Audi R8 vs RSQ8: DRAG RACE!

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It’s time for a top-of-the-range Audi showdown!
As we all know, the R8 is the top sports car that Audi produces. We may not have the latest R8 V10 Plus here with us today (we’ve got the previous generation), but thanks to it having a stage 1 tune, it’ll produce identical stats to the Plus - 600hp & 580Nm!
As for the RSQ8, it’s the top-of-the-range Audi SUV, and it'll produce 600hp and 800Nm of torque from its 4-litre twin-turbo V8! But given that it weighs over 600kg MORE than the R8, is the result a foregone conclusion? Or will Mat's experience in drag races prove to be the deciding factor?!
There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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Runtime: 07:04


TheTwoPutt - 23 timer siden
I don't think the results weren't expected as they played out. Although the RS Q8 is a VERY impressive vehicle, two things were counting against it in these races.... aerodynamics and weight. Oh, and another, that V10 sounds good!!!
Talha Ameen
Talha Ameen - Dag siden
Who wants Maruti800 Vs Audi R8
Talha Ameen
Talha Ameen - Dag siden
Who wants Maruti800 Vs Audi R8
Taniya Parihar
Taniya Parihar - Dag siden
Audi r8
Anson George
Anson George - 2 dager siden
I'm so confused
Anson George
Anson George - 2 dager siden
Rsq8 won one that was sooooooo close but I don't think that the r8 lost
Zuzumuzi Ngomane
Zuzumuzi Ngomane - 3 dager siden
Please review RSQ8 vs X6M competition vs GLE 63 coupe.
Asaf Chen
Asaf Chen - 3 dager siden
Write "THE HELLA HERO" on YouTube and thank me later
Shubham Sinha
Shubham Sinha - 4 dager siden
Kelly O'Brien
Kelly O'Brien - 5 dager siden
R8 clearly won everything
Kelly O'Brien
Kelly O'Brien - 5 dager siden
Wow I had no idea how this race would end
Keve kulcsár
Keve kulcsár - 5 dager siden
Ffs, put the gear in N not P and then the soft limiter is gone!!
Zahid Ali
Zahid Ali - 6 dager siden
Can you do a TT RS vs R8
Nazan Sabith
Nazan Sabith - 6 dager siden
that's so impressive
KEATONS LIFE - 7 dager siden
Rsq8 because it’s quiet and people won’t get mad when you Revit because it’s to loud
Shane Ali
Shane Ali - 7 dager siden
The r8 driver didn’t do the car justice
N. Naovaratpong
N. Naovaratpong - 9 dager siden
So a Lamborghini race then
Goran Bencic
Goran Bencic - 9 dager siden
Nice Golf
Mr Flaming Lion
Mr Flaming Lion - 9 dager siden
R8 sounded the best
DexxonGamerYT - 11 dager siden
Conclusion: Audi rs6/rs7 is the best.
Ros Davis
Ros Davis - 11 dager siden
Both cars are both fast,but the nterior on the RS8 is inpecable
Rachel Young
Rachel Young - 11 dager siden
Kassem Ghaddar
Kassem Ghaddar - 11 dager siden
Nope 6:15
Antonios Kaspard
Antonios Kaspard - 11 dager siden
R8 win the sound
Jenna Colbert
Jenna Colbert - 12 dager siden
Y’all are unprofessional racers and a r8 would win all the way
Bram Gruntjens
Bram Gruntjens - 13 dager siden
boaz: joint the chat
roy: joint the chat
Darth Yoda
Darth Yoda - 13 dager siden
@carwow Hey guys, it would be so much better if you guys can also show the speed along with the time for the standing quarter mile!
Madhumita Bera nayak
Madhumita Bera nayak - 14 dager siden
James Parker
James Parker - 14 dager siden
James Parker
James Parker - 14 dager siden
R8 won’t win first
Harinand V. B
Harinand V. B - 15 dager siden
Both cars were good and as he said the r8 is an old gen car but a sports car so makes it even
The Mtb Gang
The Mtb Gang - 15 dager siden
Audi R8!!!!!!!
Focșa Valentina
Focșa Valentina - 16 dager siden
rs q8 and lambo urus
LATA HORO - 16 dager siden
I love Audi R8
divesh sharma
divesh sharma - 17 dager siden
Indian's will prefer rsq8 becuz of bad road and speed brakers 😈
Cyryl P
Cyryl P - 17 dager siden
everybody: Audi R8 sounds sooo good
Karens: my kid are listening to kidzbop and the Q8 is quieter
Alicia Magacha
Alicia Magacha - 18 dager siden
Harvey Does Stuff
Harvey Does Stuff - 18 dager siden
I really really really want a bmw x1 so much
D J M - 18 dager siden
So if u where in lamborghinis it would’ve been an urus vs a huracan
Ricky Julian
Ricky Julian - 19 dager siden,levels%20and%20excluding%20unproven%20reserves)
Click here to see how fast these are burning the oil reserves..
Ayaan Patel
Ayaan Patel - 19 dager siden
Jumping Boys
Jumping Boys - 20 dager siden
Audi r8 the best
/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) - 20 dager siden
Everyone sems to go crazy for the loud 'farty sounding' pops and bags these days, but I prefer the low deep rumble of the RSQ8.
Joe Emick
Joe Emick - 21 dag siden
That is one bad SUV
Krane - 22 dager siden
A V-10 exhaust is like nails on a chalk board. The only thing worse is the drown of a 5 cylinder. BTW, you really need to see the other driver. It adds to the competition of the race when you can put a face to the other driver. When they have a personalty like Yanni, even better.
Connor Meulemans
Connor Meulemans - 22 dager siden
are the red arrows like the knockoff version of America's Blue Angels?
Emerson PC
Emerson PC - 23 dager siden
Ele saiu muito atrás
John Broderick
John Broderick - 23 dager siden
ROBERTA HELENA - 23 dager siden
Audi rsq8 vs Mercedes AMG g63
Hussain Akbarian
Hussain Akbarian - 24 dager siden
Jayden Thomas
Jayden Thomas - 24 dager siden
Audi R8
Specialist - 24 dager siden
audi r8
Kay Hughes
Kay Hughes - 25 dager siden
You should do what they did in top gear where you make a leaderboard of all the cars that have done the 1/4 mile...
faizaan munshi
faizaan munshi - 25 dager siden
gregor rigobert
gregor rigobert - 25 dager siden
I miss the carwow voting polls
Leo Vilela
Leo Vilela - 26 dager siden
An Audi R8 is my dream car
Gilma Dahanayake
Gilma Dahanayake - 26 dager siden
the RSQ8 won the brake test
NotXAlphaxSavage - 26 dager siden
MrBeast: Chris Likes 3:23
Emilios Powerballer
Emilios Powerballer - 27 dager siden
Matt, its not AAAAAAAAEIT, its RRRR8
WhatANiceGuy - 28 dager siden
Why is this comparison even close?
The channel Destroyer
The channel Destroyer - 29 dager siden
The R8 won
Jahaan Khandhadia
Jahaan Khandhadia - 29 dager siden
RS Q8 won the break test
Sawsan Abdellatif
Sawsan Abdellatif - 29 dager siden
the r8 lost cause i saw it
Emil Karlsson
Emil Karlsson - Måned siden
Emil Karlsson
Emil Karlsson - Måned siden
Emil Karlsson
Emil Karlsson - Måned siden
Emil Karlsson
Emil Karlsson - Måned siden
r8 win
Ghevorg Shacarean
Ghevorg Shacarean - Måned siden
The RS Q8 won the brake test.
Anugrah Krishna Mangalath
Anugrah Krishna Mangalath - Måned siden
r8 best sound
Carp Minodora
Carp Minodora - Måned siden
Rs q8
The Fast Car Guy
The Fast Car Guy - Måned siden
R8 Defintily
The Fast Car Guy
The Fast Car Guy - Måned siden
You know ehat i would took both
firman123 - Måned siden
MisiGaming - Måned siden
Acceleration (0-60 MPH) = RSQ7
Top speed: R8
Denny - Måned siden
3:22 *....BAWLS*
Carmen Garcia Souto
Carmen Garcia Souto - Måned siden
the rsq8 won
Sander Klijn
Sander Klijn - Måned siden
Imagine "racing" by just pressing the gas lmao
Alex Ryoo
Alex Ryoo - Måned siden
OMG the RSQ8 win the R8 wow(but only one time)
punithadaickan75 - Måned siden
The r8
Somak Aditya
Somak Aditya - Måned siden
horse vs hippo...i wonder who'll win this
jamal khaddaj
jamal khaddaj - Måned siden
Try reving the engine in the gear being in neutral rather than park. That should stop the limmiter.
benjamin lopez
benjamin lopez - Måned siden
John Jerrehian
John Jerrehian - Måned siden
The "tune" in this R8 is not the same power as the R8 Plus.
Oruganti Niranjan
Oruganti Niranjan - Måned siden
r8 r8 r8 r8 r8 r8 r8 r8 r88n 88n r88nn r8 r88 88rr rr
hofgof - Måned siden
"Thanks to the Audi you make your cars less and less exciting, with each new model" never heard something more true about audi in the last years
László Balázs
László Balázs - Måned siden
Only Mat Watson has the ability to race an SUV aginst a Supercar
Corey Boase
Corey Boase - Måned siden
Derek Lowe
Derek Lowe - Måned siden
The RSQ8 sounded the best , actually! it was more clear
Mason Hubbard
Mason Hubbard - Måned siden
R8 what’s wrong with you
transi_BTW - Måned siden
You werre comfort
Mark Blackman
Mark Blackman - Måned siden
Ditch the RSQ8, a hay barn would be quicker in a Gale
Gene sackey
Gene sackey - Måned siden
Mac steven Kynjing
Mac steven Kynjing - Måned siden
Matt watsonnnnnnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥coolest reviewer ever
Agrim Singh
Agrim Singh - Måned siden
RSQ8 won the brake test change my mind
Patricia De sousa
Patricia De sousa - Måned siden
plummed archer
plummed archer - Måned siden
but audi r8 is sub zero 0-60? you just launched it badly
Kristin Wyatt
Kristin Wyatt - Måned siden
mich2020 - Måned siden
if an SUV would ever be quicker than what i present to the public as my embodiment of racing perfection , you might consider firing your engineering staff
Yo Fam
Yo Fam - Måned siden
Audi rsq 8 vs Lamborghini uras vs Tesla vs rolls Royce cullinin
ismte qebapi
ismte qebapi - Måned siden
Your suv is 10times heavier if u don’t know
JesapelleKarl - Måned siden