Audi A3 v BMW 1 Series v VW Golf v Mercedes A-Class: which is best?

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When it comes to premium hatchbacks, it doesn’t get any better than this - BMW 1 Series, Mercedes A-Class, Audi A3 & Volkswagen Golf.
But when all four are so good, it can be pretty hard to decide which one is the perfect choice for you, right? Well, worry no more! Mat’s here to put each contender through their paces, comparing them to one another to find the must-have hatch of 2020!
The question is, which one would you pick? Join Mat for our all-new group test, and then COMMENT with your choice below the video!
00:00 Intro
00:29 Price
01:32 Exterior Design
03:33 Interior
07:58 Back Seats
11:35 Boots
14:30 Driving
19:05 Verdict
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carwow - 3 måneder siden
They're four incredible hatchbacks, but if you could only have ONE, which would it be?! Let us know below!
Daniel Wharton
Daniel Wharton - 21 time siden
I like the bmw but never owned one. I've owned the Audi, vw and Mercedes. My wife wanted the Mercedes probably for the badge. The build quality reminded me of a friends Vauxhall with creaky plastic. You get more kit for your money with the vw and under the shell it basically the same at the audi. The audi badge is more prestigious I suppose.
HYDRA - Dag siden
Vw golf
Karl Roadhouse
Karl Roadhouse - 5 dager siden
Pete - 9 dager siden
My choice would be a 2019 Audi A3 with the 1.8T motor. But assuming that isn't an option it would be between the Audi and BMW - and I'd probably lean ever so slightly towards the Audi. The Mercedes is probably the best all rounder, but the interior is far too hideous, and there is no way I could bear looking at it every day.
Alvin Ahammed
Alvin Ahammed - 11 dager siden
Mercedes cause then I could show off my non-existence richness
Siyabonga Dube
Siyabonga Dube - 13 timer siden
Matt choose the Merc
Me VW fanboy: So you’ve chosen death
HYDRA - Dag siden
I love the vw golf
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron - 2 dager siden
I'm a big fan of Mat's gf tbh
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron - 2 dager siden
Damn CARWOW giving away free real estate
anemon21m - 2 dager siden
Idk you guys but for me its
Sarath Krishnan S
Sarath Krishnan S - 3 dager siden
The audi is more beautiful but the Mercedes offers more
K C - 7 dager siden
More or less the old audi a3 is better than all four cars
SadBunny - 8 dager siden
The middle guy should stop drooling on his chest...
SadBunny - 8 dager siden
What about the Merc A "limo" version though (the sedan-y one)?
fnvhkbe anvwoåa
fnvhkbe anvwoåa - 8 dager siden
audi and volkswagen look the best
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 8 dager siden
All overpriced, keeping up with Mr and Mrs jones type people. Ford Focus is a far better car
Pete - 9 dager siden
I cant believe anybody could say the Mercedes interior is nicer then the god. I have a W204 C-Class and just was given an A200 as a loan car while it was in for a service - the interior is downright horrendous. Lots of cheap bits, and a downright horrible hodgepodge of design.
- The door trims look like something Id expect to find on a Fiat 500
- The black glossy central part where the air vents are looks totally random and does not fit with the rest of the interior design at all
- The "giant ipad" style of the display looks absolutely horrible
In fact the only part that wasnt horrible was the transmission tunnel / center console area which is the only part that actually looks fit to be in a Mercedes-Benz.
Unfortunate because the car itself actually drove quite nicely and for the most part was a pleasure to drive, but that interior lets in down in the worst way - and absolutely everbody I showed photos to of the interior agreed with me that it looked horrendous beyond words.
ItsMeYeah888 - 7 dager siden
He said the BMW has the best interior, and that the Mercedes has the best interior design. Which I can see why, definitely looks the most radical.
Rajvosa97 - 11 dager siden
You take fully loaded cars but the most basic golf
Joe 90 Roll2003
Joe 90 Roll2003 - 12 dager siden
Mercedes all day long!!
ashwho -
ashwho - - 13 dager siden
guys please correct me if im wrong but how can you compare a3 sline to a low spec gold, shouldnt it be a r-line vs s-line?
FreedomWarrior - 14 dager siden
All those cars are incredibly ugly.
あいうえお700 - 14 dager siden
Vitus Dräxl
Vitus Dräxl - 15 dager siden
The German Accent is on point 😂😂😂😂👍🏼
Faith Juma
Faith Juma - 17 dager siden
The be golf is the best
Claude Gaskell
Claude Gaskell - 19 dager siden
It's just a bit biased,they all German. Other cars and countries are available.
Jacapo pol
Jacapo pol - 19 dager siden
I really don't like screens
Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan - 20 dager siden
Omg that Mercedes interior is abysmal!! BMW looking good though 😍
catalin casian
catalin casian - 20 dager siden
Matija - 21 dag siden
Audi is the most beautiful here, I just love it😍
Simon Wilkey
Simon Wilkey - 21 dag siden
Did anyone notice that when he started typing carwow it said Carol Baskin.
Oskar Carls
Oskar Carls - 23 dager siden
I hate automatic cars
argento_collectibles - 24 dager siden
A Class and the others don't even come close.
Jazz - 24 dager siden
Every time matt sees a mercedes. "Do you have a stick?"
Kushtrim Lahu
Kushtrim Lahu - 25 dager siden
Mercede a-class❤👍🔥👑
O Finny
O Finny - 25 dager siden
Volkswagen Golf ⛳ 😎 👌 🙌 😍
Guy BOLOU - 27 dager siden
German's cars are the best in the world !
Kirsten Cameron
Kirsten Cameron - 27 dager siden
Wait till the new BMW M1 arrives, then we will have a BMW hatchback rival for the Audi RS3 and Mercedes A45 S and the Volkswagen Golf R
Benjamin Winkler
Benjamin Winkler - 27 dager siden
No offense, but why are english speaking people always imitating Kermit when speaking with a german accent? I know a few germans have a strong accent, but i never heard one sounding like Kermit. As I said no offense, i'm just curious, as Tom Hanks for example made the accent also sounding like that.
vanzemaljac ludi
vanzemaljac ludi - Måned siden
Audi is basic eqipment. All other cars have a upgraded screens and automatic transmissions.
Ben - Måned siden
the face is always looking at you .. weirding you out 🤣🤣
Draconior87 - Måned siden
What cars have become? Ipads on wheels. Jeez... They're so boring. They're all the same.
fra tex
fra tex - Måned siden
Merc with nor-upgraded screens looks absolutely awful
Milos Panic
Milos Panic - Måned siden
No sorry BMW it’s the best 🔥
19ua05 GS
19ua05 GS - Måned siden
7:36 R.I.P. Gearbox
Viswanath Nair
Viswanath Nair - Måned siden
Hello mat..its awesome
merce is more premium for me
Its a sageous car.its fantastic
love you bro spiritadly wow review indeed
Omnipotent god bless you
Fly with TB500
Fly with TB500 - Måned siden
I really like these reviews. Criticizing but not offending and still positive. And only slightly joking
Emr Gulk
Emr Gulk - Måned siden
Always Mercedes!!
Welcome Creator
Welcome Creator - Måned siden
love our A class. we test drove the 1 series and the tech inside was really bad at a similar price point - it didnt even have a reversing camera!?
kaila mckee
kaila mckee - Måned siden
1:11 love this momment
Julie Douglas
Julie Douglas - Måned siden
So cutee
nathalia consuelo
nathalia consuelo - Måned siden
Anyone still watch this video?
Sync - Måned siden
Aclass interior from another planet!
AttaboyIII - Måned siden
Alfa Giulietta... sorry I'm an Alfa man 😂
Sava - Måned siden
Am i the only one that prefer a golf 7.5 instead of this new shit?
Cianna Weathers
Cianna Weathers - Måned siden
I think i just felt in love
Kevin of Wessex
Kevin of Wessex - Måned siden
Cjbx11 - Måned siden
Completely disagree with the Mercedes gear selector. It means that all functions for indicators, front and rear wipers along with headlight full beam is on the other stalk which is to cluttered. Much prefer to have wipers on a separate stalk.
mo bo
mo bo - Måned siden
A natureza é maravilhosa
Real M
Real M - Måned siden
Which is better? As always, when there is a BMW in the group, it becomes a rhetorical question. Of course it's the BMW. We all know that.
The others are just extras to make the video longer.
Hugo Kleynhans
Hugo Kleynhans - Måned siden
cars are too expensive nowadays although they are better its still a lot of money
indranil roy
indranil roy - Måned siden
Hey Matt, Love the German city names dance.. Please make a full music video with it..! :P Cheers
nicole roberts
nicole roberts - Måned siden
Well yeah, that's what we expected
Serdar Seçkin
Serdar Seçkin - Måned siden
Fariel Seradjy
Fariel Seradjy - Måned siden
Audi looks like a Peugeot from the side
Xnatur - Måned siden
Carwow Austria?!
Fernando Lopes
Fernando Lopes - Måned siden
I rather Ford Focus
Hawk ey
Hawk ey - Måned siden
mazda 3
Noah Berg
Noah Berg - Måned siden
I’ll take the VW
Suzy Loehr
Suzy Loehr - Måned siden
1:02 what is it?
mark totton
mark totton - Måned siden
Who cares?
sultan7971 - Måned siden
vw the best !
Orgest Cekaj
Orgest Cekaj - Måned siden
Audi all day long
Phil - Måned siden
They are all the same now.
T P - Måned siden
Vw it’s not posh car
Adrian Nando Tribellini
Adrian Nando Tribellini - Måned siden
This guy looks like if Will Buxton and Sir Jackie Stewart had a child
Vivian Codée
Vivian Codée - Måned siden
in its entirety the Golf 8 by distance!
Pedro Moreira
Pedro Moreira - Måned siden
19:23 you're a man of culture i see
Jonathan LFC Cortis
Jonathan LFC Cortis - Måned siden
It would seem that when it comes to Prestigious, premium brand cars....Mercedes-Benz is always a cut above the rest!👌
Kid Cipher
Kid Cipher - Måned siden
I love carwow's content a lot, but I don't value Matt's opinion on Mercedes because he's a "fanboy". He always forces it to be good where its not. How can it have the best practicality when its boot space is the least? C'mon Matt, you can do better
Kavi4 - Måned siden
The soft touch in the rear of the Audi missing is weird as the last 8V has it across the range , the Mk7 Golf never had it. The plastics lower down was best in class with nice feeling plastics , disappointed the Audi has dropped its finishes.
RAY NL - Måned siden
I would've included the Seat Leon in this. But who am I?
Bhuiyan Khalid
Bhuiyan Khalid - Måned siden
WAIT... How are you showing us how good these cars are for carrying 3 in the back? COVID-19!
Bhuiyan Khalid
Bhuiyan Khalid - Måned siden
The Golf has been in a group test like.... 3 times and this is the 4th time. Group tests the golf has been in:
Volkswagen Golf vs Ford Focus vs Vauxhall Astra
Volkswagen Golf vs Ford Focus vs Kia Ceed
Volkswagen Golf vs Audi A3
Volkswagen Golf vs Audi A3 vs BMW 1 series vs Mercedes A-Class
Liem Liam
Liem Liam - Måned siden
In January 2020 I ordered a white A250 with Premium Plus Package. Forget the 1.3 engines! But due to the world going to sh*t - dealer has advised lead time is now March 2021! But I’ll wait. For me, it’s just a lovely car inside & out.
***Edit*** Dealer has called to say my new car is ready picking it up 15th October 2020! Can’t wait.
Liem Liam
Liem Liam - Måned siden
@ismeto Thanks. No not the e, but A250 full on fossil fuel 🤷🏻🤫
ismeto - Måned siden
A 250 e ? congrat....
QI HONG - Måned siden
A class looking good,you is England people?
Milch Shake
Milch Shake - Måned siden
HE76 - Måned siden
Any chance you could use the same segment of vehicle for a plug in hybrid test. I know the 1 series does not have one but A class and new A3 do.
Ruth Inciong
Ruth Inciong - Måned siden
wow, very cool !
speed hunter
speed hunter - Måned siden
I prefer the BMW cause it is a greatest car and got also a great tec too like the Mercedes but I like it's look better
Mcdonald family Mcdonald
Mcdonald family Mcdonald - Måned siden
BMW you just bias so you can make money u snake lol
J13 Jimmer
J13 Jimmer - Måned siden
Could u add how many liters/100km of fuel those cars use to ur videos?
William Correia
William Correia - Måned siden
I love the Mercedes interior but that rear design is just blunt. Its just lazy design
Herman Khosa
Herman Khosa - Måned siden
We need car wow South Africa
Julien Wallner
Julien Wallner - Måned siden
I love A class
Veela Veela
Veela Veela - Måned siden
Hahaha! Migrainous face of golf 😂😂
Lewis Pax
Lewis Pax - Måned siden
Definitely bmw ftw 🙌
Alden Brown
Alden Brown - Måned siden
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
Freshgresh - Måned siden
IMO the Audi A3 just looks so much better than the competition.
Katrina Connor
Katrina Connor - Måned siden
I wanna watch this video all day
Hassan Awan
Hassan Awan - Måned siden
Worlds best 4 are GERMAN!
raja zubair
raja zubair - Måned siden
How to import Mercedes A-class in Pakistan
AWhileHanlin - Måned siden
I choose none. They are over engineered rip off crap. Get me a Honda or Toyota.
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood - Måned siden
The Audi A3 looks quite cool but inside that dashboard looks like it was stacked up by a toddler! The Golf looks awesome when I saw it in the dealership and all the materials are very premium but on camera it looks quite terrible and cheap looking, weird!
Fatima - Måned siden
It’s the Mercedes for me