Aston Martin DBX review: see how quick it is ON & OFF-ROAD!

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Here it is - our in-depth Aston Martin DBX review! It’s the first SUV Aston Martin has ever produced, and as you can imagine, it doesn’t come cheap - starting at £158,000!
So what do you get for that ludicrously big price tag? Well under the bonnet, you’ll find a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 (‘borrowed’ from Mercedes, no less), that’ll produce 550hp and 700Nm of torque. The DBX will also shoot you to 60mph in just 4.3 seconds, and it has a top speed of 181mph!!
The only question left is… If you could, should you spend this much on an SUV?! You’ll have to stick with Mat and find out!
00:00 Intro
00:43 Off-roading
04:42 0 - 60mph & Quarter Mile
05:45 Braking
06:14 Exterior Design
07:24 Interior Design
09:29 Back Seats
10:46 Boot
11:22 Five Annoying Features
12:48 Five Good Features
14:29 Town Driving
17:14 Motorway Driving
18:18 Twisty Road Driving
20:05 Drifting
20:53 Verdict
Aston Martin DBX Specifications:
- Engine: 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8
- Power: 550hp
- Torque: 700Nm
- 0-60mph: 4.3 sec
- Top speed: 181mph
- Kerbweight 2245kg
- Towing capacity: Up to 2.7 tonnes
- Fuel Economy: 20 mpg combined
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carwow - 3 måneder siden
The DBX costs just £2k LESS than a Lamborghini Urus... So which are you picking? Let us know in the COMMENTS!
Mr yo yo
Mr yo yo - 4 dager siden
Please do a Lamborghini urus review I really want to see it
SynchLy - 5 dager siden
Dont like the lambo. Its so overstyle... so i prefer sports car design aston martin..
Sankarsana Khan
Sankarsana Khan - 12 dager siden
Manikandaswamy Rajendran
Manikandaswamy Rajendran - 13 dager siden
Basetik Basetik
Basetik Basetik - 15 dager siden
Aston is better.
Pradeep B
Pradeep B - 10 timer siden
I didn’t find it that exciting as he was trying to be
BTT T - Dag siden
This is a sexy ass SUV. #dadcar
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer - 2 dager siden
Buy a dodge Durango hellcat redeye 92000 usd 710 hp alcantera leather twice the features 0 to 60 3.5 sec six passenger 180 mph top speed hah
Marin Berndt
Marin Berndt - 3 dager siden
Would definitely buy this instead of a urus cause it can go fricking off road
Mr yo yo
Mr yo yo - 4 dager siden
Please do a Lamborghini urus review I really want to see it
Silent Refusal
Silent Refusal - 5 dager siden
Holly Molly, Astin Martin actually let MAt have more fun one of newest vehicle than the JB himself, Mr Daniel Craig. if thats not cool, i don't know what is
Der Schädel
Der Schädel - 6 dager siden
Funny how all rich idiots buy this car but never use the car for what is made ..who will buy this 97% of the time will be driven in town
Quattro RS
Quattro RS - 7 dager siden
AykSid Vlogs
AykSid Vlogs - 7 dager siden
I would have a lamborghini all day every day : )
Mindy Wong
Mindy Wong - 8 dager siden
lol this would be the best car if James Bond was a soccer dad
Phil 2726
Phil 2726 - 8 dager siden
It just looks like an old ford kuga
Alexander Walsh
Alexander Walsh - 8 dager siden
Does anyone know what brand of polo he is wearing?
Anita Vega
Anita Vega - 9 dager siden
The DBX costs just £2k LESS than a Lamborghini Urus... So which are you picking? Let us know in the COMMENTS!
Julia Kozhokar
Julia Kozhokar - 10 dager siden
those boots tho
jeczybula - 10 dager siden
Why does this Aston Martin have the steering wheel on the left side?
Kausthubh Nair
Kausthubh Nair - 11 dager siden
But the paddle shifters weren't moving with the steering wheel. While cornering, you'd have to straighten the car to shift gears and by then you'll be paying your repair bills.
Ivica Baksa
Ivica Baksa - 12 dager siden
RX8 even' brakes better.
Ivica Baksa
Ivica Baksa - 12 dager siden
IMT 560dv Is Deff. An New car' for New jb's-movie 'cause is Just too fancy for that' mode of comparism somewhere in Africa.. An Rakovica is also nedeed' cause of color blue as is needed but in second movie not at least immidiatlly. OK?
benz500r - 13 dager siden
interesting suv indeed
Tim Heidenreich
Tim Heidenreich - 14 dager siden
OMG is this car ugly! 😂😂
Abdullah Alshalan
Abdullah Alshalan - 14 dager siden
I think it’s the most ugliest SUV
blud - 15 dager siden
I'm shocked at aston Martin with the design LOOK LIKE PUMA
Thabo Makhathini
Thabo Makhathini - 15 dager siden
He had so much fun😂😂😂
Bosvigo's - 15 dager siden
I am a 68 yr old woman living in rural Ireland. THIS is now my dream car... 🤣💚🇮🇪
Andrei Bucur
Andrei Bucur - 15 dager siden
But its look alike a PORSCHE Macan
Adventurous x
Adventurous x - 15 dager siden
Well first of all this car is absolutely amazing and that is how you integrate a touch screen into a dash don't just stick it on top like an afterthought like most of those idiot car companies that make it look like it's just stuck on the top of your dashboard so ridiculous... and it should be in the new James Bond movie and I think the next Bond should be the guy who plays Lucifer from the TV series
Beni J
Beni J - 15 dager siden
Does 50mm make a difference for off road??
Duo Dua
Duo Dua - 15 dager siden
Vent fister.
Symon Gamit
Symon Gamit - 16 dager siden
Does this have missiles and lazers and guns?
Isaac Chukwunulu
Isaac Chukwunulu - 16 dager siden
have you done a drag race on a lamborghini urus, porshe canyene and the aston martin dbs. if not please do it.
AlexT74 - 16 dager siden
RIP Sean Connery
Michael Van Der Lubbe
Michael Van Der Lubbe - 16 dager siden
Can Matt do a review on a Urus? I’d love to see his take on it. My pet hates with cars are exactly the same!
John Je
John Je - 17 dager siden
I love it
John Bales
John Bales - 17 dager siden
I'm impressed by just how quiet it was throughout the video.
Prodo G Bolero
Prodo G Bolero - 18 dager siden
you always carry that big bottle
Porsche 911
Porsche 911 - 18 dager siden
It's nice
David Harasimov
David Harasimov - 19 dager siden
Clarkson: no one was ever dounting an aston martin.
Mat: r u sure
Sunbum Kim
Sunbum Kim - 20 dager siden
Disappointing suv that cost is very high and looks like Ford Escape in the front and Infiniti in the back smh and not very useful trunk ! What a shame Aston Martin try harder next time!
narclectic gaming
narclectic gaming - 21 dag siden
Rip Shaun Connery 😟
Tall & Small GAMING
Tall & Small GAMING - 21 dag siden
Still pick a cullinan
Dragos - 23 dager siden
6:55 shots taken
Ray R
Ray R - 24 dager siden
12:43 I thought he was going to throw the cover into the bushes like he usually does..gasp.....glad he didn't
Great World
Great World - 24 dager siden
All that money for a Mazda fu£k that! Looks cheep
Great World
Great World - 24 dager siden
Looks like a Mazda
TheValueKing - 24 dager siden
idk guys the genesis gv80 is legit!
Alan Pathomkan
Alan Pathomkan - 25 dager siden
Aston Martin GLE 63
YOUSSEF ELABBASSI - 25 dager siden
British cars are the most boring cars in the world especially Aston Martin 🤮
مختم اليوتيوب
مختم اليوتيوب - 26 dager siden
The worse thing is aston martin looking like ford fusion 20k=150+k
James Haymen
James Haymen - 27 dager siden
I would rather have a Audi rsq7 and have lots of change back
Alastair Mercer
Alastair Mercer - 27 dager siden
Same grill as a ford
Don Bosandun
Don Bosandun - 27 dager siden
plz do a review about Mclaren Senna
gothic pagan
gothic pagan - 28 dager siden
Why start building SUV's Just as they thankfully, fall out of fashion ?
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders - 28 dager siden
Technicyan - 29 dager siden
More like James Pond amarite ?
José Carriel
José Carriel - Måned siden
The back of the car looks awful...
ayman elkihal
ayman elkihal - Måned siden
Looks like a ford fiesta
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas - Måned siden
Make a twig of truth shirt
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas - Måned siden
Drag race a DBX vs an Urus
Elias Alzuhairy
Elias Alzuhairy - Måned siden
3:39 where can you find an urus that cheap?!?!!?
I live in Dubai and the currency translated price is around 275 k British pounds!!!!!!!
Oscar Moagi
Oscar Moagi - Måned siden
Matt you just mentioned Sir Sean O'Connery
Alif Nazeer
Alif Nazeer - Måned siden
Review KIA Telluride & Hyundai Palisade
Mengu Ongan
Mengu Ongan - Måned siden
That is ford escape with cayenne coupe thing end, only some black rappers will buy this
Fredayday Bae
Fredayday Bae - Måned siden
@17:12 that window going up so slow is quite worrying knowing Astons history of bad electronics.
Fredayday Bae
Fredayday Bae - Måned siden
So many fkn ADS!!! Ugh
Paul Stark
Paul Stark - Måned siden
RIP Sean Connery
Pranad Devnani
Pranad Devnani - Måned siden
Those boots are annoying me
Richard Booth
Richard Booth - Måned siden
There's nothing wrong with it looking like an off-road Ford Focus, unless you're mega vain and car-snobbish, but the colour of that upholstery is awful.
Parvathi Cheboyina
Parvathi Cheboyina - Måned siden
First Jems bond died yesterday 😞
teto85 - Måned siden
With the cheap, old Mercedes interior we're going to sick with the A6 All Road and XC60 for the time. Maybe Aston Martin will get an up to date infotainment and other improvements in a few years.
A. Applewhite
A. Applewhite - Måned siden
I thought it was a good Sean Connery impression, may he rest in peace
O'Shea Jackson
O'Shea Jackson - Måned siden
The original Bond may he rest in peace
Amme Jan
Amme Jan - Måned siden
RIP Lord Bond :'(
Mustiko - Måned siden
RIP Sean Connery 🙏🏻
Duro - Måned siden
Watching this the day Sean Connery died :( RIP
Formulka - Måned siden
so this is Mat RS?
badassdahn - Måned siden
Awful looking thing
Danilo Dantas
Danilo Dantas - Måned siden
The edit of this video is too fast and the camera is sometimes little shakier than I think it should be. Oh, and for god's sake, stop making childish scatologycal or sexual jokes. As a comedian you'd starve to death. To make the things even, you're my favourite motoring journalist. Cheers from Brasil!
Little B
Little B - Måned siden
It is strange I feel it is too good for me.
I would pick something a bit low-key like AMG GLC 63 2020, with the new grille.
steffydog1 - Måned siden
So many ads 🤦🏻‍♂️
CRYPTO 420 - Måned siden
i dnt like it
Vincino Banks
Vincino Banks - Måned siden
Oh’s a must... I’m noticing though...some colors take away from the beauty and uniqueness of the DBX...
Matingpa Mathew
Matingpa Mathew - Måned siden
Can i test drive or borrow for a decade😀
Ni Niwae
Ni Niwae - Måned siden
ต้องทำงานมีเงินแค่ไหน ถึงจะมีได้สักคัน i love
Ollie Lappage
Ollie Lappage - Måned siden
Looks like a Ford Focus from the front
Yama Man
Yama Man - Måned siden
Aston Martin controlling things not wanting to embarrass its against cheaper 4x4s no wading in water very mediocre off road a tad cringe.
Chris Morris
Chris Morris - Måned siden
In the pre production model it came with the new Mercedes infotainment system 😢
Nelson Whaley
Nelson Whaley - Måned siden
Wipes the floor, frankly. Sheer British class, minus the Herman the German engine!
Makka Pakka
Makka Pakka - Måned siden
The front looks like a Ford Fiesta.
Russell Teo
Russell Teo - Måned siden
Why does it looks like a Ford Focus?
The Kid GT
The Kid GT - Måned siden
You are 100% hilarious
Fantastic way to enjoy some time on the internet
Thanks Carwow and Mat!
Alin Luta
Alin Luta - Måned siden
looks like a Porche 😔 with an A.M. grill
Blue Jay
Blue Jay - Måned siden
Lamborghini urus: “ YOU WANT SOME?!”
Top 10
Top 10 - Måned siden
A little bit cheaper James bond 😅🤣🤣
go lix
go lix - Måned siden
Its wierd cause it looks like my 2016 Focus from the front... I wish it cost like Focus 😊
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn - Måned siden
The worst Scottish accent by a British person ever!
Telefon Serviciu
Telefon Serviciu - Måned siden
This is a very expensive Ford Kuga. :)
THE BLUEEYES - Måned siden
Someone needs to have mat as the next James bond
lildoc - Måned siden
That SC impression was decent, mate! However, have to say if I see any soccer mom use this SUV to drop her kids off at school (which most likely I will), I would lose all respect for Aston Martin. Not being sexist or anything. Aston Martin has always been synonymous with the sophistication and suaveness associated with James Bond and l refuse to see it as a family car...ever!
Also, I can't afford to buy it.
Gordon Green
Gordon Green - Måned siden
That tan interior...gushing 😍
Gregg Walmsley
Gregg Walmsley - Måned siden
Matt, that’s rubber slot isn’t for a key. It’s a wireless cell charger. 🤣🤣🤣