AMG GT Black Series REVIEW: see why it's worth £335,000!

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Mat’s got his hands on the most powerful road car Mercedes has EVER produced - the AMG GT Black Series! We know it looks gorgeous, but trust us, this isn’t just style over substance.
Under the bonnet you’ll find a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that can produce 730hp and 800Nm of torque! All that power will race you to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds, but would you expect anything less from Mercedes’ most powerful car?
But of course, all that power doesn’t cheap… If you want to try it out you’ll need to part with an eye-watering £335,000!! So is it worth it? Mat’s here to find out, so don’t go ANYWHERE!
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carwow - Måned siden
Is this the best AMG EVER?! Or would you rather have THREE AMG E63S for the same price?
Matt Azuri
Matt Azuri - 10 dager siden
yes, I'll have it two. One for racing around and one for teh tarik session..:)
mohammed yassen
mohammed yassen - 16 dager siden
If you crashed & died ..yany will inherit the channel (carwow)🤣
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 - Måned siden
@Edonis Mazreku there are so many different factors to consider when a manufacturer is deciding between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The 720s is rwd and I would never consider changing a thing on that vehicle. The AMG GT and GTR are also rear-wheel drive and is a direct competitor with the 911. Considering they never made the AMG GT in all-wheel drive yet it's still handles and grips magnificently with its rear-wheel drive and four-wheel steering setup. I guess we'll never know unless they decide to make an all-wheel drive model. I have a Volkswagen mk7 Golf R all-wheel drive and I had a front-wheel drive Volkswagen GTI before and my Golf R is better in every way, not just because it's 80 extra horsepower but the all-wheel drive system completely eliminates wheel spin and just puts the power down so much better. I know I'm talking about a Volkswagen hatchback and this post is about the most hardcore track focused road legal AMG car of all time... But the point is is new torque vectoring all-wheel drive systems are just incredible and just look what it did for the new 911 turbo S. But I do trust that AMG knows what's best for their cars considering what they've produced in the last few years with the AMG e63s which is all-wheel drive, the AMG gt63s which is my favorite overall daily driver is also all-wheel drive, yet they decided to keep their top tier sports coupe as rear-wheel drive and it is considered one of the best driving vehicles today. So as much as I love AWD and four-wheel drive, and considering this is the perfect answer to the 765lt, I think they made the right choice. Even though I believe the 765lt will ultimately be the new track champ.
Edonis Mazreku
Edonis Mazreku - Måned siden
This car need a 4 wheel drive and its perfect car in the world
Etienne 777
Etienne 777 - Måned siden
Tesla roadster 2021
hotstixx - Time siden
The shorts ? - Ya may as well wear heels with them.
ionutcelgroaznic - Time siden
How much I can save on Black series on CarWOW?5 milion pounds?
tiger thewhite
tiger thewhite - Dag siden
n N
Tronix Gamerz
Tronix Gamerz - 2 dager siden
Amg Gt Black 730Hp for 330,000£
Mustang Gt500 760Hp For 100,000£
Nakata - 16 timer siden
Don't be stupid. Horsepower is not the only thing to tell which one is better. Pretty sure that I can make my civic 1000+ hp and still cost less than the mustang. Technology , handling , feeling , quality , luxury , aerodynamic , track ability. That is why it cost so much
Shun Sato
Shun Sato - 2 dager siden
If I could adore to own it I would acquire it in black and be driving around with Dirth Vader costume 😝 watch me do it
Eesa Fredericks
Eesa Fredericks - 3 dager siden
Front bumper looks like a generic Forza bumper ngl
Spiritof77 - 4 dager siden
Anyone else find it odd that has to physically touch every single item on the car he is discussing?
samuel nyambane
samuel nyambane - 4 dager siden
adiel balderas
adiel balderas - 4 dager siden
Currently watching as a broke college kid eating ramen noodles
Elvikiz - 4 dager siden
BRUH they beefed this thing up till race car status
Grisha Zayets
Grisha Zayets - 5 dager siden
Rs2 killer monster love it
It ́s Dominik
It ́s Dominik - 5 dager siden
Would still go for gt2 rs tho🤷🏻‍♂️
Eisbeinkraut - 5 dager siden
Sorry but the Frontgrill Design is copied from Peugeot 407!
Joseph Bliskowski
Joseph Bliskowski - 5 dager siden
Buy it!!!
Evo Emperor
Evo Emperor - 5 dager siden
Every sls got 6.3 badge but actually it only has 6.2. The 6.3 is only a reference to the engine used in 300sel. Even car reviewers gets fooled🤣 also the c63 is 6.2 not 6.3.
Josefin Kjellsson
Josefin Kjellsson - 6 dager siden
Soooooo..I could buy two turbo S which is faster, comfortable and more practical..for the price of one of this oranges 🍊
백승익 - 6 dager siden
Mat: (sitting next to the door attatched with a metal handle inside) This car doesn’t have a handle for weight loss

Porsche 911 GT3 RS doors : Am I a joke to you?
coralimages - 7 dager siden
Tesla quarter-mile time 9 seconds 1/2 price - pointless Mercedes!
Nakata - 16 timer siden
So what? This is a track car designed for track racing. Tesla did 7:13 but this car did 6:43 around nurburgring. Mercedes can do it again and again but tesla battery will overheat. 1/2 the price 1/2 the handling , feeling , track ability , interior quality and more.
Chad Novelli
Chad Novelli - 7 dager siden
Exited about some drag races now mate...
chrisridebike8 - 7 dager siden
@1:17 who the hell spec’d a C63 BS with halogens?! Or better yet, why are halogens even available on a six figure car?!
Momchil Kolev
Momchil Kolev - 8 dager siden
So who else is paying over 300K for a car with the screen from a 2014 C-class? Even worse, the car's key dates back to 2011, and that's if you only talk about the tech and not the look, which is essentially from 1997! Mat is holding the key between 3:40 and 4:40. You can see how lazy they are because they know very few people will buy these so it won't affect their reputation as much. Still not fair.
Mohamed Beladjal
Mohamed Beladjal - 8 dager siden
it's KURAMA ,stupid !
Mahdi Eslami
Mahdi Eslami - 8 dager siden
a V8 that has 730hp so this is totally scania V8 LoL!
Herman Putter
Herman Putter - 8 dager siden
This one is a keeper!
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams - 9 dager siden
I know this has a flat plane crank, but low down, to me, it actually sounds like crossplane - My old R1 had xplane crank & sounded a lot like this,! I wonder how much the firing order changes the sound?
Mieszko - 9 dager siden
MrStuartlittle1 - 9 dager siden
My dream car, but with all the technology in the car and you have to laying down on floor to move the little piece in the front part. Come on Mercedes!!!!
Bavut - 9 dager siden
335000£… wow Ferrari is not so expensive 😂
Bidhan Sir
Bidhan Sir - 9 dager siden
I feel bad for your phone when you sit on the floor😭😭😭😭
clarifaco - 10 dager siden
It sound like a 1.4 golf
Pablo Alonso
Pablo Alonso - 10 dager siden
I wanted to see a Launch at 5000rpm, there is a reason why it is preset a those rpm
Paul Dunk
Paul Dunk - 10 dager siden
1. Haven't you got your own lid by now? 2. Do your belts up properly!!!
Error Macro
Error Macro - 10 dager siden
what if they made a Mercedes AMG C63 Black Series built for the track! with Spoiler, Carbon Fiber trunk and a 650 hp V8!
BMW M4 GTS: Im in danger
Joseph Bertola
Joseph Bertola - 10 dager siden
The GTR was always a dream car of mine, but now with the black series I think that has to be my new dream car
Russell Brown
Russell Brown - 10 dager siden
Doesn’t have Inconel exhaust..not interested
Shiv Mehta
Shiv Mehta - 11 dager siden
Who's here after this car set the Nurburgring lap record?
Congrats to the driver and engineering team at AMG.
Rapunzel - 11 dager siden
I'm here after this car broke the record for the fastest street legal car on the Nürburgring.
Eric King
Eric King - 11 dager siden
How many people came back to this video after the record
ted guy
ted guy - 11 dager siden
Why does it sound so much like a Subaru?
Lucx GV
Lucx GV - 12 dager siden
I see the new ken miles
Sarmat F22
Sarmat F22 - 13 dager siden
The noise is horrible
Erin Suguitan
Erin Suguitan - 13 dager siden
I've made an identical amg on nfs payback.🤣
Yarsan Ys
Yarsan Ys - 14 dager siden
0-100 & 0-200?
Simarjit Ronak
Simarjit Ronak - 14 dager siden
Still can't get over the fact that Porsche 911Turbo S can do a quarter mile in 10.1 seconds and 0-60 in 2.8 second for 156000 and without all that bullshit weight reduction gimmick.
Nhim Saream
Nhim Saream - 14 dager siden
When you start the car it sound like a bear roar
Ron W
Ron W - 14 dager siden
viper looking
Krane - 16 dager siden
They get more hideous by the year. This latest one reminds me of a megamouth shark.
Jdlc - 16 dager siden
Am i the only on who just skips to when he's driving it
Finger Uke (Stephanie)
Finger Uke (Stephanie) - 16 dager siden
Would look so much better in silver lol.
Muhammad faizan
Muhammad faizan - 18 dager siden
well you Darg reaes this car
Mini hub
Mini hub - 18 dager siden
😂😂😂 lamo Benz
Ajan mathew Philip
Ajan mathew Philip - 18 dager siden
Terry James
Terry James - 19 dager siden
Looks ugly
martin sharratt
martin sharratt - 20 dager siden
I want this prime minister
Jacoby Bass
Jacoby Bass - 20 dager siden
The way that Front Splitter pops out reminds me of old Transformers action figures 😅
Ncedo Bonga
Ncedo Bonga - 21 dag siden
Race this car with the m8😤😤😤😤I put my money on the Mercedes
zaid ali usmani
zaid ali usmani - 21 dag siden
this is my fAVOURITE CAR i own this car
Alireza Sadeghi
Alireza Sadeghi - 21 dag siden
It would be awsome to have a drag race between this monster and the porsche 911 918 gt2 rs
dovachill12 - 25 dager siden
mat just touching everything he can
ვაზო უზბეკა
Cheesy british jokes. Stop it!
Ozzy Graeme
Ozzy Graeme - 25 dager siden
To be honest for that amount of money I would much rather have a 765LT which has more performance and looks alot better
Prateek Ojha
Prateek Ojha - 26 dager siden
Orange is the new black... Mercedes took it too literary.
kamel sorjy
kamel sorjy - 27 dager siden
What is that thing!
austen smith
austen smith - 28 dager siden
It still can’t get to 60 under 3 seconds? Disappointed
Roman Németh
Roman Németh - 28 dager siden
Cars looks nice angry, interior amazing, everything is awesome instead of sound. Where is that AMG sound? This sounds like some 6valve in high RPM. Every old AMG (old means to the 2015) sound better.
Francesco Lazzaro
Francesco Lazzaro - 28 dager siden
Why would anyone choose this instead of a Ferrari or a Lambo or a McLaren, with the same cost? Why?
Philip Matic
Philip Matic - 28 dager siden
imagine if brabus gets their hands on this
dale portier
dale portier - 29 dager siden
Cool mercdes gt
Super One
Super One - 29 dager siden
.....A BlackSeries...With THAT crap exhaust sound?...Cmon now...Benz outta bring back that glorious 6.3.
Philly Phil
Philly Phil - 29 dager siden
(LTC) LOVE THAT COLOR...! sound of the engine...? not so much.
In_progrezz G
In_progrezz G - 29 dager siden
It's not black
BoLo Wong
BoLo Wong - Måned siden
McLaren 765LT looks way better than AMG GT Black Series.
Musharaff Fazli
Musharaff Fazli - Måned siden
Rolls Royce Cullinan
daudikisakye - Måned siden
This will cause the previous gen to skyrocket in value
Ryan Batch Lifts
Ryan Batch Lifts - Måned siden
Schoooooolboy error stating 6.3 litre instead of 6.2 😁naughty naughty
Joel Jeremy
Joel Jeremy - Måned siden
sound like when u quickly turn your vacuum cleaner on and off lol
mikey mike
mikey mike - Måned siden
Sounded rubbish
Fa Fa
Fa Fa - Måned siden
a russian boy have burn her 😂😂😂😂😂
Ben Behzad
Ben Behzad - Måned siden
William Levy
William Levy - Måned siden
Awesome Mercedes-AMG. An Acura/Honda NSX is half the price and just as quick. And you can buy one in Orange as well.
Mico M
Mico M - Måned siden
Beautiful car 😍
Christian Bøgsted
Christian Bøgsted - Måned siden
Canards, those "wings" on the front bumper are called Canards. I mean bakers belive 👀
LauritzPete Molderup
LauritzPete Molderup - Måned siden
bit overpriced when you think about the mcl 765LT is ''only'' 280 but it looks 10 times more
KingDoPerks - Måned siden
Hes touched this car so much that the car called the cops 😭
TheApana - Måned siden
If I could afford it, I certainly would get it in a heart-beat.
Dragos Binzari
Dragos Binzari - Måned siden
Mercedes really doubling down on DAS
Rohan Dalvi
Rohan Dalvi - Måned siden
Race this against a Porsche 911 turbo S the king of carwow drag racing mats words not mine
Vinson S
Vinson S - Måned siden
All that, and will still get edged by a 911 turbo s
Dre Park
Dre Park - 8 dager siden
Not around a track lol 😂
mena seven
mena seven - Måned siden
I Think the AMG GT is one of the most beautiful sports cars in the world. I like the Black Series big grill and performance. I prefer the comfort and practicality of the regular AMG GT instead of the power and uncomfortable racetrack Black series.
Dit to
Dit to - Måned siden
Doesn't matter, following bmwwow's video trends of racing sedans against estates, the chaps might somehow find a M4 DTM M6 GT3 to race this road car, to prove BMWs are still faster..
TheApana - Måned siden
BMW is still trash compared to AMG though lol...
MaiEak T
MaiEak T - Måned siden
Like Megalodon
Najim Latif
Najim Latif - Måned siden
In Switzerland you have to pay CHF 8'400.- (£ 7'130) extra for the track package.
Chris Green
Chris Green - Måned siden
Why would they put plastic suede in a car worth 335,000 pounds?
Itsar Rabbani
Itsar Rabbani - Måned siden
this vs porsche 911 turbo s
Lex Lawless
Lex Lawless - Måned siden
It's 882 pounds of downforce, not 800 kgs Idiot!
bill sikes
bill sikes - Måned siden
it looks like an ugly fish
xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
Cant wait to see the black series destroying other cars in drag races
xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
Unnecessarily Loud
Unnecessarily Loud - Måned siden
Give me this in FH4