kacper Pędziński
Kacper Pędziński - 21 dag siden
The tt sount is the best soud which I every hear
jayz Playz
jayz Playz - 21 dag siden
Where's yanni...


Always learning
Always learning - 22 dager siden
Two amazing engines, in sound and performance, but V10 is my favorite
Tony Gbaya
Tony Gbaya - 23 dager siden
Both very nice looking cars if not a bit over priced, i'd rather get a R33 for 25-30k put 30k into it and smoke everything lol.
Abyk 00
Abyk 00 - 24 dager siden
That guy destroyed a beautiful car, what a tool. RIP Audi R8
ps96t1 - 27 dager siden
R8 driver had a slow start on last run
Bo Lu
Bo Lu - 28 dager siden
Mat nice tt rs r
kpz1234 - 28 dager siden
That TTRS looks sexy as hell.
Tobias König
Tobias König - 29 dager siden
Do a drag race against DutterRacing´s TT-RS
Fridah Ngige
Fridah Ngige - 29 dager siden
TTrs. is better sounds speed
P Branham
P Branham - 29 dager siden
Everytime somebody says influencer's car I assume it looks like a clown threw up
Sunbright - Måned siden
Is that R8 stanced? 🤢
Zach T
Zach T - Måned siden
That andrew guy has shitty taste those wheels and the way the wheels are look hideous on that R8. Stance is stupid as hell
José Carriel
José Carriel - Måned siden
R8 brakes so early and looks really bad...
Zak Zwijn
Zak Zwijn - Måned siden
Whoever chose those rims on the R8 should be shot.
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan - Måned siden
That’s a nice Burberry rain coat
Tomasz Szymanski
Tomasz Szymanski - Måned siden
8:37 hahahahaha
Brian Kozlowski
Brian Kozlowski - Måned siden
You have to be an absolute chav to do that to the otherwise beautiful R8. Money can’t buy class for the classless 🙈
cwuzii - Måned siden
Actually saying “ABT” instead of spelling the letters out just sounds wrong and stupid...
cwuzii - Måned siden
@Juri I know, I’m just saying it sounds wrong and stupid.
Juri - Måned siden
but thats how its proncounced.
Batamare - Måned siden
You didn't won drag race Matt :-)
K1ROX - Måned siden
The wheels on the R8😭😭😭. They are fucking hideous
MrBazsi888 - Måned siden
He jumped...
Shadz - Måned siden
TT RS clearly sounded better I think Matt has goldfish memory now😂😂
Manu Manu
Manu Manu - Måned siden
Looks like an R8 Halfords chav tuner special.
Should have a DAPPER sticker or BecauseAudi (innit) on the windscreen.
Sarmat F22
Sarmat F22 - Måned siden
To be honest TTRS and R8 V10 sound almost identical.
Sarmat F22
Sarmat F22 - Måned siden
Dad and son, racing each other.
Mike Wahousekey
Mike Wahousekey - Måned siden
Nothing beats the sound of a well tuned 5 cylinder with a good exhaust system, sound fantastic.
Julio Martín Garriga
Julio Martín Garriga - Måned siden
Me quedo el r8 mil veces
Oluthando Xolo
Oluthando Xolo - Måned siden
I love thes vids mat you deserve 1 billion subs my dude
Cj Clark
Cj Clark - Måned siden
The rims on r8 look like bay blades
Mbo Gaba
Mbo Gaba - Måned siden
Amazing soundtrack
Alfie Thundercliffe
Alfie Thundercliffe - Måned siden
Matt please can you do a Toyota supra versus a Toyota prius + hybrid
John Mitsokapas
John Mitsokapas - Måned siden
he defo jumped it
Fallington EMS
Fallington EMS - Måned siden
What did they do to that R8 :(
Ryan Braganza
Ryan Braganza - Måned siden
This TT RS - R is insane!!! Loved it ❤️❤️❤️.......
Xavier Praveen
Xavier Praveen - Måned siden
These Audi’s will totally smoke the porches
Challenger challenger
Challenger challenger - Måned siden
The R8 will always the biggest and the most powerful of all Audi models
Gailann Steede
Gailann Steede - Måned siden
Hello guys b
David Telllez
David Telllez - Måned siden
The R8 has done 10.6 before I'd say it's still faster🧐
Will Park
Will Park - Måned siden
But in reality, the tt is just a baby r8. That is why I prefer the tt.
MKTZ - Måned siden
Love the sound of that 5 cylinder
adi mugen
adi mugen - Måned siden
10.9 in wet? That R8 must be up there with 720s in dry conditions.
oppo h
oppo h - Måned siden
Two of the best sounding cars ever
Francisco Marques
Francisco Marques - Måned siden
Can you get an r8 abt??
Oruganti Niranjan
Oruganti Niranjan - Måned siden
mat is a better driver
Sparks_Wolf640 - Måned siden
The TT lost because of it wing
Young S
Young S - Måned siden
I subscribe
Dave's view
Dave's view - Måned siden
Why TT with bigger NM lost to R8? Did the torsen vs haldex made the difference?
Jitish Mudgal
Jitish Mudgal - Måned siden
These cars need t o come back in the dry.
Jordan Olsen
Jordan Olsen - Måned siden
The owner of that R8 wears OSIRIS shoes 💯
WelshWarrior - Måned siden
They’re both brilliant performing but...god they look horrific
Reese Chisholm
Reese Chisholm - Måned siden
Best race by far.
TheTwoPutt - Måned siden
Both cars sound awesome....!!
DARK ϟ BOMBER - Måned siden
Nofe TT ASS you got there
Igor Ivlev
Igor Ivlev - Måned siden
I wonder why such difference in braking distance. R8 heavier.. Do Both have same brakes?
meme dream
meme dream - Måned siden
oMG a StOCk cAR vS A FullY dECkEd oUt anD TUnEd cAr.
Yurii Pan'kiv
Yurii Pan'kiv - Måned siden
Yurii Pan'kiv
Yurii Pan'kiv - Måned siden
Andrew Solomon
Andrew Solomon - Måned siden
5:31 what did he sayyyy?
lennart krischik
lennart krischik - Måned siden
Yes matt definetley jumped the start the 3rd race tho
Bilal Samsudeen
Bilal Samsudeen - Måned siden
0:06 That's how I feel when there's rain
J M - Måned siden
All 3 starts from the r8 were poor
J M - Måned siden
Matt can i get a bag of peanuts and a pillow please
Nick Haralampopoulos
Nick Haralampopoulos - Måned siden
Before the race: if tt-rs-r’s hp is real we have a winner.
After the race: this R8 is mental!
محمد باقر
محمد باقر - Måned siden
YouCantHandleTheTruth - Måned siden
Those 2 are dead even.
Umar Naeem
Umar Naeem - Måned siden
No one
Yianni: reaction time baby
Wilfred Simpson
Wilfred Simpson - Måned siden
V10plus for suer
Madridista703 USA
Madridista703 USA - Måned siden
Great race
dr.ramesh ganachrya
dr.ramesh ganachrya - Måned siden
matt won
Ray 832
Ray 832 - Måned siden
That finish was so close