AMG E63 S v Jaguar Project 8: DRAG RACE

14 009
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How's this for a start to your Wednesday morning?!
Mat's sat in the most expensive Jaguar around - the XE SV Project 8! Limited to only 300 models, this almighty Jag is powered by a 5-litre supercharged V8 that can produce a 600hp & 700Nm of torque! As for the E63? Well it comes in almost 300kg heavier than the Jag, but thanks to the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet, it can produce 612hp & 850Nm of torque!
So they're relatively even-matched, right? The question is, will the Jag prove its worth over the quarter-mile given it costs about £180,000 - a full £80,000 MORE than the E63! There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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Runtime: 08:55


carwow - 2 måneder siden
If you could, would you pay £180,000 for the Jaguar Project 8?!
Max Seemann
Max Seemann - 4 dager siden
yes, of course
Steve Fortier
Steve Fortier - 18 dager siden
I'll get the AMG GT63S and beat it at everything.
M abdullah
M abdullah - 19 dager siden
Pierre Mikhael
Pierre Mikhael - 24 dager siden
No probs gonna break down driving it from the dealer
何足介怀丶 - Måned siden
yes ,but i can't get it in china
Zamuraii Cobalt
Zamuraii Cobalt - 4 timer siden
1:54 is it just me or is the very left exhaust tip somewhat bent downwards? Does look a little bit off to me, on such an expensive car especially
Strixxiy YT
Strixxiy YT - Dag siden
How did that jaguar xf with a v8 resist the sh#t out of that v8
Jaguar is a super car and it sounds the best
5five6 - Dag siden
“Definitely” is a strong word, the brake test was 1/2 car length difference considering the 4 fat chix weight difference in comparison...!!!
Besides the AMG is ECU restricted for terminal velocity.. But it does show you what you do end your money on and the difference you can have in choice of vehicles...
George Booth
George Booth - 3 dager siden
For the same money as that project 8 I can have a AMG E63s and a Nissan gtr
Sun Mark
Sun Mark - 3 dager siden
1:43 😂 😂 😂
Jonka Olofsson
Jonka Olofsson - 3 dager siden
Jag sounds like a wet fart from the outside
Adam Madad
Adam Madad - 3 dager siden
jaguar is the best one
Gijsje 001
Gijsje 001 - 4 dager siden
Merg best sound
Gambantein Odal
Gambantein Odal - 4 dager siden
The Mercedes has a speed limiter - so in theory you would have to go a lot faster to pass it... 😍 Love the Mercedes!
Sead - 4 dager siden
Lol taxi destroyed your ass
Fay Ahmad
Fay Ahmad - 4 dager siden
Jag got fucked hahaha
Jason - 4 dager siden
london is burning
Aleksandar Vojinovic
Aleksandar Vojinovic - 4 dager siden
what about m5 engine?
Aleksandar Vojinovic
Aleksandar Vojinovic - 4 dager siden
@Friet Speciaal i asked cause its faster not cause I want somebody to teach me something iksde.
Friet Speciaal
Friet Speciaal - 4 dager siden
Overall, The AMG engine is just better. But BMW fanboys wll never grow up lol ;)
Nicola - 4 dager siden
Bigger balls are the most unintelligent expression there is to describe courage, downright embarrassing. But shows the lack of education in a person!
adrian luis
adrian luis - 4 dager siden
For a guy who works a lot with cars , i can say that jaguar sucks in every way possible .
Food Tech 101
Food Tech 101 - 5 dager siden
If the jag cost 50 or £60k then it wouldn't be so bad. But to visually shout its performance that loudly, then get trounced by a big fat, bog-standard, of the shelf estate car (albeit one put together by AMG) is really embarrassing!
Azhar Cassim
Azhar Cassim - 5 dager siden
Hi Matt. I recommend the following drag race for the future: 911 turbo S vs GT2RS. Thanks, cheers!
TECH4YOU - 5 dager siden
German power
Akshat shukla
Akshat shukla - 5 dager siden
Bugatti v/s hyper sport
HemiV8 - 6 dager siden
E63 is no joke! I always move out of the way when I see one behind me if I’m on the left lane lol. Make way for the rocket you know
yassine-amg Brabus
yassine-amg Brabus - 6 dager siden
jay phil
jay phil - 7 dager siden
That jag sounds awesome 💥💥💥
Pumping Iron
Pumping Iron - 7 dager siden
Before I watch this: AMG wins
Oras Saido
Oras Saido - 5 dager siden
Before i read this comment THE AMG WINS
king Sin
king Sin - 7 dager siden
Pay 180,000 and get smoked by estate car.
Adithyan kbz
Adithyan kbz - 7 dager siden
Jaguar sound is best
Larry David
Larry David - 8 dager siden
£180,000 pounds and this Jaggi can't even beat a soccer mom's Mercedes station Wagon lol am taking the cheaper BMW M8 competition any day and I love the look of it its mean yet a beautiful Sedan.
Azercell Eksklüziv
Azercell Eksklüziv - 9 dager siden
Jaguar project 8 vs BMW M5
alen - 10 dager siden
3:52 for all the bmw fans
WB Games
WB Games - 11 dager siden
Imagine having the black widow supra here?
Foxx Siliga
Foxx Siliga - 11 dager siden
Vrrrrrrrrr pha, vrrrrrrrrr pha pha... Jaguar sounds better. U call that pops and bangs
Brian Guillermo
Brian Guillermo - 12 dager siden
Yo digo que no es justo la carrera
boefs pan
boefs pan - 12 dager siden
Jaeger is shit when compare to Mercedes
Luciano Bravo
Luciano Bravo - 13 dager siden
The Mercedes won 3/4, it is superior
Yan Legault
Yan Legault - 13 dager siden
Why the jaguar have a soft limiter?
James Abban
James Abban - 14 dager siden
try drag racing with a BMW X5 M a range rover sport and a Toyota land cruiser
Arsh Siddak
Arsh Siddak - 14 dager siden
M3 vs c63s amg
davo - 14 dager siden
A British company making non of their cars in this model right hand drive makes
Hector Mogbo
Hector Mogbo - 14 dager siden
When can we start getting Carwow deals in the US?
Leon Debus
Leon Debus - 14 dager siden
Not an American but in the jaguar you're finally sitting on the right side which is the left side
Tom Yapp
Tom Yapp - 17 dager siden
Matt i want to see some old school modified cars race super cars
Yeah Man
Yeah Man - 17 dager siden
Actually I prefer the E63 sound. Jag is way too dirty
nischay aroonslam
nischay aroonslam - 18 dager siden
Can you race the vw w12 650 if possible?
K GANG - 20 dager siden
Seohyun Kim
Seohyun Kim - 20 dager siden
4:25 I listened to this a bit too many times
Gal Rami
Gal Rami - 23 dager siden
That e63 is spitting like a porn star lol
Yash Choudhary
Yash Choudhary - 23 dager siden
Jaguar sounds best
Rick P
Rick P - 25 dager siden
WOW !!...
DiKiro - 26 dager siden
So, basically... you pay 80,000GBP more for a slower, less practical car... hell yeah, I want one.
rolands50 - 26 dager siden
Lose the rear-wing on the Jag and try again...
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict - 27 dager siden
AMG all the way
Alex Grant
Alex Grant - 28 dager siden
If rule britania was a reference to Jag being British then sorry to say its owned by the Chinese, used to be owned by Indian firm but they sold it.
J - 28 dager siden
180k for a "project L8"
Francis Tayo
Francis Tayo - 29 dager siden
The Project 8 is not really the fast for all that money
corban simphiwe
corban simphiwe - Måned siden
Jaguar will kill this German
tubblebee - Måned siden
Jags always claim to be faster or more powerful than their class rivals but always fall short. Likes to brag but always get beaten by its rivals. 🤣
Ibrahim Karakayali
Ibrahim Karakayali - Måned siden
German power AMG 👏
Mariyam Khan Khan
Mariyam Khan Khan - Måned siden
Turbo engine's or 👑... Not in super charger... 👎👎👎
Дэнчик Denis
Дэнчик Denis - Måned siden
No, isn't, left side is right side, you guus have wrong way directions in Britain
Shubh Aggarwal
Shubh Aggarwal - Måned siden
7:08 It's not a British car, is it🤔😜, it's now a Indian car brand!!!
Dr. Hillary Thadias Nyang'anga
Jaguar's useless
Dr. Hillary Thadias Nyang'anga
Mercedes better sound
Heinje Reyes
Heinje Reyes - Måned siden
I can Get Porsche 911 Turbo S with 180,000 thousand which is More powerful and faster.
Lucas Ono
Lucas Ono - Måned siden
Today! on car meh : the fastest production jaguar loses to a stationwagon!
GLUCOSE GAMING - Måned siden
4:25 that voice crack
HRGM333 - Måned siden
For the heavier car of the two, the merc took it on all levels!
Dannis Kariuki
Dannis Kariuki - Måned siden
A rolss Royce and a mersedies
992 TURBO S - Måned siden
If I had to chose it would be the Mercedes as Jaguar are crap.
Francesco Cristian D'Ambrosio
That Mercedes Is amazing. The point is I'd love to see a comparison on the track, I think results would be very different
Leety McLeet
Leety McLeet - Måned siden
Some of these comments... wow. The ignorance is real.
Rafal Molak
Rafal Molak - Måned siden
Hahaha, these two are closely matched... Yeah, one is a family estate the other a sport car
Guillermo Paz
Guillermo Paz - Måned siden
You should race an E63s AMG estate vs an E63s AMG coupe and see if the aerodynamics affect the performance.
Grigorii Elistratov
Grigorii Elistratov - Måned siden
Wawi LMJ
Wawi LMJ - Måned siden
If that E63s has the best v8 engines , what about the M5 and M8 ?
zDrxgonV2 KMN
zDrxgonV2 KMN - Måned siden
There shouldn’t be an E63s TModel there should be a DTM E63s
Mella Style
Mella Style - Måned siden
AMG For Life!💪❤🔥💯
Kenneth L. Brewton
Kenneth L. Brewton - Måned siden
Merc doesn't hold a candle to that 5.0L in sound.
Jag all day
Taylor Webb
Taylor Webb - Måned siden
Jayden Lee
Jayden Lee - Måned siden
The Jaguar Project 9
sam sharp
sam sharp - Måned siden
Jag sounds better 💪🏼
Ian D
Ian D - Måned siden
A typically poor show from Jaguar. All show for £180k, expected better.
Raptor - Måned siden
The merc sounds better
Vinch - Måned siden
A drag race that I would loooove to see on the show... W212 E63 S, yes, the facelifted W212! I feel like they're quite rare now, most of them are released in 2014.
Simon J Coyle
Simon J Coyle - Måned siden
I'll listen to the Merc thx
Melly Mel
Melly Mel - Måned siden
It’s the wing. Not the “AMG” power. Drag
Bennet H
Bennet H - Måned siden
Ein Mercedes Benz Sound is doch viel geiler 🌊
Johnny Lopez
Johnny Lopez - Måned siden
Fake Taxi Driver
Fake Taxi Driver - Måned siden
Only Germans knows how to make a Car...german power!
Creativity and Aviation Channel
The Mercedes is more torquey
Zojë Elezaj
Zojë Elezaj - Måned siden
Mercedes sound is best
Lord Butler
Lord Butler - Måned siden
This is obviously built for Americans so they can go in a straight line 😱
Adithyan Devadas
Adithyan Devadas - Måned siden
Is this an airport runway?
Zahran Ahmed
Zahran Ahmed - Måned siden
Nick Haralampopoulos
Nick Haralampopoulos - Måned siden
Before the race: Jaguar will get its ass kicked.
After the race: Confirmed!
Pereira Kelvin
Pereira Kelvin - Måned siden
The Merc still the best
Searge12 - Måned siden
funny seeing a super sporty looking car getting beat by a family station wagon lmao
Nadir Jk
Nadir Jk - Måned siden
Passing a car because of a limiter isn’t a win
tony pazek
tony pazek - Måned siden
Britisch cars ,they never have the power as advertised.
Lambert Jiang
Lambert Jiang - Måned siden
jaguar is absolutely a pathetic brand with foolish cars